My Soul Got Sandblasted At The Glastonbury Tor

My Soul Got Sandblasted At The Glastonbury Tor

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Okay lovely neighborhood that I'm having my Airbnb in. And this is the way towards the center of the little Glastonbury town. I just had a talk with the host of the Airbnb and it was like so much stuff that she was sharing with me of things that are possible to do here and people to meet and having all kinds of ceremonies and, and special tours that give you exclusive insight into all the mystical and special things that are going on here. It really got me like, “Whoa!” I was not aware that it was so much and it's just like one of those beautiful surprises where you kind of have this intuition like, okay, this could be a cool place, but I usually never really prepare anything before I go. I just feel that I need to go somewhere and then to have these kinds of surprises I really, really enjoy it.

So I'm basically just going to get into town right now and, go to a cafe she recommended, see if I can, I'll just keep filming my walk so I can have my first view of it and then have some brunch. Today is going to be a day full of meetings, but we will try to squeeze in as much things as possible. The weather is very lovely at this point, so the idea is basically to just walk around, see if we can meet some people, walk into places, get some ideas, and then see what kind of things would pop up for me that feel like, okay, this is something that I would really like to do and then just let in that way make a little bit of a plan for the coming days.

Take a trip that I might be doing in the, in the weekend things or tours and, and this first is just really much more fun, just grounding a little bit in the place and seeing what's possible. But clearly there is a lot possible. Newspaper pushed in my hand and it's like, I'll go through it a little bit more at home when I’m there But it's like, it's amazing. It's like full of the stuff that you would actually want to read in a newsletter.

The Truth just being in that place was so nice. You heard I overheard people talking about all kinds of spiritual stuff and just talking about things that I think are important. Not all the the general bullshit talking about the weather Like real talk It was really nice and you couldn't you had to share a table together and you've got a little bit of talking going on with people. It was just really, really chill.

Like everything felt super comfortable and cozy. Call for work. So I'm being pulled into to that other life, which is fine. It's nice. Nice that I'm starting to at least able to combine it this way. It's already, it feels super, super free and amazing to, to do.

And if we're around the corner, we should see the mighty tower on the hill. Nice. The Tor Let’s go, To the Tor Okay, and we are entering the little stairs that's in front of doing a bit of a climb See that.

That’s what I mean, No I’m not even close to the top We’re going to see it, slowly Quite a Quite a special evening. I guess you guys can't really hear it, but I hear some drums drums After the thing, it was like I just decided to Okay, let's just, stay here and see what happens and try to interact a little bit with these people. So I just sat around in the drum circle and I started to clap a little bit And it was actually really nice because I had a certain point to really get into drumming flow and you're just like busy and just closing your eyes and you're completely with all the wind gushing. It was really, really quite special. And

especially after that moment that I was just filming, it was so extremely powerful that to experience the drum that was echoing in the chamber which just you felt it like vibrating through your entire body, like really around your chakras and mostly your heart chakra. It was like really, really clearly noticeable. the vibrations of the of the bass of the drums.

And it was just with the super strong wind, it was like rushing through that gauge. It was it felt like you were completely, like, opened up, like all your, energetically in all your energy layers and then the wind just like rushing through you as if it was completely cleaning you and wiping the slate clean. and basically, like, sand washing your soul with something like sandblasting, sandblasting, your soul, it like, and then after that, a little bit, and there was the moment that, there were some Spanish girls, also in the circle, and one of them was, some kind of energy practitioner, like a stronger version of Reiki, she told me, and she initiated a little meditation circle, and that one was also really, really super powerful, where I noticed that I was kind of, I was probably shaking a little bit because of the cold like tremors, like, cold tremors. But then they were super amplified by all the vibrations and also of the drums and also of them of the meditation that was going on and the energy that was circling around in the circle in the way that obviously she was guiding it and bringing in all that energy through that open hole in the air and the tower. It was just it was it was madness. It was really, really cool to experience.

And then I got to talk a little bit with, with the girl. And we we walked a little bit more and talked a bit and also Yeah, yeah. Was for the first night it was really, really special. Like without knowing what was going to happen, no plans, these kinds of experiences and interactions, it was really, Yeah. What I live for. Something to live for.

Okay, so we made it into the Hundred Monkey bar, which looks really nice finally good place in the corner just to be on my own. Like I said, I was supposed to go find an electronic farm, but instead I went to a charity shop and bought a nice warm sweater for these days because I under-estimated the weather and I got some amazing books there, which is like £2 each. Tibetan Book of the Living and the Dying Upanishad It's like something that Craig O'Malley is talking a lot about, referring a lot to in his books, and then The Holy Grail Guardian and Secrets of The Holy Grail Good stuff It’s a good start for the book hunt So yesterday I saw this one Writing from the source So we did some bookshopping, got a whole garbage bag full. Which is pretty nice, I guess.

Way too much cool stuff. And I really had to make some specific choices, things that really called me and felt like I need to need that knowledge right now. which is also nice that Maria, the girl that did the energy circle meditation at The Tor Yesterday evening I noticed that I felt that I really met her for a reason. And also I noticed a very clear like pressure and aching of my forehead When after we did that session. So I knew she was, she was on to something. And then I probably was supposed to to meet her, and she's doing healing sessions.

