Our first trip to Cornwall, England didn't go as planned...

Our first trip to Cornwall, England didn't go as planned...

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That it? Is that it? Yeah. Okay,  let's go. Close her up, button her up. Hi friends. Today we're embarking on a very  exciting journey. Today we're going to Cornwall   but first we need some tea. So we've got 5 people around this tiny table.  

We still have another 2 orders of  tea coming and a banger and mash.   Excellent service, delicious scones, and delicious  tea but I would like to make a formal apology   to every person in England for how  we devoured it. It was barbaric. We're all alive. Hi friends. Welcome to Loo. I  hope you enjoy this vlog because we almost died   in the making of this vlog. We have almost  sideswiped a wall, we stalled on a hill,  

we got no maps that are working. It's a beautiful  town but they make you earn it, huh? yeah   it says the speed limit 60 but there's  no way. How? Oh we're doing Cornwall. We went down a street and then we had to  back out because there were already 3 cars   coming our opposite direction. We had to do  it like twice. The problem is that there is   no lane. I mean there's one lane and the wall  is right here and there's a bus right here,   so you take your pick. You get the wall or  the bus. I'm taking the wall every time. [laughs] Take the wall every time.

These 2 were panicking. I was just  laughing. My fear response is to laugh.   Anyway, welcome to our first stop in Cornwall. My  dad and Jeff are calling Enterprise Rent-a-Car uh   since we have that slice through the tire, we need  to get that repaired before we continue our trip. I applaud Cornish people for being able to  drive their cars in this kind of terrain. Bravo to you, you guys you guys  win when it comes to driving.   You guys did warn me in the comments  that the streets were really narrow.  

I underestimated you guys,  you guys weren't exaggerating Oh a Cornish Tedward! This is probably the stupidest question  and I could just google it right now,   but at the time of me recording  this I don't have any cell service,   but uh what is the marine  mammal situation in England? #dumbAmerican Look at that rock over there it's  like a rock from the Little Mermaid. Baby seagull. Oh it's so hideous but also weirdly  cute. Please excuse the natural disaster that is   my hair right now. So it took us about 40 minutes  to walk to the beach and explore through the town   and walk back to the car, so Jeff and my dad did  not join us because they have been on the phone   with the rent-a-car and the roadside service  trying to get our tire situation sorted.   Basically, everything is  closed and no one can get to us   so we have to drive to our hotel. Hopefully  our tire doesn't get any worse. So we're in  

a bit of a pickle but we will figure it out.  [Jeff] Hi Curtis. Oh, that's a girl. Hi Gina. Hi friends. We made it to our accommodation  no problems the tire is is okay it'll make it   until tomorrow. So the tire will be tomorrow's  problem. We are staying at such a cool and unique   place. Uh it's called Wheal Tor. I'll leave a link  to it in the description box in case you guys are   interested in staying here. Um it's like glamping?  So we have these little Hobbit hole cabins.

So here is the parking situation There's sheep everywhere just walking  around. This is very, very cool. So we are staying down here. Look at this view. so toilet situation it's shared, community.  And then we have this family, single family

cabin I think. So here is our view. How cool is this going to be to wake up to?  Let's do a tour. So we have a sofa bed, this   will be Austin's, this is where my parents are  going to sleep, Jeff and I will have the bunks. window, little table tea, little heater for the room, they've got wi-fi. Very cool. Did you guys see this welcome mat? It's it's two cats. Look how cute this is. We have  a fire pit. If you bring food you can barbecue.

Let's check out the toilet  situation. So we got sink two toilets sink. Oh my god, I want to eat there in the  morning and then look over all that. Oh my gosh.   That'd be so amazing. This is  what Instagram dreams are made of. Look at this. How... incredible. All right showers. No one's in here so I will  give you guys a real quick tour. So we've got

basic locker room, gym style showers. Look at that, mmm. [Abbie's mom] Big. Jeff with a burger. Look at that. Oh my god.

[Abbie's mom] He's a member  of um clean your plate. Disgusting huh? [Abbie's mom] He was  raised like that. [Abbie] Just nasty,   the worst thing you've ever  eaten right? Yeah. Oh my god. Good morning. Oh my gosh.

Hi, we need to use the restroom! Carry on. It's 7 30. We were packing all  our stuff up to have breakfast at 8. At   eight Jeff is also gonna call the rental  car company so we get the tire situation   sorted. Hopefully that isn't a big deal and it's  something that we can get solved really quickly so   that way it doesn't damper on our day because  we only have today to go and see as much as   we can. Yeah this is going to be a pretty  short trip in Cornwall and I know we're   definitely going to have to come back  because we're not going to be able to   to see everything that we want to see  because the whole tire thing yesterday really   soaked up a lot of our day but still keeping  it positive still having a good time. Our   accommodations were beautiful. They were amazing,  I loved it. The showers were nice and hot.  

