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Pakistan ... Iran ... One of the reasons why I like this mall is that they have installed a big screen. Looks like we have Knights Templars among us.

Where's Messi? Where's Messi? May be tomorrow. I actually feel bad for the English fans. I mean even the dancing girl has no one around. Assalam Alekum Everyone and Welcome Back to the Channel from Doha, Qatar. Wa Alekum Salam I have just started my vlog. Can I make you a part of this vlog? I hope you won't mind.

No issues at all. How are you? I watch your videos everyday. We have been waiting since Palestine. We watched you when you were in Saudi Arabia... We watched all the videos. She has been pushing since yesterday that she wants to meet you. I just got here and met you.

Believe me I go to metro everyday in hopes of meeting you. And I was wondering why I can't meet you. Well... you have finally met me.

I'm so glad to see you. May Allah give you more success. I'm so overwhelmed by your love, guys. Wherever I go, I meet someone.

Thank you all. I'm in Mall of Qatar right now. It's one of the biggest and most beautiful malls in Qatar. Especially its middle section. They have grown plants and artificial grass there and have set up a beautiful courtyard. There's some sort of a music festival happening there.

Since there is a great influx of tourists these days, they have set it up for them. I'm standing in what looks like a massive food court. You'll find other normal shops down there. I'll not go into too many details. Will just give you an overview.

We are gonna focus on today's game now. And let me tell you which game are we going to watch today. I hope you can see my Chelsea shirt. Here we have Faisal with us.

He has brought karak for us. Actually karak is quite a famous beverage here. It's actually another name for tea. Not just Pakistanis and Indians but even Arabs seem to be too fond of karak tea.

There was a shop here so we thought to try their karak tea. After that we'll just leave. More details to follow.

Iran.. Iran.. Saudi... Saudi... Saudi and Iran... We are friends now. Pakistan Iran and Pakistan Pakistan... Karachi... Islamabad...

In Sha Allah... In Sha Allah... One of the reasons why I like this mall is that they have installed big screen. They air football matches on these screens.

So you can enjoy your meal or just sit and relax here and can enjoy the game as well. In this regard, this is a great place. We are sitting outside the Mall of Qatar. Faisal has brought something. Please open it and show us.

His family lives here but his mother has arrived from Pakistan recently. They have especially prepared these 'Alu k parathay' for me. (Pakistani bread with potato stuffing) They must have noticed that I don't get to eat home made food these days. A lot of thanks to you for this kind gesture. And there's some pickle as well. What? Pickle.

Yes. I forgot to mention that. So, we are gonna sit in front of this mall and eat these parathas with karak. And then we'll go to the Al Bayt stadium to watch the game. It's England vs USA. Let's eat our meal now and then we'll leave.

It's gonna be an hour before we get there. Thank you very much guys. Where are you guys from? Islamabad. We are from Islamabad. Supporting both teams? Yep.

We have reached the stadium. Almost 90 minutes early. Thus we are enjoying the pre-match atmosphere. Mostly I reach a little late. Reaching early, we can capture the different activities happening here. While enjoying the atmosphere.

I'm not a supporter of any of the two teams playing here. Just here to see a good game. I'm wearing this Chelsea shirt because I'm a Chelsea fan.

And Chelsea players are playing in both the teams. One of the teams has Pulisic and the other one has Mason Mount. So, we'll support both the teams. For me, one of the biggest reasons to come to this game is you guys. I have a huge audience base in UK and USA.

I'm capturing this match for you, guys. I haven't come to meet you yet. I'm trying to make up for it by being here to watch this match. We'll definitely visit UK and USA whenever we get a chance.

We are gonna roam around here for a bit and then we'll enter the stadium. Here's Bilal. Are you from India or ...? Bangladesh.

He was telling me that he watches my videos quite eagerly. Thank you Bilal. You are gonna be in our next vlog. Al Bayt stadium is the stadium where the opening ceremony took place. I was here at the ceremony and shared it with you as well.

I'm afraid you won't be able to see its tent shaped structure right now. You'll see it during the day. I discussed the stadium in detail in my opening ceremony vlog. That's why I'm not gonna go into details. I'll just show you fans today. These are some US fans.

Look at them. They are in their unique costumes. English fans are more in number. However, the USA fans are not too lesser in number. Because it's not the main sport of these countries. A country where they say 'Soccer' instead of 'Football'....

That speaks volumes. That's just how things are. We'll see if Soccer Team can defeat Football team, this evening. We also have some Knights Templars. Saudis have joined them as well.

Everyone's here. Where's Messi? Where's Messi? May be tomorrow. It's Messi. Argentina... Argentina... I find this section of the stadium to be the most beautiful. They have made a walk way.

Those with second floor tickets can go there directly from the parking lot. But I think it's especially for the VIPs. Some media guy told me on the other night.

So, they can directly enter the stadium. Everyone else will be here. It's quite a color atmosphere.

On the outer side of this stadium, you will only see the red color in this section. Black and white are the main colors. The interior is red. So this is the only red section in the exterior of the stadium. And this is the traditional campfire monument in front of the stadium.

