NEW ZEALAND VLOG! PART 1 • Exploring Auckland, Hobbiton Tour, Hotel Review & First Impressions

NEW ZEALAND VLOG!  PART 1 • Exploring Auckland, Hobbiton Tour, Hotel Review & First Impressions

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[Music] hello everyone and Welcome to our Oakland Vlog we have arrived in New Zealand after 23 hours of flying yesterday we made a whole travel day Vlogs so if you haven't seen that already I'll leave it linked below but if you're new hi my name is Brogan and I'm traveling with my fianceé Benji we are about to get married off the coast of Australia on a cruise ship so as I'm sure you can imagine this is the most exciting epic trip I ever done and I am so excited to be here in New Zealand for my very first time Benji's been before but this is all new to me we had an amazing first day yesterday we arrived at the hotel around midday and we're staying in the grand by Sky City which is a perfect location not far from the cruise terminal which we need to be but also in the hub of the CBD so we've got the sky tower obviously and the room is a king I booked it ages ago on for about £700 for the whole week so it's 5 Nights 6 days which I thought was really good the room is perfect it's got a really lovely big king-size bed there's a desk and a nice sofa the Wardrobe has got space to hang my wedding dress and Benji suit we have coffee facilities a nice big bathroom with a shower and a bath and there's loads of space in this loung era for us to open all four of our suitcases actually we technically have six because we have hand luggage ones as well it's a little bit chaotic in here cuz we don't want to fully unpack as we are obviously leaving in a few days yesterday we also wanted to try and beat jetlag and I think we did a pretty good job we firstly went downstairs and ate at the first restaurant right outside the hotel which was actually recommended to us quite a lot it's called Depot we had the loveliest meal we sat outside it was sunny we were people watching soaking up the atmosphere we had hummus to start they brought out with bread we had the skirt steak which we shared it's a large plate with Crispy onion a lettuce wedge and then potato skins covered in cheese on the side it was one of the best meals I've ever had that is no exaggeration it was genuinely amazing a nice cold Pepsi Max I couldn't have been happier in that moment to have got here safely soaking up the city I just was so in love with the feeling of being away and knowing that this is the beginning of the trip after that we went for a little walk we did a little bit of shopping in the gift shops looked at some of the pins and then we went down to VI duct Harbor we had an ice cream had the Hokey Pokey ice cream which Benji's been talking about forever hokey pokei ice cream oh my God that's so nice that is so nice I've been telling you about H pokei for like 7 years is it honey honey com yeah what sh website was for the working visas you wants to move it already been 2 hours when we were waiting for dinner earlier I did genuinely look at apartments and then after that we had a cocktail in a bar as well which did make me a little tipsy one cocktail so I was really like living my best life we went to bed skipped dinner and fell asleep around 8:00 p.m. and then I woke up at 4:00 and Benji woke up at 5:00 a.m. which is pretty good going considering the jet lag and the time difference we're 13 hours ahead here which is wild that was our day yesterday we loved it it was so nice to just mooch around and explore a little bit of ockland but today is going to be another low-key day we want to go and have some nice food we're going to go and watch the NFL the Super Bowl today as that's porns avenge and I don't mind watching so we're going to time that around 12:00 I believe and then we're just going to see where the day takes us I have put in our diary as my itinery to potentially go to Mount Eden this evening but honestly this is our first full day so I was pretty happy with whatever we get done and then tomorrow we're doing the Lord of the Rings hobbiton set and the glow worm caves so I'm really looking forward to that and I'm going to keep all of it all in this Vlog for you so it's like one big epic ockland Vlog benj is actually currently in the gym he wants wanted to get a little workout in I was going to go with him but I had a lot of work to do I uploaded the first Vlog and I wanted to sort out our packing I'm making one of the hand luggage cases a dirty laundry area so that I can do washing when we get onto the ship but for now I'm just sort of keeping it all tidy it is a little chaotic let me show you around this is what it actually looks like all the cases down there and some down here and then I've been working over here and oh I put my pins out to show you I just couldn't help myself I got a little bit excited and yeah want an ockland one as well but I found this one that had the little signs on it and we liked the kiwi bird and then this one I saw in a different shop and I was like well that's kind of cute and then we're going to try and get postcards from every destination we go to just for our memory box and I'm thinking it could be quite sweet for us to write some of our favorite memories on the back just like a little note that we can read back in the future I can put the dates that we traveled there and then we also got a little Christmas decoration because why not on First Impressions I really like ockland I felt very safe walking around people were very friendly it's super clean and the weather was glorious we arrived to 20° sunshine and a little bit of wind which is my favorite kind of weather apparently it's been very hot here in New Zealand and Australia recently but we had a perfect day I couldn't have asked for anything more so I'm all layed up with sun cream we wear yesterday as well got a bit of makeup on today and I'm wearing this nice little spotty dress from Joanie clothing my first little outfit of the day I think I'm going to put some trainers on cuz I assume we're going to be doing some walking my m just using my Emirates after shave Bulgari who is he is it bul it's got a v in it it's Bulgari yeah how was the gym yeah good very hot in there though sorry I he did like 5 minutes on the bike and then did some know you can tell can't you to keep the room organize I asked Ben to put his dirty laundry in one of these spare little bags that we got our pajamas in from emirat so they're just chilling there that business ticket is worth every Panic cuz we' got some free laundry bags free laundry bags and I wore the pajamas yesterday they're by the bed they're lovely I'm going to put them there I'm going to wear them again later how amazing was that food yesterday oh so good so ni we've been talking about it after we had it we've been talking about it all day haven't