NORWAY CRUISE! PART THREE • haugesund & southampton • rib ride & spa day at sea P&O Cruises AD

NORWAY CRUISE!  PART THREE • haugesund & southampton • rib ride & spa day at sea  P&O Cruises AD

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welcome to the final part of our norway cruise  sailing on iona in partnership with piano cruises   in part one and two we shared what life  on board this beautiful ship is like   including the huge range of dining  and entertainment on offer we did some   amazing shore excursions in stavanger alden and  olasend and now we're heading to our final stop   in norway if you're new my name is brogan and  this is my fiancee benji and in this vlog we   do a rib ride in hergeson and show you what  we did on our final sea day before heading   back to southampton it's been such an incredible  week and we've loved seeing the fields up close   if you're interested in booking a piano  cruise be sure to click the link below   and subscribe to my youtube channel for more  cruise and travel vlogs thanks for watching   hello everyone and welcome to the final part of  the cruise vlogs as you were seeing in the intro   we are at our final stop here in norway which  we still haven't learned how to pronounce it   is helgeson we'll learn that one and report back  but we're just coming into the port and it's 8 a.m   so we're working up a little bit earlier today  because we have an excursion starting at 9 30   so we wanted to get into the restaurant and  get some breakfast in our bellies before we   set off for the day and i slept so well again  every night i've slept so peacefully and deeply   i think the slight sway just makes me sleep like  it's just a dream i don't sleep anywhere better   than on a cruise um so anyway we're off to do the  day here's a little bit of info for where we're   going today it is the area where vikings used to  live and where the viking kings had a their royal   seat and it was from this area that the viking  kings ruled norway for more than 3 000 years   so that would have been that's the same battle  where we saw the three swords yeah that's it   it is so yeah right you ready for some  breakfast yeah let's go let's go we're in   the main restaurant coral restaurant actually  this morning for our breakfast we've got eggs   benedict's and hash browns and this is where  we're set it's a really lovely spot for breakfast   and yeah we get lots of lovely treats here so  they give us toast and tea and all sorts of excuse   cheers this is my outfit today i've got leggings  and trainers on this long-sleeved thin t-shirt   and then i bought this g-lay in a shop yesterday  and it's like nice and light but obviously warm   on my body but it's gonna get high of 17 degrees  today it is so much warmer than i predicted i was   actually planning on wearing let me show you this  sort of like thick gray fleece zip up thing today   tempted still pack it we are off the ship just  gathered with our guide we're going to be doing a   rib ride this morning and the weather is  incredible it's a perfect day for it wow so so so   so we've just got off onto land   and the boat is going to go round and  we're just having a little walk through   this little tiny town that holds 70 people do  you feel like i'm wearing a space suit though i've got a hungry bear behind me no i  know what time is lunch um i don't know no don't that was so embarrassing yesterday it  wasn't day four i asked erin how to pronounce   where we are and she said hergerson i think  it's hard no it's her are you having a nice   day so far yeah nothing yeah eagle seagull that  was incredible sea eagle not seagull eagle at sea captain bird's eye we've just taken a quick bus journey here  for lunch this is the name of the restaurant   da terra here we go and i am absolutely  starving all that sia has my belly grumbling oh   pretty so we just finished having our lunch benji  had a burger that had bacon and an onion ring   and jalapeno and i just had the classic burger but  it was honestly one of the best burgers i think   i've ever had it was absolutely divine it was so  tasty the meat here in norway is so so tasty and   it's not like greasy it's just really beautifully  cooked and the burger had loads of like little   bits of tomato in and the chips were amazing sweet  potato fries honestly a really really lovely meal   i will say the eating out in norway some of the  meals are very expensive so for food and drink   but you get what you pay for so like keep that in  mind if you're feeding a big family um maybe bear   that in mind we have been eating on board as well  you can do that you can come offshore do a morning   excursion and then eat on the ship but it's also  really nice to eat food that's made here as well   like the the local cuisine and supporting  the local businesses is important to us so   it's really nice to come out for a really  lovely meal um but yeah really recommend it   it was really gorgeous so now we're heading off  to do a bit more of a coach tour so we're going   to be learning a bit more about the area they're  going to take us around and yeah i'm excited to   hear what they have to say and learn a bit  more about the area ferguson this is quite   a fancy