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good morning everyone once again from tonsai we're not going to be making another video here in tonsai we're going to be leaving today but just starting the video off here Carol's just having a coffee it's early in the morning we haven't eaten or drank at this spot yet quite nice really is right on the beach so yeah we've been around this place for the last is it six or seven days and maybe more eight more eight days yeah we had to to extend our stay not because we wanted but because Christmas got sick yeah I got food poisoning but she is better now so the original plan was that we were going to go to a place called cow sock like a national park and that would have been two days ago but now we've only got uh two days in this area so we're gonna head to BP Islands instead that's gonna be in this video and the Fifi islands are somewhere out there not these ones these are a different set but it is that way foreign [Music] so we gotta head to Riley now which is right near here walking but I want to walk with all these bags so we just got in a boat there now it's gonna be 600 Baht for a private boat but that's because it's taking us to the other side the east side not this side that you can see right there in the distance gonna go all the way around everything [Music] it's free [Music] so I can say that this little boat trip is definitely worth it it almost feels like we're on a boat tour I mean look at the views that you get here kibble so that's Prana on the beach that we went to in our first video here in Thailand so we've never really seen all these angles before that's why it's worth it [Music] [Music] so we've arrived in Riley East now we're just waiting for our speedboat we're going to BP on a speedboat it's 850 Baht per person I think if we were to get a regular boat it would be like 500 per person so it's not really that much more and we're going to get there in 30 minutes I think if we're getting in a regular boat it would be like an hour and a half two hours and we only have today there so we want as much time as possible so how are you doing now Mom fully recovered yeah definitely it was very brutal though yes was it actually the worst ever you think yeah oh really felt that you know welcome to Southeast Asia it happens to all of us foreign [Music] [Music] before we continue with our day we're going to talk about the sponsor of this video sir shark which is our recommended VPN provider that we've been using the past two years during our travels we have to frequently connect to public Wi-Fi so surfshark allows us to have a private connection keeping our personal information and data safe from potential hackers search out also allows you to avoid online restrictions when visiting internet restricted countries by using surfshot you can access any website or app anywhere in the world besides this star shark also gives you access to all Netflix libraries depending on the country that we are we have access to limited series and films on Netflix but with surf shark we can set our devices to a different location and that way I can continue to watch my Brazilian TV series or any other series that I want anywhere with just one single account you can connect to unlimited devices which means you can use it on all your family's devices click on the link in the video description which has the discount code jumping places to get 83 off and three months for free and that also includes a 30-day money-back guarantee policy all right so we have arrived in cold PP now pretty smooth ride all the way here nice and quick so this is Tong saipia what it looks super beautiful here a lot nicer than Ian Riley and uh don't say yeah it looks very developed compared to riding definitely there's a Burger King you know it's a touristy place when there's a Burger King Resorts Resorts so I think our hotel is only like five six minutes walking yeah it's very close by oh wow there's also a McDonald's straight away too I didn't realize they'd have both of those fast food chains yeah this is already a completely different vibe compared to where we just came from now smells yeah weird smells I think it is all walking streets though I don't think there's any cars or anything on this island no vehicles yeah Riley and tonsai had more of like a laid back Island Vibe it's not busy here but I don't know just seems a bit different a lot more developed you see more like trees and plants in uh Riley and tonsai and not so much you'll certainly be fine for food places there just non-stop food restaurants everywhere okay [Music] so this is where we're going to be staying BP Palm Tree Resort it is 10 30 a.m so I don't even know if we can check in but maybe we'll be able to at least dump our bags here so we can walk around so great news we're able to check in early this time we don't have to wait room 208 . all right see you soon all right here we go already like the look of it yeah it looks nice yeah nice Style some nice paintings we even have a balcony oh yeah did you know that no I'll overlooking the pool area so that's good yeah in the bathroom also looks pretty nice I like the sink so this is 67 a night I think it's one of the better ones around here around this area and we're right near the pier like we said just like a six minute walk so good location I don't think it's so nicer here a lot of hotels here have awful reviews not just because of the knives I think just other things the quality is not that good but this one had decent reviews and that includes breakfast we have the pool like I mentioned and they even just told us that we could go to a gym if we wanted to we'll give you a better view of the pool area a little pool bar there too that looks like a nice swimming pool [Music] so we're just going on a bit of a walk now gonna do a bit of a hike to a Viewpoint which is supposed to be one of the main things to do here it's not that far either so on Google Maps it says that it's going to take five minutes only and we're on like the ground level here so I guess it's just going to be many steps going all the way up starting right now [Music] so we just gotta pay 30 Baht per person and that's for Viewpoint one and two I think one is right here already those are different colorful plants yeah there's one of your views I think two is gonna be even more spectacular from what some of the guys said that we're going down cloudy looks amazing so we're on this strip here you can see that there's beaches on both sides we'll be checking out those soon yeah the watercolor looks way better than Riley and tonsai here yeah I think that's why this place is so famous because the water looks amazing yeah can't wait to get in [Music] thank you [Music] all right so the guy wasn't joking that two is way better than one yeah yeah way better view it's completely open from up here so it is quite well though harder than I thought it wasn't like five minutes probably like 15 20 minutes through here definitely worth it though problem is we came at 12. yeah at the worst time yeah hottest time of the day [Music] thank you [Music] thank you so we got some nice cold drinks to cool down I got the mango shake as always these guys both got coconuts it's all 80 each and we definitely got one of the best spots at the view but we're in the shade now [Music] hello [Music] so we come back to the town now the main town and this past week we've just been eating Thai food pretty much every meal so we thought we'd try something different in an Italian place so this one is called Italiano bar and restaurant it's got some Reggae playing I don't think I've ever heard reggae in a Italian place and I'm probably gonna get a margarita pizza so the margarita is 180 Baht It's usually the cheapest because less ingredients right so you got some others for like 2 30. one here 320 and that's the most expensive does everyone like the food what was your pizza called generosity oh that was the 320 bat one yeah loads of ingredients there what's that one that's just Bianca knife it's just uh mozzarella in family there's a plain ones okay and it was 220.

