Our First Time to Antigua & Barbuda We Can't Believe This Place! Caribbean Travel 2024

Our First Time to Antigua & Barbuda  We Can't Believe This Place!  Caribbean Travel 2024

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this video is brought to you by  Squarespace I'm on my [Music] hello everyone and welcome to the channel if you  happen to be new around here my name is Trevor and   this is Anna we are the delightful Travelers make  sure to hit subscribe and click the little bell to   follow along on our Caribbean Adventures now yeah  we are officially in a new country we're often not   sure especially on these Caribbean islands but  Ana Barbuda definitely its own country today we   are in Jolly Harbor and we happen to be on Jolly  Beach is that a wonderful name this is Jolly Beach   I'm going to like this place this is the beach  we've been waiting for if you've been following   our adventures we did run into a little bit of  bad weather the last place we were in was anguila   which was absolutely stunning but they had just  had a bad storm and the beach didn't look quite   the way it's supposed to but this this is glorious  I think it doesn't get much better than this it's   funny with the color of the water and the color of  the the sand I'm actually squinting even with my   sunglasses on it's so bright this is one of those  beaches that is right out of your dreams right out   of a travel magazine the color of the water is out  of this world and the sand oh my here's the thing   about antika there are 365 beaches here on this  island that's right there's a beach for every day   of the year today we're on this one so one of our  biggest challenges when we're traveling is that   we're often planning things very very very close  to the time that we're traveling I know a lot of   you guys probably plan things a year 6 months out  and you have lost the time to plan and figure out   what you want to do where you want to stay for us  it doesn't always work that way cuz we are kind of   traveling full-time although we're based in the  Dominican Republic anyway what I would point was   often it's hard to figure out what areas you want  to stay in especially on an islands like this it's   not a huge island but it's big enough so you have  uh the main city which is St John's and there's   also English Harbor and there's also a bunch of  little towns around and we wanted to be somewhere   kind of central where we could walk to a beach  walk walk to various amenities have restaurants   have a supermarket so this area has that and we'll  be showing you around today and we will I think in   upcoming videos also visit some other areas of  the island yeah here's the best part and they're   probably noticing there is not many people here  if I look this way you'll see umbrellas down there   we'll take them that way a few people walking by  right now but honestly this is crazy on this beach   it seems like everyone's kind of concentrated on  the lounge chairs and then you have the rest of   the beach kind of all to yourself so if you're  wondering where Antiga is located it's in the   middle of the Caribbean very close to Guadalupe  and monserat and get this there's 100,000 people   on this island so it's not a small island there's  actually way more people here than I thought but   we also have a little fun fact about the country  it's actually one of the smallest countries in the   world and we had to look this up it's the 14th  smallest country in the world so for those of   you that follow along week to week you might be  wondering how we got here like how do we fly from   anguila to Antiga because they're kind of dare I  say two random Islands it's not easy to get from   that Island to this island well we actually  hopped aboard a little eight cedar plane and   we were pretty much the only ones on it we could  see the pilots there were snacks and we had some   incredible views the flight was only about a half  hour I didn't mind it at all did you I didn't I   was really really nervous at first knowing that  it was such a tiny plane but it was actually   really comfortable it didn't feel overly shaky or  anything it was $200 per person this actually a a   private plane company called Tradewinds it was not  a private plane they do some char flights here and   there and they happened to do one from anguila to  antika so not too bad I mean the price definitely   wasn't cheap but some of the prices around the  Caribbean are so expensive you're looking at500   600 $800 to get from one Island to the next so  200 seems pretty reasonable we almost had it   private not too bad for the Caribbean we was only  one other person with us it was just five of us   on the plane it was a lot of fun it was it was  an adventure and we've taken some small planes   before that were a little more rickety might I say  a little more scarier but this is really fun yeah   let us know in the comments comments what's the  smallest plane you've ever been on so if you're   wondering just some of the logistical stuff  about this country basically English is their   language it's the official language here so  you'll get by totally fine uh their currency   is the Eastern Caribbean dollar but USD is taken  everywhere and often on the menus it's in USD or   or in the Eastern Caribbean uh but we've only been  paying in US Dollars and not had a problem at all   they do drive on