bus isn't it maybe need the engine  on look at that it's got a little table yeah okay so they've just uh dropped  us off here this is the view   for the rest of the afternoon we went up  to this viewpoint and we got to see iona   how gorgeous does she look from here and then  we carried on learning about viking history   so that cross is a thousand years old memorialized  king eric bloodaxe who died in england 945. if you   like viking history this is the tour for you  you'll learn so much it was really fascinating   and our tour guide was wonderful thank  you so much erin it was nice to meet you   thank you welcome back see you soon we're back on  board now obviously and we've got dinner at 7 30   tonight it's now five plus four we need to run for  dinner we're going to the epicurean tonight but i   wanted to try and show you my outfit this is a  midi dress it's pretty right sparkly i'm ready   for dinner got my makeup on done my hair the sun  is setting it's gorgeous out there let me just   quickly show you just like the beginning of the  trip watching the sun and the sea as we sail away   absolutely gorgeous couldn't ask for better  weather this is benji's evening outfit   you look very nice love it getting all dressed  up the epicurean is also one that is a small   additional fee the epicurean is tucked away  near the crow's nest thank you so much you   look very lovely your eyes are so blue and  there's light this restaurant is very fancy   we had afternoon tea here once didn't we it's good  but now we're coming here for dinner tonight so   here's the menu i'll show you inside these are the  starters i have absolutely no idea what i'm gonna   have yet and then here are the mains they have  chi souffle there's the slope glam and then in   the grills they do steak which is quite appealing  to me and for desserts these are the desserts   just in case you're interested because i  know i want to know the menus of things   we have a window seat today we haven't had a  direct window seat before any of our meals yet um   right by the ceiling absolutely gorgeous this  is the mill bread with some mix it on top uh-huh   uh rye bread and this is the mustard seed perfect  thank you so we got to pick which breads we wanted   and then we've got a marmite butter or normal  butter and see i used to work at a restaurant   where i had served people bread like that and i  had to serve it in with one hand with a fork and   a spoon and it took me ages to do it so i do  appreciate this we decided to get a bottle of   bread benji picked this one and it is absolutely  delicious we just tried it and cheers didn't we   very nice i thought i'd show you what we  ended up getting so benji's gone for this   and i've gone for the soup and we've both gone for  a sirloin steak here if you like your fancy emails   it's very lovely atmosphere here the staff really  wait on you the little things like the bread and   you know the quality of the food  here is amazing i know it is no it's a melanin mint drink  compliment from the chef cheers really refreshing that's incredible i love that thank you so much thank you that soup was absolutely divine like one of  the best fruits i've ever had it was delicious   our sirloin steak is here i  didn't realize it came with chips   we ordered roast potatoes those chips in  comparison to my chips what is going on   here yours look better than mine no yours  looks massive i swapped yeah okay they look   like crispier yeah i think you'll fire them  up by yeah there we go we've swapped our chips we've got the same though oh i'm excited  let's see i don't know i don't know how   we missed it with chips because we've got  new potatoes oh well more potato can't ever   go wrong we're just finishing off our red  and then we're going to have our dessert   i think you will have i mean there's jaffa cake  on the menu so it can't not be japanese surely i   think i do like the sound of that to be honest i  also like the sound of the crumble um but you're   gonna have the lemon meringue tarts yeah they do  also have this taster plate which i saw someone   else have but you have to share it and you're  gonna want that on its own you have to share   it i know it's so embarrassing yeah that was a  lovely lovely meal i think i preferred my starter   i could have had my starter as a man because it  was nice anyway we're now going to get sir and   i'm going to go for the belgian chocolate  jack cake orange sauce pistachio ice cream   we've got champagne sorbet compliments of  the chef he must have seen my shirt that's   the only reason every single person gets one of  these free dinner dessert free dessert dinner   she said the chef has complimented you no  she's probably on my shirt look at this   you've got your lemon meringue pie you are going  to absolutely devour that that's a very vengeancy   pudding big problem for you though bro again  what's that someone's had a massive bite out   oh because it's a little moon shape it's  a little jaffa cake i'm excited about this   wow i think you're going to love those  yeah but the flavor is going to be amazing   yeah that's perfect thank you amazing thank  you so much little chocolate treats to finish chocolate that's good we're going