we apparently this restaurant here called Federal right next door is also meant to be good oh co someone don't what a lovely day in the city here it is best ugly Bagels this is where we're going oh it looks busy actually maybe that's a good thing here's the menu I think I'm going to go for smoke salmon which is that one there and what you going for BOS hog you want BOS hog oh here we go so these are the sort of sweeter ones and then these are the more Savory ones and this is what mine looks like and that's what venes is going to look like here we go what a great way to start the day yours looks amazing Ben I'm buzzing bacon and egg and I've got the smoked salmon cream cheese Lush that is amazing sorry this is so nice I sat at a window watching the world go by people watching yeah that was absolutely delightful it's still blowing my mind that it's 20 8 on a Sunday night and we're here the next full day the day away yeah wow this is lovely so we're right back down near the marina area again oh this is really nice look at this what what building is this there's a Starbucks in it on the left we started with just the Disney we are here mugs but now look at these they're so cute oh oh my goodness this is Starbucks by the way obvious I feel like if we went Orland then we'd also have to get to New Zealand and then we we don't have any room in our cupboard why we General New Zealand I do I have to admit I like the font of that though and the little bits on it we went for the ockland one we just thought it was cute Benji just said he thinks that's the train station which is really cool love it and this building here too this is the fery terminal building I believe I love it around here oh I could get used to this some of these electric scooters have got little seats on them how cool is that they look really comfy you sure don't look like tourist you sure not at all I'd actually say that it's your accent and your Ginger hair and people telling you that you look like Prince Harry we're walking down Queen Street is that what you just said to have a look at some of these shops and just brows just mooching killing a bit of time and then what's the bar C that we're going to the right track for the NFL yeah this is nice look at this fancy just a little look in this for TR section Disney key the do lend we can match right oh this is this is so cute right here's the sports bar a lot of the tables did have Reserve signs on and we didn't make a reservation so we're just going to hope for the best here's our little spot in the far I don't think we would watch any other normal Super Bowl normal NFL game but if it wasn't the Super Bowl but that's okay Sunday night when I'm at home I watch it no is in like out of our day don't mind being here for a few hours how on Earth did they get the CCTV footage of me in the gym this morning and why is it on this TV H look at me boy that is not you that's my warmup waight as well oh of course it is we've moved on to a blue lagoon yeah it's got cural in it which is where we went in the Caravan wasn't it it looks like W KD oh yeah that's nice the NFL is just kicking off the Super Bowl and I've got my chicken and waffles which is perfect and Benji's got nachos looks pretty good the atmosphere in here is crazy so busy in the best way and there those are people outside as well we just got to Half Time decided to call it cuz we've been there quite a while we want to go and do some things now yeah I didn't want to spend all day sat inside when we only got a few days here so that's fair enjoyed it though it was good yeah it was good so the plan of action is we're going to take the bus to Mount Eden and then on the way back we're going to pson B that's it some nice food places and some shops and that yeah all righty we've arrived at Mount Eden and it looks quite popular actually where's the escalators where's the escalators we've got to walk I don't know how long this walk takes but it's a bit of an incline but we thought we'd give it a go I am a little bit out of breath but that's from just being unfit we're getting there I'm all right you all right yeah you went to the gym this morning I struggle worse of the downhill on my knee wow it's so pretty oh wow this is even better than I breath isn't it oh it's complete Absolut breathtaking I don't think it's doing Justice on camera but it is absolutely [Music] gorgeous how glorious is this everything's so blue yeah and green it's like they've turned the like the blue filter up yeah no it's really nice it's also very peaceful even though there's quite a lot of tourists sort of walking around there's not that many though probably 50 50 people up here no it's nice look it's really lovely there's a nice little par going along here we're going to go up to that top bit it's nice that they've got this um like all weather walkway I was a bit worried we'd have to like hike up a hill there's a lovely start to the trip so we can really appreciate where we are because I think once you've seen the view like this put on persp perspective yeah I'm really pleased that we come here I'm enjoying it coming up that hill took us to a slightly different angle of this side 180 away from the city isn't it yeah how gorgeous look at this absolutely gorgeous look over there as well how are we feeling about getting back down now are we ready yeah I think so we had a look we've taken some nice pictures we've seen 360 now haven't we we have even the walk down is amazing we just got some really nice photos here with the trees and then we heard a little bird no didn't didn't sound anything no it was it sounded like a robot yeah AR stuck in the tree yeah it's that's exactly what it sounded like just trust us we heard it yeah trust us it was really good it's great content for you we heard a bird sound not going to show you oh there's a little one hi buddy an ow shut up should it sounds like sounds like one of your sleep podcast things it does I could fall asleep to that and bench gun oh that was a lovely little Uber ride we've arrived in ponson be we were recommended to come around here but it's feeling very much like a neighborhood and I'd say probably 50% of the shops are closed yeah which I it's cuz of Monday that could be it one of the restaurants someone recommended to us was called lucky8 and it's an Asian fusion restaurant where I think it's Tapas and everything is $888 we've come into a four square which is a chain off supermarket and it's really nice in here I just s try and show you because I know some of you like this kind of thing but it's so easily laid out loads of nice signs everywhere I love it got a full deli section over there we jumped in a taxi or uba again and we've come full circle back to where we were this morning because we didn't realize we were so close to another area on our list which is britam mar we got quite a lot of