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Nepal, is a place where you can never get tired of wandering and never get enough of meeting a new destination. In the last season of Heaven is Myth Nepal is Real, we have endeavored to capture the essence of nature by exploring various places from Mardi, Ruby Valley, Ruby Valley, Chho Rolpa, and Annapurna Base Camp to some places in eastern Nepal, totaling 8 locations. We have made efforts to encapsulate them in their natural density.

Your love and support have made you part of this journey, and for that, we are immensely grateful. As a result of this love and enthusiasm, today we stand at the threshold of the fourth season of Heaven is Myth, Nepal is Real. The beautiful scene depicted by the footprints of yesterday, the encounters with countless unknown faces, and the heights reached by experienced adventures, all narrate a tale of the present, marking the beginning of a new chapter, to be written by the footsteps of the wanderers. It will be written in the embrace of some Himalayan peak, amidst the crevices of the mountains, or in the vanished grooves of the plains. We welcome you to Nepal with the first installment of Nepal Eth Wander Presents Heaven is Myth Nepal is Real Season 4, 4, where we are heading to Solukhumbu district, situated at an altitude of 4400 meters above sea level, up to Panchpokhari that embodies a unique blend of spiritual and natural beauty. We would like to welcome you to our new travel series season 4 and we are travelling to Panchpokhari,Solukhumbu.

We have already been to panchpokhari but of different loaction. The height of the place we are going is 4460m above sea level and we are staying in Okhaldhunga today. We have brand new Honda dio 125.

This is keyless and has various features. We have been upgraded from old keyless system. We can find out scooter like this in the parking. We have our lifestyle partner Ultima. We have smartwatches, speakers and cables from Ultima. I am wearing ultima watch cirlce and it costs Rs 4499.

If you use N8W500 code then you will get 500 discount. Indeed, it is often said that the companionship one chooses can greatly influence the journey. This time around, we are accompanied by the new Dio 125 from Honda on our expedition. The journey with Dio 125 will continue throughout the fourth season. In this first episode, we embarked on a journey to Solukhumbu with Dio 125, starting from Kathmandu.

Navigating through the bustling streets of Kathmandu, we swiftly made our way towards Kabhre district, dodging the busy sections of the capital. After crossing the dusty and rugged roads of Banepa, we finally halted at a hotel in Dhulikhel to satisfy our hunger cravings. As we approached Kabhre district, we traversed the Banepa-Vardibas highway.

The long road ahead filled us with excitement as we eagerly anticipated reaching our destination. The busy traffic gradually thinned out, and we entered into the phase of the journey where each turn held the promise of new experiences for us travelers. Many times, when embarking on journeys through the central, eastern, or northeastern regions of Nepal, we often begin our travels on this very highway. Each time we embark on these journeys, we encounter different experiences, highlighted by the vibrant greenery and the overall ambiance, signaling the arrival of spring.

Since entering Nepalthok, we have observed the transformation of Sindhuli district from its inception into a bustling hub of development. This particular highway doesn't lack facilities. The major contribution to this well-paved road section between Kathmandu and Sindhuli district is the BP highway construction. After a few hours' drive from Kathmandu, enduring the scorching midday sun and constant honking, we found solace in the shade of Khurkot for some well-deserved rest. After travelling 115KM we are in Khurkot and we will eat our lunch.

And talking about this scooter i took it first time in long ride. Honda Dio 125 Its ground clearance is also good and there were little offroads. Its giving the mileage around 50 to 55. So these are performing well and we will gonna take this in many remote places of nepal in future.

In the travel there is no instant wifi and other things so thats why we have NTC 4G all around nepal. In travel the 4G is necessary so if you want to take 4G pack dial *1415# Then you get to know all the packages of NTC. Yeah thats all now we gonna eat our lunch and head towards okhaldhunga. We will sit there and the distance from here to okhaldhunga is 103KM. So lets eat now.

Leaving behind the BP highway section, we veered off towards the road leading to Okhaldhunga from Khurkot. Throughout the journey, the wind and our existence intertwined seamlessly. Sometimes we felt like we were merging with the surroundings, sometimes with the wind itself.

But there was a certainty in our pace, a certainty that we both shared until we reached our destined place. These days, amidst the hustle and bustle, where can one find moments to sit back and converse with each other? What kind of memories are people carving out in today's world? Sometimes, we too forget whether we are travelers or merely lost in the oblivion of life. We took a moment to cherish those few moments of life. After all, that's the real benefit of embarking on a journey. After a brief pause by the banks of the tranquil Sun Koshi River, we resumed our journey forward.

