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hello everyone it's day two here  from Kuala Lumpur Malaysia and we've just   arrived at Batu Caves so this is one of the  main sites that we wanted to see around Kuala   Lumpur and it's quite close to the center of  Kuala Lumpur it was about 20 minutes and how   much did the ride cost 18 Ringgit ring it  yeah Carol always forgets the currency yeah   anything I think it's less than four dollars very  affordable yeah very affordable and that's a grab   they don't have Uber here right only grab  and this is it already so look at this you   won't expect to find a place like this just  20 minutes outside of the downtown area and   yeah that's the iconic statue there that I've  seen in many photos it's funny that they have   this huge Limestone Mountain out of nowhere  yeah out of nowhere we were driving here and   we didn't see any other Mountain around so I  think it's only this part maybe yeah bizarre   quite big too so the power in right now we haven't  actually paid to come here I guess we have to pay   over there at the entrance so this Temple you're  gonna see a lot of monkeys get in the Coconuts it is a Hindu temple so yeah you have  the Hindu Godzilla Ganesh that's one   of the only gods that I know really I need  to get more familiar with the other gods   nice and colorful if so I don't know  if it's like a temple or something   super colorful Carol we thought Nepal had a  lot of pigeons yeah I think here they have more of them thank you so we head in inside now gonna be a bit of a  workout in this humidity got those stairs and   I just read that that statue is 43 meters high  I think it's quite recent like 2006 they built   it and the statue is of Lord murugan I think in  other countries they might say a different name   for that Lord It's a god of Victory and War and  it's especially famous with the Tamil people from   Tamil Nadu in India so I guess a lot of the  Indians that are here in Malaysia were from   the state of Tamil Nadu so it looks like we don't  actually have to pay anything right no no we were   expecting to have a ticket counter or something  here but nothing yeah we thought this was a ticket   place but it wasn't it's just a few shops just an  entrance I like how the stairs are all colorful   though I think in the past they weren't actually  painted I think this is quite recent does make   it look cooler though maybe we should have bought  water yeah it's very steep yeah it is quite steep look at this for a cave entrance   absolutely massive for the the  ceiling some water dripping down here not sure what I was expecting but I didn't expect  a big space like this no I think it's probably the   biggest kitchen yeah it might be right yeah this  is the biggest cave we've been in by far I think   huge open area so all around the cave you have  different little like shrines with uh statues   all along the walls got a temple looking  structure here some more statutes too foreign so even inside the cave  there's some more stairs here   lead into some other areas there's like some  hens and roosters in here didn't expect to   see those guys around here as well okay those  guys so this part's pretty cool because all   of a sudden there's like a hole at the top  of the cave open area so I think this is   as far as it goes there's another sort of  uh Temple or Shrine here whatever that is it's cool though because now we're  in the light because of the hole so   you can see it really clearly I think there's not  that many people in Malaysia traveling right now   because everywhere we go is quite empty right  yeah I think we see some people that are living   here and now they're like doing business like  expats experts yes but Travelers Not a lot yeah   that's why this place is basically empty I think  catch some excuse me I think during many periods   this place would be absolutely packed unusual  formations aren't they like that one there thin   this part looks the coolest here got  like these rocks dangling down bizarre and I think through here it's  just another little sort of shrine laughs foreign so we've come to a food court here right in front  of the battle caves got a few different options   and here the noodles are really popular in  Malaysia so I got one called mihon Goreng   and carols is migoreng yes I think I think  that's how I see it almost the same name   okay so yours is like thicker noodles I  think yeah and yours is rice rice noodles   yeah so mine are like really thin I don't know  what's in there there's some veggies some tofu   I think and they also got this like they have  in the Philippines like a little calamansi I   think I don't know what they call it here  and then I also got a plain Lassie so that   was six and kind of went for the Coca-Cola  250. it's good yeah spicy and spicy what   is the sauce is that soy sauce yeah it is but  not much yeah only a little bit of vegetables foreign so we just got in I grabbed about 15-20 minutes  and