into  the theater tonight we're seeing   a show called sky's the limit which as you  can maybe see from those screens it's based on   travel i think they take us to new york and  beijing and you know singing and dancing yeah   this is what the stage looks like there are loads  of seats so you don't need to worry about arriving   early it's just because we finished dinner  and we're here 20 minutes yeah 20 minutes ago   yeah i don't know what it's like but you have to  wear masks in here at the moment still it's the   only place you have to wear them well report back  it is completely unlikely we'll be able to film   anything highly unlikely actually so we'll just  let you know how it is after but we've bought our   bingo tickets ready for tomorrow if you watch  the first vlog you'll know we love the bingo   and it's 30 pound for the canoe for  two package which gives us a five   games and two extra little sheets and a scratch  card so we did that and we've already got the   pen from the other day yeah so we're gonna do the  bingo it's good fun we'll show you that tomorrow i   can't believe this is our last well tomorrow's our  last full day don't talk about it no not too much   it's not it's not over yet benji loves the sea day  so still got a sea day i ate too much food though   benjamin feels so full right now oh honestly i  forget on a cruise that you eat starter maine and   dessert and at home we don't really do that every  meal as well yeah for all of them just finished   the sky's the limit show that was really good  we really enjoyed that one that was really good   it was um so i'm just gonna keep my voice down it  was a lot less cheesy than festival and there was   a there was loads of really cool costume changes  and the set was brought a lot more into it wasn't   it the set was really cool i really enjoyed that  that was really good the singing was good i admit   we didn't really like the first one the festival  one did we we didn't hate it we just it wasn't to   our taste like it was very very cheesy but that  was really good tomorrow is our sea day so we're   gonna take you to the spa it's a shame we're not  saying more in norway however i do enjoy sea days   as well yeah me too we're doing this we've got  starbucks in we're gonna do um we're killing cow   in the evening we've got the afternoon afternoon  tea and we're gonna check horizon and see what   we're going to be doing in the evening because  it's like that's nice tonight most importantly   bingo that's it very good job we've got bingo  in um yeah so that's what we're doing tomorrow   good morning everyone it's our last day and we are  at sea so on the norway cruise it's a full sea day   on the very first full day and your last full day  which is quite nice balance actually because it's   been a really busy week so we started the trip  off with a nice slow sea day then it's been a   busy week and then we're ending on a final full  sea day as we make our way back to southampton   so here we are it's gonna be another gorgeous day  really really really love a sea day so we've been   awake for about an hour or so i've been doing a  bit of work we're going to go for breakfast at the   keys today because we've been meaning to go there  all week because apparently they do like omelettes   fresh omelettes and stuff it's where we've  been going for fish and chips so they have the   three different restaurants the fusion asian the  american diner boardwalk thing and then the hook   line of vinegar so apparently in the morning it's  breakfast and they are open breakfast is 7 30 till   10 yes and then all day dining is noon until 9 30  p.m but i slept so well yet again i have not had a  

bad night's sleep no i thought we were as well  i just slept like a baby but anyway off we go   let's see what the keys breakfast is like we can  report for my outfit today i'm wearing a jumpsuit   which was possibly the best decision i made it's  actually from phase 8 and it's just like so lovely   for a sea day because i feel like i'm dressed but  it's like comfy and cozy after you know lots of   food and drinking last night i just feel like  perfect little outfit okay here's the breakfast   so people serve themselves they've got like  full english stuff so oh this pancakes and then   there's omelettes poached eggs scrambled eggs  smoked bacon and then a full english okay i got a   ham and cheese omelette and i also got the little  fluffy pancakes with chocolate and strawberry   so i'm gonna give these a go let you know what  i my verdict on the keys breakfast it was really   good it was easy quick good if you've got a busy  family and if you ever feel overwhelmed by the   buffet you just know you specifically want certain  things this is a really good addition to iona   the pancakes were good omelette was nice i  still massively prefer eating in the buff in the   restaurant over the keys in the buffet i always  prefer that sit down lovely cooked breakfast   and i also really love breakfast in our room i  think that was really nice so there's like so   many different types of breakfast out there yeah  packed a little tote bag and it's quite handy for   you know little spa trips so i'm going  to pack my book and some