The day unfolded at its own leisurely pace, as we continued to move ahead with our own rhythm. The golden rays of the sun, filtering through the trees lining the road, added to the picturesque ambiance of the surroundings. Just now we reached here in ghurmi and there were no petrol pump in the roads. So here petrol in the jumbo coke bottle is RS.500 in here shop And we are gonna put the petrol And our this new Dio 125 have direct petrol pouring spot in the back and we dont have to open the seat.

It will be better if we get petrol pump in these places when we travel. Back in the khurkot we didn't get petrol due to the no light. As the sun began to set behind the distant hills, one could see people slowly making their way back home, weary from the weight of their responsibilities. It was a time when everyone was returning to their own sanctuary, burdened by the weight of their duties. It was a moment of shared hustle and bustle, laughter, and camaraderie—a time when the sun dipped below the horizon, marking the end of another day. During our journey, we witness the diverse colors of age.

Sometimes, it's the innocence of childhood, and sometimes, it's the wisdom of experience. Each color has its own uniqueness, and with time, these colors evolve and change. I believe time is the traveler, and its journey is age.

And when time reaches its mature phase, perhaps the color of maturity is not just the setting sun but also the color of the sky engulfed in twilight. After travelling 221KM all day we finally reached okhaldhunga just now. And it is 8pm now. We are very tired and we gonna sleep tonight And tomorrow morning we will explore okhaldhunga bazaar.

And after that we will reach upto Bung village tomorrow. And we will start our trek. Goodnight. See you. Bye In the east lies Khoteang, in the west is Ramechhap, and in the north, nestled in the heart of Solukhumbu, is Okhaldhunga. It is said that during the Mahabharata era, Bhima ground a large pestle in this place, hence the name Okhaldhunga.

Spread across an area of 1074.5 square kilometers, this area accommodates a diverse population. Okhaldhunga Bazaar, being the central hub, showcases significant connectivity to agriculture, trade, and service sectors, reflecting the growing integration of people in the region. Goodmorning everyone its day 2 and we are here in okhaldhunga so our today's journey is upto bung village.

So we are getting out from here. We are exploring panchpokhari this time. It takes around 7hours to reach bung village. So we will eat something in our way and continue our travel. So packing is going on here. Lets go As the morning sun rose, Okhaldhunga was bustling with activity, and we decided to have breakfast before bidding farewell to Okhaldhunga Bazaar.

Continuing our journey along the road that connects Okhaldhunga to the lower Solukhumbu region, namely Salleri and Phaplu, we embarked on our travels. We could see small settlements and fields along the roadside. The road was not heavily trafficked; instead, it meandered peacefully. Progressing along the windy section of the road, we ascended gradually from Okhaldhunga Bazaar. The last time, we had traveled on this road towards Dudhkunda, and this time too, the road led us in the same direction.

The vibrant red rhododendron flowers amidst lush greenery enhance its beauty manifold. With the arrival of spring, Laligurans, considered the national flower of Nepal, blossoms abundantly across hillsides. The sight of these flowers blooming in their natural habitat is truly mesmerizing. While the allure of Laligurans was indeed captivating, it was the inherent authenticity of this place that brought us closer to the essence of civilization. We were able to witness the rhythm and lifestyle rooted in tradition, starting from the village to the rugged trails.

In the rush of modernity, encountering such preserved cultures has become increasingly rare and precious. Hello everyone just now we are here in Thade bazaar from Okhaldhunga. It takes you around 1.5hrs to reach here.

Also back in the dudhkunda episode we came here. We sat here and also ate our lunch. Because we can get delicious thukpa and other things here. The Ntc coverage is also very good here in solukhumbu area. So we will take our lunch and we may reach to Bung today.

Our Honda Dio 125 is performing so well in the off roads so i think you should try this scooter. Even when we reached Thade Bazaar, we were still journeying within the boundaries of Okhaldhunga district. The surroundings continued to mesmerize us with their enchanting aura. It felt like we were fastened to the mountainous way of life, embedded within our own rhythm and routine, as we traversed along the smooth road section.