we come to a spot here called kanjing kanjing   waterfalls and we had to pay eight per person to  come in here the seven waterfalls but the only   problem is it shuts in an hour so we've only got  an hour and the guy said it would take about an   hour to get to the seventh waterfall so we can't  go all the way to the seventh but he said that   we should be able to go to the fourth at least  so yeah we're just walking there now so this is   what's so cool about Malaysia and Kuala Lumpur  that within about 30 minutes from the center   you can come to a spot like this completely in  the thick jungle not many capitals where you   can find a place like this so so close so it's  a bit of a dirt path down to this one luckily   it hasn't rained so it's not slippery I can tell  that this would be real slippy wouldn't it yeah that is steep I need a hand so we  think that this is waterfall number one   looks like a nice one just a small area though  there's one over here that looks a bit bigger yeah this is waterfall number two well not  this one that one over there really cool ah   more monkeys man monkeys everywhere  in Malaysia oh that's a big guy that's really cool it's almost like two different  waterfalls absolutely beautiful can I pass here all right how to cross to the next one  without being attacked excuse me guys   get out of the way come on that's the thing you never know with monkeys  right they can be aggressive yeah from water   is red on the the reviews of this place  these monkeys here they're a bit aggressive   and they're not afraid of humans so I think  they're all stealing food of the bikinis and   stuff like that yeah we saw them iron up that  guy's picnic over there yeah Mickey monkeys   man there's loads though look  they're on this pathway as well all right you can go first this  time go you can get attacked and this place probably the most monkeys that I've  ever seen but absolutely everywhere look they're   all around here they were drinking water from  here this one here they were Silly from the guy   oh really yeah and this right here is the third  waterfall so once again a really beautiful one   more swimming areas in this one to cool down  you didn't bring any swimwear though did you yeah so I just came like this no  bikini yeah well there's nobody   here in bikini so I don't think  it is okay by the looks of it foreign when I checked online it seems like it's  just this humid all year round I don't   even think it ever gets that cool really so  now we're on the top of that third waterfall   fit some pretty good use come up there and I  think this is a final waterfall that we can go to   with the time limit that we have  anyway ah no monkeys up here   finally I think that's the highest waterfall  we've seen so far pretty cool how close they are yeah between them yeah it is steep to get to  some of them that's why we are very sweaty   right now and I think in 20 minutes you can see  all four they're right next to each other so   this one's just flowing straight into that  third one down there very close is it cold but not like freezing just cold enough  like a nice amount yeah oh yeah yeah   so this is probably going to be the  first place of many waterfalls that   we see here in Malaysia but a good place  to start a good introduction to Malaysian   waterfalls beautiful still reminds me  of the Amazon light we said yesterday although funnily enough we barely saw  any monkeys in the Amazon when we went   they're over there now up to no good  it was funny I saw one of the monkeys   eating a chicken wing so so somebody  definitely got their picnic stolen all right so we're in bukit pintang now which we filmed in  yesterday's video but we filmed it during the day   so now we're gonna check out Malaysia during  the night and we're at that area where we went   to the shopping mall this shopping mall here  and yeah it's just as Lively as it was during   the day maybe even more likely right yeah and  the lights are very bright yeah it looks really   cool now with all the lights everywhere so we  only came here to go to a mall so Carol could   find some curly hair cream no look no luck  once again so now we're gonna check out uh   food Street that's around here a very popular  food street so this area also looks pretty cool   here reminds me of Las Vegas when we drove  here from the airport we drove through this   part and me and Carol both thought it was like  Las Vegas very Lively just lights everywhere here comes the happiest Shopper what did you  get some blouses expensive or no it was like   eight dollars each oh yeah all right  let's get some food yeah I'm starving yeah some live music over here  so probably check that out wouldn't you believe foreign so right next to that area where the  music was playing is the food street   that we wanted to come to right here it's  called Jalan Alor I think Jalan means Street   in Malaysia it's already got loads of unusual  looking vegetables look at that red one there   very