headphones and   what else will i need they'll have towels  down there we have made it to the spa   thank you you go downstairs that's how big  it is there might be people in there oh   no one's in there oh we can show you oh so  we can pick a little spot we've got a sauna   we've got the pool oh my gosh this is  the hydrotherapy suite with steam rooms   and showers this is a ham salt room lots of  lovely warm beds and look this pool is amazing oh there's changing rooms hubble bubble toil in trouble uh second one no face that way that's it on your neck okay while nobody was in here i just thought i'd  show you the changing rooms so you've got lovely   showers hair dryer and space to you know do your  hair makeup sinks showers follow through here   and they have lockers and then in here they  have more towels and they have one of these   machines i've got my gym that you chuck your  cosy in and then i'll show you you can dry it   lift this down push it for eight seconds   and then it basically dries your cozzy we picked  up our pizza and chips and a coke and we're in the   conservatory having our lunch looking at the  sea plain bit of music epicurean 12 hours ago   not pizza and chips well that's that's the beauty  of a cruise isn't it whatever you want when you   want exactly so cheers okay we've got some music  playing we've got a little speaker over there   and we have finished our lunch and we've now got  travel scrabble out which is one of our favorite   games isn't it yeah so we're doing travel scrabble  i did tape to start oh man you've got in my space   i had such a good word bench but i needed the tea  that is a shame isn't it look guys this was going   to be a huge can you see what i was going to spell  i'm not going to lie guys we started playing this   a long time ago and we finally finished that  was one of our harder ones wasn't it that was   a challenge i didn't have many vowels so now  i've got no brain cells left i need cake and   biscuits good job we're going for afternoon tea  then it is almost time for afternoon tea this   is my little outfit i'm gonna wear down there  i wore this skirt on embarkation day and just   a little t-shirt because it's actually quite warm  around the ship yeah just want to be comfortable   basically so i just thought i'd show you my  outfit uh i'll probably roll the little sleeves up   actually but i've also just started trying to fold  some of my clothes because it's a hot mess i can't   remember if i mentioned it in this vlog but i love  afternoon tea on board piano you can actually do   afternoon tea at the epicurean and also at ripples  for an additional fee but i'll be honest with you   those are very lovely they're very um luxe  and they're great if you have a birthday or   celebration but i personally love the afternoon  tea that's available in the restaurant we did   have to book it so you can do that through the app  which is how i did it for us yeah you obviously   can have tea and cakes and they do warm sausage  rolls so i'm really hoping they still have those   and they do those on board but for me it's one  of those like piano cruises tick list bucket list   has to be done sort of thing so i'm really looking  forward to it and i'll show you what it's like they haven't given us a little menu so  i'm not sure what is here but we've got   lovely little sandwiches that's great brie and  caramelised onion oh this looks like egg baking or something in the middle and that  little um wrap is coriander chicken yeah   and then there's like a big mixture big mixture  of cakes and scones scones or scones scones   jam or cream first cream and jam yeah my  verdict on the sandwiches i liked them all   but this one i have to put in a little bit of  a word here because before we move on to scones   previously they served hot sausage rolls now i'm  not seeing anyone with a hot sausage roll tray   guys they stopped the sausage rolls across the  fleece you'll be pleased tonight put in a little   message to the people who need to know that  the art matey is missing the scones but that's   okay not scone sorry we have sausage rolls um my  squad was nice now it's time to taste those cakes   we have to cut them all in half let's  try this first one yeah is it like a   strawberry sponge thing that is good there's  something that's really nice about mini things   do you know what i mean in the buffet breakfast  the other day they had a mini omelette they made   like cut them up it was so cute norway yahtzee we  love that game we're just having a little browse   in the shops picked up a little gift for benji's  mum oh look at that blanket bench that's cute i picked up a bag that i saw  the other day that i was sort of   bumming and arring over because i  bought the mug in the same design   i just think it's such a nice little tote bag  i already have one million tote bags at home   but i bought it anyway we got here 20 25  minutes earlier now 15 minutes we can see um we can see the screen that we're  exactly the same space as we were   yeah pretty much last time so not gonna film much  of this unless we obviously win yeah you know what   bingo is right we're gonna move on to our next  game which is gonna be played on just five six   one flying