Our Isuzu NPS 75/155 4x4 Build Series #2

Our Isuzu NPS 75/155 4x4 Build Series #2

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- Welcome back to Series #2 of our NPS build video. So it's our Isuzu NPS truck that we are building to tour Australia in. Quite a bit has changed since the first video. I'll chuck a link up here if you haven't watched it. It is worth going to watch.

Let's start with the blinding obvious. It's changed colour. What have we done, Andrew? - Yeah, so we've got it wrapped.

graphics did it for us. Our branding guy designed it. I can't take the credit.

And yeah, it's a giant sticker. We've done the roof, we've done everything. So, I guess, looks cool. Bit of branding, sort of subtle branding, and should protect the paint. - Yeah, we weren't keen on the white.

That was one of the things. I think we had a different colour ordered and when we had the issues with delivery, we had to go white. Our caravan's white. We're probably gonna wrap it as well. So, I dunno, something different.

Wanna stand out but don't wanna be a big Migaloo whale. - Yeah and also I guess for the pins stripes, it should hopefully remove them when we pull the wrap off to sell it. - Cool. All right, next up we have got some front bar work so this little bad boy was already on. We have now got the...

- Cab bar work. - That stuff. - Yep, cool. - Tell us about it. - Yeah, all right.

So basically this is one big piece that goes up and over. You probably can't see it from that angle but that's the full roof rack. So basically I guess it's there for a lot of reasons. Looks cool. Gives us a place to mount stuff that we do need and stuff maybe we don't and will protect it. Sort of pushing down bush tracks and so on.

I think I'm actually gonna put some fold downs on these 'cause I have been pushing through some bush tracks and these are a bit annoying so we'll probably put some fold downs there. But yeah, we sort of put it on there. It actually, I reckon is the real cool bit. Makes it look good. - So it's All Terrain have done it? - Yeah, sorry these are All Terrain.

Part of their roof cab package. - Yeah. So it's got mounting for spotlights. It's got mounting for two antennas.

- Yep. - We'll explain those later on. And then it also rolls into the roof rack.

Is that correct? - Yes, correct, yeah. - And that's set up for solar panels? - Yep. - Which solar panels? - So we've got two 200-watt Enerdrive solar high voltage panels on there. - Yep, cool. - They're on the top. - Yeah, sweet.

All right, we'll go into the lights 'cause they are standing out as well. So what brand have we gone with on the lights? - So they're all Night Armour. All of these frontal lights are Night Armour. These light bars are their 22-inch black ops range they call it. And that's sort of the dark tinting you'll see in 'em. We just hooked at 17,000 lumens or 1680.

- 7,000. Oh, sorry, 17 thousand. - 7,000 lumens on the light bars. And then these are the seven-inch round spotlights. So they've also got like a halo feature in them around there and they're 7,000 each. So pretty much can burn the pupils out of anything coming our way.

- That's sweet. So there's six of those, three light bars. I've got a feeling there's something down the side as well, isn't there? - Yeah, there's some other hardcore lights down the side.

- Cool, all right, so let's roll into the two GME aerials. - Yep. - What are they running? Why have we got two? - So one's a UHF as you'd expect and the other one is for the Cel-Fi. So we've got a Cel-Fi Go mounted under the dash - So that's a mobile phone repeater booster.

- Mobile phone booster, yep. Takes one bar of 3G, boosts into 4G so you can stream, email. - Yeah, basically it just means that rather than your tiny little aerial inside your phone, this is now our new phone aerial so should help us with some reception. - Cool, I don't know, we talked about the Sherpa winches in the last one. We didn't go into too much detail.

Do you have anything to add on those? It's obviously in the front bar work. - Not really, they're 70,000 pound. They are wired up now. They probably wouldn't have been in the last video. - Yeah.

- So yeah, everything actually works these days. Yeah, 17,000 pound, remote control. Plug it in the front. - Pretty good. - They're wired off, yeah I bent the number plate, that'll be normal. They are wired to the start batteries as normal so they're 24-volt winches and yeah, they just do their thing.

