One Small Mistake Could have Ended my Tour S7 EP.66 | Pakistan to South Africa

One Small Mistake Could have Ended my Tour   S7 EP.66 | Pakistan to South Africa

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I thought Rangeli would make a mess today. And that's the issue with it. It's working but it stops in the middle. Look at this.

Power is gone. Assalamu Alaikum everyone and welcome back to the channel from Sani Pass, South Africa. Where we reached yesterday after doing a great adventure. And I hope you liked my last vlog. And if you haven't watched it yet, do go and watch it. Today, we will leave from here and go to a very beautiful area.

The main reason for which I was planning this tour is to visit this place. It's called Garden Root. It starts from Port Elizabeth to Cape Town. It's about 800 to 900 km from here. We won't be able to cover that much distance. But this area is also very beautiful.

We will take some mountain roads to Komani or Queenstown. It's about 550 km from here. It would be best if we could reach there by evening. We will try to avoid the highways by taking scenic routes.

Let's see how this adventure goes. I don't know much about this area. I have asked the owner of this place for some details. The bike is ready and I have had my breakfast. It's amazing that we have food and breakfast here.

We have started our day with muesli, fruits and coffee. I had dinner for 200 rand last night. And I paid 130 rand for breakfast. So, the prices are quite decent.

It's a beautiful place. What else do you need in such mountain scenery? Bismillah... In the name of Allah Prayer for the journey May we have a great day today. It's gonna be a long ride.

But I hope it will be fun. Let's go. What a beautiful region this is. There is greenery everywhere. It looks even more beautiful because of rains.

It's an amazing place. If you ever come to this region, Sani Pass Backpackers Lodge is a must. The food and people are great. And apart from the halal food, you can get all of it for a decent price.

They have a lot of options. There are family bungalows if families are coming here. Overall, there are a lot of lodges in this region. In my opinion, South Africa has the most facilities for hiking and camping. Our next 100 km journey will be in this landscape. You will see a lot of farms on your left and right.

It's quite interesting to see such farms in South Africa. It looks a lot like European farms. And I think these farms are still mostly on the wide sea. As far as I have seen. There are beautiful and spacious houses here.

You can see the beautiful cutting of the grass. That's how a house in nature should look like. And look at the pubs here. Looks like you are in a village in the UK. Doesn't it? There are hotels and restaurants in this small village.

Unlike even the big cities in Lesotho. I can't believe it. I wasn't expecting to see such beautiful scenery today. Of course, I knew the area was beautiful. But it looks more beautiful than I expected.

There is an issue with my bike. It's shaking again. I am not sure what is the reason. Let's pray to God to reach some place today.

Let's find a mechanic. Because there is an issue with my bike. I was afraid Rangeeli might ruin it today. And that's the issue with my bike.

I think there is a problem with the battery. The bike has stopped in the middle of the road. Let's try to start it again. I want to reach a village at least. It's moving but it stops in the middle. Look at this.

Power is gone. Thank God it's daytime. I might get some help here and there.

Let's try to start it again. Let's see how long it will run. No, it's stopped again. I have called my Ustad ji here.

Ustad Basheer from Pindi. He is an expert. I had explained to him that there is an issue with my bike. When it stopped, I talked to him. He said there might be an issue with the battery connector.

So here we have found the issue with our bike. We have Mr. Billy with us. You are from which part of South Africa? Durban A wonderful city How can I say... Seaside city Beautiful beaches. Beautiful country. You see you go through the valley Biking country ... Up and down So you are also here on holidays as you told me.

Yeah. On a weekend. It's about 200 km from where we stand. So we are going back And you saw me standing alone with my bike. I'm a biker. You don't leave a biker next to the road. Thank you so much.

We'll go with you some miles to see if your bike is nice and functional. So actually the issue might be with the loose wire of the battery. We had this issue in Zimbabwe.

So I had to wire the bike myself. So the issue might be with the loose wire of the battery. That's why we had this issue.

We'll see in the next few kilometers if it works. If not, then we'll have to find a mechanic. Here's William. Billy's son. They helped me with the bike and everything. They told me that they also have a YouTube channel. I'll put the link in the description.

What's the name? Bad Ass Billy So if you are interested, go check it out. So let's follow you guys. Thank you. I had called Ustad Bashir in Pindi. I used to take my bike to him for checkup. He told me to check the wiring of the bike.

It might be the loose wire of the battery. Or it might be the issue with the plug. So as soon as I opened the wiring of the bike, there was a little rust on it. I will try to take it to a mechanic in a city. And ask him to check the issue.

And in this type of travel, people help you randomly. Anywhere in the world. This is my second incident here.

