NOMADIC & FREE: Family Life at Sea! SV Delos Ep. 364

NOMADIC & FREE: Family Life at Sea! SV Delos Ep. 364

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(Karin sighs) (water splashing) (Sierra squealing) (jaunty Greek style music) (waves crashing) - Sierra has been so incredibly happy here. - [Brian] She has. - Yeah. - [Brain] Well, cause every day this is what we do. - Daddy! - [Brian] We work a little bit in the mornings.

(laughs) - We work in the mornings. - [Brian] We work in the morning, and then we take the dingy to the beach, and then we go exploring and we go swimming. - Look at this place though. It's like, wherever I point the camera, it just looks incredible. ( laughing) Like, I dunno. (melodic acoustic guitar) (harmonic male singing) (paper crumpling) (beer can cracking) ♪ Represent Solomon Island people, say ♪ ♪ with people say they're originally from our Homeland ♪ ♪ like my old man said, there's nothing impossible. ♪

- [Brain] The San Blas archipelago consists of 365 islands, and the vast majority of them sit along a 25 mile stretch of water. Hopping from one island to the next is a blissful day sail behind the protective reefs. So far we've seen about seven of 'em and today we're wandering further east in search of yet another tropical paradise.

We've been at this for a while now, in fact over a decade. And we often get asked how we manage to keep going, moving our house from place to place. How do we stay inspired? Well, the answer is we switch things up.

Change is good for us, both physically and mentally. So after seeing quite a few islands and being mostly alone for the past few weeks, we decided to head to a place called Cambombia, which we heard was a hangout for long term cruisers in the area, friendly locals and hopefully a place to replenish our dwindling fresh veggie supply. - [Kiran] So we're running a bit low on veggies, huh? - Yeah. There's a vegetable boat that stopped by. Gonna try and flag 'em down. (man on boat speaking Spanish) (Brian responds in Spanish) - [Kiran] Oh, they have a lot of good stuff.

We can do mangoes, carrots, oh even, Is that milk? Oh, that's great. Ah. - [Man On Boat] Quarenta. - Quarenta. - [Kiran] What is quarenta? - Uh, 40 bucks. Thank you Sierra.

- [Kiran] Is that 41? - Do you want to give him the money? Can you give it to him? - Gracias. - [Brain] Can you give him that too? (man on boat laughs) - [Brain] Gracias. - Gracias. (Kiran laughs) Hola. (man on boat speaking Spanish) - [Brian And Kiran] Aww. - [Brian] Say thanks, say gracias.

Tak tak. - [Sierra] Thanks. (everyone laughs) - [Brian And Kiran] Whoa. - Gracias.

- [Brain] Ciao. - [Kiran] Ciao. - [Brain] Morning shopping trip complete.

- [Sierra] Mama, Dad! - [Brain] Wow, is that spinach? - Yeah. - [Brain] Oh, spinach and mangoes? Thank you, Sierra. Oh, you're such a good helper. Can you bring everything else down? - Uh oh! - We've been here for, for a few days. Just kind of hanging out, chilling, like meeting some new friends. - [Sierra] Dada! Da! - They, there's hammocks and they build fires every evening.

We've been cooking on the beach. It's been a lot of fun and uh there's some other kids here, it's been chilling. (upbeat music) - [Kiran] You guys are too cute! - You wanna play (indistinct) You wanna go to the beach? Time for our daily exercise. (upbeat music continues) - [Sierra] Ah, ah, ah, da! Ooh.

- Ooh, we made it. (waves lapping) (birds chirping) - [Brain] Ooh. - Cold.

- [Brain] Ooh. - You're so hot. - [Brian] It's refreshing.

(water splashing) (waves lapping) This is our new friend, Jiran. - Hey, nice to meet you. - [Brain] That's his Albert Rossi right there. And this is his daughter, Gal. - You Sierra's new friend? - [Brian] Yeah, this is Sierra's new friend. It's pretty cool for Nugs to be able to play with somebody that's like, - Yeah.

- [Brain] Kind of her own age. - It's similar. - [Brian] She's a year younger, but they're playing together well.

(cheery piano) (grass rustling) What goes through the minds of toddlers, huh? (jazzy music continues) - [Kiran] Sierra, careful. Little bit slow. (pig grunts) - Hi (giggles) Piggy! - [Brian] Hey. (laughs) (Sierra giggles) - [Brian] Love pigs, sorry. - I think I like the pig more than Sierra does. (laughs)

- [Brain] What? Oh, more, not more than Sierra. More than Sierra does. (Kiran laughs) - [Sierra] Mama. Uh oh, this! - [Brian] Yeah. We were in the market for a Mola. So we decided to head into the hut at the end of the island for a little shopping mission.

Did you find one? - I can't choose, there's so many nice ones. So they sell it all over the islands and uh, they're pretty intricate and amazing, but I don't know that much facts about it. So we're gonna have to insert something here. - [Brian] Molas are brightly colored textiles that are handmade by the Kuna themselves and are the trademark souvenir of these islands. They typically form part of the traditional outfit of a Kuna woman and are often sewn into blouses. Hence the word Mola actually means shirt or clothing.