Hopefully we don't need 'em too much. - Cool. Is there anything else on the front of it or are we gonna move along? - Not really, I don't think. Nothing that's changed. That's about it.

- Cool, all right. Let's go down the side. All right, we're down the side of the truck. You can see the wrap a bit more. This is what people call the road or the tent in our logo. Hard to see, I know, but that's the way we wanted it.

Biggest thing that is the difference is the canopy is on the back. Talk about the canopy, Andrew. - So it's 2.2 by 2.2.

It was made by Xtreme8 Fabrication. He's just a local guy to us. I reckon he smashed it outta the park. He's managed to match the colour with the All Terrain stuff. I'm pretty sure these weren't on in the last video as well so that's the ladder kind of thing. But yeah, 2.2, 2.2.

There is some stuff going on in there but we can't show you yet. There's a few products in there that haven't even been released yet. We're trying to do something pretty wild on the electrics but yeah, at the moment she's just a big box.

- Big open massive box. You could sleep in there. - Yeah, well yep. You could definitely sleep in there. - It's 2.2 long. - Hang a hammock. - So, yep, yep, it's great.

I can fit a nipper board in it. - So the plan is it's gonna have a kitchen in there. We're in the process of designing all of that.

So that'll be stage three. It'll be the full electrical fit-out, kitchen, storage, where everything's fitting in, really. - Yeah. - Certainly is the plan. Yeah. - Yep. - Cool, so it's a big black box at the moment. Tinny top is gonna go on.

There's space. It's not a full height because there's space for rooftop tent hopefully, tinny topper, I dunno, we're gonna be bloody tall, basically. We can't fit anywhere now.

We're not gonna be able to fit anywhere. - So that's kind of why I like the aerials 'cause I reckon they're gonna be about the top. So if I see the aerials go donga-donga-donga, then I reckon that means we're gonna hit the the tinny. - Cool. All right, moving along.

There's some lights on the top here which is on the roof rack. What are they? Why have we done them? - So I'm gonna do something cool with them. I haven't actually quite figured out how I'm gonna switch it, but my intention is they're gonna be like a scene light, so an all around flood light that I'm gonna have on motion sensor. And so at night we can just flick 'em on if somebody or something starts hanging around the campsite, all the lights should light up and hopefully will be a bit of a theft deterrent kind of thing. - So I'm picturing, I don't know, wild animals. We're constantly up because there's lights going off all night.

- Yeah, who knows? - That'll get unplugged at some point. - Like I say. - But we are going with REDARC, we'll say that.

So we're doing a full REDARC in the canopy. So it's gonna be full TVMS. So when Andrew says we'll turn it on, we'll literally just click a button on the TVMS. - Well, you'll even be able to do it on your phone.

- Lights are turned on, do it from our phone when we forget in bed. Perfect, so a couple of hardcore lights. Let's talk about, you can't really see anything here, but the Airbag Man suspension.

- Yep. - So run us through what suspension this truck has got quickly. - Yeah, so basically it's got King Remote's Res shocks all round and it's got the All Terrain Warrior Parabolics and then instead of bump stops, it's got the airbag s, airbags, Airbag Man airbags. They are in-cab controlled.

And so I've got a switch panel up there on the dash and basically we can turn the compressor on. We can operate them up and down and then we've incorporated and that's what you can see here. I've got a full Safety Dave tyre pressure monitoring that I've also run on the airbag and also run on the caravan. So we'll show you the screen. - That's like a 16 channel or something like that? - Yeah, something ridiculous. So all the spares, everything's covered, and so yeah, you can see on the screen basically all the air and pressures throughout the entire sort of vehicle caravan set up.

When you are got a lot of weight, it's sort of, you need to keep an eye on your tyre temperatures. That is sort of the issue if you are running these heavy with big wheels if the tyres get too hot so the the Safety Dave does pressure and temperature. - Didn't know that. That's pretty cool. - Yeah, it's pretty cool.