through these games today aren't  we there we are our fourth and final game now oh dear i am ready for dinner i just thought  i would take this moment just to say thank   you so much if you've been watching these  vlogs you've been enjoying them commenting   liking sharing stuff tagging your friends over  on instagram i appreciate it so much and i've   just uploaded another post and you're all just  so supportive and lovely it's been an absolute   joy to share the beauty of cruising and what  cruise holiday is like specifically to norway   i have never really done much research into the  ports and what norway was like and more going on a   cruiser be like but i honestly can't imagine doing  it any other way it's been so amazing to get off   and go to these gorgeous little places and be able  to say that we went to stavanger and alden and   uh listened and huggerson and i enjoyed all  of them getting back into cruising there are   things that are good to know but things change all  the time so your best to sort of keep up to date   with the website and your emails we got emailed  loads of information beforehand so rest assured   if you do book a piano cruises then you'll have  everything you need from them iona as a ship   is beautiful she is stunning although she  is the biggest in the fleet like i said   in was it the last vlog the one the first one she  doesn't feel huge so once you get to grips with   wherever your cabin is there are sort of decks six  seven and eight is a where a lot of the things are   that we go to and then you've got deck 16 up  and above that where you have the sky dome and   lots of other bars and restaurants and things so  once you get your head around which floors have   this main stuff and once you get used to reading  the signs as you're walking around the ship it's   really quite simple to navigate i was worried  that because she was a lot bigger than britannia   that we won last time that she'd feel really  overwhelming but it's not the case at all so just   keep that in mind food wise we're obviously going  to try keeling cow tonight so we'll add that to   our review at the end of this um but i think there  is basically something for everyone if you want   speciality dining we've shown sindu the indian we  showed the epicurean we also showed more low-key   ones like the beach house and the olive grove they  were really great options definitely uh hi for me   were highlights definitely i love the lava steak  at the beach house um but i loved my soup at the   epicurean all the food on board is beautiful with  piano cruises you really get quality food honestly   you eat so much i forget how much we enjoy eating  because we have starter main and dessert most the   time for our meals and there's such big lovely  breakfasts on offer and you know you can literally   snack all day if you want to we obviously didn't  do much of the buffet but i have shown it a few   times in this vlog so i hopefully have given  you a bit of an idea the keys we love the keys   uh fish and chips there we did that twice so  that was a high highlight for me we missed   out on the silent disco a couple of nights ago  which i really wanted to do we haven't done much   late night evening dancing because even tonight  they've got floor fillers we may do some stuff   tonight they've got floor fillers with the  party band pulse which is at the top there   and they have ignite which is an upbeat party  starter dj set by alex james laser show and live   music in the sky dome all the films are showing  at the cinema honestly you're just gonna have   the best time if you're coming on a cruise and if  you've never considered it if you watched this far   and you're like brogan it's not been for me but  now you've swayed me i promise you you should   try cruising even my mum was like my mom's never  done a cruise and she was like i want to come on   the next one brogan i just also wanted to say a  huge thank you to piano for all the incredible   opportunities we've had this week honestly i  feel so grateful to be here and to be able to   share and document everything that we do and i'm  really proud of my work and really just feel yeah   so much gratitude that we're able to do this  so big thank you to them but i'll carry on   my thank yous and all the chats and everything at  the end of this vlog i just wanted to put this in   now before i forget because my brain is everywhere  we have also had our disembarkation information   disembarkation information that was a mouthful  um so we have to be at the clubhouse between 9 45   and 9 55 tomorrow and it does say we can leave  our luggage outside the cabin tonight and we   need to vacate the cabin by 8 a.m let's go for a  drink at the crow's nest and i'm going for dinner we're in the keel and cow we've heard very good  things about this i'm in trouble why i know i'm   gonna have the prime minister burger because  like obviously i am we haven't talked about it   yet other things it's a good menu isn't there fish  finger ciabatta sandwich beef shin and real pie   but this is the winner it's meant to be the best  burger at sea yeah i think benji you're gonna have   to get the prime minister burger there's just no  and you know what