NOT FUN! The Harley Davidson Wheel Wobble!!

NOT FUN! The Harley Davidson Wheel Wobble!!

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Did you enjoy picking up my wife? Oh, yeah. To be fair, your wife is pretty spectacular She is honestly! Like in a respectful way. Listen, I'm not scared of you. I could see how I'd be slightly threatening to you. NO you are not threatening to him You are about 4 foot shorter than him Look at him, hes a F*** giant Not threatening at any point! But I am cause Im slightly better looking than him (Laughter) Hey, guys.

So we are about to leave for our tour while I say about probably in an hour. Wow. We'll start getting stuff on the bikes in an hour, so maybe 2 hours we might leave. So we are riding to hold today to get the ferry and then we're going to go on the ferry overnight to the Netherlands. I always grew up saying Holland, my my grandparents are Dutch and they always refer to the Netherlands as Holland, always. And so to me, it's more Holland than it is Netherlands.

So it's like somebody saying, you can't call me, and anymore I want to be called Sarah. And it's not easy. So if I slip up and call it Holland, I apologize. Super excited, Ruthie. Actually, a little bit tired. And that's because I was trying to work out how long it would take to drive to the sun.

And so I couldn't sleep. That's off topic. Travel to hell. I don't know how long it'll take. Maybe a couple of hours. It's 1:00 now.

So we're thinking about leaving about two. So we'll leave actually about three. It will take a couple of hours for five boats that help a state.

That gives us enough time if there's crazy traffic. And you know, I want to see in Hull there's the UK smallest window. So I'm hoping Bryan will let me go see that.

Probably not. We'll see if we've got enough time, I'm sure. Like, how can you say no ferry tonight? All through the night? So we've got bunk beds.

I think we will obviously wake up totally refreshed and ready for our day and then we're going to ride down to Mostra. Do what? You know what it is, is I am excited, but I'm not. I am excited obviously, but it doesn't feel real, which is weird because we could literally be leaving in an hour. We've been talking about it and we booked on to this last year already. So normally we do things last minute and then it's all exciting because it's like crazy bitch bash bash. And this time it's all it's it's been like a slow burn.

And so now that it's finally here, it doesn't feel like it's finally here. My eyes are a little bit funny. So I went to go sort my bags out because as you can see, they're rather large when I do this. Right.

And then the woman there said to me, have a freebie of Botox to get rid of your creepy eyes. I thought they were small wrinkles, but they're creepy, she said. Everyone loves it when to have it done. She put in the Botox, but all along here. So you know how my eyes just go up like this? Like this.

When I smile? No, doesn't now look to now instead of creepy eyes. I have creepy eyes. So I'm just going to explain that now. So normally I do this called surmising, smiling, smiling. No, smiling, smiling. I don't know.

I did I did cry over it because that is an expression I can do make at the moment. Sad. And you know what? It's actually made my bags worse because it's numbed my muscle that holds my bags. Serves me right. It's the price of vanity. So plan today. How tonight? Ferry tomorrow.

Holland, Netherlands, Belgium. Next day Belgium, Luxembourg, France. And then the following day just France want me to make ingest in coma. And then the following day after that it'll be France, Switzerland and then Switzerland for a few days.

Yeah, Switzerland. Then we're meeting Gary and tour one for our tour which is going to be we add riding with people because we haven't done it before. So that's going to be fun. I'm going pay. You. Right now is starting to feel real. What time is it, by the way? Oh, I need to set the time on my due to.

3:10. Okay. It's going to take that's an hour and 40 minutes to get that excited. It doesn't seem real yet. But we've left.

I know we're going to get chilly, shake my legs, but I left a good streak. The one I did. Yeah, that's okay. You'll know it's me if you fumbling around in the dark. Oh, it's hairy.

It's my wife. That's not my wife. She's too smooth. That's my wife here.

And she's nine spacing, which I am never, ever, ever comfortable with because I watch crash videos and that's long videos. True. It's true. Planes splitting wheelies, lane splitting. So the beauty of having a bike is that you can lane split, although you can't lane split because.

One is giving you the space. So please stop to just stop to the fuel station. We're about 70 miles away from home. Caroline's having issues of funny.

I'm not too sure what it is. This is lights troubling, but the wheels don't seem loose. It's clean, balanced. Many assume it's got something to do with this. So I'm going to take this bad boy off and put it on mine and see if it improves on the bike. So let's do that. No.

It's really fucking scary because it feels like. It could just go and it. Trying on my knee.