recommendations down here for restaurants and that it's just a nice area to walk around and Shop there's some nice shops oh this is really pretty oh this is really pretty there's a Tiffany store over there we have looked at so many recommendations that people gave us and loads of them down here seem to be closed on a Monday that was an oversight on our part but I think we're both at a point where where we're pretty tired we've been since 5:00 a.m. to be fair I'd like to go out to the hotel and call it a day I have a shower and put my Emirates pajamas on let's do that enough we have decided to scooter all right hang on I'm going to put this away and give mine again okay so I obviously couldn't film us going along on the scooters but it took like 6 minutes and only cost like £2 we haven't shown you too much of this hotel and the lobby here it is it's lovely smells nice too and it's got nice high ceilings down the bottom here is another restaurant there's an Asian at the front isn't there really enjoying it oh yeah we want to try and catch that lift it's really hard to get the lifts in here grab it grab it grab it good morning everyone it's Tuesday the 13th of February and we are off to do something very exciting today we have booked onto a tour to go down to the hobbiton Lord of the Rings movie set I have actually I'm not sure if I should admit this but I've never seen Lord of the Rings I've seen enough to sort of know obviously what it is about I showed you the opening scene of the first film yesterday just so you can see what it looked like in the films I'm very aware of like the Baseline of what the story is and stuff and I've seen those of Clips I know I know roughly what it's like but you've seen it and I feel like it was a right passage like we had to come and see it and then we're going to the the wo gloworm caves I've actually been to yomo we stayed in wo for a couple of nights never went to gloworm caves which there's not a whole lot in wo apart from the glow caves so not sure why we never went but there we go we did a package we booked it with bush and Beach which were a tour company that we just really liked the sound of them they had good reviews it was quite an expensive package and it does mean that we get a full tour guide we get food I think we get lunch actually voucher to spend in the shop they we do a few stops yeah but when you compare it to we'd have to hire a car get insured have the whole wor of driving fuel not being able to navigate it's just so much easier to do it in a package we we can meet other people on the other guests on the trip but I'll leave a link to the one we B Below in case you want to have a little look we're having a quick light breakfast 6:30 in the morning we're having one of these I've got a banana and toffee one it's incredible might be the nicest yogurt I've ever had it's so good it's really good I don't think we're feeling the jet lag is that bad the only thing we are struggling with is the feeling obviously we're on the southern hemisphere so we're at the bottom of the world so we we're obviously constantly upside down so the blood constantly rushing to our head is just such a weird feeling isn't it shut up just knowing you're constantly upside down shut up like what's more weird saying to our family tomorrow is Valentine's Day and they're like it's Monday for them we're meeting the team in like 5 minutes they're picking us up on the hotel which is great we don't have to watch to a pickup point or anything like that honestly I have five more of than AR they I picked a cute little outfit and then Ben said I probably needed my trainers I'm happy to get dirty so if I had time I would have probably switched but never mind this what I'm wearing function over style also I think it might be chilly in the Cav so I've thrown on this little jacket and I got my exploring outfit on today looks good here it is Bush and beach perfect we are doing a quick pit stop at a place called Robert Harris established in 1952 and we're just going to get a snack or two the tour guide said they have traditional pies so let's have a look did you want to get one Bene oh that's kich what A really lovely little place we've ordered a smoothie and a pie so far we're really enjoying it the drive with all the landscape changing from the city to the native like floor and FAA and talking all about the plants he talked a lot about the cows and the sheep and their farming agriculture production lines like there was so much detail and information which is so hard for me to relay to you we talked about the millions of sheep versus the amount of people here and the cows and the milk and just it was so interesting I really really enjoyed it it was one of those tours where I just put my phone down I was editing some pictures I put my phone down just to sort of listen and soak it all up and then Benji squeezed my hand he was like I'm so glad that you get to experience it I got this little almond cake cuz it just looks really inviting and Benji's got a pie pepper steak pie I want to try that too though have you got a little like spoon or cork flat pie no I eat it like a all right let's eat a bit now because the less in the car the better oh my car pie I think it's more like a lot more um like minced finer that meat tastes amazing whereas it doesn't have like big tunk yeah designed for you go the movie Set is actually located on and operating Farm it's actually a sheep farm but they demanded they be re-exported uh when the movies were finished and that's what happened oh I just found the big sign says welcome to the hobon movie Set let's rock and R here's my group over there we've come into the gift shop first just in case time is tight later we're not massive Lord of the Rings fans so we're not looking for anything crazy specific apart from some pins okay so there's the ones at the top I like those ones in the top right The Sword and the green door I think what we'll do is we'll do the tour first but we know they're here did you say now you're a bookworm you might actually be first book boy you're book boy he's read one book listen to a podcast token's life and it was very interesting really so our tour gu's given us tickets we're booked on to the 4 940 94 and there's a bus that we can jump on and they've given us this very cute little map how sweet as that I love it h how we doing thank you on to the bus we go I'm just reading my little tour book thing and we're on the bus we're at the back from the entire Alexander family and everyone here on set we're thrilled to have you your tour starts with a journey through a 1250 acre working sheep and beef Farm we're going to get our first little sneak peek of hobbiton itself so just coming into view now is the Mill House with its thatched roof bright blue door or the stone bridge that we see Gandalf drive his cart across wow at the