Nepal || Best Hotel,Budget Route,Visa,Sim,Currency,transport etc || Nepal part 1

Nepal  || Best Hotel,Budget Route,Visa,Sim,Currency,transport etc ||  Nepal part 1

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I want to tell you something about Nepal. All the Indian citizens doesn't require a Visa. You have to be very careful if you are coming to Nepal. You have to bring the currency below 100 INR. That is 100, 50, 20. I have received the Nepal currency. This is Nepali Rashtra Bank. Shashi has come here to pick me up. She is the marketing manager at Soaltee hotel.

You are very beautiful. -Thank you so much. Thank you so much. Happy Holi to you also. Is this Nepal tradition? -Yes. Nepali people are very calm and cool.

Many Nepalese are living in India. Many of you ask me this question. If we are going out of India for the first time, which country should we go to? It should be very easy and it should not be very expensive. There is a very beautiful country next to India, Nepal. Where people are very friendly and soft-hearted just like the country. 1 Jyotirling is also there in Nepal.

Sita Mata's birthplace Janakpuri is also there in Nepal. Mahatma Budh's birth place Lumbini is also there in Nepal. In the world's 10 tallest mountains, eight Mountains are there in Nepal. Mount Everest which is the tallest Mountain in world, is also there in Nepal.

For hiking and trekking this place is heaven. Wait for a minute, Not only this. The nightlife and the casinos are nowhere less compared to any other country. Greetings! I am Manoj Malhotra, today we are going to our very beautiful neighbouring country, Nepal.

Some of the Africa videos are still left, I am going to upload that after the Nepal series. Nepal people. Won't you welcome me? I have read a lot of comments.

People tell it doesn't feel like we are watching your video. When we are watching your videos, it feels like we are travelling with you. It is because I always start the video from our state and country. We will reach out to other countries giving all the information. Now, we are going to start our journey from my home state, Delhi.

We are going to start from Indira Gandhi Airport terminal 3. We are going to take the Indigo flight. It will depart at 7:40 a.m. We will reach Kathmandu, Nepal within 2 hours. It is the capital city of Nepal and also the biggest city in Nepal.

Check-in and immigration is over. Now, I am going towards my boarding Gate. As you might know, at the check-in Indians don't require a passport to visit the country. If you don't have a passport, only a voter ID is valid. A driving licence, Aadhar card or pan card is not valid to go to Nepal. They did not ask any questions at the immigration counter. At the check-in counter, they asked my covid certificate and my Id card.

Only a voter ID card and passport are valid to go to Nepal. The distance between Delhi and Kathmandu airport by air is 800 km. 1200 km by road.

There is no direct train to Kathmandu from Delhi. You will get buses to Nepal from. Ambedkar Stadium, Majnu Ka Tilla And Sarojini Nagar. It will go to Kathmandu from the Saloni border. You will reach Kathmandu within 14 hours. The bus fare will be more than 3000 INR. 15 to 20 buses go to Nepal daily from Delhi.

These buses are there from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. If you want to come by train, you will get a train only to Gorakhpur. You have to take a bus to the Saloni border. After reaching Nepal, you have to take another bus to reach Kathmandu. It is not a convenient option. If you want to go to Nepal by car or bike Indian registered vehicles get entry to Nepal for 1 month.

You have to pay 500 INR for customs duties. If you want to stay for more than the specified time, you have to inform the Nepal customs. Otherwise, you would have to pay a large amount of fine. Your vehicle might get seized. If you want to go to any area which is near the border for one day, you will get a day pass for a vehicle.

It is valid. You have to come back on the same day. You have to have to return the pass to the Nepal Customs Officer. Excluding the Uttar Pradesh Saloni border, you can go to Nepal from Uttarakhand, West Bengal, Sikkim and Bihar by road. We boarded the flight. The time is 7:56 a.m. It was announced that we will reach Kathmandu within 1 hour 20 minutes.

Let's see what is the time taken. This is Indigo Air Bus 320. I had come to Nepal in 2009. At the time, the condition of Nepal was very bad. Electricity was not there in Nepal for 7 hours.

