My TRAVEL SCRATCH MAP Every Country I've Visited

My TRAVEL SCRATCH MAP  Every Country I've Visited

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hello guys and welcome back to the channel it's  Peter here I hope you all have a great start of   the new year I thought I will get myself a  little late Christmas present is a scratch   map of the world I think I scratched a little bit  too much of this area whatever and the reason for   doing this is to see how many countries I have  visited already in a fun and interesting way   also by doing so you might as well learn a little  bit more about me and of course I want to see how   many countries I still need to visit okay so we  need some rules for there are some people who say   that you have to be in the country for at least  24 hours to count it as a visit I think I will do   it a little bit more relaxed than this and for me  just stepping down on the country soil is enough   to count it as a visit so it doesn't matter if I  stayed for an hour or 24 hours I will count that   as a visit of the country and we'll scratch it  off the map I think it's only one country that   would otherwise not be scratched from the map if  I would draw to the the country in a car without   stopping that would not count as a visit but as  long as I stop anywhere in the country and get out   of the car that would count and I can scratch it  off and with that we can start I have some coins   in here I have 10 pens and a one p for the smaller  countries I think the best way to do it would be   in a chronological order from the first ever  country I visited to the last and with that we   have our first country and and that's Slovakia  that's my home country where I come from and   actually I was born in Czechoslovakia as it used  to be called czechoslovak socialistic Republic   AKA CH SSR country was under Communist Regime we  lived in the north part of the country for the   first 4 years and later we moved to Bratislava  where I stayed for 21 years I basically went   through all my schools and education in there  we can scratch our first country Slovakia in 1986 I was 7 years old at time and it was  my first holiday we went to Yugoslavia it was   my first country that I ever visited ELO the  country no longer exist it's splits so we've   been in the part of this Croatia and we've been  on marara Riviera and it's on the Adriatic Sea   there's a couple of first for me when I've been  on Tad holiday I learn how to swim and my brother   almost drowned so fun time I also remember having  a Cornetto ice cream for the very first time also   my mom wanted me to try pizza for the first time  but as a 7year old I was not really impressed   and refused to even try it but we can scratched  Croatia as our second country so let's scratch   Croatia I think about one or two years later my  second visited country still as a kid I was I   think about 8 n years old I don't really remember  it was Hungary and we went to hios SL hungaro Spa   Aqua park it was on the Easter P of the Hungary  not far from Romania borders so we went there   again as a family with another family friend of  ours there was loads of water slice they have a   huge pool with artificial waves I also remember  I found 24 in on the road outside of the water   park third country Hungary we can scratch that off  right away next country is I think Austria I think   that is after the communism regime already fell  because the I remember the borders opened and you   can suddenly freely travel they started organizing  these one day trip to Austria to Vienna cuz Vienna   was like 1 hour from Bratislava it was perfect  for one day trip and we joined these group tours   it included shopping tour of the sh and Brun  Palace and uh at the end of the day it was a   visit of the tee Park so as a kid I wanted to go  to the team Park and was not as impressed with the   shopping and some palas with some G Gardens but  that was my first time I've been in Austria so we   can scratch off the Austria [Music] next next is  the Czech Republic first time I've been to Czech   Republic I think was during the school time it's  been like a summer working trip somewhere behind   prag so it was quite a long way we've been for 2  weeks that was my first visit later on I visited   Czech Republic for anime convention but that  was when I was a bit older because I remember I   was driving in a car so I already had a driving  license by that time and I've been at different   places in Czech Republic I've been in berno I've  been near zyo borders from work when I work in   UK drove couple of times to Czech Republic when I  was driving home from UK to Slovakia so yeah I can   scratch it off as a next country so that's country  number five year is now 2005 I had full-time job   that was in a game development company and it was  my first job ever I've been working there for 2   years I I learned a lot it was pretty amazing job  I was working as a 3D artist I work on Conan the   Barbarian on PlayStation 2 original Xbox and  a GameCube and after that in 2005 my brother   decided to go to UK with his uh friend so after  three months they've been in UK I joined them as   well they already rented the whole house and  that's where I left Slovakia and arrived to   Leicester in UK got the same job as my brother  and worked in a walker crisp Factory packing   crisps I had a rare opportunity there as well  to taste hot crisps as they come from the oven   I stayed there for about 1 year before I decided  to move to London so we can scratch the uh UK as a whole so after a year I decided I want to move  to London so I found a new job and I was working   for a stocktaking company and I worked every day  different place in UK so one day we went Southport   the next next day we went to southw somewhere  worked there for a day came back third day we   worked in central London and all we did was  taking stock so we