And it's actually really interesting when you're, like, bouncing heaps, the airbag temperature goes up. Fun fact. - Sweet. Is there anything else down the side we've missed? I guess like it's now you've got a good view of the solar panel set up. So yeah, there's two 200's up there. So 400 watts in total and that's feeding down into the back into the canopy obviously.

And, yeah, it's actually pretty cool 'cause the the panels sit down a bit of a fraction and you can run some straps over the top and I've actually had boards and stuff on the roof so it works, works really well. - Cool. - I don't know what else there is to see. - Do ya wanna talk, we can just chuck some footage over the top.

So canopy is three quarters, we've got the tray on the back. - Yep. - So what's the plan with that? Spare wheels, that sort of stuff? - Yeah, so the wheels are on the back. I wanted that 'cause I really wanted the ground clearance at the back.

You sort of see these getting hung up on the spare wheel under the back a fair bit and we got a nice high tow bar on it and it also gives us two and then I, I don't know, I'm just a tray guy. I, can't have a ute without a tray so yeah. I just need it to throw wood in and just so it's still a ute and not like a waggon kind of thing to be honest.

So yeah, there's a bit of space there. I think it's probably only 600 long or something like that but yeah, makes it feel like a ute again. - Cool, all right, well let's go have a look at what we have done inside the cab now. All right guys, so we're now all three of us awkwardly in the front of the Isuzu truck. Let's start with the tint.

We didn't cover that when we're on the outside. We've had tint done on the four windows. - Yep, and the back one. - And the back one. Possibly gonna get a line. Still undecided about that one.

- Yeah, might do something there. - Yeah. Cool. We'll start from the top and work our way down. You spoke about the Safety Dave tyre stuff outside so let's go to that. - Yep. So basically I've set it all up

so there's the temperature, so it's going through each one at the moment, you know, showing 75 in a spare and the temperature and then you hit a button and when the caravan's attached, it actually shows a caravan on the back and yeah, that's everything. So the middle row there is the airbags and then yeah, it's got everything there. So all in one spot. It's kind of cool.

- So we've got these on our shop. I'll chuck a link up here if you wanna purchase 'em. They're like four, eight and sixteens, I think.

Yeah, they're the kits they come in. They're pretty cool from Safety Dave. The next thing Safety Dave we have got is an added screen up here, so how have you mounted these as well? That's probably a good place. - Yeah, well this one's just the windscreen sucko that it comes with. It comes with the windscreen mount and then this one, to be honest, we've just made our own custom aluminium bracket and it just goes, yeah it's replaced a rear vision mirror, it's a seven inch screen, it takes four cameras so I'm not quite sure, so there's two on the van, obviously one on the rear of the canopy now, and I don't know what we'll do with the extra one. It might actually inside the canopy or point something down or something.

Yeah. - Yeah, cool. Quite often people put them, like, rear of the van, side view van, and then yeah, pointing down somewhere on the canopy or something. - And to note, you can select the view, so you can show 2, 3, 4 cameras. - So just chuck it in reverse as well 'cause you still get your normal reverse reboot.

- The beeping, we all love that. - From where's that? Above the tongue, sort of? - Yeah, so yeah, so that's for the hitch for reversing. - So we've got the two reverse cameras at once. This screen here can be a quad screen so it can go to split of 1, 2, 3, 4 inputs all at once when your caravan's attached. It's not gonna matter too much now. - I probably shouldn't have done that.

- There ya go. - You do get sound through on the Safety Dave as well. Same thing. These are all available to buy on our shop. Shameless plug here. So I'll chuck a link up as well.

Alright, let's keep on moving down. The stereo system or the multimedia centre, whatever you wanna call it. - Yep.

- Absolute must 'cause it's got Apple CarPlay. I think, that's like, for us, is the main thing. The reason we changed, but talk about it.