first little Glimpse that's so [Music] cool look little swing that's so cute how adorable is this so cute on First Impressions it's really really sweet is there's so many butterflies and all of the the nature loves all the flowers so cool it's beautiful I knew that there'd be quite a few but every single corner there's another one and it's got different detail look at that massive Hill up in the middle there that's so gorgeous you can just imagine like how brilliant this would have been to filmed around here having just everything perfectly made the little fishing poles get attention to deta yeah so those trees over there they're apple trees and they want them to look like plum trees but plum trees grow too high so we use the apple trees they hand plucked every leaf every bit of fruit off of it and handwired different leaves on it to make it look exactly what they wanted that's just for one little background shot that's the level of detail they went to these F that's so good look at that honey it's so cool that you can go so close too the detail is [Music] amazing I thought this might happen but now I really do want to watch the movies also what's hilarious is I didn't realize Hobbit movies and Lord of the Rings movies were separate movies yeah they did the L three Lord of the Rings and I think there two three Hobbit films well that's me um being educated um and she asked is anybody not seen the films before and one guy went not me but I have read all the books and I was like I'm not saying anything you well she said is has anyone read seen the films and you went yeah I have I was like no liar sh actively recommend it if you haven't seen the films to come it's amazing very massive yeah it's definitely quite hilly so you have to be prepared for a bit of a walk the shy as hilly going to say that is such a cute detail Benji's just noticed that the chimney is active his home he's baking oh of course yeah obiously this is the baker okay wow look at that stunning oh that's so cool but it would be an amazing view even if everything wasn't here but yet with everything here some good trees some really good trees very good trees apparently that's one of the reasons why Peter Jackson chose one of these locations because of all the amazing old trees you can't really fake can you this view is so cool I want to go and live down there they've got one of those um that you dance around don't you yeah oh look they're getting it out that's cute oh this is so so cute here's the iconic Green Door everybody wants that photo here all the details are amazing wow so cool more little doors this one's really little actually you should stand by it I want to show how small it is in comparison to you 6' three it's tiny everything's cute cuz it's all little look at when you come up like you have to step away to really sort of appreciate it a they're really tiny I don't know if you can get the full like perspective on camera but to stand next to yeah basically also there's people in costume and they look amazing it's my first time getting the big boy fan out it's a little warm you can go right up into the window and I don't know if you can fully appreciate it oh yeah you can look look at all the detail in there oh that's so [Music] cute and that's it the very final shot of the original trilogy is a closeup a Sam bright yellow iconic I think we're going in this one I'm right by the speaking of immersive they've made we're going to head inside number [Music] one a this is so cool thank you wow oh my goodness wow this is so cool oh our bench look there's loads of rooms there's LS of rooms this is so [Music] [Music] [Applause] cute a i a little children's bedroom so yeah my first knuts see the is different they've been painted decorated wonder if you can open no no you're a little bit big I'm not a hobbit you're not a hobbit little sausage rolls oh wow that is so cool the level of detail that's gone into this is insane so if any made this just for guess it's not actually a real you are touch things things it's not set she like you can sit in the bed you can sit in the chairs um so when you guys are ready head down the hallway go see the kitchen the dining room the pantry oh wow Hobbit's favorite part of the home so cute area the kitchen kitchen okay right where shall we go wow this is amazing look at this this is so cute oh my gosh this is so amazing wow look at all the pits it's very it's very like 1700s England isn't it yeah they brought back the original set makers to make this it finished what November this last year December yeah yeah December so this has only been open a couple of months they brought back all the original film set designers and that so it's really authentic to how the films would have looked and vision we are off to the green dragon now where we're going to have a beer to the Boozer the Boozer and she was just saying that the um buildings here they're the only ones in the whole of the country that have thatched Ros and when they built them they were struggling so they the the art Department thought that they'd be able to do it did it it didn't look great so they called in some English States stes yeah and uh and that's what they're doing now so they're repairing it it's been a few years they try history repeat itself they tried to do it again themselves didn't quite work so now they have more professional thatchers doing the roofs but I'm excited to get on here we're going to get a beer and then we're staying to have a bit of lunch here too which will be nice a this is so cute it's like a proper Village thank you very much thank you Che oh it's like a proper English cider love it okay we're going into this little yellow tent for our lunch oh wow this is so nice oh wow it's like a proper Buffet oh oh my goodness bench look at this food well we really did um rinse the buffet are we straight in is it good yeah true I've got a real mix of stuff going on here got beef fish lamb pasta salad and veg looks amazing though so for the dessert they've got some fruit and then they have little cakes and they even have some crumble and cream I have basically got a littleit of everything you got crumbl and custard I do a bit of cream oh cream this buffet was honestly incredible there was this bit of um steak that that guy at the end is cutting up those are salad and it's very busy in here it's it's a nice Vibe the how cute the toilets are enjoy thanks even the toilets are themed that meal was so ni that's got to be the best like buffet that we've had on an activity like this I absolutely agree with you it was really good quality really well laid out very well like organized yeah yeah for sure and a lovely little dessert yeah treat the apple crumble was so nice yeah and the beef the potatoes the gravy I'm not really big Glam guy but I thought while we're in New Zealand I might as well have some lamb if