went there either one two   three people with the scanners and we basically  scanned all they had in the stock including their   store room then we downloaded all the data to  the computer and somebody finalized the report   and send it to them and this company was doing  the stock taking for many different brands and   many different companies across the UK and we  even been abroad from this work because this   company had some contracts from from the brands  that have their shops in Germany we've been Berlin   for a few days we've been in Czech Republic even  been to Paris and France from work and that is   something I've been very excited about because  there is that anime that I've seen it's called   the roast of versales that is set in France before  and during French Revolution that I really really   enjoyed it follows the life of Mari and toet so  when I had the opportunity to go to the France   from Paris completely for free because this was a  fully paid trip from work I was start getting very   excited because I've seen the opportunity to visit  the versales which is exactly what I did the first   two days we were quite busy we finished something  afternoon and I didn't have too much time left   to go to the versales I did the AFL Tower and I  explored a little bit of the lover and other areas   on the very last day we finished very early it was  not even 11:00 and we already finished we've been   doing this very Posh brand Barberry and everything  in that store is like crazy EXP expensive from few   hundred to few th000 but we finished before 11:00  and our flight home was in the evening so that   was perfect opportunity I hope on the train  it's about 40 minutes ride by train and then   suddenly I was there in front of the huge Palace  and beautiful gardens and I was walking there in   a it was amazing beautiful I recognize lots of  these places from these Ros of we siles anime   and that was my first time in Paris and I've been  there many times after that I been there maybe two   three times on my own with car so can scratch off  the France as well I've been in London for almost   one year after that I finally find a job and I  was looking for all these two years for another   game development company this time it was called  Evolution Studios and they were based in rorn so   I had to move out of London and another friend  of mine who I also work in a game development   company in Slovakia used to live there as well so  we started living together in Manchester and that   was about 2006 7 something like that so at that  time I also started going home by car I've been I   think two three years in UK so I decided to give  it a try and go home by car for the very first   time and that's also how I cross to Belgium so  Belgium is one of these countries that I actually   never been to anywhere except just cross the  country but I did stop in the car park a couple   of times I passed uh across the bruel many times  and once I passed even uh around the ANP but I   never went to the city I only stopped on a car  park when I needed a toilet or need to take a   fuel but according to my rules I can scratch that  country off so let's get rid of Belgium as a next country and we need to get rid of the Germany  as well because we've been there from the work   from UK I forgot about that so but I also  crossed the Germany on the way home so we   getting rid of Germany as well so I started  working in rorn it was for the another game   development Studio we were working on a MotorStorm  franchise for PlayStation 3 and in particular it   was Motor Storm Pacific Rift and when that game  was finished the leadership of the company paid   us trip to Netherlands so we went to Amsterdam  for I think 3 days and I think that was my only   time that I visited uh Amsterdam in Netherlands I  quite enjoyed the visit it was a very interesting   City with lots of these canals and of course  the famous red light district we had like a   paid Excursion by the boat we went for dinner  to some kind of floating restaurants in there   it was quite nice trip for 3 days we can scratch  of Amsterdam because I've been there from work   I even cycled from Manchester and do a little  while camping over 3 weeks all the way to the   jono GRS and visited the most northern point of  the UK Mainline it was pretty crazy adventure   I remember out of these 3 weeks cycling two  weeks was raining nonstop so was pretty fun   trip I think the Europe is done by now and I  started going on holidays so we're going to   move to the Caribbean next because I've been in  Cuba in 2009 I actually been three times in Cuba   first time in South Cuba near huin City it was  in the place called galaka which means protect   the cow or something like that and the beach was  called pla Esmeralda and the resort was called   Sol Rio De Luna and marz and it was an absolutely  amazing holiday that time the beach was absolutely   stunning we've been there for 2 weeks I think  it was only three star resort we did couple of   Tours as well from there we've been in the whole  Guin City on the tour as well as swimming with   dolphins and eating a lot second time in 2015  this time we've been somewhere in the middle   in the central Cuba on the north on the island  of Kyo Coco it was a huge island there was one   bridge that is connecting the Kaio Coco with the  mainland Cuba there was like a bunch of resorts   on that islands and there was like a three bus  that they had uh going from all the resorts so   you can open on the bus and just go check out  the other Resorts they had some kind of deals   between the resorts so you as a guest in one you  can basically spend the all day in any of these   other Resorts the resort V day was called I think  Melia jardines Del re and that one was a brand new   resort that just open like one month ago before  we went there it was a fstar resort so everything   was absolutely