the left hand side of the road I  think in an upcoming video we might rent a car so   that could be a little bit of Adventure speaking  of Adventures what's this over here hello we're   here for some coconuts so the price of this is uh  $9 to get it with rum seven without she's chopping   the uh the coconut right there big machete this  is super fun we didn't even know this was here   completely random you excited for your coconut  I am who doesn't love a fresh coconut all right   we're pouring some rum into the coconut here  yeah you had to drink some off make room for   the rum and now that that was a pretty good board  pretty is it half rum half coconut I think it is   that is H way too funny she was completely having  a nap and she just told us when we left that the   sun's way too strong and she needs to have a nap  continue the nap did you try it yet I did oh my   goodness I think it's cuz it's strong right I'm  pretty sure it's all it tastes like all rum I can   barely even taste the coconut in there it was  made with Cavalier rum which is actually from   here on the island so it's our first taste of  the local rum right you got to let me talk too   hello on how are you um guys I'm Glenn this our  local coconut go here in Ana I'm baruda and we   could give it you natural and we'll give you  some rum oh they have the one with rum where   you from sir we're we're from Canada but we live  in the Dominican Republic okay to Espanol poito   okay I'm from Baba okay where was I that was  an interruption he was very nice guy but now I   forget what I said but anyway it was 9 USD for one  of these so again going back to the currency thing   she char charge that in USD and put a ton rum in  there we actually haven't had lunch yet today we   haven't eaten much so I don't know hopefully we  we might have to go really really slow on this guy   easy this is our appetizer I guess before we get  any further in today's video we just wanted to say   a huge thanks to Squarespace our longtime partner  for being a sponsor once again Squarespace is the   all-in-one platform that helps you stand out and  succeed online I think you guys know by now how   much we love Squarespace we of course built an  entire business around them but we also built   our own website and blog on Squarespace they make  it so easy for us to feature our travel content   from blog posts to video sections to photo  galleries the blog even has a great built-in   commenting system that supports threaded comments  replies and likes so we can respond to all of your   comments and questions we also love how simple  it is to use and understand their analytics so   we can easily tell what content and pages are  most visited how many people are coming to our   site and also how long they're staying on  the website which makes it so much easier   to plan our upcoming website content cont are you  ready to build your own Squarespace website head   to squarespace.com for a free trial and when  you're ready to launch head to squarespace.com   delay Travelers for 10% off the first purchase of  your domain or website and of course a huge thank   you to Squarespace for sponsoring this video and  supporting creators like us so just right off the   beach here you have this little stream and this  bridge and if you're wondering there are some   areas to buy like souvenirs and things like that  like a loal uh like t-shirts all the basics but   really besides that there's not a whole lot it's  mainly just Beach I think there's a hotel this way   but uh yeah if you're coming here know this is a  pretty chilled out Beach yeah there's a couple of   restaurants one we went to yesterday so yesterday  we tried to take the day off and actually enjoy   Beach day it was a little bit rainy but we got  to spend a little bit but we went to the popup   beach bar was that it yeah the pop-up Beach Bar  a good spot we had lunch and then they gave you   free chairs if you had lunch there so that was  convenient cuz otherwise I think a beach chair   or two Beach louers and an umbrella about $ 20 to  $25 for the day 25 bucks so not as cheap as the Dr   but uh definitely not as expensive as Turks and  C all right we found some uh more souvenirs and   trinkets you're going to get anything don't  think so I haven't really bought anything on   this trip and we're not big souvenir people if I  shop I usually just get some jewelry or something   but really these videos are souvenir for us yeah  there's quite the crowd over here though right oh   yeah I don't know what's happening well I bet you  there's a lot of cruise ships that come to this   island do you think there's some Cruisers here  Yes actually I looked at the cruise ship schedule   yesterday what did I say there were four cruise  ships in today yeah yeah crazy luckily it's a big   island so there's beaches for everybody right off  the beach you have these like town houses that are   more or less on a marina so I guess if you lived  here or stayed here you could like pull your boat   right up to your house funny enough we almost  rented one of these we had family members that   just about came down to to meet us to spend some  time here with us but the logistics just didn't   work out with the timing but I keep thinking oh if  they were here now we'd be staying over there it   would have been fun that would have been so much  fun but yeah look at this you guys like