This road indeed leads to Pikipek as well. During the blooming season of Laligurans, there seems to be no limit to the beauty. However, as we proceed, the path diverges at Dhap Bazaar. We decided to leave Dhap Bazaar behind and continue our journey towards the direction of Bung. As we ventured off from the smooth road section, the off-road journey began.

So far, the Dio 125 had been providing us excellent support. With its ground clearance of 171 millimeters, we trusted that it would continue to accompany us even on rough terrain. This new Dio 125 from Honda boasts modern technology, sleek design, and a beautiful combination of convenience.

Just now we are here in Jor boudha and its height is 2160M above sea level From here you should take right to Nele bazaar and from there to Bung village. If you take this straight road you will reach Salleri and Phaplu airprot. But we should take right from here and it takes half an hour you to reach Nele bazaar said by the locals. And it will be night reaching Bung village.

Lets see if we can reach Bung upto 8 or 9pm. We gonna take right from here to the Nele bazaar and head towards up. Travelling straight from JorBoudha, one will reach Phaplu.

Situated in Phaplu, the airstrip connects the lower part of Solukhumbu with various other places via air routes. However, we took a right turn from Jor Baudha towards Nele Bazzar. Solukhumbu district, spread over an area of 3,312 square kilometers, is primarily divided into three main regions. One part is the Khumbu Himalayan region, which is close to Tibet. Another is the Khumbu region, which is a familiar place to everyone.

Famous locations like Namche Bazaar are found in this area. We were travelling to Solu region of Solukhumbu district, that are not as well-known as the Khumbu region. If we delve into Nepal's history, we find that the Solu region was once home to a Kirati kingdom. Hence, this area has a significant presence of Kirati community members. Located beneath the other Himalayan regions in Solukhumbu district, this area was also believed to possess its own uniqueness and allure.

Hello everyone we just reached Nele bazaar now We will eat our lunch here There were many offroads on the way. Our Honda Dio 125 is performing so well We clear the rivers and i like its ground clearance pretty much. Its power is also very good with saddle bags and double loads. This new scooter is so perfect for offroads and city rides. It is the mix of grazia and old honda. So lets eat something.

From Nele Bazaar, we were heading towards Sotang. The condition of the road was deteriorating rapidly. Now, seeing the state of the road from here, we realized how much worse it had become. So, we had no idea how long it would take us to reach Sotang. Whether we would reach on time or not was also uncertain. Day was about to take a leave.

The atmosphere had a certain coolness, and we knew we had to reach Sotang by evening no matter what. Despite the risks posed by the road ahead, there were no other alternatives but to reach the designated destination in front of the travelers. There's fatigue to overcome, scenery to lose oneself in, and the need to keep moving forward.

Perhaps, that's the duty and responsibility of a traveler. After passing Nele bazaar there were wild offroads on the way Big rocks stones and slippery mud it was difficult. It takes 1hour more to reach Sotang bazaar. We are here in road and we dont know which village is this. The vehicle is stuck here and locals are here to support. We will head towards.

And talking about the ground clearance it has not touch a single time. Its good Its power is also good We put petrol back in okhaldhunga. And more than half petrol is still we got. We may reach sotang today. 1.5hours max from here.

The deteriorating condition of the road was causing some sluggishness in our journey. On one side, the road was rough with rocks, making it difficult for us to ride our scooter, while on the other side, the evening was approaching rapidly. Its 8:30 now and we are heading towards Bung at last. From here it takes around 25 to 30 minutes of ride We searched hotels in sotang but we didn't get it.

After a 30minutes ride from Sotang bazaar we reached here in Bung village. We are sitting here in laligurans hotel today. We were so lost back searching for hotels before. So finally we reached here and we will rest here nicely. So goodnight we will explore Bung tomorrow morning and head towards khirauley.

Bung Municipality lies within Solukhumbu District. It encompasses an area of 648.05 square kilometers and includes the villages of Bung, Chheskam, and Gudel. With approximately 986 households, Bung has a significant population of Kulung Rai community members, contributing to its diverse demographic.

Consequently, traces of Kirati religion and tradition can be observed in the area. Hello everyone its day 3 and we are in Bung bazaar. Yesterday we reach here at around 9:30 and they provide dalbhat khana to us despite being late. There were little brother and sisters of laligurans hotel. And today we are going to place called Khiraule.

It takes around 1.5 hours from here with full offroads. And i think these roads should be built. Because the travellers and international tourists will get very hard to reach here The big vehicles and local jeeps are mainly ride here. There are slippery muds and many big rocks and stones which makes the road very difficult. Whatever we came here and we will make this episode exploring panchpokhari.

