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Today I have reached Venice Italy, which is a city built on water, so I have just boarded a train and in about two and a half hours the train took me from Milan Central Station to St. Lucia Station in Venice Italy and this city is I have reached the city which is built on water at this time in large numbers and my hotel is about 10 minutes away from here and I had thought of walking and leaving but I will see because there are too many tourists. So I think the time will be right because I will go to my hotel [music ] after walking for about 10 minutes, my hotel has arrived here, I think this is the hotel principle, it is something like this, there is a sign above it. When I look, it is visible on the sign. Let's go inside and see what kind of hotel

it is. It seems to be quite good. Oh wow, this is a wonderful hotel. Right now, this is the lobby and I am actually going to this place. There is a hotel on the other side of the door, so on this side there is a canal, beyond which you will find taxis, buses or such things , what a wonderful view, see this, this is a boat standing, so this boat is basically a taxi or such a thing, which means standing for transportation. And this small white boat is in my opinion a private taxi type, but this big boat, it seems to me that it is just a bus boat, there is one going from the front too, its taxi is written 288. If it has happened then this is the brown taxi

[music] This big one looks like a bus type Yes this is a bus boat That is a bridge We have crossed from that bridge and have come here, rather the one with the gun Na, on the top, which is a green building, on the top, there was a station in front of it, so it is very close to the station, that means I came from the back streets a little [Music] [Music] [Music] Well, Venice, I have been there twice before too. I have come but this time I am feeling better because last two times it was very cold, today the weather is very good, there is sunshine etc., there is not much wind, so there is a very beautiful view here and this canal. The level which keeps going up and down, if you see it on the wall in front, is the bottom of the hotel which is green blackish below it, this is all the flow of water which goes up and down, this is water tight which is never above it. It rises and sometimes it goes down, so right now the water is standing at normal level,

neither very low nor very high because once when I had come in the beginning, for the first time when I had come, this walkway is this. There are hotels and these on the streets along with the canal. It was raining so heavily and the water level was very high and at the place where I am walking, there was full water right up to the wall. We were together here , so we were not able to know where the water was and where the footpath ended, so it became very serious with me, so I was walking close to the wall, trying to hold on to where my brother was. But if the footpath does not end, then when we woke up in the morning,

we came to know that this footpath is at least 8-10 feet wide, so we were laughing at each other about this. Now I take some rest at the hotel. After changing, I will show you the streets of Venice. [Music] The room is decent, the room is simple, there is a small chair given to me, everything in Italy is small but the most amazing thing is this. The view [music] This is the side walk below from where I was walking earlier and this view of the canal is amazing, all the money is for this thing only, this is the view and this is the Drub, the Drub is also quite big, the extra blanket under it too. It is given on the lower side, there are pillows on top and what is below it is of blanket type and if you want to use extra by packing it in newly kept plastic, then there is a safe given here, there are two bath robes and two slippers etc. which are Kiki. There are things for bathing etc., there

are things for sleeping. There is also a basic washroom. It is a very good type of washroom. It has a sink. There are two types of things here, there is a toilet and one for ablution. Apart from this, there is a shower. It is decent, the bathroom is not

bad, I saw this window but I missed this balcony, there is a balcony here, you can open it and go out, this is also a very amazing thing, Italy is also famous. These are all block type hotels and there is a restaurant and a lounge at the bottom and on top of that there is also a There is a lounge, I will also show you the top, right now everyone is enjoying on the canal and this is this bridge, this is the famous bridge of Italy, I have come from there, it is very cold now , take some rest and then I will go up. I also go to the top of the restaurant [music] Overall, I would give 10 to this room, it is small but it is spacious, all the necessities are available inside it, all are available and I would recommend this hotel. I will also tell you the name of the hotel. Now the name of the hotel will also be playing on the screen,

it is a bit expensive but it is a good hotel. There is a sound of the door ringing. It seems that he has brought my luggage [Music] Someone hello, thank you very [Music] Much [Music] Check in the hotel After doing this, at this moment I am in the streets Nezia or Vanas, you can call her and I have gone out to find Halal food, there is a walk of about one kilometer to find Halal food, so for that, use Google Maps and walk on Walking Street and We are going to look for Halal food and for two- three moments I crossed like a very high bridge which is coming in front is a small bridge or the same one you are seeing, the small board is called Gando so in this you are basically couples. What happens is that you can go as a couple and there is a ride like they will show you the rounds of Venus, show you its streets, show you its old buildings which are all made up of its old history of buildings and see this almost, all the buildings are here. There is an old type here