Now, as I can see there are solar panels on all the building terraces. The time is 9:40 a.m. The flight has landed. At Tribhuvan International Airport.

Tribhuvan Bir Bikram Shah Dev. The airport is named after an ancient king. The flight landing was informed at 9:00 a.m. Landing permission was not given, The flight was in the air for 30 minutes.

The flight has landed, Now, we will go out of the aircraft. No one asked for water in this 1 hour 30 minutes flight. No one asked about food and water. This flight cost me 12,800 INR. You get flights to Nepal within 6,000 one-way. I had to pay 12,800 because today is the 6th of March 2023.

Nepal celebrates Holi on 6th March. Tribhuvan Bir Bikram Shah Dev was the king of Nepal from 1911 to 1950 There was a monarchy in Nepal from 1768 to 2008. In these 240 years of monarchy, from 1996 to 2006 there was a civil war in Nepal. Monarchy was ended in Nepal. Gyanendra Shah was the king of Nepal till 2008. After entering the airport they checked my covid vaccination certificate.

You have to keep your covid vaccination certificate. Try to get a printout. It would be very difficult to show up on the phone. We have crossed the Nepal immigration.

Nepal visa is free for Indians. Nepal doesn't have any restrictions on Indian staying in Nepal. You can stay in Nepal till your last breath. There is nothing to pay for it.

I would like to thank Nepal Government and Nepal people. Custom checking is going on. They are searching all The Peoples bag which is coming from India. They talked with me very politely.

Everybody has their own identity. They asked me, 'From where did you come?' I told, 'Delhi' He told me to go. Checking is going on. I don't know why they are doing. People might bring some items from Delhi. His name is Aakash, he was my co-passenger. He told me a lot of things. He told me to take Ncell Sim.

Thank you, brother. We have passed the custom Gates. This is the money exchange. There is a taxi service and this is a sim card counter. Aakash told me to take Ncell Sim.

Let's take the SIM. 500 and 2000 notes won't work. 200 notes will also not work. We have to fill out this form while taking the SIM card.

You have to have the photo. You will be charged an extra 50 if you don't have the photo. 200, 500, 2000 notes won't work. 100, 50 and 20 notes will work. These are the plans for Ncell Sim. For 7 days 10GB of data. 500 Nepali rupees, talk time is 80 minutes. 1 INR is equal to 1.7 INR.

100 INR is equal to 170 Nepali Rupees. You can take the plans according to your requirement. You can take the data according to your requirement. You can take the data according to your requirement. You have to bring currency only below 100. 100, 50 and 20 notes. 200, 500 and 2000 notes won't work here.

They are facing this problem because they have notes of 500. They are not accepting notes of 500. This note is damaged. Give me another note. Remove the rubberband softly.

Thank you. -Welcome sir. I have received this Nepal currency. This is Nepal Rastra Bank, 100. Indian currency will work in Nepal. So, there is no need to exchange the money. I am going towards my hotel. I have booked the Soaltee hotel. It is a five-star property.

You can book a hotel from 500 INR to 15,000 INR. The City Centre is Thamel. It is 7 km far from the airport. We will reach the City Centre within 30 minutes. The airport is very near to the city. I feel tired when the airport is far away from the city. Now, we are going outside the airport.

After coming out, there is a taxi, tourist, police service and Nepal Tourism Board. There is a prepaid taxi service to go to the city from the airport. How much should I pay for Thamel? -What is the name of the hotel or the street? I want to go to Champa. 850 Nepali, 550 Indian. You can reach Thamel with 550 INR. It is the city centre of Kathmandu. This is the line for the lift.

Don't wait for the lift if you don't have time. We will go down through the escalator. We are going outside Kathmandu airport. Many ATMs have been kept here.

Welcome to Nepal. This is the view outside the airport. Is it the government taxi? -Where do you want to go? Thamel -How much is the price? I want to go to Champa. -1200 1200 Nepali, 800 INR. He is asking for 800. Inside they were asking for 550.

This is the board. Nobody is standing here, I will take this board and go. Somebody should have come to pick me up. Namaste sir. How are you, sir -Everything is great. The hotel staff has come here to pick me up. You are very late.