Bunny King hugs top. Look you're right what you have to say. A loose front. Axle may be the cause of a high speed wobble. If your front tire isn't tightly put in place. Tires it saying it's the tires.

So we've got 28 minutes. So we almost almost off the metro. Yeah, this under the bridge.

So we almost just stay at happy speed and we'll get back and then we can sort it out. So quite a bit of drama on the way. So every time I've got over 60, my bike does this kind of speed wobble, but it stops if I just, you know, stop accelerating, which I haven't recorded because of this motorway. I have it boring.

So we thought and I absolutely freaked out because it's just so scary. You got three lane, two lanes now, but there were three lanes of traffic all going really fast. I'm out of here. I am in the middle of the right, surrounded by trucks doing this crazy wobble, thinking, right, I'll say, I'm going under one of these trucks. I just really lost confidence now in my bike because because I'm going to stress it up.

You know, I just felt totally out of control and that was no fun. Oh, talk about adrenaline rush. So, anyway, Brian's giving me some food, so we're back on the road now. So as you can see, we're just surrounded by trucks.

This is crap riding on the roads, right? Yeah. So I just don't want to end up underwater. We know we're not far away now, because I'm actually really, really freaked out by that. I felt totally out of control.

A real mess on the east coast of England. So we may be at the coast. Yeah. Do you know something interesting about how Brian found me? So how was. The most bombed city in the whole of the UK during the war? We'll go to World War Two.

Okay, so obviously more bombs technically dropped on London, but London's bigger. Yeah, 90 to 95% of home was damaged or destroyed during World War Two. But also talk like, I don't know, like 90, 97,000, 2000, 6000 survive. You know, with the not the blitz that's they bombed it. Quite a lot during the First World War.

So before the Second World War, like 1938 or 39 or something, they spent like one and a half million pounds building a whole load of old shelters. Everyone just kept on going down that bit, even though the smoke bombs, everyone just kept working. It was quite impressive, obviously, if your business got blown up in front of you.

You know what's weird is there was actually a massive factory that was known by the Germans and was making ammunitions of munitions during the war. And they didn't brothers. So they bombed everything else from this. So this was the longest suspension bridge in the world for a long time.

Not more, obviously, but it was, yes. What else? How that I'd love to go and see if we were going there, but I don't think we are really. It has the smallest window in the UK. What in the house? No, it's in a pub. Right. It's a small window because the pub was built in the 1600s. So they used to get some on one of their employees to sit, look out this little window we see like a little slit for many, but it was a window to look for any light curtains or anything that were around.

And then obviously you get the trade in. It's not interesting. Yeah. So we're going to check, see the tire pressure if that was the cause of the wobbling, not my my. Right.

So it was check the process. Yeah, it's best studied. I can't do this. Broken. Is this the shed, commander. It's broken. I'm just going to take it like this. And it's been filling and I wasn't getting very quick.

Yeah. Just going to try your bike out, see what's up. Like you keep saying, it's bumpy.

So I want to know why you keep saying it's bumpy. Something's up with it. Yeah. Yeah. So scary, isn't it? We just take our time, like no more than 50, and we're going to have to go to the dealer.

What happened? So I could feel the wobble. So then I can feel something in the back to do something, but it's not cranked enough or something's come loose. Or maybe the weights are falling off. I don't know. We just don't feel safe to ride, does it? Not at high speed? No, no.

It's too late now to book anything. But we're going to have to tomorrow morning be like that straight to the nearest dealership. Yeah, it is what it is. We get it fixed. It's not an issue that. It just doesn't feel right anymore. Yeah, it's all part of the adventure. So,

yeah, literally the ferry said we're going to go get on it. Right? So we go into Harley Davidson, what to do tomorrow. But will they have space or.

Well, I can't call them now. It's closed. We have no choice. We've got to go. And if they say we can't do it now, so that'll help us, we're get it sorted. Yes. So part of the adventure. So you'll get it sorted, but you will be okay.

So I'll try to email them. And then if you have to stay in Rotterdam, then we have to stay, go and set up. So to go we'll get it sorted before we go to meet up with Gary.

That's the most important thing. Oh, right. Oh. You want to ride my bike. Can ride mine. I just it just the whole thing now doesn't it's something feels off, but it just. I don't feel safe.

It doesn't feel like my bike, but even slower. It does. It's getting pretty good effects. We know that we've not turning on that, but we need to hire a fucking bike for the tour redux.

All we've been to everything you get online. Right? Oh, stress. It's better now than mid-tour. Do you get what I mean? Off to the ferry? Yeah.

Just take it easy. Thanks for believing me. So let's see. I did. I just didn't know what it was, that's all.