and it is breaking down but as it is, people do not get it repaired because this is the beauty of what it is, this is the beauty of these small boards of Venus that are standing here, there are all these taxis here, either you will get a taxi in this. Either this is a private boat, like our car is parked outside our house, then these are also small houses built in these houses, these are personal boats in which these people sit and go around the city, there are only two ways or on foot. Or you can go by kayak, people have kept the kayaks and also travel on foot [Music] [ Music] It is such a narrow lane, like a narrow lane in a village in Pakistan where they are driving motorcycles. In this, only one person can walk and one person

can come from the front but here the car cannot go at all, so they have made it in such a way that only for strictly walking, now they have made such small squares in the middle. Now see this, water comes out from it, usually it is closed now but this water keeps coming out, keeps flowing, so the one who wants to drink, drinks it, this is running water, it is basically water fit for drinking, clean it. People keep running the water as it is, whoever wants to drink can drink it, fill his bottle if he wants, see how old the building is, it looks like it is getting very dirty, which is happening, but these people are trying to change it. They don't do this because

because of the water, it is covered with fungus and mold etc. and plants have grown in it, but the thing about it is that it is this old style, its small windows are exactly the same as you see in TV and movies. We reached here to our heart's content, there is a halal food store [music], there are different types of food like pizza, pasta etc. and there is also a kale zone and doner kebab and many other things, so what I have for now. Here I ordered a pasta and a pizza because that is what Italians are famous for [music] [music] This is one of the old churches, it was very quiet inside so I will not tell much about it.

I could, but the church is very old and dilapidated, I have to go towards each museum, there is a walk of at least two kilometers, so one and a half kilometer is almost done and half a kilometer is left, so I am just about to reach there and go inside this museum. I tried but it has a ticket and the line for the ticket is very long, although the cold has increased because the sunshine has gone, the sun has gone down, the cold has increased and the people who are there again. Also, those who are standing in a long queue to go inside, there is only this line to go inside this museum and I noted one or two things which are here, there are some paintings in which this painting is. In which these people are

wearing caps on their heads, I think it is from the Turkish era, so this shows that at one time Muslims also ruled here and then this is what is happening now. It is of Christianity, it is ahead of Jesus, they have made it, I think it is Roman, I don't know about this thing properly, but I am telling it in a guess and also this is again a mix of people, it looks like a Badshah type person. I thought it was the king or something but they are saying that whatever golden thing is visible in this church is gold plated or whatever gold is visible on it, all this is gold plated and this is also a There is a museum itself, there is the same problem that the line is very long , there is this gate with this museum from where we entered and there is this clock type thing made on it, I am not able to understand it properly, there is Roman letter in it. Numbering is written in Roman and some science is made, there is Scorpion, there is Horse, there is Sheep, there is Crab, many things are made and on the top of it, those two men are playing a big bell bell type. And this whole thing is connected till the front and there are big poles on top of it, these are gold plated statue types [ Music] [Music] After the museum, here comes the path of the canal. It is the end or can be called the start of the canal and from here the view of the entire canal comes and the Gola service provided here is a small boat in which you can also go single and this is a small boat which is People paddle with it [music] There is a whole canal with it [music] This is this [music] These sticks are planted in the ground to tie the boats because the boat itself does not go inside with the flow of water. How good is this canal? It seems that

this water has a connection with the sea because there is a lot of play in the water, there is a lot of movement in the water, which means there is a lot of water in it, so it can be a wave. This is happening because of the wind. It is a very nice view on the wave [Music] The sunset is happening [Music] And this is the whole strip, you can follow this side walk of the canal and you will keep doing it till you see the building. It is visible

and the whole thing is attached to the canal, all these buildings etc. which are built right next to the water and the working space for walking is very big. To go to the buildings from here, the same thing is happening on the other side also. There are a lot of buildings there too and there is more interest in space bus walking here. There are less boats because all its history and all its belonging to Italy is in its streets. People buy tickets. We have gone to the museum, we have also climbed up there, there

is a way to go up there and we can see all the things from inside, but that line has become even more double, at this time the line has increased a lot. So I don't think that I will also go inside. After seeing the sea tour, we had taken a very long walk, about 2.5 to 3 kilometers. We had come inside, so on the way back, I did not feel like walking that much, the wind was very strong. It is getting late now, so we thought that we will go back in the boat, so now I have bought a ticket for 950 euros per person, I have got a ticket for 95 euros per person, which will take me to my hotel [music] No [music] ] [ music ] _ _ _ _ _ _ There are also [music] There are some taxis and some private boats, mostly these are tourist boats, taxis, here there is this main canal, here there are those who are residential, there are not so many passing through here because there is more rush of tourists etc. This is the reason why people don't use this route so much here. This one, there is a bus coming from ahead, I think boat bus or [music] password. Look at this, two people are going in it, this also looks like a taxi.

I am talking about this white one, I am getting a taxi [music] [music] i

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