you can have it anywhere I tried a bit of lamb too I tried the fish too that was nice fishous everything I was hungry but now we are meeting the the rest of the group we're going to the gift shop quickly some pins buy our pins and then we'll be going on to the case so as part of our Bush and Beach experience they gave us a $10 voucher each to spend in the shop so we bought our pin and a postcard and it was $19.50 so it was perfect perfect so it was free basically hey I won't show you every pin we buy every place I'll do a haul that makes sense the yeah now we're going on to The Capes now we've got the goods let's go all righty we have arrived at the gloworm caves took about an hour and 15 minutes we had a very nice drive down and this is what it looks like it's really cool and obviously we've booked onto a tour so we're on in like 10 minutes so apparently there's two caves the first cave is full of stalic tights and stalic kns um so like you know that looks like drippy drippy things that Frozen What like icicles yeah um the second cave is full of um blow worms and they emit like a blue I think blue light bioluminescent or something bioluminescence um there's tens and tens of thousands of them up there but because of the risk of someone accidentally setting off a flash probably not going to be able to film in there I don't know how much how well it would come across on camera anyway so apparently is pitch you can't see your hand in front of your face the only thing you can see is up there and they don't admit like a light that travels really they are just illuminated so yeah so we unfortunately can't film anything for you but we'll talk to you all about it when we come out look this is what it's going to look like I don't know if I can film any of this but just in case so we go through the caves like that and then that's the first cave and then that's what the glow ones are like it looks very much like Avatar Navi River Journey it's very much like that and then look we're going to be in a [Music] boat right well we finished they let us film at the very very end when pass the glow worms this is what you can see right now is just the very end of the boat coming out into the light and just that area as we exited felt like we were coming into a new world didn't it yeah it was really amazing in there I was in awe it was like real magic you you get like Goosebumps didn't you see all yeah at one point my mouth was so dry where I was just like that like it was so so special really cool to have seen it in real life never going to do justice on camera anyway even if we had filmed it the whole experience the tour guide was wonderful sharing lots of like native stories and songs and info it was very very nice the um the government took it over from early 1900s up until 1990 it was given back to the the mai tribe that um and families that now so since 1990 it's all been say family run which makes even more special really doesn't it back to the original you're supporting it yeah I agree no it was brilliant we really enjoyed it so now we are leaving somehow it's also nice to have the both trips together have the ju of edition of like human made things and the natural world I think it's quite cool it was brilliant really enjoyed it so now we've got quite a few hours drive back I think it'll take us about 2 hours but it's been a wonderful tour I've really enjoyed it so let's go let's go good morning everyone one it is Valentine's Day and last night we came back and popped to the Elliot Stables which is a food court where we had bow buns at a place called bow baby bow I didn't rate it like it was okay I don't think I'd rush back there but it was the kind of meal that filled a hole we were very tired and it was perfect because we didn't want to sit down at a big fancy restaurant we just wanted something quick and light to go so we came back fell asleep at about 9:30 so we're definitely getting a little bit later each day Benji's sing his Sun cream in the bathroom right now today we have plans to go up the sky tower for dinner for Valentine's set meal that I booked about 6 months ago we don't normally celebrate Valentine's Day but I knew that it' be busy on this night and I thought what can I book that we already wanted to do anyway and I just thought this killed two birds one stone in terms of being able to go up and then eat the meal there so it's called The Orbit restaurant and it literally rotates really slowly all the way around so I think it's going to be stunning because we're going at half 7 so we'll see Sunset up there and it'll be lovely really romantic so I'm very much looking forward to that but we had a few ideas for today so we we've kind of shuffled the day around but we've decided to go over to we Heek island is that how you say it why Heek I just had to get the name of it up we're going to why Heek Island today we got recommended a few different Islands you can take the ferry I think was it devonport was the other one fairies run every half an hour or every hour I don't know if they're running the summer timetable but we've got the time table over there if you want to check it so we're going to go there maybe get some electric bikes or the hop on and off bus I think the bike sounds like fun also if you're enjoying this Vlog and you haven't subscribed already please hit subscribe so you don't miss all our other travel Vlogs we have coming up over the next few weeks and months we've only got after today we've only got one full day left yeah and then we get on the ship on Friday crazy you're crazy girl crazy girl obviously we ate at this uh restaurant on day one Depot not Depot I keep calling it deot but this one next door is called Federal and they do right it is federal delices yeah was right and we're going to come here for breakfast it's so cute in here New York yeah you said that they've got pancakes it's griddle cakes they call it oh okay oh griddle cakes because we missed out on pancake day yesterday and they also sell the best bagels here best ugly Bagels here oh do they oh wow okay brilliant we are sharing a pancake each what's this like a strudel nut crunch oh okay I thought you like thank you I thought you wouldd like it but I'm not that fast so I got it on the side okay that's fine and then the butter and then the blueberries it's um cinnamon butter oh yum so we just finished at Federal it was really nice really good really tasty the service was a little slow but the act very on the start there was only two servers and one chef at the start so yeah but it was nice and it was $30 which was about £15 basically I will say it's a little confusing cuz they have one building there that says Ferry tickets and then one here which says fors 360 which I think is the company we've got our tickets they were $118 which is £57 return and we got them from there and the next one is in