topnotch in Resort everything was  brand new we also took the tours couple of Tours   outside of the island and uh experienced the  mainline Cuba in t area he also didn't rent   any car in Cuba for the second time but it was  still pretty amazing [Music] holiday hey hey moving on that three bus we've seen these  speed boats it was like a little sign that   saying like a speed boat right so we stopped  there we hop off the bus we went to check it   out and but we decided go for it I remember and  that was the best experience in Kuba I had these   speed bats was really really fast and I really  had a time of my life that was amazing speed B   in Cuba and Kaio coko best experience in Cuba for  me and the last time we've been there in 2017 the   famous vados trip on the northern part of the  country and of course that was close to Havana   and I really really wanted to rent the car this  time and go explore haana but I remember Luda   didn't want to rent the cart at time and so  we decided to basically just uh go on a tour   it was still pretty good full day tour with very  packed itinerary we've been to the famous writer   Ernest Hemingway's house faia visited very  Grand looking Christopher Columbus cologne   Cemetery explore the San Carlos Fortress complex  with huge cannons overlooking Havana as well as   ventured into the Old Havana having lunch in a  local restaurant and were're driven around in   all Cuban cars and then having some free time  to run around on our own before we return back   to the San Carlos Fortress for a Canon firing  in the evening this was like a proper tourist   trap as I think every single tour that was in  Havana today ended up here for the show after the dark but the bank was still pretty cool and  very loud nonetheless so Varadero was pretty   cool place I also did the paragliding in  there motorized paragliding that was a bit   scary as well and that was a beautiful view  of the entire stream of the Varadero from [Music] above so that's the cube experience I really love  Cuba we've been uh I've been there three times and   I could go again anytime but if I would go again  to Cuba I would probably go uh not as a package   holiday but I would probably go on my own and do  some exploring on my own instead of going as a   packaged holiday nothing wrong with the package  holiday especially if you get for a good price   but yeah that's how I would do Cuba if I would go  again so CU of the map starts scratching from here   as in Varadero in Havana that was the closest  I ever been to United States next country that   we have is a very special it's one of those  countries that is usually on a people bucket   list and it's Maldives Maldives or Maldives or  how do you call it it's been in December 2011   just before Christmas we didn't stay for the  Christmas we just left I think one day before   Christmas we've been there for one week and I  had in my room this a huge panoramatic poster   about my bed and that I bought somewhere years ago  that featured the island of FAL hoi from Mal Dives   and I never in my life even thought about even  dreamed about that I will one day be standing on   that same island of FAL hoi which has these long  palm trees that was like almost horizontally and   then going straight up that was featured on that  poster and suddenly I had the opportunity to go   and we absolutely went for it it was the amazing  time in uh malds the waters and the beaches was   absolutely pristine and it was the best snorkeling  ever and that FAL hoi Beach had the reef just like   5 m of the beach so you could just walk like 5 m  to the water your stick your head to the water and   you could see the reef so many colorful fishes and  flying in these kind of formations all Direction   it was crazy I never seen so much sea life in the  water before Maldives are completely another level   and if you ever had an opportunity Unity to go I  cannot recommend it enough and it was also very   cheap for malds at least because normally this  holiday can cost like a thousands of pounds and   I think we had it under 1,000 for one week cannot  recommend enough beautiful beautiful country and   the [Music] beaches next is the Dominican Republic  I've been twice the first visit was about July   August in 2013 and we went to the north part of  the country called Samana and the hotel was Bahia   Principe Grand kakoa the whole resort was built on  a cliff so you had a beautiful view but it didn't   have direct access to the beach so if you wanted  to go to the beach you have to take a lift beaches   in the Dominican Republic are all public which  is very different than in Cuba also the beach on   T Resort not as pristine clean as in other parts  where we've been the water was a little bit more   greenish color and the whole beach has a little  bit strange smell in there but the best part of   this resort was the pool they had on the cliff  and most people from the hotel spent the time   up there where you had beautiful view and this  was the first holiday where we actually rented   the car and there comes a very funny story as  well so yeah we arranged the car for a few days   we finally got the keys of the car and before we  went to collect the car we decided to go and get   our SIM cards so we had internet on the phone we  went to collect the keys I sit to the car and I'm   looking at it and it was an automatic I've never  driven automatic before all the cars I've driven   in Europe was manual I basically had no idea how  to drive automatic I knew there is like stick you   just move the stick from the parking to drive and  you drive yeah simple enough yeah so I tried to   wiggle the stick uh and it didn't move there was  like little button on the stick I tried to push it   and move it to the drive and it didn't move at all  so what I do I Googled how to drive an automatic   car and that saved the day because the only issue  I