there's   someone's boat and their place there and there's  multiple kind of areas like there's another dog   little boat one kind of here on the side we need  a boat we need a boat we need a townhouse and a   boat should we move here and buy one I'm sure we  can totally afford it there are so many unique   houses here I definitely like that aspect about  the area we're in they're not all like Cookie   Cutter they're all colorful and small some are a  little bit larger but you guys might be wondering   who comes here like who are the main tourists by  that that's right yeah so it just for a little bit   of context we were just in St Martin and then we  were in anguila and we found a pretty big variety   of tourists and anguila specifically was a lot of  Canadians and Americans and I thought being like a   territory of uh United Kingdom that maybe there'd  be a lot of Brits there but there were not but   there seems to be a lot here yeah we keep hearing  British accents and we shouldn't be surprised by   that but again in angua there was expected more  there but overall it is predominantly Americans   for sure we've heard some Canadian accents but we  mainly hear American accents the other thing we   noticed is a lot of people get around by golf cart  here yeah I think that's just in the marina area   we're going to show you more of it in a little bit  so it makes sense when you see like how the layout   Works cuz there's a lot of stuff in this area I  don't think you can take it out and onto the main   street through the mountains and stuff but around  here it's really convenient cuz it's pretty spread   out makes sense to go to like the restaurants  and the supermarket on a golf cart I love it   there there something about the golf carts do you  find it makes it a little more Posh or something   it's Posh but it's yeah there's just something it  makes you feel like you're on like a golf course   even though you're not next up we came over to  this adorable looking food truck take a look at   this you guys we're absolutely St starving we got  a sandwich we'll talk about this in a minute also   we got this juice this is called a citrus blast  and I believe in here we got some orange juice   grapefruit and lemon we'll try it sounds like it  should be uh a little bitter oh yeah in a good way   oh man that is fresh but one thing you're going to  notice today is the prices we just paid for this   you'll see it on the screen shortly but the prices  are quite High we knew that uh coming in a little   different in uh in the Dr or where we're from  I'm repping the shirt today but uh we'll get into   that but speaking of getting into things let's get  into the sandwich so the sandwich I got is called   a French Panini and I'm a little bit bummed out  because I saw BLT on the menu and I just wanted a   BLT you know how when you see something you're  like yeah then I ordered it and then about 10   minutes later they said and I paid they said uh we  don't have it so they convinced me to get a French   Panini uh there's ham spinach tomato mozzarella  and avocado on this except I said avocado there's   no avocado on this so I'm striking out a little  bit today but uh let's get into it and see how it is so I think because it's missing the avocado  it's not quite doing it for me there's no like   Special Sauce on here they said there was going  to be a little bit of like a basil pesto and   I mean if there is any on there it's not too  much so because of that there's not a ton of   flavor you're getting like the basic ingredients  the bread's really good though I'll give it an   A+ there the rest overall it's just okay for what  we're paying today for this I definitely expected   uh a little more but I guess if you're come in  here still try it out maybe because they didn't   have ingredients today I'm striking out a little  bit but hopefully Anna is a little better so I   went for the buffalo chicken panini hopefully a  little bit more flavor in this I actually had to   pull out the menu because there's so many things  on this so there is lettuce spicy chicken cheese   sauteed bell peppers sweet onions and avocado  and I actually see avocado in this so I wonder   maybe I got the last avocado maybe they made  mine first and then they were out of course   that's how it [Music] went Ooh Baby if Trevor's  is lacking in flavor mine definitely makes up   for it that actually gives quite a punch there's  some spicy something in there I think it must be   the chicken doesn't taste overly Buffalo to me so  I think it's really just more spicy than anything   there must be some chilies or something I do see  some little red flakes in there so maybe some red   pepper flakes or chili flakes it's nice and cheesy  this one's really really good by the way you guys   might be saying you're on Antiga you should be  having local food trust us that's in the plans we   always try to plan out our videos a little bit in  advance so right now we're thinking we're going to   do a fullon food video hopefully that works out  and then we're probably going to do a thing on   prices cuz you're also wondering I bet you you're  wondering how expensive is this island so we'll   be talking about that in a separate video we've  just made our way down to the marina here and   question for you guys have you ever seen so many  boats in one place it actually feels a little bit   endless but I have an