We are standing outside the stadium with Jasim. It was really nice to meet you. He watches all my videos and he has talked about that in detail. Here's Rizwan from Islamabad. Jasim is from Peshawar but lives here for some time now. They were saying that they will arrange the tickets of Poland vs Saudi Arabia match.

Consider it done. Many of you were asking me about how I get the tickets. FIFA has a resale platform.

I look for tickets there; sometimes I get them sometimes not. On the day of the game, those who are not going to the stadium, sell it there. Their system is refreshed around 3 in the morning. And that's your chance of getting a ticket. I keep looking for tickets there. Sometimes it can take 2 to 3 hours.

Today's ticket took 2 hours to find but eventually I did get the ticket. If nobody arranges tomorrow's ticket... I don't really depend on anybody. I'll try to find it the same as this one.

This is a category 2 ticket that costs 170 dollars. A category 3 ticket costs 70 dollars. Category 1 is the most expensive. You can get it for 230 dollars. Let's get in now. That's exactly where we need to be; Gate 15. It's almost game time and we have a game to watch.

The interior of the stadium is really amazing. On the basis of design, I find this one and the Lusail stadium to be the best. This is the drinks area. You can see that it's not crowded at all. There aren't any queues.

This space gets packed during half time. There are hardly a few people at the moment. Assalam Alekum Abrar How are you? I'm a big fan of yours. Thank you very much. What's your name? Muhammad Zubair. Thank you very much Zubair. We are not at a bad spot at all; much closer to the ground.

The game is in a rather tight situation. I'm sitting with an Arsenal supporter. In front of me is a Sikh guy who is cursing in Punjabi.

And there are more English guys on this side. I haven't seen more cursing in any game before. The game is at a very interesting point. I expected England to have scored at least a couple of goals by now. But the US team has not let them do that. Only one ball has managed to go as far as hitting the post and that was by US.

We are almost 35 minutes into the game. All of them are English fans and are sitting very close to the pitch. It's my first experience of watching a game, sitting so close to the ground. The view from here is great. Secondly, you get a chance to truly enjoy the atmosphere. Man... the English fans know how to curse.

I mean look at their age. It's not just the young ones but the old ones as well. The US supporters are sitting on the side. So far, England has played so poorly that their fans don't know what to do. They are booing their own team.

Game over, guys. England has shown such a poor game. I'm actually feeling sorry for the English fans.

They need to look into it. They hit 7 goals in the previous match. Can't really remember if it was 5 or 7....

As for today's game, it got really boring. It's gonna be the last time I came to see an England match. I'm not gonna go to any of their matches in future. But I actually wanted to do some footage from this game to show you all. Talking about fans, I think the English fans are the cruelest.

I think it was my first time to come see England's match. I may know some other ones. Also, its' the first time that I sat near some hooligan type fans. Let's go out now and see how's the atmosphere there.

Even the atmosphere outside the stadium seems dull tonight. Nothing special to be seen. Look at the US fans with their drums and other musical instruments.

I've just met these guys. Are you from Mumbai? Yes. And our young friend here, Muhammad, was really excited to see me. It was nice to meet you Ahmad.

Thank you so much. Thank you very much. Remember me in your prayers. Allah Hafiz England played so poorly that there is no one standing by their cheering tent.

Honestly, in all the previous games, there used to be such huge crowds around the two tents. Well just now a few fans have arrived. But if we turn around, there's a crowd around the US tent. The difference is quite visible. We can see a Palestinian flag as well. That looks like some Palestinian fans group.

Let's get out of here now. Gonna take 45 minutes or so. As I have previously told that this stadium is a little far from the city. But we came here on Faisal's car. We are gonna fly out of here. By the way, there wasn't much traffic when we came here. The tourists normally prefer traveling by their buses. I think we'll be in the city before an hour.

Gonna do something about our dinner. And yes. Many of you are asking about any plans of a meetup. It's a little tough for now because I'm recording, editing and uploading videos every day. Gonna be really difficult to get time for a meetup. In our last meetup, there were so many people.

That made me think about it. Such a meetup should be at the proper place. So if there is a proper arrangement, I can find out time for that. Otherwise I keep posting my stories on Instagram regularly. If you see me somewhere randomly, you are most welcome to come and say Hi.

Even today, I met many people in the stadium. They followed my stories on Instagram and used my camera angle to locate me. What are we having for dinner, Faisal? Shawarma? We are gonna try a very famous Turkish shwarma; Kofta Shwarma. We are having Kofta Shwarma in our dinner.

The Fans Cabins are full. Almost 12 thousand people live here. There's no accommodation available anymore since last 3 to 4 days. They are not even extending any stays.

Even now, you see a lot of people coming in. This sitting place is awesome. We can sit here quite comfortably in the evening.

But during the day, it's impossible to sit here and watch any game, under the sun. That's one problem for sure. Faisal showed them what we got for our dinner.

We are gonna sit here, eat kebabs and enjoy this evening. Hopefully you must have liked this vlog. And if you did, don't forget to Like, Subscribe and Share. We are gonna enjoy our night. See you soon in our next vlog. Allah Hafiz

2022-11-30 05:16

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