Our trek will be start from tomorrow And today we will reach to Khirauley. Thank you for visiting our hotel. Your journey will be upto panchpokhari and you will reach upto khirauley today. May your jouney be good.

How is the road to there brother? The road is quite average but the steep road is challenging. The scooter will pull up or not ! It should pull up but your things are more and heavy. It may pull up. Ok. Say bye.

Despite the challenging road conditions, we were fortunate to have access to NTC 4G facilities in Bung. Similarly, if roads were to be constructed here, both tourists and locals would find it much easier to travel. While tourism illuminates the prospects of a brighter future, roads connect the past with the present. Despite the lack of amenities, the enthusiasm among the local children was unparalleled.

The road from Bung to Khiraule is steep. Steep with unmanaged road. Nonetheless, we were compelled to halt there and capture the daily lives of the children. The nostalgia of childhood, lost in the oblivion of time, took us to places where our memories were made. As we age, we lose track of life's celebrations. We are compelled to suppress that innocence, freedom, and curiosity.

But sometimes, just remembering them brings joy back into our lives. Its our breaktime now and we are going to upto Khiraule. And we have current achari sticks. It is very popular nowadays. And we have current instant noodles which is also use in our trek. Current is made in nepal so lets enjoy our time with the view. And here is our boys also.

What is this all ? How's it ? Its like Dharan things. Haha you think of pig or what ? Even amidst the rugged roads, reaching there and mingling with the locals made our journey a delightful experience, alleviating our fatigue. Despite the challenging terrain, we didn't hesitate to immerse ourselves in that environment. In times of need, helping each other, sharing laughter, and enjoying moments of happiness made our journey special. Hello everyone we just reach here at Khiraule and here is our Pasang dai.

Ok say something brother ! Welcome everyone ! Welcome to our Solukhumbu mahakulung village. The whole nepal and from international country can come to visit panchpokhari. And the Mira peak way is also good. And the roads ! Now the road is quite not good but its going to be gravelled soon.

In 1 or 2 years we will make good road. Is this your hotel? Yes this is mine. Whats the name of the hotel ? Himalayan hotel. So dont forget to come here when you take this route. There is good facility here.

For the potters to take ! Yeah potters nad guides are available here. Just now we check the network and NTC is quite showing good. Yeah it is very good here.

Past days there were little problem of network but now we got NTC towers Now its very easy for peoples living here. The aunty providing Tang juice to us And the Jangbu who invited us his home is this. And she is Jangbu's mother. Say hi to the camera ! Ok cheers .

The N8W team were here at Himalayan lodge At Khirauley. We had our lunch and we are going explore this place. N8W were here ok. Before dusk, as we reached Khiraule, we found relief and also got a chance to get lost in its surroundings for a while. Along with us, we had Current Cup Noodles.

Many Nepalis find comfort in these noodles, whether it's in the office or during travels, they never leave our side. So we are eating this cup noodles watching the view here And this our nepali product. So lets eat this. In the bustling parts of the city, amidst the hustle and bustle, there lies a serene corner where tranquility reigns.

Under the open sky, adorned by scattered clouds, it displays various forms of joy. It was like finding a moment of lost happiness, akin to discovering a fleeting glimpse of joy. Namaste my name is Pasang sherpa.

We are living here in Mahakulung rural municipality ward no. 1. This is Mahakulung ward no.1 Ngonga Thekchhok Chhyoling Gumba. There was old gumba here And with the help of Indian embassy we are builting new gumba here. Here is around 15 to 20 labours working here. We will complete this in 1 or 2 years. The 3 storeys gumba is being built here.

The one of the big gumba around this Mahakulung area is being built here. Some time will take to finish. In Khiroule, a village known for its Sherpa community, there are approximately 55 households. The name "Khiroule" originates from the Sherpa language, referring to the rounded shape of the surrounding tress. Hello everyone its day 4 and we are here in Khiraule.

Yesterday we came here from Bung and rest here. It was a good rest. And today we are going to jungle camp We are in 2500M now and jungle camp is located around 3500M above sea level. It will be around 5 to 7 hours of walk from here. We may take some time because we have to take videos and photos.

We take the scooter to here. This performed so well. Now we will eat our breakfast and start the trek. Our trek have just started now. And aunty gave us farewell.