answer I think I have seen  more boats than this in St Martin St Martin had   a for one maybe more Super Yachts than I've ever  seen in my life I feel like there was between 500   and 1,000 on that island Maybe I'm Wrong someone  could let me know but these boats as well there's   tons of those in St Martin there's also tons here  so it's just interesting to see what islands have   all the boats like why do all the Ys come here  found a sign here the Barbuda Express so there   is two islands there is so interesting fact for  you here we are two islands one country a couple   of islands ago as Trevor just said we were on St  Martin which is one Island two countries very very   interesting although I did actually read that  Antiga and Barbuda there is one third island I   forget what it's called but there's nothing on  it so it is basically three islands but only   two that are inhabited yeah it looks like this  must be the express boat right behind you it's   kind of a cool cool rig isn't it I know I wish  I had more time to actually go over there and   explore that Island too but we don't take a look  at this building it looks like it's straight out   of Italy so we have some amazing architecture  mixed in with all the boats and what's really   cool is this really long Boardwalk it's all made  of wood so it's very pleasant down here not much   wind not much wind is a really nice spot and  there are a whole bunch of restaurants another   reason that we picked this area to stay in there's  like uh I think we're walking by a Mexican place   right now there is an Indian place there's just  some basic like pubby type spots as well there's   Italian so it's a great spot to be if you want  to be able to walk or golf cart everywhere so   walking around here we're just talking amongst our  uh ourselves comparing it of course to where we   live in the Dominican Republic and the Dominican  Republic is just so big it's such a big island   it basically feels like its own continent compared  to this island and the other Islands we've been on   lately yeah and obviously it's Spanish so you're  going to have a little bit of that happen you know   culture a little more culture shock if you going  definitely culture shock but it's a it's a lot of   fun we obviously love it cuz we live there it's a  lot cheaper for sure it depends what you you want   right if you want to bit of that culture shock and  to be outside of your element and by that I mean   we're from Canada and I know there'd be a lot of  Americans watching if you want to just go out of   your comfort zone that's why we're in the Dr but  still in the Dr there's a lot of Comforts it's   just span they drive pretty crazy but overall we  absolutely love that place the island is beautiful   these islands though so different totally so  St Martin obviously divided by two different   nations uh one side the Dutch side actually feels  quite loud and lot happening and it's almost like   americ it feels like America and a little bit  crazy but not in terrible way but maybe if you   want to avoid that you might want to go to the  French side we a little more sophisticated and   laid back eclectic bougie so then if we leave  St Martin but one thing we'll say St Martin   lots of traffic too many cars on that island I'm  just going to say there's way too much traffic   on that island uh then we went to anguila and  that's way more uh super chill it's also flat   so the other islands are quite mountainous and  hilly that one's very very flat easy to drive   around beautiful beaches although we didn't have  the best weather for that um but just like a super   if you just want to go relax and have like that's  the place Beach vacation and you have money for   it go for it and now here and we are just in our  first couple of days here we've really only seen   this area so in the next few videos we should get  a better VI a better idea of the vibe but this   is like a first impressions for us uh first day  feet on the ground and so far it feels a little   bit more like St Martin we're just comparing it to  recent places definitely not like anguila and as   we move around the island we'll kind of give our  thoughts as but I would also say when you compare   it to St Martin but not the crazy like drinking  party side of it just but a chill aspect to it   as well yeah but and a lot of people are here  too and again I think there's more locals that   live here here than St Martin I could be wrong  on that but there's definitely a lot of tourists   so interesting so far it's a lot of fun for our  first day and just yeah didn't expect to be on   this Marina right now didn't expect to be right  by an amazing beach again there's 365 beaches   on island absolutely nuts well we're back on the  beach here for Sunset we found the most adorable   little beach bar to catch this epic Sunset and  we grabbed a Carib we are big fans of this beer   you can get them all over the Caribbean just not  so much in the D are where we live but we always   love when we can grab these we pop a lime in it  tastes a little bit like a Corona but one thing   we can't get over already is just how empty the  beach is here right now so we're facing west and   we're here for the sunset we fully expected like  fully expected this place to be packed with people   and what we wonder is are the Cruisers leaving and  we see some cruise ships there off in the