My First Time in JAKARTA (I Can't Believe This!)

My First Time in JAKARTA (I Can't Believe This!)

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Good afternoon from Jakarta, Indonesia. It's my first time to be here. I am very excited. ‘I love Jakarta’ Well, we'll have to see about that because I've just arrived. So we'll find out if I do indeed love Jakarta. Now, we have a very special mission today. We are heading to the national monument.

I'm going to take the metro or the MRT, the subway. I don't know what you call it. I'm very new to Jakarta. I don't know what you call anything. I don't know the language. I don't know anything. So we're going to figure it out as we go.

Wow, I can't even read that sign. I can't read anything. Oh, I can read that. Blok A. Right, so we're heading in to the metro station now. This is ASEAN station. The streets are hustling and bustling and thriving with life. This guy is selling some kind of drinks. Right, so we're heading in the station now.

And I don't know. I don't know anything, as I said. I'm fresh. I'm fresh off the plane on the streets of Jakarta. I don't even know how you pronounce Jakarta. Should I pronounce it more like ‘Jakarrrrta’ or ‘Jakata’? Anyway, we're going in now. Hello, to the national monument? Bundaran HI? Yeah. You want to buy a single trip or a multi-trip? Single.

Okay, thank you. Thank you. Scan ticket here Okay, thank you. Platform 2. Okay, thank you. Okay, I have made it inside. I have my ticket. I have no idea what station he said I should get off at.

I just heard something. Oh, he said Bondaran, I think. Bondaran. Bondaran.

Wow, I'm experiencing everything for the first time. These are the tracks of the MRT. It looks quite clean and fresh. I'm very excited. I'm very excited to be here in Jakarta. It's my first time. I'm still being taken aback by everything.

Let me just calm down for a second. Let me just sit down. Let me just sit down. I'm getting too excited.

Oh, it has a little map on the ticket. That's quite useful. And it cost me 13,000... I don't know what the money is called. Oh, I do know. Rupiah. Indonesian rupiah. It cost me 13,000 Indonesian rupiah. And I'm just waiting for the train now.

The journey begins. And here is the train. All aboard, please. All aboard.

Let's head inside now to the national monument. I don't know how many stops this is going to be. But we're going to figure this out as we go. Wow, it's very clean. I wonder if you can... Can you walk in between? (the carriages)

Oh, you can. Wow. Wow, it is absolutely immaculate on this train. I better check... I better check out where am I going.

Let's check the map. Hold on. I just checked on my phone. And it said it's going to take 50 minutes to get there. And then when I clicked on the national monument, it said that it's closed today. Today is a Monday.

There's a slight bump in our mission. There's a slight road bump. Anyway, I think we're going to go there. Let's take a look at it first.

And then a new quest will appear. OK, so another kind of speed bump. I was sat on the train.

And then I realised it started to go back in the direction that I came from. So now... So now I've just got off at a station. I think I've got to change line.

The station doesn't... This line doesn't go all the way to where I want to go. So now I'm off the train. And I've switched over to this side.

And I think I've got to go to... I think that's where I'm going to. Oh, what is going on? This is not a good start.

I should have prepared. If you don't prepare, then prepare to fail. But anyway, I must say, this station is immaculate. And there's kind of dancing Cheerio guys on the screens. There's no rubbish at all. There's no kind of creepy guys hanging around.

I feel completely safe. Anyway, first impression so far of Jakarta is pretty good. But the journey continues. Like over here.

If this was the UK, there'd be a dude laid out on here. Or he'd probably be living there. This would be his little house. He'd just be laid out on here.

I guess I'll just lay here and wait for the next train. Back on the train. We've acquired a new side mission. And that mission is to walk down the train and look at people. And I should talk quietly because I also don't want to annoy people.

I don't want to annoy them on their journey. I like these little doors that you can just go through and walk around. I think on the London Underground, you can't walk between the carriages whilst it's moving. I also noticed that they have these security guys walking around the train. So I wonder if there is any kind of criminal activity on the train. I mean, it seems pretty safe.

I wonder if that is to stop beggars coming on the train. That's the only thing I can think of. If you guys know, let me know in the comments below. Why do they have the security guys? Right, I decided to get off the train. I just need to get outside and get our bearings.

It's okay? You can tell how safe a country is when on the gates to the metro, there's no actual barrier to stop you from sneaking in. It's just wide open, there's no barrier. So I'm guessing Jakarta is pretty safe. Right, let's just head outside. Is this the way outside? Let's just get outside and see where we are and check Google Maps. I don't know where I've come to.

I think I'm at some... I think I'm at... I don't know where I am. Right, let's just look outside. It seems I've got off at some kind of central business district. Man, look at this skyscraper. That one kind of reminds me of the skyscraper in Bangkok.

It looks very similar. And the famous Jakarta traffic is in full effect. And I've heard a lot about the air in Jakarta.

People saying that it's very polluted. But so far, I don't know, it doesn't seem too bad. But we'll find out, maybe tomorrow. I've got a sore throat.

Right, let's be careful when we're crossing the road. Kapinski Hotel over there. Oh, there's a guy taking a picture. Taking a picture of... I'm not sure. There's the Grand Hyatt Hotel over there as well. Quite an expensive hotel.

I am staying in the Fairmont Jakarta. So I'll give you a tour of that later. Stick around for that. The weather, these clouds are not looking so good. But I think we're going to be okay. I don't think it's going to rain just yet. Man, the streets are really noisy.