half an hour these are all the different places you can take the ferry to I was right devonport is the other one that people recommended for us hi there oh sorry thank you thank you okay so we've come up top there were no seats together so B is just sat behind me here [Music] changed hats it's really sunny I've had to put it in off-road mode because of the breeze also it's not a bucket hat just a wide room sports hat so just want to rectify that that was a very lovely fairy R was it 30 minutes too long we've got a nice view at the very front this is what it looks like by the way it is quite busy but that's okay we've arrived why hicky okay let's find oh are you going to go right there the first one so we've just come to the first ebike place we can find and we've had a couple of Vineyards recommended to us this one here and then a couple here so what we're going to do is hopefully get the bikes and go over to here first but they're just finding out if they've got any free so find now we are in luck we've got some bikes we've got a lock as well we've set off we've got our bikes can you hear the cricket yeah crazy isn't it oh my gosh she so [Music] loud all right our first stop is at little onero so we're not actually going in the sea we did talk about bringing swimwear with us but we that meant we had to carry towels and stuff and we just didn't want to have to do that but we did want to come and see the sea and it looks amazing I can't believe we're here sometimes I just like have to have a moment you know like what we're in New Zealand riding bikes around the island you're doing really well B by then thank you I didn't know if You' struggled but you're smashing it I'm just learning I'm getting there you're a little bit wobbly out on your own maybe if you're following a a big boy then you might be a little bit easier for you yeah I haven't ridden a bike in so long I don't own a bike you know it's easy it's it's like um it's like um riding a bike like riding a bike yeah good trees as well it's the thing about New Zealand very very good trees very good trees these ones here yeah nice trees we love a good tree don't we babe it's like the sad thing that I like I like we donate monthly to the Woodland trust cuz we love trees so much oh my goodness that is so pretty look at that beach wow amazing you can hear it from all the way up here as well yeah yeah the sound of the Waves yeah stunning look at this just pure nature isn't it yeah oh God I right I'm in high watch your up and your lows yeah I'm in high we weren't supposed to go that way I got it wrong no yeah it's it's all flat through the valley we were supposed to go oh Bubba come back here I think I've got us lost I think I got us back onto the right Road and I don't think I was wrong we had a near near breakdown a bike was put place down and then and then and then a little lay down here but why why in your defense this hill is mad I don't know if you get that look how high up we are no no no when well you going to admit why I I'm nearly dying this is the road you took us on the wrong road though earlier yeah the wrong road actually did is I thought we were on the wrong road we weren't we were on the right Road and then I took myself on a wrong road to put myself on the right road which we already on but this is the worst one was hot it was so hard I had to just stop and have a bit of fan we should have gone for the electric bikes that's the thing is we're not we're definitely not on electric bikes this normal bikes and we don't feel like bik we're just really athletic they're not electric bikes to sweat to you on paddling the whole time you're paddling that's why you're going wrong padding you're on a pedal then yeah and paddle stop P stop paddling and start pedling I swear to God I want a really cold glass of white wine in a minute that's the R2-D2 bird again yeah yeah hear that yeah down that way not street signs aren't very good are they none say actually see see View Road [Music] left we're going right it's [Music] amazing your face is quite in the shade I think it wow guys this is not a bad view look at that how nice imagine this being your morning oh look at the Dogo a walking into the sea I could I could get used to that I can't believe I'm saying this but we actually made it I have absolutely no idea how long it took but this is what the estate is called Tantalus and we've parked the bikes there with the bike lock on and we're coming in and it looks stunning it's so lovely and fanc see and so beautiful outside they actually have a Valentine's menu today so I'm just deciding if I like that or if I want something off the mains but it tells you all about the estate and they did offer us a wine tasting to start but both of us are starving so I think we're just going to go straight into food because we're going out for dinner tonight we don't want to have a massive meal we'll probably have beef tonight we probably will have this menu yeah so we're going to just do a bit of a mix and match so we're going to do the tomatoes and the salmon from the starters and then we're going to get the breadboard each and we're just going to share it all I've got the Sam then's got the Rosé cheers amazing it's really nice that's what I think I yours that's nice isn't it yeah also I definitely ordered a full glass of wine was so much real [Music] estate can we get an ice cream on the way back yeah no we need to ride back to the beach no you know it's bad when broen doesn't want to go somewhere for ice cream yeah it was hard it was really hard it was a lot harder than I expected I thought it'd be nice and leely I had this vision of my hair blowing in the wind really OD it was really hard work it was a workout so fancy I was wearing high heels beautiful FL dresses they have the cycle here did they designer handbags I honestly feel very Outlet we're eating bread and some salads yeah because we cycled here we're athletes these people aren't athletes like we are we started here all the way along fine fine fine fine we got to the bridge and this is where we stopped so we went up here we stopped here realized we weren't on the right road so I took us back but instead of taking us back on here I took us back down here realized about here I was like oh no and then this was the biggest steepest bit was a and instead of I was like oh we're back on Queen's Drive took us down here this wasn't too bad actually was it no it was and back on here and then but that was an absolute K this View Road was when you had your break when I had a breakdown here this this is mean steep that's Steepy steep so that's like a small steep that's a big Steepy Steep and then along here and then that's where are we now right over here this is the vineyard here right we've got our breads I actually don't know what breads they are I know we've got a Sourdough in there oh and