I was in Kenya for the first time. And this is my second time here. He told me that he won't leave me alone. He told me to ride with him.

In case there is any issue, he will be there for me. He didn't leave me after I checked my bike. The best thing is that wherever you are, if the locals are helpful, you enjoy the nature and the tour more.

It's surprising. I had asked the BMW guy to check the battery. But he didn't check it. Otherwise, he would have found out the issue as soon as I opened the wiring. I just need to get the wiring cleaned. I have reached Kokstad.

Time to say goodbye to Billy. Because my bike is running perfectly fine. The voltage did not drop below 14.6V at any point. So that was the issue.

The nut of the battery was a bit loose. The rest... The ride was great. But we will take a short break here.

Thank you Billy. The bike is doing very well. I appreciate all your help. Nice meeting you, William. Thank you very much. Drive safe. Thank you.

We have said goodbye to Billy. And we have entered this beautiful town. It looks like an old historical church. A small town center. A library and a church.

So the name of the cafe is Loafers Cafe? In Kokstad. And there's one overseas. But I am talking about the one in Kokstad.

The coffee here is really good. I just had the coffee. And we also have... This is the Mexican bowl.

Mexican bean bowl. It's vegetarian. There is rice, some beans and... Chips. Yeah. We were a bit hungry. Otherwise, my plan was to have some coffee and leave.

The people here are very nice. The people here I met were very nice. Thank you very much. Very friendly South Africans.

Thank you for stopping by. I appreciate all. Thank you very much. I appreciate it a lot. Love your Instagram. I just showed them my Instagram. So we will have our dinner.

We will be there by evening. It's 2 pm here. So it will be around 400 km. We will be there by 8 pm. The food here was really good.

And we had the coffee plus... The Mexican bean bowl. We paid 150 Rand for everything. It's around 6 to 7 USD. So the prices are reasonable.

Now we have to see how our ride ahead is. The lights are on during the day. But the load shedding is still going on. Welcome to Mount Fletcher.

We have covered 115 km from Kokstad. It has been a difficult journey. The wind was very strong.

We were a little away from the mountains. The entire area was exposed. Sometimes the wind was blowing from one side... And sometimes from the other.

After that, we started having a headache. It was so tough. It's still 260 km. You can see the difference between Kokstad and this town.

This town gives you the proper African vibes. Just like we have been to Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda and Uganda. But Kokstad felt like a European town. The sun is shining beautifully.

Green rolling hills. We are going up and down. The scenery is amazing. There are some agricultural fields and some grassy peaks. This whole area is amazing. Especially at this time, when the light is passing through the clouds.

The rays of the light are shining on the mountains. It's beautiful. Look at this, how beautiful this corn crop looks. I have never thought in my life that I will find corn crop so beautiful. But they have planted it on this entire road.

With such a great shape. I just want to keep looking at it. This is such a weird scene. I had never thought that I will like corn so much. You will see the entire road from Kenya to South Africa. All the roads are full of corn.

But I have found it beautiful here for the first time. So this is the difference between how you do agriculture and how you prepare your crop... By making a pattern. And they have planted it in such a beautiful way. It's sunset time here.

And what a sunset it is. I have really enjoyed this amazing sunset. I thoroughly enjoyed this beautiful view as I stood by the roadside. I have rarely got such opportunities.

So if I have got it, I should enjoy it. I don't know what happened to the next person. He's getting slow all of a sudden. And I am thinking of getting a hotel here. I should get a bed and breakfast. Something like that would be best.

I like the town but it is almost closed. It is 7.10 pm here. Let's stop at the petrol pump. Let's see what possibilities are available here. We have got the room.

Let's enter the address. And then we will leave. And from here, it is just a 2 minute ride. We have to have dinner from somewhere.

So, hope to find something here. Because I think it is a relatively small town. The previous town was quite big. Everything was available there.

Overall, all the towns I have been through. Almost everywhere, bed and breakfast and such facilities are available. This is Rose Garden. I think it is here. It is just 7.30 pm here. And literally, the whole town is closed.

All the shops that I have seen here. Some supermarkets... I can't say supermarkets.

The small grocery shops were open. And they also closed the shops from outside. Only a small window was open. So that if someone wants to buy something, they can order from a distance. In this whole tour.

If I have felt weird anywhere, it is in this town. Because I had to go out to eat. I had to buy something.

They don't have a cook here. We have got the room, it is very clean. And we have paid 600 rand for this room. I think it is around 30 dollars. But breakfast is not included in this. And since they don't have a cook, we had to bring dinner from outside.

And I tried to make as good a vlog as possible. Do remember me in your prayers. Don't forget to Like, Subscribe and Share. See you in the next vlog. Allah Hafiz

2024-05-02 18:28

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