And we are going to up. And talking about this ultima watch circle We charged at day1 and it have 72% now at day 4. The battery life is good though i have wore this for 3 days. And we can see how much step will we walk from here to up and we can receive the call directly from this watch. We don't have to take out our phone from the pocket.

It makes easy in trekking. We will track the details of the trek. If you buy any product from ultima and use N8W500 code you will get Rs.500 off. We embarked on our journey, leaving behind the Honda Dio, in Khiroule. From the very first day, traveling only on scooters, we found great joy in traversing this way.

The lush red rhododendron blossoms, the open weather, and the gentle breeze accompanying us made our journey immensely enjoyable. We came little up here Pasang brother say something about this place ! We are here in Mahakulung ward no.1 Bithapla boudha. This is very ancient boudha which was built in 500 years ago. Which was built by our great grandfathers.

This is spiritually built sherpa buddhist boudha . And this is mane. We are here in Bithapla. So what are our plan fro today ? We will reach chharakhor in 2hrs from here. We will eat our lunch there. And from there we will head towards jungle camp.

Yeah there we will be camping We will reach there around 5hours. How much will it take for lunch place? We will reach in 2hrs. Laligurans, known as the national flower of Nepal, adorned the mountains like a beautiful bride. During the months of Chaitra and Baisakh, Laligurans could be seen covering many hills in Nepal, creating a captivating view. The blossoms of Laligurans bloom in a charming manner, decorating the hillsides. According to statistics, there are more than 30 species of Laligurans found in Nepal, each blooming in its unique way.

We were mesmerized by the intoxicating allure of Laligurans. In the green surroundings, whether it's red, pink, or white Laligurans, whose heart wouldn't be captivated? The garbage are quite less seeing other trek. So like this don't throw your waste in out here. Take your waste with yourself while in the trek. The local communities are cleaning the place for better experience to the travellers.

So we are about to reach the lunch place. When travelers litter and throw garbage, not only does the environment get polluted, but someone else's experience can also be spoiled due to the same reason. Therefore, there's a saying that on a footpath, leave only the footprint of your sole and take back sweet memories with you. Just now we are here in the place called Chharakhor.

Its height is 2970M above sea level. Pasang dai ! how many hotels are here. There are only 3 hotels here.

And our hotel is this So this is Chharakhor. For the trekking guide like us i will suggest you to take NTC sim card it will help in the all over place here . And dont't buy iphone buy my phone like me it will be easier for guide like us. Like this which have more battery life and is very cheaper.

If you have 2-3 lakhs you can give education to you and your child with that money. The battery of this phone is last for 12-13 days in low altitude. And in high altitude it lasts for 8 days. It is easy for trekking guides and NTC network connects everywhere.

Thank you NTC. Now our lunch is ready let's eat. After resting for a while and having some food, our journey to ascend the steep path begins again. Even the trail to Lukla is filled with challenging climbs. We were headed towards Cholemakharka, in the opposite direction of path leading to Lukla. You should carry your waste with you and throw them in rubbish pit here.

Don't throw waste wherever you want. We have to save nature and it will be good for future tourist. Now we will walk this steep hill and reach forst camp.

The journey always has its ups and downs. If there are downs, it makes reaching destinations even sweeter. If there's determination, then courage to climb back up after setbacks is always found. Those downs demand time, which is more precious than anything.

And we, without any hesitation, give it as much time as possible. We reach here in phokte after eating lunch at chharakhor. We are having rest here. Here is also the rest place while raining. We will go straight from here to kalapokhari. After watching kalapokhari we will walk 1hr for jungle camp.

Kal Pokhri or Phokte Tal in Solu is one of the paths of the Panch Pokhari trek. Panch Pokhari is also a religious site. Some pilgrims go there to ask for something, but according to locals, if you return after seeing Panch Pokhari, you don't look at this lake. If someone looks here, they have the belief that their wishes won't be fulfilled. That's why pilgrims return after seeing Panch Pokhari without looking at this lake. The Forest Camp, also known as Cholemakharka, wasn't too far now.

As we approached Cholemakharka, the weather gradually became colder. After the scorching sun, the contrasting views of the hills started to appear through the thick haze, inviting us deeper into the wilderness. Amidst the struggle on the trail, we witnessed the blooming lives. Hello everyone we just reach jungle camp or cholem kharka.