very strong smell of durian yeah that's  it right yeah look at this oh what is that   so I think normally it is more lively here it's  pretty dead at the moment but in general Kuala   lumpur's been very quiet as we've been traveling  around so I guess that's why I've seen this place   in a video before and like all this was packed  the thing over here you got loads of seafood some   sort of food on sticks over there can't really  work out what it is oh this spots are a lot   busier I think we were just at the start of the  street before so even here there's music foreign got some juices or smoothies they got a bit of   everything here everything you can  eat and drink oh check this guy out smoking all right so we've stopped at this barbecue place where  they have a bit of everything they even have   like vegetables here on the skewer and I  just got some food here I got crocodile uh   chicken and lamb I think each stick has a color  yeah over there has the price for each color   black is five I think crocodile  is five I don't know how much so   this was 13 overall and this is the  crocodile that I've never had before it tastes like chicken to me oh but they got a  really nice sauce on it oh yeah yeah whatever   sauce they put on this is absolutely delicious  yeah it's hard to see what the meat tastes like   because I'm just tasting all the the sauce and  whatever spices they put on really nice though   maybe they saw you chicken yeah and just said  it was crocodile I think it is crocodile oh   yeah and show them over there they have a frogs  we'll try that later on I've never I've never   eaten frog before I might order a frogland  so now we're going for the frog look at that   front look at the size of that frog it's  heavy too I thought it was going to be   like a tiny little frog or something no  no a monster truck how do I even eat this once again to me it just  tastes like chicken really yeah even the texture is like chicken it's good though   chubby frog legs yeah yeah lots  of meat on them working out yeah   oh and this was um 20. so just this was more  expensive than all the others but probably the   same amount of meat overall it's so big like a  specialty I guess as well so this is the other   style that the place has where I ate so the Frog  was just down there but if like octopus yeah some   oysters I'm not even sure what a lot of this stuff  is like what is that I could have a sweet corn thank you so we've come to one of the Thai restaurants for  karachui for some reason like half of the places   to eat here are Thai Thai food not sure why  Thai food so popular here we still have other   things though that's like Chinese there Korea  Tapas Korean food what are you doing again then   I think go ahead I'll have fried fish with  sweet and sour sauce okay how much is that   I don't know they have three different  sizes I will get the smaller one with I   think 50 50. yeah yeah and I'm still a bit  hungry so I might try the mango sticky rice   never actually tried that before very popular  in Thailand one thing's for certain Carol's   not gonna be hungry after that look at the  size of the fish look at the size of that face as well yeah I think that's for two people  not just one two people could eat that and here's   my uh sticky rice mango whatever they call  it so it's really interesting I don't know   how we've never tried it before because we've  been to Thailand I thought the rice would be in   pieces but it really is sticky rice it's just  one big piece of rice and it's like a coconut   cream or something on it it's really tasty is  that like sour sweet and sour sauce or something   whole pieces here and carrots yeah I  think they do that in Thailand though   don't they they mix like some  fruits and some vegetables yeah yeah I'm very good you can  taste a lot of the sauce you can tell when it's kind  of fresh so that's good so we just left that food Street and right next  to it is what appears to be like the party Street   so over here there's just bars these are all bars   I don't think any of them are restaurants  are they so all bars and clubs oh yeah they have the football or  soccer or whatever you want to call it   so that's going to be it for this video we're just  heading back to our place now and that's it from   Kuala Lumpur as well because tomorrow we're gonna  head to Penang which is another famous touristic   destination here in Malaysia yeah we just really  like Kuala Lumpur I think we like that it's like   the mix of City jungle right yeah you can have  like nature places to visit and to relax and you   also have the Lively and noisy part of being in  a big city but it's nice like you have everything   like malls and all sorts of restaurants parties  parties everything yeah a bit of everything   so definitely a really awesome Capital  so as I mentioned the next video will be   from Penang so stay tuned for that  if you like this one just drop a   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