Playa del Carmen, Mexico. 5th Avenue Walking Tour

Playa del Carmen, Mexico.  5th Avenue Walking Tour

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foreign Del Carmen in Mexico it's my first time in Mexico and we've been here about three days now yeah I speak pretty good Spanish but I've never been to Mexico I've been to Ecuador Dominican Republic and Colombia and I really liked it here this right now we're on the famous Fifth Avenue right in front of the Hard Rock Cafe 7-Eleven on the right and so we're just gonna walk along Fifth Avenue I'm probably gonna stop at a Italian restaurant Florida to eat dinner it's around five o'clock a lot of people here yeah the beaches right down here I'm gonna do another video just on the beach at the beach vlog foreign so like I said we've been here three days we're staying at a hotel just very close it's like two minutes walk foreign I don't know why more beach cities don't do this just makes them play make this downtown El Centro pedestrian only we're in Dominican Republic last year and after a few days like we're at a beach city called um Las terenas and it's just incredible all day long non-stop right near the beach you have motorcycles ATVs cars going very fast at least after a few days it just wears you down you know I don't know why they don't make more places pedestrian only like this me look at this place it's amazing it's like this every night around starting around five o'clock I'd say yes I looked up an Italian restaurant uh we're going to we're going to turn around and go there go La Familia Familia Emilia and it's really good reviews on Google up until now we've been basically choosing restaurants by kind of walk in the back street so if we see a restaurant with a lot of Mexicans in it and if so we go inside check out the menu if it looks good that's where we I don't like going to restaurants there's nobody inside I'll get a McDonald's they're very big here that's for sure but one thing I like about here is you don't get a lot of people uh not a lot Hustlers especially on the beach not a lot of people bouncing up to you trying to sell you something and you know I mean like if you walk by a restaurant some video ask if you want to come in but they do it nicely and say no actually never been down this section to play the Carmen if you probably already know this I think it's maybe 40 minutes by bus from Cancun um it's not as touristy as Cancun I think Cancun has a lot more Americans I would stay here and get a lot of Mexican families on vacation it's almost every restaurant we've Adat seems to be a lot of families on vacation foreign okay so we're gonna turn around here and go to the restaurant got some uh offensive t-shirts in the price is here you know to be honest the prices are a little bit more than I expected maybe 10 15 instead of 20 more than I expected but it's nothing outrageous now aggressive I was speaking of taxis um you know I'm not an expert on this city obviously it's my first time but when you get into Cancun airport and you're coming to play a Playa Del Carmen I thought it was going to be pretty easy you just uh go buy a ticket for a bus called and the problem was we got to the airport and we go there's like a little kiosk for ado but nobody was there we arrived on a Sunday and maybe they're closed on Sunday I just looked we just waited there for 15 minutes there's like nobody working there so go outside go outside there's a lot of people like um with uh identification badges selling all sorts of tickets for ADL and another one called goat transport taxis and whatnot and I was just kind of confused so we just walked around there for 15 minutes everyone keeps coming up to us trying to sell us a ticket for Ado or go transport and finally I just realized there's like there's no I was looking for an Ado bus but I didn't see one so we just basically bought a ticket from somebody I think it was like 17 dollars go transport like a little white bus and the guy said he had to wait for one more passenger so we had to wait for about half an hour or so finally get on the bus this guy is going fast just way too fast and uh during the during the trip he takes a phone call I think it was from his boss and she the guys that asked him something and he replies oh I'm stuck in traffic while while he's saying he's stuck in traffic guys doing like a buck 40 on the highway I mean he's definitely not stuck in traffic I hear this right here see this is the coming to play Above Carmen yeah the plus is leaving right there okay if you're coming to play with the Carmen and you get an 80 or bus you're gonna stop right here and if you're leaving obviously just go buy a ticket I'm not sure someone I saw somewhere they only sell tickets on the day of the trip I'm really not sure if that's true or not you're doing today McDonald's here if you want to come all the way to Mexico and McDonald's yeah I see this is the exchange rates a lot of places to exchange on the street 16.25 I've seen everything radio for 16 25 to 1640. I changed some money a little kiosk earlier for like 16 35 or something Paparazzi see guys this guy said I'm a paparazzi saw my camera a lot of stores here with a pretty interesting merchandise another thing I like about this place is there another thing I like about this place is they don't seem to have like really high buildings I think there may be a law that a building can only be five or six stories because I have not seen a building higher than 640s so on the beach you've got a lot of hotels four or five stories and it's just a better atmosphere as far as I'm concerned there always seems to be someone on the beach you know in the water even um even early in the morning a lot of places uh the beach is not really that busy at certain times of day and there's some place that's really only busy on Saturdays or Sundays here it's all day long at tons of clothing souvenir shops here and the prices don't seem that bad two for twenty dollars kind of like this tie-dye shirt there last day where you were probably gonna buy her buy some souvenirs foreign laughs awesome like he said it's one thing that surprised me a little is there's more um seems to be more Mexican tourist than Cancun I've never been to Cancun but from what I understand a lot of Americans go there and stay there maybe because the bus trip is kind of a bit of a hassle after you to get a trip you don't want to wait for a bus and our our flight left at six in the morning from Canada so to be there for about 3 A.M first day was pretty much complete write office I'm just so tired he just passed out in the hotel by the way it's late August here it's um it's pretty hot maybe it's a 31 32 degrees Celsius during the day foreign little kids singing I'm not very good but it's pretty trying and what they're trying yeah right here I believe is where I changed money they say you need your passport but I went through a lot of passport didn't ask for it thank you foreign thank you foreign Wall Restaurant I think another great thing about this this place is there's a lot of on the side streets there's full of uh small restaurants this is called La Familia it's got great pizza there pasta food is really good probably everything included cappuccino water and two dishes was um 600 pesos just not cheap it's like 30 37 38 I mean compared to Canada it's cheap but Canada could have easily cost twice the price you don't drink how will you know your friends how will your friends know you love them at 2 A.M okay