was doing wrong is I was not pressing the brake   pedal so Google Sav the day I pressed the brake  pedal I was finally able to move to drive and the   car moved It's usually the other way around  like people cannot drive manual because they   only driven automatic so in my case it was quite  opposite and we haven't really driven too far with   that car that we've got because the guy give us  empty tank I assume that the car will be full so   we went straight for where we wanted to go and as  soon as we left s maybe 5 kilm after that the cast   so I called back the guy who give us a car that we  ran off the patrol and he thought he will come but   we were too far already so yeah that was a pro  trip luckily there was some locals around that   helped me with the patrol I hopped on some kind  of like a bus and he drove me to nearest house   that was selling Patrol it's a bit of a unusual  practice because I expected when I rented a car I   will get a car that has a full tongue but instead  I got an empty Tong and of course when I returned   it it has like maybe like a half tongue left we've  been to plyer in corn on the North part of the   island there was no resort on that beach it was  completely Immaculate Beach the next day we went   West to explore L leemon waterfall and that one  was very impressive waterfall I think one of the   best that I've seen so far so that was our first  visit to Dominican Republic second time visited in   2019 and this one was in the eastern part in punak  and this one was for 3 weeks it was the only time   we booked 3 weeks holiday and the only reason  we three weeks because the difference between   two weeks all inclusive stay in Puntacana and 3  weeks was only £50 nothing we also rented a car   in Puntacana we went to Santo Domingo the capital  spent all day exploring the city we experienced   firstand the traffic jam in front of Zona Colonial  which is like an old town of that part after the   Zona Colonial we went to some botanical gardens it  has an amazing Japanese section that was the best   part of the gardens we also been uh to another  waterfall the largest in the entire Caribbean   and it's called Salto de la Jala or leaping Jala  in English and that one was a proper hike that   one was like a proper All Day hike in some kind of  remote jungle Moody area proper Caribbean jungle   and we just go it was like 3 hours there and 3  hours back took us like 7 hours the whole trip I   had my brand new trainers completely destroyed in  the one more thing we did in a takana was we went   to sanoa Island it was like a katamaran tour they  go to an island they stop in some shallow water it   was quite nice tour we started drinking the local  room and by the time we arrived at the island we   were so drunk that Caribbean room was strong stuff  we've also done the off-road boogies there were   several providers in punana we went with the maau  off-road experience and it was quite an adventure   even though the boogies itself were quite slow  to my liking we've stopped at several location   including a Coco Farm some uh Beach and even uh  at some cave with refreshing water after a long   driving it was very fun day and would definitely  recommend so we can scratch of Dominican Republic   and Dominican Republic is this big island and  we only scratching half because the other half   is heti and I haven't been to heti we only have a  couple of countries left next is Mexico and this   time we've been looking to we've been looking  to buy holiday in Cancun in quintaro Province   but after careful consideration taking everything  into account especially the price as Cancun was   a little bit more expensive not too much but I  think the Cancun one that we were looking for   was about 1200 per person 11 1200 and then we  found one that was just south of Cancun in area   that was called pad Del Carmen and that one was  a little bit cheaper I think that was under ,000   was like 8900 so we decided to go for that one the  resort was called I roar Tuan and it was five star   resort and it was absolutely beautiful it was  so Lush and full of vegetation it was in some   kind of gated complex that was called bla car and  there was like a very push area you can only enter   after you passed Security check and we also ented  a car and of course when we had a car we had to go   and spend one day in Cancun as well that was the  first thing we went and we were so glad we didn't   book The Cancun holiday because the Cancun while  the beach was quite nice it was just one concrete   hotel after another with almost no vegetation at  all it was like a concrete jungle was so sad that   canun STP of the beach when we compared to what we  had and think that we actually had it cheaper than   what we would pay for that canun place so yeah  we were very happy with our choice we've been   all these Mayan ruins starting with the biggest  and famous One in t area Chichen it we've been   there when the place open was absolutely nobody  there not even vendors was in there at that time   so we had the entire area for ourselves maybe  like five people that we've seen in total then   about 10 11 the place was sped we were leaving  at that time we also did couple of these senot   so senot is like the collapsed cave that has have  water in the bottom and the top collapses and you   have like open cave and there is like like a tons  of them in Mexico everywhere big famous one next   to the Chichen very touristic they have tons of  facilities big restaurants toilet shows everything   car parking and the C of is quite nice though  we've did quite a few of these senot in Mexico in   many different places other than that we visited a  couple of other ruins the Chichen Isa like I said   was like a tourist trap it's quite understandable  because their pyramid is very Immaculate in there   so we visited EG balam kobar ruins and Tulum  ruins so Tulum ruins were on