these are cheese sticks and some fancy butter oh my goodness look at this this is the tomatoes with the the mozzarella this the little CET and then over here we've got the salmon with the avocado sauce melon B oh my gosh it looks absolutely Divine and then a puffed rice Crumpet a crumpet we've just finished our meal that was gorgeous wasn't it absolutely Divine I know it's obvious but it's just so fresh and just taste light and taste yeah really good that was definitely fine dining for us yeah and I'm glad we just did a couple of starters to sharing some bread that's all we needed it was very expensive it was 125 New Zealand Dollars which is about £62 but obviously we did get a glass of wine each I think that's all right it was $16 for the gratuiti and $5 for a piece a piece of butter right let's go then we are probably about halfway No No 3 quarters oh we're over halfway okay great yeah we've done 20 km of 24 km a that is music to my ears um but we've just come onto a path we've been on quite a lot of Road and this seems like a nice path for us B [Music] yeah oh my gosh we made it it's been a busy few days you know like that was a lot today we're fully like Planes Trains and Automobiles today we had the ferry we had the bikes we had the scooters we did the lime scooters on the way back because it's quite a hill really did enjoy it but I will say those electric bikes they're not the same as ones I've previously done don't mistake them for like bike mopeds you have to do you have to do like 90% of the cycling it just helps you you'll never having until a really push which is great I I found it I like I was bloming push I I said I think your bike was like not quite there careful as yours if you want an easier route take the South Road to the furest point and then come back because that's a lot less hilly isn't it the North Route is very hilly but the views and the beaches are stunning they're definitely the best beaches and viewed I would I also think it might be worth having a second Rock sa with with the tows and bikini to be honest next time to W in the SE if we do it again I think we'd go to the beach we yeah we'd probably cycle again but we'd go we'd go to the beach cuz the beaches are stunning we are all dressed up and ready for Valentine's dinner as I said we're going to the top of the sky tower to a restaurant called orbit and including in our ticket is the access to the area I don't know the it must be a viewing point of some [Music] description [Music] good morning everyone it's Thursday our last full day and we are taking you to the zoo and to the museum the what is the museum actually called I Zoo Orland Museum just Orland Museum nice and simple okay there we go so that's our plans for today and then this evening we're going to come back have a lowkey evening pack up and organize all our stuff haven't quite planned food places apart from we wanted to go back to Federal for breakfast this morning the two main reasons for going to each place was that the Orland zoo is one of the only places in the world that has kiwi birds in a specific um kiwi house in a kiwi house um and ockland museum has a lot of stuff on the Anzac the the Australians and new zealands that fought in the wars and also they have a traditional um replica of a Maui Village and what it would have looked like we both thought it was important to sort of learn a little bit more about the history and just sort of yeah immerse ourselves and educate ourselves we obviously New Zealand and and they're obviously the founding peoples of New Zealand so it's important to respect their culture yeah the Heritage and things like that so that is what we're going to be doing today very excited so let's take you along my little exploring outfit of the day today got a little tennis skirt on from Target t-shirt from Roxy My Adidas ultra light Boo the pink version cuz I have them in white too and my bum bag is from away the same people as my luggage we've got green cheese bagel for Bene the bagel from B yeah and I've got Jan Bagel which I'm going to have after my actual breakfast this is a side side dish we're hungry today here's the second part of our breakfast we've got the smoked salmon potato with a poached egg looks amazing very happy about this we just finished our breakfast at Federal again and it was so nice I think I enjoyed it more today yeah that was that potato egg combo with the creeme fresh like a rosty wasn't it yeah it was amazing I feel like we might be back there again tomorrow and the bagel oh was delicious has been perfect rooms nice great positioning and also good food around it as well two great restaurants right next door yeah brilliant so now we are about to jump in an Uber to take us to the zoo which I'm very excited about cuz I really want to see a kiwi bird that's like high priority is it not to go and look at pins before we do the zoo yes because we get a pin after we've seen the animals our favorite animal we've already got a kiwi pin don't forget two of [Music] them I can see the and a zra oh my God look at the ostrich massive I think it's an ostrich if it's black and white I think I st it [Music] look there's the ostage over there zebra obviously Jass oh my gosh it's so beautiful room stunning it's huge oh look at the baby one bench look at the baby oh my gosh it's tiny a look at us sit down look a little bit too much for him look how close yes we are there's no zoom on this whatsoever look at all the Seas off the tree this is [Music] amazing so the lighter colored brown ones uh females you see the black and white one over there yeah the darker one male ah these are girls pretty girls so funny that he's got a little hole he looking for ants or bugs look yeah jaing how funny nah I'm obsessed I'm absolutely obsessed this could be my new favorite animal ever this is incredible oh my goodness giraffes patterns I like fingerprints no one the same [Music] [Applause] a look at the Le day lay Bend have you seen this inside a box of theirs with their eggs like that it's got multi [Music] stories they normally have elephants here but they've moved them I don't think there's any elephants here right now elant be part of a and because it's j fale they moved to tangoo which was is in Sydney yeah oh my goodness look how close we are you a foot away [Music] there he is majestic oh wow oh look there's another one coming over the hill it's really wise but yeah this is my land he looks like a professor oh jungle cruise Jungle Cruise there's the little boat that's how you get on it's time for the kiwi birds this is animals that are native the New Zealand newal yeah New Zealand has no natural predators that would be able to kill a human no poisonous snakes no poisonous spiders yeah nothing no in the wild obviously there's some in air [Music] yeah I was so excited we were just saying how lovely and quiet it is