Nothingness and massiveness - Spectacular motorcycle ride along the coast of Iceland [S4-E12]

Nothingness and massiveness - Spectacular motorcycle ride along the coast of Iceland  [S4-E12]

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Good morning guys! It's quite late already, 09:30 I went to bed pretty early  last night because well I was   really tired, so I went to bed like  eight o'clock and then at nine o'clock   a truckload of Spanish people arrived and they  kept it going till 11 o'clock this morning   so I thought you know well I'll just get up  a little bit later instead this morning   but then they get up at six o'clock in the  morning and starts chattering and you know   screaming, yelling. Well not screaming but you know  just being loud in general. Some guys want to go to   bed earlier and some guys want to sleep longer  so I know if you're gonna get up earlier than   you know the majority at least have the decent  to show respect and just you know be quiet It's a little later now than it was supposed to be but. I'm gonna get some breakfast and stuff now I think..  Oof, this wasn't the right spot was it? Yeah, yeah it is First I'm gonna get me fueled up just so that's  done. There's a bunch of other bikers there as well   I wonder who those are Bye That was a bunch of German bikers They are going home on the same Ferry as me on  Wednesday so I guess I'll see them then. Now  

Loki have full tank and I need full tank, just per procedure. So I'm going back to the cafe I was   yesterday because I don't think there's a lot of  a bunch of other places you can go at this time   it was supposed to be open at nine so yeah let's  try the coffee something eats and then head off okie dokie on the way again   Alright so we are starting our first detour already and it's right up here and   it's about a half an hour drive up in the valley  not sure exactly like how far I'm gonna go but. I was told by Hjörtur that this is a nice little detour to make and we got plenty of time so That's what we're gonna do Let's see. Up here? Yeah

Kerlingardalur Oh it must be close to Kerlingarfjöll perhaps The mountain that me and  Hjörtur went up to. I think that was called Kerlingarfjöll and this is Kerlingardalur, so, Kerlingar Valley We'll find out. Let us see. It is anyway  pretty nice to get off the main road   Hello swans. I'm so impressed by the the  bird life here on the island there's  

so many birds everywhere there are seagulls and  swans and geese and whatnot the puffins and yeah That looks potentially slippery Nope, it's fine Check out this Whaaat Whaaat The road surface keeps changing and  changing from sandy, black sandy stuff   to Big Rocks to really bumpy roads  you know. But hey what's new right These rock formations are so peculiar I mean it's probably lava  right? But. Everything here is lava Look at this and it's all it's quite hard like it's not  like super Solid Rock but it's not soft like Sandstone either yeah awesome It's time for coffee, isn't it? It's been like three hours since the last one after all There is something "kaffi" That is our place You can never get enough coffee.

Never ever Yeah this is nice And we got some road work going on Guess there is some lose gravel Yes it is Can I pass on this side? Right over there on the left side, you can see the beginning or the end of a massive glacier And then there is also of course the glacier in the mountains there I hope you can see that one on the camera I thought there was supposed to be a view point somewhere here Where you can ride all the way up to the glacier I might have been mistaken That looks sick and then on this side it's  just this Black Desert it's nothing. This is   every time I think that you know what else  could Iceland possibly has to offer. And then there's stuff like this showing up. And what is this? Nothingness and massiveness Iceland I love you! I freaking love you.

I definitely have to come back sometimes Look at the glacier. I think we have to check it   Svinafjellsjökull I guess is  the name of the Glacier there Oh my God it's massive! And this is only like a  tiny tiny little bit of it can you believe it? What if that whole thing melted I  wonder how much water it would produce At least I get some exercise on my trips   Going to check out all this stuff, climbing rocks and whatnot. But it is usually worth it every single time so We're getting close to the  massiveness right here oh my goodness this is awesome Look at this It is massive Wow. So here you can see the glacier from this side And then we are going to a third side near Diamond Beach, in about 20 minutes I can't get over how big it is Is it still recording? Yes we are, no faults today Let's ride fast as [ __ ] under this really heavy rain Clouds Fast as [__] meaning not that fast, it's my Tenere it has  72 horse powers and is fully loaded so Might have arrived at Diamond Beach There's a lot of people parking. I think there's like a huge Lake   oh yeah, yep. Huge lake right.. Oh my  goodness! oh my.. oh my God This is insanely crowded We can stand right here can't we. Yes we can

This is definitely one of those bucket list places  where you have to go. My videos won't do it Justice at all and of course drones are prohibited  But oh my God it's so pretty. It's so pretty Has the battery run out? Probably. Anyway  headed to a camping, about an hour to go  

I'm freezing, the wind is cold coming over the glacier there Am Is seriously gonna have the glacier as my neighbor sleeping tonight? Hello guys from inside my tent. It is about nine  o'clock in the evening I arrive at the camping   um have a little bit eat and just chilling  and then I was almost on my way to go to sleep   before I remembered that I had forgot  to show you on a map where I went today   you know I've been doing this  for two weeks already and still   I keep forgetting silly stuff like  this so anyway let me show you in a map   all right so that's where I slept last night am  I 13 as you can remember in Vík uh start the day   with a little detour up in this area and that was  super nice and green and all the strange black rocks continued following the Ring Road right  here and end up all the way up here actually   that's where I'm right now so from here to here  all the way around quite the stretch   actually um Diamond Beach is where  is it in this area I think is it yeah   yeah around there anyway so tomorrow I am  continuing probably riding all the way up to   Egilstadir. My ferry leaves at 20:00  o'clock on Wednesday today's Monday so I got all   day tomorrow and then quite a bit of time also  on Wednesday to ride so what I think I'll do The cap for my pen. Anyway what I was saying what  I think I'll do is I'll just um find a camp   somewhere close to the city tomorrow and  then I will just roam around in the area   on Wednesday until the ferry leaves I think second to last night tonight it's kind of sad all right   um I gotta crawl out of my sleeping bag to go to the toilet and then II'll go to sleep that's the worst part because it's quite cold it's  probably like seven six seven degrees outside   pretty chilly pretty [__] chilly so getting out  of the sleeping bag to like use bathroom and stuff Not a fan. Anyway thank you for watching  also this episode sorry for being such a   messy head sometimes it's just what it  is yeah I am what I am it is what it is all right hopefully I'll see you guys tomorrow so  you know until then adios bye bye see you later

2023-03-23 22:49

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