distance   and I think that's what's happening so in the  day I think this gets extremely busy with people   and I know there's other beaches around as well  but this beach maybe is one of the more popular   ones but uh at the end of the day it definitely  clears out so know that if you're coming here   right now I kind of feel like we got this place  to ourselves it feels super chill and it's High   season like not what I expected at all I know  we just ate in the video but in real time it's   actually been quite a few hours since we had our  lunch so we decided to go for a little appetizer   here on the beach Trevor was just talking about  the beer that we got it's kib which obviously   is the Caribbean beer but they do actually have a  local beer called wadle we haven't actually found   it on the menu anywhere yet hopefully we'll still  find it throughout our stay and we can try it on   video but what they do have here is some wly wings  so these are some chicken wings that are in beer   sauce these are these are red they're red I'm  curious what makes them red there must be some   sort of seasoning or something in there to do that  I don't know if they're going to be spicy and to   not being a beer batter but you never know we are  in the Caribbean they like their hot sauce here I   know I like the I like the sound of some beer  wings not even remotely spicy I'll probably be   adding some hot sauce cuz they did bring it to the  table that's one thing I love about the Caribbean   you rarely have to even ask for hot sauce they  just automatically bring it when you order food   These are nice and yummy there's a little bit of  a sweetness to it I don't know if that's from the   beer or from something else if they add some sugar  or some honey or something like that interesting   flavor but way better with hot sauce for sure  well how about this epic Sunset I still cannot   believe how chilled out it is here and and yeah  that's simply amazing here I'll pan this way to   see if I can kind of get it behind me the camera  might go Haywire but this is beautiful isn't it   it is so if any of you guys have been here before  you're from here you spent a lot of time here any   recommendations on what are your favorite beaches  leave a comment below but probably by the time   that this video comes out we won't be here anymore  but at least we can take your recommendations and   other people can as well yeah that's the big  thing if you leave a comment and tell everyone   their favorite Beach and this place they'll maybe  see it and go there cuz we want to know for the   next time we come back we're really really digg  in this place that's for sure yes but speaking of   that if you want to come enjoy an island with us  in the very near future you have the opportunity   to do so a lot of you guys will know this already  but we're doing a group trip to Greece September   of this year I know when we when we officially  launched it we were basically a year out yeah   when this video comes out we should be at the  six month point so if you've been holding off   if you've been nervous about it or anything send  us a message we can talk about it but we'll also   put Link in the description below yeah just to  reiterate we'll say Okay so we're going to cre   yes gree so if you don't know much about cre it's  the I believe the biggest island in all of Greece   it's totally like it's almost like its own country  totally different it's not like the white and blue   buildings but don't let that turn you off because  there's so much to do it looks like planet Mars   you don't have to be in super shape to do this  we're not hiking mountains we're basically going   to go around eat go to monasteries go to beaches  and have a ton of fun and talk travel with all   of you guys we get to hang out talk about our  favorite placees to go to yeah so as of now   there's about 3 months until we have to have final  numbers confirmed and everybody paid up so if you   are thinking about it now is really the time to  jump on it because it gives you a few months to   plan get all the money in order get your payments  plans all set up and everything so been holding   off also we have heard recently that we can get  you a discount code if you're interested we only   have a limited number so let us know if you are  but for now First Impressions yeah love it this   place is great you can hear the coming in so far  so good it is a bit pricey we know that you're   going to hear us talk about that cuz and I think  some people have probably left a comment already   saying I think the area we're in I mean with the  marina and everything it's going to be a little   bit more pricey than say the capital but I mean  it's a beautiful area yeah we're going to try to   get to the capital soon and we got some other  ideas this should not be the last video here   in Inga so expect more if you don't know who we  are it's Trevor and Anna delightful Travelers hit   subscribe if you're new leave a comment all that  stuff if you're not new you guys are the best for   coming back every single week we're going to  turn the camera off and watch this sunset go   down and probably get some more food in the little  house I know believe it or not we will eat again   all right guys that's it from Antigua wishing  you delightful travels see you soon [Music]

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