yeah really peaceful we only paid £4 each for this so it's $58 for us both which is so good I think it's slightly cheaper if you book online Rogan's been taking the mix apparently I have like gains of inflection at the end of my sentences you have he has and we let the other down at tour great it's going to get worse in Australia just saying it's wonderful beautifully laid out loads of space really quiet like there's hardly anyone around us things that are open as well so you're not behind glass yeah I like that and it was very good very [Music] money I was just taking the Mi and saying oh look there's one up there I thinking it was like a an A Rang of Tong thinking fake but it really I was worried that they were um cables but no that's for them so cool there's one up there on the third Tower long as well me I've never seen anything neither have I I want to be on r h look at him go he's so hairy what blows my mind is that this is fully open so like they're obviously not coming near us but they're open there's no like glass or anything keeping them in it's crazy up there they want to be I wonder if at night they just fully roam the whole zo yeah oh look how little that one is too yeah what did she say his name was Charlie no it be with be Bary Charlie and Bary yes I can stay all day too look a this is one of the coolest things in any of the that we been to yeah for sure oh that's so cute oh look at them they're little sea puppies oh no they're so cute River PS oh might be quite high up on my I wish I was water in the sea quite a lot in the water yeah from swimming always got mates haven't they yeah oh my God he's found his Ice Cube oh it's slippy he got bits of frozen fish in it I don't know oh he's eating it yeah oh yeah look there's food in there bench look look oh he's taking the whole thing look oh that is so so stinking cute looking them together oh God it's pretty hot outside so I wanted an ice cream and I got my mint chop chip cuz it's my favorite it's just what I wanted and Benji here you got to go for goody gun drops and you didn't go for it he went for goodie gun drops let me see so it's got like actual bits of sweets in it sweets yeah amazing though just casually walking down and there's an emu here oh Ben look how cute little T hi darling it's right here we are heading out now the heat is intense and we're going to cool it cuz we've had a good time we've seen a lot of animals and we've got an ice cream we literally missed one corner yeah done most of it% of it but feeling a little warm so we're going to leave but I was just saying to B I think that might be the best zoo we've ever been to and the most like zoo with the most room for Animals as well yeah every everyone every everyone seems like they've got enough room in their enclosure and yeah yeah amazing loved it absolutely loved it yeah I loved it too really glad we did it there are no pins but there is an adorable little arut Tang which I'm sorry but I think we need to bring this home with us spent like 20 25 minutes just staring at them we do have another one here which is more of a brown I think I like this one it hasn't got plastic eyes all right we've arrived we jumped in an Uber and you cannot appreciate it but this building is incredible I'm hoping we can film it from further away the opposite side is like it almost look like the White House yeah I feel like when we've vlogged museums before they never ever do this we can never really yeah show you everything we'll show you a little bit we're starting here with the stories of ockland and we're going to have a little look [Music] around [Music] [Applause] [Music] oh that's what our tour guy was telling us about what's this bird called m m that's it look at its feet mive [Music] wow we have just come out of the museum and we've come out the other side and is beautiful here we go look at this it's absolutely incredible that was so interesting wasn't it enjoyed that we enjoyed that can't believe how talented the the mai were carving and and even weaving as well like some of the baskets are so well so orate yeah it was amazing there was so much there all of the animals the floor and fora the dinosaurs and fossils found yeah the war there was loads in there you could spend hours in there couldn't you but it was really good to see it and I'm really glad we did it yeah me too and see the amazing building as well yeah stunning right time to do a little bit of stocking up before the cruise we've got a little shopping list so we've come to a bigger one down in ponson be the supermarkets here are amazing there's so much fresh food there's a whole seller for wine and then they have all their bulk food like this so cool oh the international section is pulling through for us guys cuz we absolutely love Robinson's they don't have fruit and barley but we can make dude do you want summer fruits I mean I was going to say should we get black black Curr Apple black current and just in case you're curious what other things they have they have beans they have Jammy Dodgers a few chocolatey things they actually sell cab here so don't really need that but yeah there's a few bits I mean it's a bit random but I'm very happy they have squash we have been trying tim tams I have had them before but I've got the coconut and the normal ones I've just spotted they have white they're nice I wouldn't say they're anything groundbreaking though we have just got back from our little shopping adventure for the afternoon we got some Pepsi Maxs some water bottles and some snacks and a few other Essentials that we needed that we purposely didn't pack so we always dedicated this slot in our schedule to do that so now I need to spend the afternoon reorganizing stuff making sure that all the cases are back where they were when I originally packed them and then this evening we're actually going to eat back downstairs at Depot where we ate on the first day and had the steak and potato skins so we're having the same meal cuz it was so good and we don't have to go far and you know walk anywhere or pay for a taxi so that's what we're doing for dinner and I'm going to end the Vlog here I hope you've enjoyed this mega long ockland Vlog the next one you see will be embarcation day so tomorrow we get on board the ship we're going to show you our room tour and how we've organized the cabin and and maybe show you around the ship a little bit and our first night on board which will be very exciting so thank you so much if you got this far please leave a friendly comment below make sure you subscribe so you don't miss the other Vlogs we have coming up we still have a bit more of New Zealand to explore so you'll see that in part two and then we head on off to Australia so thank you for watching and we'll see you again in the next ones [Music] bye [Music] p

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