Its height is 3510M from sea level. We just checked in compass. And today we walked around 16,782 steps which our watch says. It is around the 12.64 KM . We should download DAFIT app and we can check it there.

We can check how much calories we burn by walking during the trek or in exercise time. Its cold outside so we will go inside and eat hot current noodles. Okay so now we will eat this and after hat we will eat our dinner. Goodnight . See you in the morning. When we woke up in the morning, it seemed as if the sky had just opened up, but clouds had come to cover it.

Except for hotels made for tourists, there isn't much else in Cholemakharka. With the increasing flow of tourists in Cholemakharka, this place is now being called Forest Camp. Good morning everyone its day 5 and we are in chholem kharka which height is 3510m above sea level. Today we will reach khola kharka which height is 4200m above sea level.

On the way there are no water so we should take heavy water on our own. And we should carry pack lunch with us. It will take 5hours for the locals and 8hours for us. Some foreigners are preparing for Mera peak expidition. So thats it we will have our breakfast and head towards kholakharka.

We have to climb this big steep hill from here. I think it will takes time. so lets go. Today we will reach khola kharka and tomorrow we will return khiraule. And our trekking jouney will end. The accommodation and trekking facilities in Cholem Kharka weren't that sophisticated. However, we found good facilities for accommodation and food, and even 4G network coverage from NTC at that altitude.

With such amenities, we didn't feel too far away, and we didn't miss the opportunity to connect with our family and friends back home, despite being so remote. Seeing the steep path ahead, we realized that descending might be more challenging today, with lots of slips and the path just as treacherous. But with determined effort, we managed to ascend steep inclines and navigate through the same difficult path.

In such rugged terrain and environment, every step might lead to a stumble, but the fault lies not in the path. After all, the path remains the same, but the experience changes with the destination. The same path that feels difficult today might seem easier tomorrow. Just now we reach here in Danda kharka and its height is 3930m above sealevel. We just checked in compass. So here is very steep way so brother ! We came here in Danda kharka from Chholem kharka.

And we will climb this Hurhure ukalo. Yeah its Hurhure ukalo. After climbing this Hurhure ukalo we will reach the Hurhure pass. From there we will walk little down and again steep will start . And from there we will reach panchpokhari. How much time will it takes from here.

We will reach in 3 hours. Our lunch will be in the Hurhure danda top. We will eat our pack lunch and head towards panchpokhari.

Possibly, the challenging paths are the ones that lead to beautiful destinations. We also felt the same. The more difficult it is, the more special it becomes. Those paths, carved through the rugged terrain, speak of their independence, which brings its own joy. Even as time passes and changes, those moments of happiness remained, echoing through the mountains forever.

We also spotted the elusive snow leopard in the Himalayan region. This is a rare animal, but incredibly beautiful to behold. There, it had made its solitary dwelling, crafting its own open home in that secluded spot. We have already reach here at Hurhure pass with Nepal 8th wonder team.

And its height is 4246m above sea level. And we are sticking this N8W logo in this board. You can see here we are sticking it and then after we will continue our jouney. We are hungry and having our pack lunch which we brough from down camp. Bread.

Its cold but its good. As we advanced towards the Hurahure Pass, we could see the snow around us. The temperature was decreasing, and it seemed like the monsoon rain was turning into snow.

The rocks covered with snow were becoming slippery. At such times, it was the sturdy staff that provided us with support and confidence to keep moving forward. There, at every resting spot, benches had been made for weary travelers. We rested there for a while, recollecting the path we had chosen.

It felt like we had traveled so far. Panting heavily, we looked up from the earth to the sky. In that moment, our journey became enchanting. With the companionship of snow, we found joy in our exhaustion. During the journey of life, we often veer off our regular course and find ourselves on different paths. It's in those moments that a whole new life seems to begin. New destinations, new heights, the sight of unseen scenery before, exhaustion, and busyness—these emotions overwhelm every traveler's mind. Therefore, nothing else matters to them except living in that moment.

That's why, when we travel, we aim to live in the present moment. We are here in panchpokhari last pass. We completed Hurhure pass and came all the way up here. We will go now panchpokhari from here and from there it will takes around 30 minutes to reach khola kharka. Then we will take rest and drink tea there because its so cold outside.