What is it? What model? - It's the Alpine Halo. Yeah, it's just Apple CarPlay to be honest. That's all I really use it for. My kids are Spotify and that's about it, yeah.

- So push a button, Hey Siri, send a text message to Andrew James on my way. I don't know, it's all pretty sweet. You've got podcasts, whatever you want.

We use Spotify podcasts, messages, that sort of thing. So there's just a button in the centre there, little mic button, volume controls are on here. It replaces the old stereo but it's obviously sitting out from the dash as well. So it's super cool.

Andrew's got the quad lock case on his phone so it's just all mounted to the dash of the truck so that way you don't get in trouble for using your phone while you're driving. - Yeah. - All right, UHF Aerial is next, or sorry, UHF is next up.

What make, model did we go with? - Well that's a XRS 370. So that's the full bluetoothy one that does everything To be honest, it's got more features than I honestly have played with, but it's kind of, I think, the 390's just come out, so we might be getting a 390. - Yes. - But that's the 370.

- So basically the box is hidden under the dash. It has a speaker in it as well as this one here. So really good over truck noise because you're getting extra noise, loudness, sort of coming through from it. It then comes with a little mount that you sticky onto wherever you want on the dash which is just then magnetic.

So I can just click that on. It's out of the way. You can unplug it. We probably won't ever, but they're great for in any other cars, you can just have a little, I call it like an old telephone or networking cable. - RJ45 pass through. - That thing, unplug it, put it in your centre console when you're not using it.

So they're super sweet. Same thing on our shop. I'll chuck a link as well to that up here. Next up is the REDARC Tow-Pro Elite. - Yep. - Is it a 24 volt or is it 12 volt? - They all are, they all, so it's running at 24 volts but the Elite is...

- 12 slash 24. - 12 24. So yep, it's cool.

- Cool. - I think we've done enough videos on Tow-Pros too. - Yeah, I'll link a video up here as to why we use and love the REDARC Tow-Pro Elite. They are amazing.

Coming across, let's talk about sound deadening. So we'll chuck some footage over the top of this of the guys installing the sound deadening. It was a pretty massive job. Everything in cab had to be pulled out, seats, roof. - Everything.

So you basically strip it back. You leave the dashboard in, but that's it. Everything else comes out. Full car builders three stage one.

So, and now I'm touching my microphone, so sorry guys. Yeah, full car builders three stage and it makes such a difference, to the point of the media guy when we're driving here said, "Wow, it's a lot quieter than a patrol" and anything that's better than a patrol, I love it. - So why is it a three stage? Explain that. - Oh, there's all different products. So you got a roof lining product that's a like a sticky stuff.

You've got, like, the full tar style stuff that you stick on first on the floor. And then over the top of that, in the front section, we've got, like, a full waterproof like full I think, oh I can't remember the name of it, but there's different multi different products all the way through. There's another product for the back wall. So I think there's five different products on this thing throughout for different places. - Cool, next up.

So let's cover up. That was quite a considerable time. It was probably a week solid. - Yeah. - Full time.

Like 40, 50 hours to get that done. It's a big job. - So it actually seems really easy and it's not technically challenging at all, but it took a while. It took a lot longer than I expected. - And it's sharp. There was quite a few cut fingers on it.

- Yeah, it's all like a sharp aluminium finish on it. But yeah, it, it was bigger than I thought. We've done a few since and and we've definitely got it quicker, but your first one, you're definitely not doing a full. I've got friends who thought they were gonna do it in a weekend and I think they managed to get the back section done in a weekend, so. - Cool. - Yeah, it's bigger than you think.

- In cab airbag controls, we talked about before. Where are they? - Yeah, so I've sort of repurposed something. This is like a Hulk switching panel.

Really designed for spotlights, but you can momentary switch it. So basically just up, down, front, left, right, and rears. - So is it all eight? - Yep, so all eight switches. Yeah, up, down on each airbag and then again that's monitored via that. Yeah, okay, I'll tell you one bit of it. We're gonna have the TBMS screen here and so that's gonna be controlling the compressor for the airbags kind of thing.