Although enterprising Kunas have fashioned them into bags, wall hangings, and just about everything else you could imagine. Many hours of careful sewing are required create the final Mola. And they can take weeks of labor for just a single one. In Mola world, the more complicated and intricate the design, the more labor required, which means the price is higher as well.

Cinquenta? (Brain speaking Spanish) It's like 50. It's a, it's, it's a nice one. - Yeah.

I really like it. It's a bit different from the other ones that I've seen. So, it's really intricate too. - [Brain] Yeah. Super intricate.

- Like the amount of work to like make one of these? Pretty intense. - [Brian] Yeah. - Lot of layers. - [Brian] Lot of layers. - I like it.

(happy Reggae drum beat) Our friends put up these, uh really nice hammocks, here on the beach. (sighs) Like a perfect place to lay down in the shade. (Reggae music continues) - [Brian] Each day here wound down the same way.

A simple fire on the beach with drinks and laughs shared amongst friends. There's a couple local dudes that are, uh cleaning the bottom of the boat right now. I showed 'em the, um like the electric brush and they're like the local Kuna guys had never seen anything like that, so it kind of tripped them out.

We're, uh, contributing to the community and providing a little bit of money for labor. (Brian speaking Spanish) - Si. - [Brian] Si.

(Brain speaking Spanish) (machine whirring) - [Brain] Gracias. - [Kiran] Is the bottom pretty bad? - Uh, actually, no. I looked at it and it's been over a month since we cleaned it.

It's not that bad, it's got some growth, but nothing crazy. These guys are doing a real good job though. Uh, pay 'em like 20 bucks a piece and they're just busting it out and just riffing on it. I think he really likes using that machine. I don't think they've ever seen anything like that before, but yeah, they're done with the port side and they're working on the starboard side. - [Kiran] Oh wow.

That's fast. - Yeah. I tried two of them and they're just so used to working underwater. They crank. (waffle iron sizzling) - [Brian And Kiran] Ooh.

(metal scraping) - [Brian] Do you want a waffle too, nugget? You have one? Can you take a bite of it? - Mm. - [Brian] Is it good? I'm glad you like it. Cheers.

Cheers. Psh. - Cambombia was great.

But we were already getting itchy to explore some more. So all stocked up on veggies and with bellies full of waffles we picked up the hook, and decided to set out on the next adventure. So this is where we were. We were just right there.

And I, we're, taking us over here to this little anchorage here. So we've gotta kind of cut through this pass, up this way, through the shoals. Uh, we're just gonna go like this. Up and anchor in here. Little picture of it here. Go in there, should be be pretty cool.

(calm acoustic guitar) Champagne sailing though. - Yeah. Champagne sailing. - [Brian] Beautiful sailing. Reminds me a lot of Madagascar. - [Kiran] Yeah.

- [Brain] It's a pretty good sail when you can take a bath underway. (Kiran laughs) - I know. - [Brain] So stable.

- Sierra's just loving her bath and social. (Brian laughs) - [Brian] Are you in the bath, nugget? Amazing. We're almost there already.

- Oh, wow. Fast. - [Brain] Yeah. Just gotta get around these shallow spots. (boat engine whirring) (Kiran sighs) (melodic acoustic guitar) (waves lapping) You guys enjoying the San Blas? - This is amazing. - [Brian] What are your favorite things about these Islands so far? - [Kiran] The sun, the Palm trees and the sand, and the crystal clear water.

And Sierra has been so incredibly happy here. - [Brian] She has. - Yeah. - [Brian] Well 'cause every day this is what we do. - Yay.

- [Brian] We work a little bit in the mornings. Sierra? How do, how do we work on the computers? - Yeah. This. (Brain laughs) - That's like we work in the morning. - [Brain] We work in the morning, and then we take the dingy.

Yeah, we work on the boat and then we take the dingy to the beach. - Yeah. - [Brian] And then we go exploring and we go swimming and we play on the sand.

This area is just full of so many little islands. We're just taking a little ride out around the boat which is over here. And then there's this little island here It's totally protected on this side.

(upbeat acoustic guitar) (waves lapping) Well, this is pretty nice. - I know this is great. - [Brian] We just randomly found this Island.

We went for a little dingy cruise to meet with some friends and - Yeah. - [Brian] I don't know. Three minutes later we're here. - It Looks like pretty good snorkeling and like just chilling. - [Brian] Yeah. I mean, there's nobody on this island.

We picked this little corner spot 'cause it's got good sand and shade. It's beautiful. - This place though. It's like wherever I point the camera it just looks incredible.

(laughs) Like it's, I dunno. (water splashing) So magical to like kind of stumble upon places like this. And Sierra has been in a really good mood the last couple of days, which makes you know, our lives a lot easier. I think she just really loves the beach and just like loves this routine that we've created here where we kind of like wake up have a slow breakfast and then you know, work a little bit and then going to the beach, go back, take a nap, (laughs) wake up and then maybe have a bonfire in the night. So yeah, she's thriving and I'm feeling super good mentally and physically too, because we've been swimming so much. I don't know.

