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Peace, mercy and blessings of God Welcome to a new video on Ibn Batta channel This is the video that I have been waiting for I've been making this museum video for a long time This could be one of the reasons for my delay in starting the channel But thank God you are now watching the video I would like to thank you first and tell you that we have crossed 100 subscribers on the channel and I would like to thank you more for your messages of support and encouragement I don't know what to say, these messages gave me a warm inside Very beautiful messages of encouragement, appreciation and support I want to describe to you the amount of love that I have for you I thank you very much I will try to describe my feeling to you that I make videos for you that you like I will always make you watch the things you love to watch Since the 20th of Ramadan, I have been suffering from a severe cold Sorry for the delay Thank God I did a corona test and the result was negative But it's a bad cold, and it shows in my voice But, God willing, I called the work and told them that I could not go Because I have been working since Ramadan 20 and I think I will recover Hisham 1: But obviously I have to stay home, Hisham 2: Hello, uncle ghost Hisham 2: I wish you a speedy recovery These people will wait for you a lot? what happened These people have been waiting for this video for a long time Hisham 2: Are you going to talk a lot? Enter the video directly Hisham 1: Ok, done Hisham 2: let's go, Hisham 1: let's go Peace, mercy and blessings of God be upon you. We have now arrived at Icheon station in Subway which houses the National Museum of Korea We will pass through the first external entrance to the museum Let's get to the Egyptian room that we came to make a video for today As we can see, this square is prepared for relaxation and rest from the fatigue of visiting the museum Or enjoy the beautiful view and take some pictures There is a restaurant on the left and on the right here this lake You will find this kind of small lake in many visiting places Enjoy the view of water, fish and air and create a kind of psychological comfort The view of the fish is so wonderful that you don't want to leave it and go far But I have to go inside because there is a friend waiting for me inside Here is a map so you know where you are and where you want to reach This is the main building This is a children's sub-building Here, children can enjoy the experience of using their five senses Here is another map to know where you are And if there are children with you, You can reach them quickly Now we entered through the main door On the right are the queries to ask anything you want Here is the gate that reveals prohibited items Welcome to the National Museum of Korea Here we find the main corridor inside the building map again They use a beautiful way to make maps and use different materials Here are instructions for the content of the first, second and third levels And here is something beautiful that we will see a lot Projector on the wall showing some details Describes how the country was during the four seasons of the year Let's go ahead and have a look Below is an overview of the contents of all three floors We are going to find my friend Youseef I don't want him to get angry We are still here on the ground floor and I met my friend Youssef We walk here to see what's here on the ground floor And here is this beautiful shop where you can get souvenirs and gifts If you want to buy a gift or surprise someone with something beautiful Here are very beautiful pieces Here is a large artifact placed in the main corridor Let's get acquainted with the contents of the first floor We will find prehistoric and ancient history rooms and gallery Medieval history exhibition And modern day exhibition Second floor exhibition of pieces donated to the museum There are people who donated some pieces that have passed a great period of time and are considered antiques Donate it to the museum for all to see This is in addition to paintings and manuscripts Third floor sculpture and handicraft and world art gallery Now I was going to make a mistake and get up from the place I got off Haste is a bad thing this is a small restsit place here is also a beautiful touch screen You can touch the image of any piece and you will see details about it let's try This is me and my friend Youssef Lovely Let's try this screen too No, this screen is not touch This is another place to rest but the screen is not touch This is the third round Here is the big shock Since I met my friend Youssef and we are looking for the Egyptian room because I didn't remember where exactly it is He was telling me it might have been removed, he was joking And we suddenly discovered that the room had been removed This room was opened with the International Art Gallery On December 16, 2019 The Egyptian Chamber was removed after its opening within the International Art Gallery And a review of the contents of the room, which came from the Brooklyn Museum in the United States Glory be to God I came here and made videos and the videos disappeared from the phone I come back now to make new videos and find the room removed after three years I felt that this is a sign Since the sun perpendicular to my face When I was waiting for my turn to get my name in ancient Egyptian writing on the screen I feel like something is up and that's a sign This is my name in ancient Egyptian writing I don't know is it possible to save it or not And because what happened is not a real tragedy, I will take it as a comic With paper and pen You slapped me 100 slaps I saw in you suffering I learned who was wronged With paper and pen You slapped me 100 slaps I saw in you suffering I learned who was wronged Why does a foreigner come to you? you know how to make peace with him And you install a wooden face and turn on those who is from you Do you know the blackness of honey? This is what you have come to Tell me how you keep going And all this happened to you O country stubborn itself Oh everything and vice versa How with the end of my patience? I still see hope in you Why is a foreigner coming to you, you know how to reconcile with him? And you install the wooden face and turn against who is from you kicks you out while cuddling you This is what is making you crazy A country you don't know if you live in it or if it lives in you Steal and lend you unfair to you and also fair to you How in your lap do we clump while you are like this? Sorry, we have to take a tour with the rest of the contents inside the museum This means that we will enter the Central Asian Chamber We enter the Japan room We will try to enter the China room We will take a quick look and hope you like the video God willing I will try to add some clips that I sent to friends before they disappeared from my phone I'll show you some of the things I saved This is the Central Asian Chamber Once again, the wall projector is great It shows you how life evolved and how humans moved from one area to another And civilizations, how did they move and where? This is also a beautiful thing If you want me to make a video for you for each room Because I'm going to walk fast today But if you want us to stand on each piece and talk about its details Write to me in the comments, and God willing, I will make another video for you Each piece has its own explanation But if you stop explaining every piece of this video, it will become four hours If you would like to make a video for each room and we will talk about each piece separately and take our time Each room has four or five videos that we put in this series If you like it, let me know in the comments and we'll see what we can do Now that the Egyptian room has been removed, I can see the people in the rest of the rooms Before, almost all visitors were only inside the Egyptian room After I lost the Egyptian room last time, I took a tour of the rest of the museum I could only see two people next to me Here in this room now two or three are watching the pieces I almost couldn't find them I was really surprised how the Egyptian Chamber has been here three years ago The crowd is still on it and people come to see it only And they don't walk around the rest of the exhibition I spent three or four hours in the past making videos for the Egyptian room and was passing people on my shoulder I'm late because I'm having a hard time making a new video out of the crowd I hope they bring it back and we travel we watch it in Brooklyn The Taj Mahal and the Indian Chamber South Asia Enter the Chinese room Of course we have a background on Chinese culture because we deal with China a lot And we had a lot of Chinese in Egypt To some extent we have a background on them Enter the Japan room Of course we also have a background in Japan and Japanese culture Through our follow-up to Japanese technology for a long time This is what the Japanese house looked like at one time If we look closely, we can say that this is one of the reasons In the progress of these people Namely, they even economized on the space of their homes So that they can focus on the progress and development of their country The whole house is like a room After the United States hit Japan with two nuclear bombs in World War II Japan surrendered and Korea became independent from Japan December 3, 1945 The Joseon Government-General Museum was renamed and reorganized as the National Museum. The National Museum of Korea receives more than 3 million visitors annually It is classified as one of the most visited museums in the world And the most visited in Korea Each artifact has an explanation of the piece in English and Korean April 1946 The Gaeseong City Museum was merged with the Gaeseong Branch of the National Museum. December 1950 The National Folk Museum at Mt. Namsan was renamed the Namsan Branch of the National Museum. October 1954 The National Museum was relocated to its Namsan Branch. The National Museum was severely weakened by the devastation of the Korean War.