the south next   to the Sea it's also very touristic place is the  most hands-on experience because you can actually   climb on the pyramid I did climb on the top and  the best ruin for me was egg balam and egg balam   was like a compromise between the Chichen ITA  and Koba can go to every single building it's   like a half ruin half still standing and you can  fully explore everything including the pyramid   at the end which you can still climb and they  were still working on it they were doing some   reconstruction work or some archeological work  on that pyramid and that was the best ruins for   me Mexican amazing country will definitely return  we can scratch it off and that's probably one of   the biggest countries so far we've been so even  though we've been only on yukatan in this place   we will be scratching the whole thing off I think  I scratch a little bit too much of this area but   whatever we will have to visit it now that's all  the holidays in Caribbean and the next country we   visited and that one was just for one day that's  the Poland we were somewhere on the North part   of the Slovakia borders and we just crossed  to the Poland for just one one day we visited   some thermal water park we spent one day in there  and on the way back we sto in some restaurant and   that was my only time I've been in Poland and yeah  because of that I can scratch of Poland so Poland   is quite Big Country compared the other European  countries I think we are getting towards the end   there is only one country left I believe and that  is Thailand we've been on holiday one and a half   year ago with palom pom is from Thailand we've  been there almost a month we started In Paya as   our friends from UK recently moved pernament to  Thailand they were based in bataya so we started   our first days in there to rent a car and we  started by going to buriram because pom is from   buram so she want to visit her mom her family  so we stayed in buriram it was a very rural   area there was no air con at all but actually the  sleeping in there was absolutely no problem uh we   had fans it was a proper rural place it was the  bathroom was basically just a shed and for the   shower there was just a barrel full of water  they did have a western Stein toilet in there   as well but showering was just bit cold water  with some kind of balls you have to like pour   water over yourself so that was an experience I  really really enjoyed my stay in buram from there   we start heading south all the way to puket but  we did stop just west of Bangkok I think it was   nakom Pon Province as wanted to see her sister  we spend all day with them we've been to some   Temple next to the river and and then we take  a cruise to some floating market nearby and at   the end her sister and her husband invited us to  stay for one night after that we continued to on   our way to puker we stop in huahin for a couple  of hours we explor the beach and then carry on   we spent several days in bad been to that big  budha statue we've been completely on the south   we've seen beautiful sunset explor the area stay  few days and on the way back we decided to go to   kopipi Island spend about three or 4 days in  cipi then uh when we were on we got bad news   one that friend of ours that we stayed our first  few days In Paya she unexpectedly passed away she   suffered stroke and eventually didn't make it  so just two weeks ago we've been together and   suddenly she died in hospital our next goal  was to go to k Samui but P wanted to go back   so we cancelled our plans with kosamu we return  to Paya and we attended funeral so we stay one   day for the funeral we only had like one week  left after that we didn't want to go back to   kosamu all the way so instead of that we went to  kachang for a few days we spent about 3 days in   kachang we explor both sides of the kachang and  after we returned back we went through the trat   province so we sto in the trat on the market  explored a little bit and then come back to   Paya we ended our holiday in there we returned  the car and we flew back so that was an amazing   holiday sad experience that one unexpectedly  passed away during that holiday I definitely   looking forward to returning back to Thailand  and with that we can cross Thailand as our last country and that's it guys we can count the  countries I believe it's 15 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8   9 10 11 12 13 14 15 countries actually it's  16 as I forgot Maldives when I was counting   so 16 and the map is still mostly un covered so  hopefully this year I might do a little bit more   traveling so this year I plan to do YouTube  a little bit more seriously so far I've only   been doing like two videos a month I was really  taking it a bit easy but this year I would like   to do bit more intense I would like to upload  at least one video a week and couple of goals   for me for this year would be first to get  monetized from what I've seen on the YouTube   Studio I am on track if I would work hard on  the content I believe I should be able to make   it this year even though I still need quite a  lot of watch hours subscribers not that many   but I still need these 3,000 watch hours so we  still have the content from the last year trip   in the Slovakia Northern par and there is a one or  two video from Bratislava coming then will be the   last part of the uh extreme economy test that  I did with my 406 and after that I don't know   how many videos I have quite a lot of material  about 2 terab of footage from The Cabin state   so there will be maybe a about 10 videos not very  long I plan to do about 10 15 minutes per video   but I will see I still haven't edited all these  videos so that will be what I will be doing next   hopefully the next video will be in just one  week so until then have a lovely day and bye

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