And this pass is 4470m above sea level whereas the Hurhure pass was around 4286m. And from here we can see panchpokhari in 5 minutes walk only. We will reach there and our destination is Khola kharka today. And what is this weather ? This is a snowy weather all misty and snow but hope tomorrow will be clear weather. Lets go and pray for good weather in panchpokhari.

I hope it will be clear tomorrow. We had come so far, nearing our destination, but due to the weather, we couldn't fully appreciate the surrounding scenery. A thick veil of mist had descended.

Like Pasang Dai said, in such situations, all we could do was hold onto hope that tomorrow would not be the same. This is father and here is mother. Son is little far there. Daughter-in-law and the helper. Altogether 5 members and the five pokhari.

We will reach in camp from here. Its cold outside and we will have tea there. Then we will rest there today and tomorrow we will come here and return to khiraule. Our first day of the journey had been a success in its own way. We had nestled in the enchanting ambiance of Solu, where lay the mystical Panch Pokhari, a sight we had longed to behold.

Though we witnessed the direct sight of the five lakes, our journey felt incomplete without immersing ourselves fully in the essence of Panch Pokhari. In such a state, we couldn't do much, but reaching there brought us immense joy. Throughout the day, our tired feet searched for a place to rest, shoulders burdened with backpacks, and necks damp with sweat. Therefore, amidst the surroundings of Panch Pokhari, we ventured towards the horizon without letting any obstacles deter us. Internally, we hoped for the weather to clear up tomorrow and to fully experience Panch Pokhari without any hindrance. We just reached here in khola kharka.

And this place height is 4250m above sea level. Brother ! say something Today we came from chholem kharka watching panchpokhari then we reached here with N8W team. Its height is 4250m. Today we will rest here in this house. Is it hot ? Yes its hot.

Then tomorrow we will reach panchpokhari at 6AM. Then we will return to khiraule. panchpokhari we will shoot tomorrow. And the food is good or not ? Yeah we have local food available here such as dalbhat . Namaskar brothers come inside.

Welcome to khola kharka. My name is ashmita kulung. Come inside. I will also do namaste. Namaste.

Nepal 8th wonder team here at khola kharka. Where do i stick. Click photo and mention us when you will be here. To welcome the weary travelers who come to explore Panch Pokhari, there are quite a few limited hotels in Khola Kharka. After traveling such a distance, many negotiations are made with various things once the facilities are reached. There, one could find small places to stay, delicious food to eat, and warm hospitality.

What else could one ask for? Despite our arrival, we hadn't quite reached the beautiful scenery of Khola Kharka. Hence, we couldn't find a place to settle down. Enthralled by the enchanting surroundings, we remained spellbound.

As we looked around, it seemed as though someone had scattered white petals of rain-soaked clouds across the landscape, and amidst them lay a beautiful village. We just came here a bit and we are in 4250m of sea level now The Ntc tower was not in panchpokhari and Hurhure pass also but the tower comes here in khola kharka. In the emergency you have to climb this little hill and you can get 2G network. You can phone call but you cannot use data. Here the peoples also go there and call to order whenever they need something.

So thats all. The NTC have provided their network in such places. Its really grateful. The present temperature is in minus degree May be its around 8 or 10 Its snowing. Now we will rest here in warm. Despite arriving after such a long and challenging journey, being able to connect with technology was a big deal in itself. For that, we are grateful to Anthesis.

From Khiraule in the morning to the steep climbs and the obstructed views of Panch Pokhari, when we finally reached Khola Kharka, it felt like stepping into a different world, filled with bewilderment. Here is our chakra bahadur basnet dai Our potter who helped us from khirauley to here. And we bringed a small gift for our dai This is ultima Boom161 And this is for you. How do you feel ? I am feeling really happy to walk with you guys.

And i didnot feel so hard walking to here. Also we have walk this way to here many times. Thank you ultima.

Why are you so red? Because of the fire pit. You are very funny. Like this.

like this Lets carry once more. In the golden presence of morning sunlight, the sky seemed to open up. This unexplored region of Solukhumbu district reassured us that Nepal isn't just about visiting, but also about exploring places where many haven't ventured.

What do i say sir ! What is the leg ? Its little muds in the leg and its drity Shoot only upper body ! Sanup Can i speak now? Hello everyone goodmorning its day 6 and we are here in khola kharka Its height is 4520m above sea level. Yesterday we came and sit with these peoples It was fun though talking and we did dinner together. Today we will reach panchpokhari. And this sister laugh very much. She laughs whatever we say. I am very happy There is nothing to take when we are dead.