- So okay, yeah, cool. - Yep. So I've got solenoids. That sort of goes back to some Airbag Man solenoids that I've got mounted up underneath the tray kind of thing which runs off the compressor that's in the canopy. - Cool. The next one. Cel-Fi Go is mounted somewhere in here.

- Yeah. So it's pretty, you'll just have to believe us. There is one. It is right up underneath the dash. There's actually a really nice mounting plate in behind here that we managed to mount a lot of things on. Again, it's switched via the TBMS and yeah, you turn it on and your app starts showing you it's there. So other than that, it's tucked away along with the UHF, sort of, I dunno.

I like a clean dash. I don't like a cluttered dash. I don't like a billion switches and things. So everything's sort of up there.

And these are a very, very, very quick dash to get apart. So if there ever was an issue, which I'm sure there won't be because my brilliant quality work, you do just literally grab this and pop it off and everything's accessible. - Cool, and I think then the final thing we're gonna cover off on is the centre console here and the suspension seats. - Yep. - So I'm only five foot two and I'm quite short in the legs. So we were told by All Terrain.

I went and sat in one and tested that I could actually reach the pedals and clutch and that sort of thing. I did need a bit of adjustment with a steering wheel and that sort of thing to get it right. But we have gone ahead with it as far as driving and passenger seats. So tell us about them. What brand are they? Why, what do they do? - So the Stratos seats, they're like a captain's chair. You got a little arm rest which is pretty cool, which is adjustable.

And then they've got the, oh something, you got the little lumber support squishy thing, so that's pretty cool. Full bouncy. And yeah, with the suspension we got, with the wheels we've got, and with the seats, it's actually a really nice ride.

It definitely is not like when they come out new where you're bouncing your brain in around in your skull. It's quite a smooth ride. - So they replaced the double seat in the front here on the, sort of, non-driver side. You get a single seat and then this is the All Terrain custom centre console. So it's got two cup holders inbuilt in it. Push a little button, open it up you've got a hot bit of storage in there, which is groovy.

I don't know, what else do you add on that? - I guess that's it. So the full engine cover actually gets replaced with the custom All Terrain Warrior plate. So it's a bit of a saga and obviously now we've gone from a seven seater to a six seater, so that was part of the engineering we had to go through. - Yep, so it had to get all signed off by an engineer separate.

- Yeah, it's got a lot of blue plates now. - Yeah. Cool, cool. So I think that's everything for inside the cab, outside. Can you think of anything else, Andrew? - Not really. I think the only change moving forward, we're gonna put the REDARC TBMS screen here and that will control a lot more, but to look at, I don't think we're gonna change much.

Oh, rear aircon. - Oh, yep, big one. - So that's next. - Stage three. - I've been undecided what to do because I wanted to figure out the back seating, whether we were gonna put buckets in for the kids, or anything, so there's a bit of the rear aircon so the standard one everybody uses goes under the bench seat and so that then counts out bucket seats. So we we're gonna do something there.

I'm not quite sure which kit. We're still negotiating on that one. - Speakers, we didn't talk about speakers.

We've got some doof-doofs. - Yeah, it's got, I don't even know. I think they're the R type Alpines all around in all four doors. And that's pretty much it. I'm not a massive doof doof guy with my whack subwoofer under the seat when we decide what we're gonna do with the seats.

So I'm not really sure on that. I'm sort of, air con first, comfy kids second, and doof doof's kind of the third thing. - All righty, sweet. - Yeah. Cool.

- All right, as always, thanks so much for watching. If you do have any questions, feel free to leave them in the comments below. Stage three of the build video will be coming soon. It is gonna be the full canopy fit out, the kitchen, all the electrical stuff, really all the good stuff that I like that makes travelling on the road full time, super easy. If you wanna check out the build video series on this, click up here and YouTube thinks that you should watch this one down here.

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