So when we get to the airport, it's literally five miles. I think. It's. Yeah, even now, it just sounds a little bit more controlled. Psychological.

Yeah, there's a. Whole vehicle, Ryan. Yeah. I mean, a lot of seat. Seriously, though, I think we get on now.

Do you think we'll be able to eat, like, straightaway, as in before we've left the dock? No. Do you think they'd let us? Probably know. Well, can we buy chocolate? Oh, yeah. Beethoven, always taste that shit.

Come on. It does. No. So it's a rite of passage. You have to get Toblerone on a ferry. No, it's like I know we said a diet, but now I'm hungry.

I don't agree with it. Seriously, like I know I want to fit it in the sewing costume. Look sexy and all. That's not sexy, but, you know.

Try to. Well, it's not going to happen. I'm far too old for that. At least.

Look less chubby than if I eat the until. I don't know. But now I'm hungry. I've changed my mind. I want all the food and I feel like chips, double fried chips. Emilio It's like the Belgians do and waffle with chocolate and strawberries and toaster. And that's it, really.

Give me a push. You want to. Know. Why. That stupid woman. They just get up and push? If I wasn't pushing this way, I can pretend I can actually ride. It was fun.

It just. That's not easy. You just emailing. I'm just emailing Harley-Davidson in Rotterdam to see if they will help us in the morning. Let's hit final. But hello.

What time do we start? Checking in. Exit bulletin. All right. So we will be able to.

Do they do food straight away. 6:00 stop. Shops. Yes, I'm starving. I know who eats that late.

We know we're not your penis. Thank you. So that's all sorts of. Yeah, yeah, I'm going. Oh, right. Yeah, I think we're getting examined.

Oh yeah, yeah. I find that dodgy. So we need to be checked for knives. Apparently.

Do you have any knives and do you have any money? There's something going over there. Yeah, yeah. And we're not getting any food anywhere. This. I have some place to fix it, so. Yeah, I.

This is fun at this. You guys head of us. From they didn't take. This they got two for one with us two for one dodgy people they didn't need the other dodgy biker we. Traveling it's actually.

Yeah that's fun. I think it. I hey I kind of ran in. Yeah. Okay you're. Supposed to do.

A lot of your load, I think. Oh, you've been going for the next next trip. Oh yeah. What's it says. Okay. Scotland says.

Hey you girls. Says says hey ran here. So we have music. Guarantee that ladies and gents, welcome to the Sunset Shade Bar.

We have a great arrangement. Then probably only this evening. We're going to go to a. Great out. With it.

So I say please scared. But certainly I say we will stop that squealing out. Whoa oh, oh he can we have a pound. Oh, 0000 heavy. All right. And see oh, oh.

Sorry. The muscle group. Oh, this is so cute. It's like being in a caravan early on water. I actually.

I wasn't here. I know. And I know. I should wait.

We just have to wait. For the. Ladies. To know. How was the ride? Was stressful from sitting in I love emails and before the.

Look I'll be number. 8132813. Yeah I think in a debate people may remember. Number of people by the window. I want to give. You this table. Okay.

Thank you. Thank you. Appreciate you. Joining me. Now. It's good.

To see. So we're. Sitting in. The restaurant just. Waiting for the very, very beginning of that. Apparently, you see that we just waiting and then yeah, it's been the ultimate stressful day because my great Google, which we now need to sort instead of going down into Belgium tomorrow and that's okay.

Okay, okay. It'll be fine. It'll be fine. Muslim tend to get paranoid when people turn around, but I don't know why. Because everybody else is focused on cells.

And instead of talking to Brian, I'm just talking here, which is me, basically including myself, is just basically saying because we should have pre-booked because everything was way too busy and we hadn't done that. So I said, we just get pizza. Everybody said, no, we have to be healthy because when I let go of food, I told you, let go pick out so we could see we're being kind of it to us anyway. So that's Caroline. Okay, this is. It. Let's pull out the vibrating. Chips and that's how.

That looks good, doesn't it? I think we're leaving food in. Caroline's go. She's rushed off. To leaving now.

I actually quite fast. Let's go down. Primary Scot site but I think it will be a bit chilly.

So we're going down to the sundeck is that outside things okay pretty much my phone's is going to go. I'm worried it's all going to spread. So we're just sitting here. We just moved and yeah. So it's great for that. BE cool.

So you then. Should face face. I wasn't even close to my canoe. I should be enough. But it's so much fun. You have to change.

You stay inside. But if you did, I'd still love you anyway. I'd give you the world like I promise, even though you wouldn't.

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