i just said to brogan i might   not get a starter but then i saw that they had  sticky duck drumsticks cucumber spring onion and   hoisin sauce filled bowel buns um yes you know  we love a bowel bun don't we look at this view   so we're obviously in the atrium we can see the  sun setting over there you can see the sea so up   here and all these levels of people also enjoying  their meals on other floors it's so gorgeous so   we've got our bowel buns for our starter we  love about oh so do you put the meat in yeah it tastes incredible but it is spicy oh my  gosh my mouth is on fire and zuma spicy for you   that is spicy i feel really sad because we  don't like moaning about anything because   there hasn't been anything to complain  about but sometimes these things happen   so we have just told the waiter  that that was just way too spicy   and it doesn't say anything on the menu about  that starter being spicy even so like spicy   here's benji's prime minister burger this is  meant to be amazing so it's got two layers   you've got the beef in the top bit there and  you've got all your salad bits down the bottom   i don't know and then look at mine guys it is  literally a massive sausage in a massive yorkshire   pudding perfect dinner isn't it i'm excited about  this but it's huge giant pudding veggies and a new   gravy i thought i'd show you inside there's  actually mash and some veg in there broccoli   my mash and my veg and the sausage was really  nice but unfortunately the yorkshire pudding was   rock hard i think we're just gonna skip dessert  on this occasion it wasn't my favorite meal but   maybe don't take my experience obviously cooling  cow has been highly raked rated and the other   um members of our group who really loved it  here and obviously benji's burger was good so   i think maybe i was just unlucky and the bell  buttons were gorgeous they tasted lovely and it   was just the plate of their spice yeah there  we go that's just my honest honest review okay that was very good i really enjoyed that very  talented went on for just over half an hour i feel   like that's the best like in-house show that  we've seen like not including lee mead or people   i really liked the show last night just it just  goes to show the variety of entertainment though   like the talent in that was incredible they're  the same people that obviously did the bird show   on yeah tuesday or wednesday incredibly  talented people it's like a very futuristic   i did struggle a little bit with the storyline  but you're just so excited the talent and the   lights in the sky incredible the music  was really good it was loads of ladies   yeah everyone was doing different things now  my only critique was the fact that i couldn't   focus on what to do because everyone was doing  such amazing stuff it was juggling there was   hula hoop there was um acrobats there was so much  going on all the lights and also i quite liked you   know them when they were juggling they were lit  up as well so very good very very good definitely   come and see it if you like fun we've seen a lot  of different shows this week it was really good   it was full in here like absolutely packed again  if you want to come to something in the sky dome   you want to come here 15-20 minutes early at  least don't you yeah if you want to be able   to pick your seat i mean we only came five minutes  before we still got a seat at the front and if not   it's a 360 degree view anyway they perform  outwards to all angles so you can see from no   matter where you are yeah i would say come up one  though i feel like you appreciate it a lot more   because then you can see down and up and stuff but  yeah it's really good we're just on the walk back   and the pianist here in the atrium is on the  bottom floor and it's absolutely beautiful   this would be a really nice place to end  the night with a coffee that's your vibe   since the live music is stunning  and we want to go to floor villas   which started six months ago seven ten there's  best to hit from the 90s oh that would have   been vibrant that would have been because  we didn't see the seventeen club did we   yeah we did not the band no no um  quickly too to be more comfortable   just in case you're wondering a little little  outfit change um but anyway we're gonna go down   to the clubhouse and see what that's like to show  you it's the same lady we saw on the first night oh she is good is it's really early and we're in southampton which  i'm not gonna lie is very sad i mean this view   is not quite the norwegian fjords is it the  car park and the construction and stuff but   this is arcadia back here yeah it's early  it's actually very cold here in comparison   to the lovely weather we've had in norway um we  are just doing our final touches to our packing   let me show you where we're at they do say  you can leave your luggage um outside your   room before midnight and they take it for you but  apparently you can also just take it yourself so   i can't believe we're going to be leaving our  lovely little conservatory room you ready to   move and groove then no no oh no another  week please we've got holiday blues already i must say opening the uh open the windows  this