Kim Chaewon, the director of the museum, asked President Syngman Rhee to provide an appropriate space for the museum to preserve and exhibit its collections Rhee ordered part of Deoksugung Palace, which had been destroyed during the war, to be repaired and used as the new National Museum which opened to the public in June 1955. June 23, 1955 The National Museum was relocated from Mt. Namsan to Seokjojeon in Deoksugung Palace.

July 24, 1968 The governing authority of the National Museum was transferred from the Ministry of Education to the Ministry of Culture and Public Information. May 1969 The National Museum was reorganized and integrated with the Deoksugung Art Museum. In 1972, twenty-seven years after its inauguration, the National Museum finally took possession of its own building, which was located inside Gyeongbokgung Palace. Designed and built by the Cultural Heritage Administration, the 14,000 square-meter building was constructed as a replica of a national treasure-level wooden building.

The museum was officially renamed “The National Museum of Korea” (國立中央博物館) at this time. August 1972 The National Museum was renamed the “National Museum of Korea” and relocated from Deoksugung Palace to a new building in Gyeongbokgung Palace. All branch museums were reorganized as regional national museums.

December 6, 1978 Gwangju National Museum opened. April 12, 1979 Jinju National Museum opened. November 2, 1984 Jinju National Museum opened.

In 1986, a project began to transform the former Joseon Government- General building into a museum, with an initial investment of KRW 27.7 billion. August 21, 1986 The National Museum of Korea was relocated to the renovated Capitol Building. October 30, 1987 Cheongju National Museum opened. October 26, 1990 Jeonju National Museum opened. October 30, 1992 The National Folk Museum was dismantled and reorganized. August 6, 1993 Buyeo National Museum moved into a new building.

December 7, 1994 Daegu National Museum opened. The NMK’s relocation to the former Joseon General-Government building stirred a considerable amount of controversy, because many Koreans saw that particular building as a symbol of colonialism. December 13, 1996 The National Museum of Korea was relocated to the renovated Social Education Center in Gyeongbokgung Palace. October 31, 1997 The new site of the National Museum of Korea was designated in Yongsan. April 30, 2001 The National Museum of Korea took over the direction of the construction of its new building, replacing the Ministry of Culture and Tourism. June 15, 2001 Jeju National Museum opened.

October 30, 2002 Chuncheon National Museum opened. November 20, 2003 The History Department was added to the National Museum of Korea. May 14, 2004 Gongju National Museum was relocated to a new building.

October 17, 2004 The National Museum of Korea in Gyeongbokgung Palace was closed. December 31, 2004 The National Museum of Korea was officially relocated from Gyeongbokgung Palace to Yongsan. Yangosan has two stations, Yangosan Station and Icheon Station When we came we used the icheon station because it is closer to the entrance But officially it is said that the museum is located in Yangosan District I pray to God that I have brought you good information And you saw something you wanted to see And, God willing, when you come here, you should visit the museum here You will be very happy, God willing In the end, I hope you are happy Do not forget to press like and subscribe to subscribe to the channel And tell your opinion in a comment And share the video Activate the bell button to receive new videos Watch previous videos, watch this video, and wait for the next I love you, I love you And I love you, I miss you I love you and you are the light of my eyes while you take out my eyes i love you to death I got how much I got I found no home but in your hug And I tell you that I yearned loud Time seems to be standing far away from you, not walking It seems you were with me You went away and did not go away in my blood my love and my mom It seems like you're not praying for me And I love you I miss you I love you and you are the light of my eyes while you take my eyes off I love you to death I walked away and what was possible to do? Who chose to expatriate by his hand? But this love of yours I did not forget And live inside me Why do I bologise the absence? You are not gone for a moment and close Nobody has such goodness and affectionation And time seems to be away from you standing and not walking It seems like you were with me, you walked away and didn't go away In my blood, my love and my mother It looks like you are not praying for me And I love you I miss you I love you and you are the light while you take out my eyes I love you to death

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