it seems like more than usual yeah when you order it yeah it's a lot of food especially because it's faster so it's heavy yeah pretty good portions there really good so we have a bit of a rest after that pizza for an hour at the hotel room and now we've come to a beach called Low dalon Beach the only problem is look at the tide now it's gone all the way out there so I guess you need to come to the beaches here when it's high tide we didn't know so we're just walking out there now that was the Viewpoint that I went to earlier so all this was full of beautiful water earlier on the beach that we arrived on that the pier is on the other side but yeah I think maybe the same thing happened was there we came to this one because from the Viewpoint it looked nicer than that one the color of the water [Music] before foreign [Music] for miles and miles I mean we see people walking all the way out there still so that we're gonna go that far out look how far back the beach is and we're not even knee-high look at this too the sea urchins good job the water's super transparent I also want to be able to see all these there's a bunch of them so we're not really too bothered about the water being like this because we mainly came here just to go to Maya Bay which is another Island that's just in front of there I think it's called PP lay the island and there's a bay there called Maya Bay that's super famous so that's the real reason that we came to kopipi and yeah hopefully they don't have the problem with the tide there you just checked online and it's like the lowest right yeah right now so we definitely think the wrong time but I think tomorrow it's supposed to be high tide when we go to the vulture not sure if that will make any difference but at least I think we're safe still really awesome the island though we've got a huge Limestone fish just like in Riley even back there all the way in the distance that almost looks identical to Riley where we just came from it really is beautiful oh foreign [Music] so we came back to the side that we arrived on now so here doesn't actually have the low tide problem the water's right here but yeah you have all these boats so you're obviously not going to be able to swim anywhere here nobody is sunbathing here at all on this beach it's completely taken over maybe there at the end it's funny because this beach is also called townside Southside Beach yeah there's tonsai Beach and I think the town here is called tonsai too where we came from [Music] thank you [Music] got some cool beach bars on this side though with the bean bags I always like that for a cool beach bar so this part is more of a beach probably go down here check it out yeah this place is definitely nicer a lot wider the beach it is mainly just for parking the boat stuff I think this is just a tiny swimming area here with the floats I think the majority of people are just coming here for like a day trip I don't think they actually stay here there's so many boats leaving now they're probably people staying in like Phuket aonanga Riley where we just came from they don't bother staying here [Music] foreign [Music] so the sun's almost going down now because you get the big Cliffs the Sun goes behind the cliff so probably gets dark around here a bit earlier the sunsets so far have been around 6 30 but yeah that Sun's about to disappear so it's only around five right now as I mentioned earlier we weren't planning to come here at all we just decided like what like two days ago or something yeah we had to change our plans because like we said before we were going to kawasak but then Chris mom and she got food poisoning and then we decided to come here just for those two days that we had left and well I think it's gonna be a nice experience because we're finally gonna see Maya Bay which is one of the most famous spots here in Thailand so yeah that's where we will be coming up in the next video and I think we have traveling sometimes when you need to change your plans and just have to wing it yeah usually when we go to a country we have an idea of a few places that we're going to visit but pretty much always we end up visiting some place that we never planned some place that we just decided while we were in the country and yeah because of the reasons Carol just mentioned that's why we came here we did always want to come here though to Maya Bay I wanted to come there ever since I've seen the film The Beach the one with Leonardo DiCaprio since that was filmed there but since like PP is more of like a Backpacker young crowd we weren't planning on coming here because we're with my parents but it's not bad at all there's still older people here too yeah families and yeah just won't be staying in the hostel yeah the hotel that wears things is very nice so you can come if even if you are older yeah it doesn't matter it's definitely a younger crowd overall so that's why we're going to go to like cow sock to be relaxing but it's still a beautiful island either way so hopefully Maya Bay is going to be awesome in the next video stay tuned for that one if you like this one just drop a like as usual to support us subscribe see more like this follow us on Instagram and Facebook and we'll see in the next one [Music] [Laughter] [Music]

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