It's exactly what we needed, um from life right now. (waves crashing) That's a pretty one. Do you wanna help me to send a message for our patrons out there? - Oh nice. - [Both Together] Yeah. (Kiran laughs) - Okay. Hi patrons.

We just wanna send you a message and say - Patrons. - Thank you so much for all your love and support. - It means the world to us. - Love. - You know who you are and you're amazing.

And it's really because of you guys that all of this is happening. - Mama. - So, do you wanna swim? Okay. I'm just gonna say this one more thing.

And if you wanna become part of our patron tribe head to and check it out. It's a lot of good things there for you. You get to see the videos one week before everybody else. Uh, yeah.

Access to shop. You get to talk with us on a more personal level and yeah a lot of other good things. So head to and check it out if you want to.

Okay. Time to swim? (calm, happy music) - [Brian] I love this place. - [Kiran] Yeah. - [Brian] I think the Nugs likes it too, huh? Do you like it here? Look at that perpetual smile face. It's nice just to enjoy, - Yeah.

- [Brian] Our time. I feel like we've really like all of a sudden we've just slowed down. - I know, right? - We just like, ah, we we've seen, like I counted we've been to eight different anchorages, I think. - Yeah.

- In San Blas so far over the last we've been here three weeks. - Nice (indistinct) - And now we just, sort of settled into a nice zone. - Yeah. And slow down a little bit. - Nice anchorage. - Prioritizing family prioritizing, you know? - [Brian] Time? - [Kiran] Time.

- [Brian] Swimming. - [Kiran] Very, very special to be able to do that. - Nugget's sleeping, Kaz is editing videos, and uh I've decided to do a little bit of boat work. I had the guys at the last island clean the bottom, the Kuna dudes, and they did an awesome job.

And now I'm gonna go clean the side of the boat. There's like an exhaust streak on the port side. Usually that happens when the injectors need to be replaced. And since I just replaced the ones on, on the main it means it's probably the generator and the injectors just get clogged and a little bit fouled. And then it's not nearly as fuel efficient and it doesn't burn all the fuel and it starts leaving that black streak on the side of the hull which looks like crap.

So that's what I'm gonna do today. It's beautiful weather to do it. And I don't think it'll take too long. (water splashing) All right. Next item on the list is one of the furler motors for the main outhaul stopped working.

It's actually the one that I sort of like put the old one on up in Charleston, South Carolina, that was a temporary fix. And so it's worked, but it finally stopped. So I go like this (switch clicking) And you can hear the relay clicking but the motor doesn't activate.

So I suspect it's something with that motor. So I pull that off of there. Oh, that's not a good sign. Ugh. Saw that water come out of there. Ugh.

That's why we did these bags. Kazza made these bags and I think they actually work a lot better because water always gets in there no matter what you do. And so we figured, well, if water's gonna get in there then you might as well just let like the water come out too. So we put holes in the bottom. So then the condensation, the water just drips out and we've never had any problems with those motors getting wet.

So I think I'll switch the other one to one of Kaz's super bags. - [Kiran] So is this water in there? - [Brian] It's just those shitty, look at this, split this collar. So once that split then, - [Kiran] Oh.

- [Brian] I think water probably got in there. - [Kiran] Yep. - [Brian] But we do have the spare motor. - Okay. I ordered like a year ago. Surprised this one lasted that long.

- [Kiran] Yeah. (wind blowing) (machine blowing) - [Kiran] Nice. (upbeat acoustic guitar) (water crashing) (wind blowing) (Brian grunts) - [Brian] Pull it Sierra, pull it, put it on the fire. - [Kiran] Perfect. - [Brian] Go put it on the fire, Nugs.

Yeah. Grace, Grace put it on the fire. - [Grace] Okay, Here we go. - [Brian] Yeah. A lot safer. - [Grace] This is Nugget's contribution, you watching, Nugs? - [Brian] Whoa.

Good job, Grace. Proud of ya. You done good. (wind blowing) (fire cracking) (upbeat guitar continues) Up next on Delos. We opt for a change of scenery and decided to take a dingy mission up a fresh water river.

We then try to buy vegetables in the biggest Kuna town we've seen so far. Which turns out to be a little bit of disaster, thanks to COVID. - We're not allowed to walk around.

We're not allowed to like go to the shop even though the shop is literally like right there. (intense music) - [Brian] Good job. Thumbs up. Ah, sh. Okay. Bump it.

(Brian and Sierra make crashing sounds) (both laugh) - We blew it up. (blender whirring) - [Kiran] Ahh. Ahh.

- Did you know that more people are killed by falling coconuts than sharks? - [Kiran] Is that a Brian fact or is it a real fact? - Uh, I'm gonna check on that. - Sierra? Do you wanna say hi to all our patrons out there? - No. - (laughs) No? Okay. Then I will do it instead. - [Brian] Kay.

So first just a few seconds of you just looking longingly at the beach, enjoying life, not a worry in the world. And then all of a sudden (coconut thuds) (intense music continues) - At least I caught her. - You slipped.

- You okay?

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