we're gonna go back down to Fifth Avenue should be more people here but like I said this is my first visit here in knowledge isn't very limited for sure Travel Medicine who's who still needs oh okay you can buy all these uh non Ollie's medicines that are prescription if you're in from the states I think a lot of these are prescription Canada as well These Bars I'm sure we'll heat up later on so it's a nice mix of you know like yet Starbucks you got Mexican places Italian restaurants this place is always busy foreign all right seems to be a mixture of all ages so you've got older couples on vacation and younger couples get young people who stay at the hostels here and then you see people on the street younger West people from maybe from Europe or USA or Canada and looks looks like they've been here a while they got that Beach Bum look you know I think there's a tiger in here baby tiger thank you Guardian National get the National Guard here keeping and keeping the peace I remember reading somewhere that Mexico has decided to um could be something National Guard or army or something to protect the tourist spots because they're having some problems it's not a real person attending they're fake I don't think it is complete rip off they have one in Niagara Falls pay a lot of money to get in there and just go in there and it's just completely underwhelmed oh wow gorgeous restaurants Lobster plus white wine a lot of pizza places here you know what else is really popular here I noticed is Coca-Cola I see a lot of people drinking like a high calorie Coke although there's a Coca-Cola without sugar I've been buying hi what are your people here seem to eat a lot of high calorie foods see some people with weight problems geez many Street goes on forever he's trying to use their phone to translate I am ready got a poor man Spiderman here it's a little bit out of shape to be Spiderman Jesus man this place goes on forever I knew it was long but I wasn't expecting this long they do a lot of taxis to come here because there's a few hotels like on the beach I could come here tomorrow Jake's sausages you're a girl we've been eating quite a bit of Mexican food and yesterday actually actually there's a Walmart really close there we went there and bought something we went there yesterday and bought some suntan lotion and I had to buy cable that's a good place that kind of stuff and it comes to buy fruit there I don't see a lot of fruit stands around too anyway okay foreign got some uh NFL NFL ponchos McCarthy's Irish Pub straight ahead I'll learn Spanish actually I was looking for a school because you know I make you know what I do I may do I may come back here and get some dental work done look at his video that's it I couldn't talk back there because it's all this copyright music playing and YouTube doesn't like that so I'm gonna have to edit it out but they had a they had a school back there Spanish school and I may come back here for dental work actually it's not that hard to get here from Canada it's a direct flight not so expensive so I may come back and just stay a few weeks for dental work this dents worked in Canada so it costs a bloody 14. and uh just the passive days I'll just joined the Spanish School thank you got another Spider-Man is like five feet three there come on all right click tick all right I think that means hair braids laughs hi this exchange at 16 30 they're all around 16 30 16 25 today yesterday foreign nobody's surfing here there's no ways really but I did see a couple of uh hang glares what's the one that we've got a parachute paraglide in here when someone calls that information they're not they're not there to give you information they're trying to sell you to something shisha is surprisingly popular I've seen a few restaurants and people smoke and she never would have expected that way assistant someone there with a telephoto camera the lens is huge okay so we're heading back to our hotel and uh like I said I'm trying to do a beach video walk on the beach in the next few days thanks for watching

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