We will go panchpokhari today and on the way to khiraule after that. Say something. I am very very thankful you guys came in our hotel. My name is ashmita kulung and this is khola kharka. The festival is happen 2times in a year in this place.

This place seems amazing with flowers and greenaries during that time Thankyou very much for coming here. You all have to come here and experience this place. What a lovely couple. Even for Mera peak mountaineering adventures, this same trail seems to be the route to take. Situated at an altitude of 6,654 meters above sea level, Mera peak is familiar for its breathtaking views of the majestic Himalayas in Solukhumbu. We were heading towards Panch Pokhari again from Khola Kharka. Yesterday, the snow had blanketed the mountains, and when the rays of the sun touched them, it felt like touching pearls.

From here, one can see the Makalu, Kusum Kanguru, Kanchenjunga, and my peak Himal. The journey that seemed merely an excursion on the first day now feels meaningful. Escaping from the hustle and bustle of Kathmandu and arriving in this solitude brings a sense of relief.

If there were any other weather, it might have looked different, but the presence of snow made the scenery even more beautiful. Located at an altitude of 4400 meters above sea level, the Panch Pokhari in the Solu region is among the lesser-explored areas. Nestled amidst the Himalayas, these lakes, which stand proudly in the lap of nature, are within the Makalu Barun National Park. Due to the route leading to Mera Peak, Panch Pokhari has gained popularity among foreign tourists, yet it has not received much attention from domestic tourists despite its allure. Five different lakes are known by different names.

The largest lake is called "Buwa Pokhari" (Father Lake). Following that, other lakes are named "Aama Pokhari" (Mother Lake), "Chhora Pokhari" (Son Lake), "Buhari Pokhari" (Daughter-in-law Lake), and the last one is called "Gothalni Pokhari" (Courtyard Lake). These lakes represent the significance and closeness of family members, just like the close proximity they share with each other. Behind this naming, there's also an interesting legend. Initially, this place was believed to be a grazing ground for yaks.

One day, a family came here to herd their cattle. After the entire family went away, they believed a lake had formed there. And locals believe that if there's any divine power in the lake, it has become the center of faith. Panchpokhari, situated within the Mahakulung Rural Municipality, is considered a sacred land for Kirati, Hindu, and Buddhist devotees alike.

It is believed that whatever one desires in this sacred land will come true if expressed with sincerity. The center of faith in this place makes special occasions like Nag Panchami and Janai Purnima grandly celebrated by devotees. Upon visiting here, it becomes evident that nature itself is the origin of all religions and practices, not just Kirati, Hindu, or Buddhist.

The serene beauty of the tranquil lake left us spellbound. Even though we couldn't immerse ourselves in the lake waters, our faith found its expression right there. We stood in awe of the vast, unparalleled beauty of nature. By offering our humble gratitude in this manner, we begin what could be a more appropriate start than this? Every hardship seemed worthwhile once we reached there. After arriving at Panchpokhari, we realized that Nepal still has such places that are yet to be discovered, like hidden treasures amidst the vast Himalayan landscape, in the dense forests of some mountains, or in the thickets of the Terai region. Within a few days, we left behind the hustle and bustle of the city to arrive at a place where the scenery alone captivated our hearts like nothing else could.

There, while staying, making our own Nepali-style instant noodles, and being mesmerized by the beautiful view of Panchpokhari, we complemented each other perfectly. We've collected many memories on our journey to Panchpokhari. We've shared colors of all ages, sweet smiles, and memories of little ones who bloom like Laligurans flowers.

The joy of losing ourselves freely in the footsteps after Khiraule's settlement and the happiness of overcoming hardships together have become cherished moments. We've formed new bonds at every turn, laughed away the difficulties of the journey, and shared smiles. Altogether, in these five days, we've woven a tapestry of unforgettable memories. We are grateful to our sponsors for providing us with such an opportunity.

We are thankful to Jangbu and the hotel managers for their warm welcome and hospitality. We appreciate their efforts to make our stay comfortable. Special thanks to Pasang Dai and Bhauju, who treated us like family from Khiraule to the end. Similarly, we are grateful to Chakrabahadur Dai. Lastly, we express our gratitude to our beloved audience, who constantly support us with love and encouragement.

We will soon embark on a journey to explore new places, new environments, and new experiences. Until then, take care!

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