Peaceful Night in a BIKE CAMPER with my Dog | Fishing & Cooking

Peaceful Night in a BIKE CAMPER with my Dog | Fishing & Cooking

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Welcome to the Chippewa National Forest in Minnesota. We are set up next to a beautiful lake here. It's actually a designated trout lake, so we're going to head out there and do some fishing. I brought all my gear. I'm really happy to be reconnecting with our bike cabin here.

It's been a while since we've taken it out, but I'm also a little bit nervous because we are in probably the height of tech season right now, and this is close quarters for me to be spending so much time together. I've treated my clothing as well as all of our bedding with permethrin, which is a chemical that's not harmful to me or to her, but it's supposed to kill ticks on contact. And so this is really going to be a test run to see, how feasible it is to be able to bring out this cabin during the summertime. got a couple grilled ham and cheese sandwiches here that we're going to dive into before we head out onto the lake and do some fishing. this winter, I was making a lot of bacon grilled cheese sandwiches, but, trying to do a little bit better in the health department when I'm out here.

So, decided to go with Ham this time. All right. So I had my, set up here completely reworked. I took it in, had it re spooled, and I got a set up here to potentially catch either some trout or, some crappies or sunfish, something like that. I'm just going for anything at this point. Well, no luck, at least right now.

But, they could just not be biting at this moment, so we'll definitely try again later. But I think it's about time we take Ali out on a hike. So, Yeah, she can stretch our legs a little bit more.

You want to go for a hike? Yeah. Let's do it. So the North Country Trail is, right next to our camp here. So I think we'll hop on that and see where it leads.

I think there's another little lake or something that's pretty close by, so we'll try to hike over there. So we are on the North Country Trail, which is a long distance hiking trail that runs across multiple states here in the northern part of the US. It doesn't have the mountains that your Pacific Crest Trail or Appalachian Trail have, but what it does have is mosquitoes and black flies and some pretty, thick, thick terrain. And so it's definitely not for the faint of heart, that's for sure. Well, we got all the windows open in the cabin here. We got a nice breeze and just the most amazing view of the lake from our bed.

It's almost perfect. The only thing that would make it better is if we were in our brand new bed and mattress from Helix Sleep, which we have in our travel cabin. Helix is the sponsor of today's video and we're super grateful for them. So Helix Sleep makes premium mattresses that are customized to fit your needs and conveniently shipped right to your front door. I was really excited to get the new mattress in the travel cabin because I've had this really janky, poor quality one in there ever since I built the thing.

So the first thing that we had to do was take a sleep quiz, which matched us with the perfect mattress based on our body types and sleep preferences. I'm a side sleeper and prefer a mattress that's more on the firm side than the soft side, while Riley is both a back and side sleeper and she prefers a mattress that's kind of in the medium range. Well, thankfully, with all that information, helix was able to match us with a mattress that fit both of our needs. Helix delivered the mattress straight to our front door and a very compact box. All we had to do is open it up and watch it come to life.

Buying a new mattress can certainly be daunting, and that's why I'm thankful that helix offers a 100 night sleep trial to make sure that the mattress is the right fit for you. Helix mattresses offer a ten year warranty, and they also offer financing and flexible payment plans. Riley and I are loving our new mattress, and I'm sure you would too. You can click the link below or go to Helix Cabin Live to get 20% off your helix mattress plus two free pillows.

Oh. Oh, yeah. Come on out. Oh come on girl. Go, girl. Good doggy. Yes!

Get all those tickets off the. Oh, this is the first swim of the summer. And it feels amazing.

The water's cool, but not too cold. It's just perfect. So I was, planning on having to, you know, go out and hunt for firewood.

But some nice people left a whole bundle of firewood here, which is incredibly kind. Those are the things that really make a difference to other people. You know, if you're camping somewhere and you have extra wood or whatever, when you leave it like this, it's really good. And it's it's nice to pay that forward as well. Thank you for an amazing day.

Plus, this food truck have just. All right, so tonight we've got some carne asada. It's actually cube steak, but I put some taco seasoning on it, and we also have some corn, which I'm really excited for. I love corn, and I feel like it's a staple of the summertime. it's not going to be fancy at all here.

We're just going to bite right into this meat. So good. Go. That is absolutely insane.

I think I'm going to have to fire up our fans to keep these, few rogue mosquitoes that are in here. Off of off of me. Well, the fans should definitely help keep mosquitoes off of me.

But I don't like the fact that they're in here in the first place. Just got to do what I got to do. I guess. I figured out where the mosquitoes were coming in. They were making their way in through the top of the door here.

So I put some of my clothes up there to sort of block that whole. And, killed all the mosquitoes. And we're good.

However, just to be safe, I am going to run our fans again, because there's nothing worse than hearing a mosquito flying by your ear in the middle of the night. So with that, I think it's time for bed, and we'll see you bright and early in the morning. Good night. Good morning. All in all, I got some great sleep.

But I feel like mosquitoes have made their way back in here. You can see some light coming through a crack up there, and I'm sure there are more of those on the frame. Not sure if you can see them flying around in here, but there are just like tons of mosquitoes, just tons. So I think we're going to make our coffee and get out of here as soon as possible.

Well, guys, I think due to all the mosquitoes, I'm going to end the video right here. I parked my truck where we unloaded the camper down at the beginning of this trail, so I just got to pack everything up and get out of here. So, I can get this thing loaded up without getting destroyed. Basically. A couple quick things, though.

Before we go, if you missed last week's video, I unveiled our brand new boat cabin, which is so incredibly exciting I can't wait to take it out more. We're going to be taking it out next week and probably the week after that. And plenty more times this summer. So, if you missed that video, I've got it linked below, and it'll also be here at the end of this video up on the end screen.

So make sure to check that out. Also, I learned a couple things on this trip. number one, the tick situation was totally under control. I didn't find any on me. I didn't see any on Ellie, and there weren't any crawling around in the cabin, so that was an absolute success. The mosquitoes, that's another story.

I definitely think I need to really go through the cabin here and make sure I plug up every single hole, because, this thing is basically, like, unusable. If I don't do that. The amount of mosquitoes that were in in there this morning and last night was just, like, out of control.

So, I need to do that before I feel comfortable bringing this thing back out, because we are in the thick of mosquito season here in Minnesota, but otherwise that's going to do it for the video. Thank you again for watching. God bless. And we'll see you next week.

2024-06-08 05:59

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