I was inside the airport. It took some time. What is your name? -Bola. How are you? -Welcome to Nepal.

Thank you so much. -Happy Holi. Thank you, same to you. Let's go. I am sorry, I was late. -No, it's totally fine.

Shashi has come here to pick me up. She is the marketing manager at Soaltee hotel. You are very beautiful. -Thank you. The official name of Nepal is The federal Democratic Republic of Nepal.

It is a landlocked country in South Asia. It has an area of 147,516 km square. Nepal is the world's 93rd-largest country by land mass.

The population of Nepali is 3 crore 9 lahks. Nepal is the 49th largest populated country. People living in Nepal are called Nepali.

81% of people follow Hinduism. 9% follow Buddhism, and 4% follow Islam. 2% follow Christianity and other ethnic groups. Kathmandu is the capital city of Nepal and also the biggest city in Nepal. The official language is Nepali.

Other than 123 languages, Hindi is also spoken in Nepal. Nepali currency is Nepali Rupee. 100 INR is equal to 170 Nepali Rupees. The country code of Nepal is 977. Nepal is 15 minutes ahead of Indian time. In an emergency, the Police number is 100.

Thank you so much, Happy Holi to you also. Is this Nepal tradition? -Yes sir. Thank you so much Soaltee hotel. The first impression is very good. Let's go and see our room. This is a very good hotel on my first impression. I was searching for hotels and there are no expensive hotels in Nepal.

I like it, this is Soaltee hotel. An event is being conducted in this hotel. Due to the holi event, I liked this hotel. I mailed the hotel staff and they replied.

I talked with Sashi. She talked with me and told me about the tariff. She also give a discount. If you want to come to the Soaltee hotel, you can mail them.

You can take a very good tariff plan. You can get a very good discount. The price for one night is 150 dollars. It is the 13,000 INR.

They gave me a discount. You might get a very good discount if you directly talk to them. This is the event. Ritu Pathak is going to attend the the event, she is a very famous Bollywood singer. The entry price for this is 8,000 NPR for a single and 15000 NPR for a couple. Guests are going to come. -Yes sir.

These people are very calm and cool. Many Nepalis are living in India. I am enjoying here. I have just talked with two or four people.

They are talking in a very good manner. Guests are coming. -Yes sir. Give me this bag. -No worries, I will carry this. This is a Nepali dress right? -This cap is a Nepali cap. I will also take a cap. As I told you, Holi event is going to be conducted here.

That is why I booked this hotel. We are going towards the room. Greetings. -Hello, how are you?

We are fine, how are you? -I am good. In all the good hotel, everyone greets you. I am using this camera. I am using GoPro this time. Everybody asked me which camera I am using. I was using DJI pocket 2, now I am using GoPro.

Because this is very easy to operate. What is your name? -Shyam. Tea, coffee, kettle and water. This is a washroom.

The sliding door is good. The outside area will not get wet. This is a very useful mirror. Iron and iron rod. This is a very useful locker. There is also a mini fridge.

This door is locked. They have locked this for safety reasons. You cannot open this because this is locked. The event is going to start. I had ordered lemon tea. Complimentary fruits and biscuits have been given with tea.

What is your name? -Rosmah hosen. Thank you Soaltee hotel, thank you Shashi madam. You gave a reply to my emails and I am getting very good hospitality here. Happy Holi sir. -Happy Holi to you also.

Thank you so much, sir. Keep it here. This was the journey from Delhi to Kathmandu. You have to keep these two things in your mind. Nothing will work other than a passport and voter ID. If you think driving licence, PAN card and Aadhar card will work in Nepal, that's not right. Only voter ID and passport are valid to come to Nepal.

You should bring a currency which is below a hundred. Don't bring 200, 500 and 2000. Some people will take it in the market, but they don't accept it easily. They will tear you your money or give it less value.

You should bring notes of 100, 50 and 20. Now, we will go to the event. Till then I will take a leave. We will meet in the next video with Nepal Holi.

Till then take care of yourself. Namaste Shukriya, Jai Hind.

2023-03-12 12:35

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