morning and seeing the bright lights of   southampton really um really didn't help no it  wasn't that was a bit sad wasn't it not quite and last time thank you bye bye bye eyeona it's been an absolute pleasure  so we chose to do what they call self-hosted or   helped or something like that which is basically  obviously taking off our luggage by ourselves   which means that we could disembark a little  bit earlier that was the smoothest easiest   disembarkation i ever imagined i feel like  someone's going to come and knock on the windows   no you've got to go back and do it or you've  gone the wrong way like it's 8 32 no 8 23 sorry   wow that's how we get enough a five past eight it  was so smooth so easy i mean if you're prepared to   push your own cases that's the way to do it isn't  it unless you obviously want a leisurely breakfast   and you want to like that's the only thing we  completely skipped breakfast because we just   wanted to know both hungry in case you've not seen  our vlogs before this is the baby child and i'm   already in my pajamas i've got my jogging bottoms  on i'm so comfy we've emptied our cases out onto   the bed yeah and the washing loaded the washing  machines yeah a trip what a trip it really was   amazing uh they're one of my favorites yeah i  actually was really surprised by how gorgeous   norway was and how much i enjoyed it i thought you  see pictures but like see in person you see the   the fog coming over the mountain that beautiful  clean fresh air like i think two years in a   pandemic for me getting out in nature that  hike we did seeing the glacier like it made   me appreciate our world and like how big it is  and how much there is to see and i just felt   so lucky to see such beauty and like coming in  cruising seeing the fjords that morning when   we went up and it was sunrise to me i was just  in awe how stunning norway was and i i think   actually i would do that again i would do it again  i would do that cruise again i also really loved   our caribbean cruise though and i just think piana  are a fantastic company we're cruising we're fully   in on cruises yeah i think this is the best way  to do i agree i love having all our own space   having that wardrobe space with all our clothes  hanging getting dressed up in the evenings going   to all those different shows all those gorgeous  meals we ate and we keep on coming but you can   literally do as much or as little as you want  i think in the evenings as well we were spoilt   for choice with live music with that lovely  710 club um nothing feels too crowded either   no not at all it was really really good we  just had a really wonderful time i've got some   really bad news though but what's that no one's  going to come and cook our dinners for us now   that's disappointing we gotta rely on who has  disappointed chef benj now the food was so good   we ate but i come i've come home and i feel really  inspired by some of the things we saw on the menu   and things we ate like i'm excited to recreate  things at home and it just means that we look   forward to trying things again on our next menus  on each ship have nods to the areas that they're   touring yeah so we just wanted to take this  time to say a massive thank you to piano   the pr team absolutely spoiled us and massively  looked after us and we're just so grateful we   don't take these opportunities for granted thank  you so much to all of you watching that make it   possible and thank you to all the crew the all the  staff on board that make it an amazing experience   morris our cabin maurice he was so nice morris  the cabin so lovely when you see him like like he   always had a smile and what have you been  up to today yeah but even down to the people   the operations team that we met when we  went into embarkation on in the terminal   everyone was so friendly and warm and welcoming  and i just think and the people of norway as well   yeah so lovely and yeah just the crew  on board i own a massive credit to the   company i think because they just worked  so hard so hard day and night to make um   cruising an amazing experience thank you piano  thank you to all our fellow press that we were   hanging out with as well we really appreciate  you guys um i know we didn't get to show you   them or introduce them on the vlog but they were  there in the background making it really fun for   us especially doing the excursions together little  chit chats on the coaches yeah and the people that   we met around the ship as well we made a couple  of friends that was really nice and anyone that   said hello to us and just a massive thank you to  all of you that watched this far and supported all   the content because it means that we can do more  trips like this in the future so enjoy the rest of   your day thank you for watching click subscribe  so you don't miss the next videos i am actually   traveling again so soon without benj so keep an  eye out for that because it's very exciting and i   don't want you to miss the next travel videos he's  sad cause he can't come with me for the next one   but i'm going away so um yeah keep it up for  that and we'll see you again very soon bye

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