We had some good conversations after it as well. So I think, and it could be interesting to let her do a session on me while we are actually here. In this environment where the energies are so conducive and and powerful So I thought it was time to, do a little bit of book geek out. And the way that I personally know a little bit or learn to know what I need to look for is because of a few YouTube channels that I watch that base their knowledge really on reading old texts of of old books and old writers and, and really the kind of stuff that is not really being found on the internet anymore, like not modern kind of information on spirituality because there's so much bullshit New Age nonsense mixed in to all of these things and, and all kinds of alien, narratives and intergalactic federations. And I must be honest to say that I have been part of these groups as well, and a few in the past, and I have been, on board with that for a little bit at least, just to see and to try to see what those things holds for information.

But I never really felt that that could be what it is, what it is truly about, because it's just too far away from the normal, far away from, it's too, it's too, it's too much science fiction. Well and doing the work, doing the inner work. Then there is some these are the other, great finds. So the Phoenix Solution, Secrets of a Lost Civilization. And We Are Not The First riddles of ancient science. Andrew Thomas This is really the kind of stuff that I that I like to try to find.

These are and these are amazing because this is the, main YouTube channel that I watch for information is Archaix At this point, they are just by far the most complete and most credible in explaining everything that is going on. And the Phoenix solution is really about the fact that there were that there are cycles of resets of civilizations, civilizations growing up and, being destroyed through cataclysms that are based on a fixed period of time in where these cataclysms and these resets occur and then and all the chronologies that are kind of a part of that, all the calendars that of all these different ancient civilizations which they used. And this guy did an amazing job of matching all those chronologies and coming with this, hypothesis.

It's not, not this writer, but the Archaix channel comes with like really interesting research of finding this periodicity in resets of civilizations and bringing back some of things to and, and the build up of civilizations. And for example, a book like this, we are not the first. This one is still alluding a little bit to space and aliens, which is, I think a bit misleading. But what this book does and it's, it's really amazing, like it, it kind of shows all kinds of inventions that we think that we are the first in our time to have progressed so much technologically that we figured that stuff out. But it shows through all kinds of research from the ancient times that there is that all kinds of civilizations have already figured this kind of stuff out before us. So, for example, penicillin was known in ancient Egypt thousands of years before Flemming, Ancient Hindu book 230 stanzas gives detail and instructions of the construction of aircraft ages before the Wright Brothers atomic theory was worked out by Democritus 2500 years before Rutherford, robots and computers were reality centuries before Norbet Wiener The map of Zeno of 1380 shows Greenland as it.

Yeah, maybe not that interesting, but there's an interesting thing about and let's see where was it Yeah so this one about the robots and computers were a reality centuries before Norbert Wienner The early inhabitants of England had used a computer in stone Stonehenge to forecast solar and lunar eclipses That's pretty cool, because that's applicable, of course, to where we are right now. And here in the end, there's a really nice summary of all kinds of technologies that we're already known in antiquity and that are recovered by the people that we think that have actually figured this stuff out. But it's like atomic theory was already known by these people around these times and rediscovered by us around these ages. So it does that for all kinds of things. Theory of relativity, the age of the earth, sunspots, the Milky Way, electric batteries, aviation's aviation, robots and computers, city planning, vaccination and penicillin all there's all these things were already invented in antiquity.

So that really shows that like what we currently are being told as are made to believe that we are the most advanced civilization and that basically all was evolution. And building up to the high point that we're at right now, these kinds of books, they really show that that is not the case, that there were civilizations before us that were way more advanced and already figured a lot of this stuff out in their own cycles by day and rose And they were They fell again through all kinds of different cataclysms that happened. So that's pretty cool. Then maybe that kind of knowledge and the kind of books that I really like to base my thinking on is like stuff that's really from them, the old mystery schools. So things like the Tibetan Book of the Living and a Dying and the Upanishads, you know, the and the the old yogic philosophies and Vedas and then the stuff like the secret societies, like the Templars and, and the Holy Grail, which is especially relevant again here in Okay This is pretty fucking epic.

And just, start to look for a few books. I googled them in order to check if I needed them, if they were also on the list Archaix books that he recommends to read. And the first one that I checked is the Phoenix Solution, and it misses the Cover like this one, like this as the cover still to recognize it, but it's like most of that is like this, so it's quite similar. But,

I checked it online and then I looked at it and in the hardcover book apparently is €95 and it matures and really properly resumes. But so this book is $95 to buy a hard copy. And I paid, I think like £5 or £8 for it in the store.

Then the next one I checked this one We are we are not the first one that I checked hardcover. It's also a special here. It says $96 to buy this one hardcover. And okay, I bought this for quite a lot.

This was 85, So yeah, some pretty epic stuff and really, really cool that I found this. This was quite, quite the investment. This one was probably the most expensive, was like I think £85, but it's like a hardcover book. And I know that this and this was covered by Jason Bresheares of Archaix And he said, like, if you ever come across this book, make sure that you're buying it because there's some it's fucking epic.

So that makes me happy. Like a kid in a in a candy store. That's what I felt like. But I'm also now I also had my urges provided for with, with reading, with being in those shops. I feel like that's, that's enough.

And I put enough money into this. It is actually getting quite an expensive trip, but I also feel that it's really an investment in myself to, to be here and to make use of this situation as much as possible so that I can really go on for a little while Again, with all the inspiration and all the things that I'm taking in here to produce some stuff on my own and get get to it to get to it. So I think I'm going to just read a little bit, check some stuff out, enjoy it, and we'll see what happens later. That's the end of book club.

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