The restrooms were clean. Dinner last night was  so good. Dessert was so good. Oh that sticky   toffee pudding oh my god. Yeah I can't, I can't  recommend this place enough. You guys have to   come here. They also have a hotel so if you're not  down for glamping you can just stay at the hotel.

Excuse us ma'am, we gotta we  gotta go over here. Excuse us,   don't mind us. We got some more  little friends one two three. Okay well I'm going over here. These guys over here have been crying. They're Tedward in sheep form.

Farewell. So friends. Update on the tire situation. So we  arrived at this KwikFit and there must have been   some sort of miscommunication between Enterprise  uh and this tire place because when we showed up   yes they had the tire but then they didn't have  a person available to change the tire out until   2 pm. It's not even 11 a.m yet so we were calling  Enterprise again and trying to figure out hey is  

there another tire place that we can go to? Can  we just swap out the car? And for some reason   they wouldn't let us just swap out the car which  seems to be like to me in my opinion like the   easiest way to to deal with this. So yeah we we  were sitting here in this parking lot trying to   think okay what are we going to do. Are we just  going to keep calling around different places   to try and find a place that had a tire wouldn't  be able to take us in immediately? And so while   Jeff was calling around different places  one of the shop guys came out and said hey   I can squeeze you guys in real quick let's  let's do it. So yay we're getting our tire   fixed. Hopefully it doesn't take very long  and we'll be back on the road. Two hours later  

uh we've actually decided to extend our trip  another day to make up for basically yesterday   and the first half of today. Ted will be okay,  he's got enough food to last him honestly a week.   He's got a full fountain, he's he's  stayed home for like four days at a time   alone. He'll be okay. Where are we? I  forget. Charles Charleston Charlestown and uh Welcome.

Just want to clarify that uh yeah before  we've only been going out for like a day,   only leaving Ted a day. Um we don't we don't  like to take long periods of time away from Ted   just because we're worried pet  parents. You know, we miss him   but he he is perfectly fine being okay for  days on end. He spends 90% of his days sleeping   and you know we only have a limited time with this  car so we need to use it as long as we can use   it because we don't know when the next time we're  going to be able to rent a car. Oh it's so windy! It's so windy but I love it.  Look at these goons over here.

Safety first ladies and gentlemen.  What are your thoughts so far   about this location or Cornwall in  general? Both. I really like it. Yeah? Like the vibe. I brought my tricorn hat but I  didn't want it to be wet because it's only a   prop. Sir, sir, sir, sir what are what what are  your current thoughts on Cornwall? [Austin] Windy.  

Okay. Ma'am ma'am ma'am ma'am   what what what are your thoughts what  are your feelings right now ma'am? This wind is brutal. I can't I  can't stand. It's too cold for me. She's a woman of the uh Pacific islands. Sir, kind  sir, what where what are your thoughts right now  

on Cornwall? Cornwall is awesome! Yes. Loving  it, loving it! Loving the tour of Great Britain My hair is gonna be so tangled. I want to do this next time we're here.

I see some sheeps and a pig bottom right.   There's a place called the jungle on the  bottom right. Oh yes we have to go there. This is what happens after three days of watching  Poldark. My dearest Demelza I will be home soon To the jungle we go.

Fern Gully used to be one of my  favorite movies when I was a kid   growing up in the 90s. I watched  it as an adult it doesn't hold up. Yes. Oh my god, dad. That was fun. This is one of the coolest  gardens I've ever been to.

Look at this massive leaf. Oh yeah say it was poisonous okay   no it's just no it's not no it's not  it's just a little prickly scared me. Let's see yeah.

Oh he's coming this way. More sheep! You got compliments on your Poldark hat?  That's right. Yeah it was a hit? Yeah.   Would you believe that there's a  currently some slight precipitation?   Only slight. Best Western $130 dollars a night  [fart noise]. All right it's not the worst. Do you   want to play "Guess that stain" with the carpet?  Oh then there's bunk beds over here nice. Oh cool. Austin you get your choice you want,  

you can either have top bunk,  bottom bunk or both bunks. Oh wait let's look at the bathroom.   Let's see it on where are the lights it  definitely has a very uhh... I mean it smells   like a Best Western. That's what happens when  you book it three hours before. Where the heck? Oh my gosh it's this thing. I'm  so dumb. Shower's nice it's clean. It'll work.This is more expensive than our  cabin experience. Yeah. It is what it is.

[sigh] We're venturing out for food. It's like... what  is it 4:45 or 5:45 I don't 5:15. We're hungry. Look at this, this is very cool. Nice. Hi friends. It's a beautiful morning and we're  on our way to the west side of Cornwall today.

He stole one of our pastries! So the key to coming out here is you got  to come in the morning there's hardly anyone here. This woman is living her best life. That was so terrifying.

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