Got a nice monument there of a man and a woman holding flowers. I don't think that is the national monument. We're still heading in the direction of the national monument I think The journey continues. I've just popped into a mall now to grab a bit of the AC. That's one of the best things about shopping malls. You can just utilise the lovely cool AC.

And I must say, this is quite a luxurious shopping mall. You've got all the high-end luxury brands. I'm feeling like Jakarta is a very kind of luxurious city. You have extreme luxury in some places. And then extreme poverty in other places.

Oh my God, it is luxury. They've got a Richard Mille store. Shall we just pop in and get a Richard Mille? A Richard Millie? Costs like as much as a house. Wear a house on your wrist. That is mental. Hublot. Don't really like Hublot.

Omega. Not bad. James Bond wears an Omega. But you know, the king of luxury watches is Rolex. If you're going to buy a luxury watch, I would say buy a Rolex. Right, let's get out of this mall. Let's get back on the streets.

The mission is not over. Let's get out of here. Bandaran High Astra. I think that's probably the station that I should have got off at. I don't know if I'm just... I could have just stayed on the train. I just checked on Google Maps.

If I keep walking this way, it'll take me like 28 minutes and we'll be at the monument. So, all's well ends well. Everything turned out all right in the end.

Man, there's so many Grab and Go-Jek drivers just waiting here for a ride. I have the Grab app. I'm ready to use it if necessary. That's a backup. If we get extremely lost, we can just hop on one of these Grab bikes, which are really convenient actually, just to whiz around the city.

A Louis Vuitton store there. There's quite a lot of high-end luxury shopping malls just everywhere you go. That's another thing that I've found. And so far, the rain is still holding off. It's our lucky day, even though the monument's closed. Maybe they'll magically open it today.

Who knows? The journey continues. Another thing I've noticed about Jakarta is that they have square trees. Oh my God, look at this in the background. Some more skyscrapers just going up, adding to Jakarta's skyline. Man, there's just shiny buildings everywhere. It's bedazzling me.

I was just walking there, and that guy behind me said I cannot film. Don't point my camera in that direction. Which you can see, there's a Japanese flag there. I'm guessing that's the Japanese embassy.

Maybe he thinks I'm a spy. I don't know what's going on there, but man, these bikes are so loud. I'm guessing you're not allowed to film embassies. I mean, I was just filming the tree. I was only interested in the square tree. Can you let me off? There's another kind of Minecraft building over there.

Oh, we've got some young workers here. The backbone of the city. They're the ones who are doing all the construction. Hello. Hello! Doing all the work.

Constructing this mega city from the ground up. Man, the traffic. The traffic is in full effect. It's actually probably quicker to walk.

No, the quickest is the bikes, the grab bikes, because they can weave in and out of all the traffic. Another station there M.H.T hamrin I'm guessing I could have literally just stayed on the train instead of walking. I'm literally walking right alongside the tracks. Anyway, walking is healthier.

We get to breathe in the fresh air of Jakarta. I mean, it doesn't seem that bad. Right, so it's healthier to walk anyway. We're burning lots of calories, making room for the lovely Indonesian food that I'm going to be trying.

So I've just checked my Google Maps and I'm about 18 minutes away from the monument. Whoa, what's this? Is this some kind of political banners? Oh, there's a McDonald's there. I wonder if they have a kind of special Indonesian McDonald's burger. Oh, and I just saw over there is a Burger King and a Popeyes chicken.

Oh, they've got a 3D screen up there. I think we're getting pretty close now. We're getting real close. You see quite a mix of different people on the streets. And I just found out that Indonesia is a majority Muslim country. With over 80% of the people are Muslim.

But you do see quite a varied mix of different kind of people. Like East Asian, Indian, Chinese. I didn't see that many foreigners. I saw a few of the old kind of banking kind of old men foreigners. But I didn't see many young foreigners around.

Anyway. Oh, Hello. Hello! Lots of friendly people. I did see that. Whoa, what's this? Police bike. There's lots of action going on everywhere you look.

It's non-stop action. Mokka, coffee to go. I'm actually getting quite a bit peckish now. I've not eaten. I've not ate the whole day.

And it is now 4.20. So, I could do with shoving some kind of food in my mouth. Oh my God, I have arrived. I have arrived. There it is in front of me.

My journey. Hello, it’s closed It's closed? Every Monday. Closed Monday? Yeah 4 o'clock. 4 o'clock? Where you come from? England, UK. It's closed and this looks like the exit.

So it is indeed closed. But at least we got a glimpse of it. And also I believe that you can go to the top of it. I think I'm at the wrong side as well.

Maybe I could just sneak in through those doors. Nah, there's no chance. Anyway, at least we got a glimpse of it.

I think we'll come back on another day and try and get to the top of it. Man, look at all this barbed wire. I guess it's trying to stop people from sneaking in. Let's try and head around this way.

I've also heard that there's a very famous mosque. We have a new mission acquired. To the mosque! Let's see if we can see it.

Man, there's so much barbed wire. Better watch out, I might get tangled up in it. And there is no path. Where am I supposed to go? Okay, we're going on the road.

There's people on the bridge above. Let's watch out. I'm getting the feeling that it's quite difficult to walk around Jakarta.

And it's probably better just to get one of these bikes or a taxi or something. I've just walked around to the front gate. So it is closed on a Monday. Who would have thought, eh? Guess we'll have to come back on another day. (the next day) Good afternoon from the unexpectedly sunny Jakarta.

Look at that blue sky. I don't know what people are talking about with the smog. Just look at that. Clear blue skies here in Jakarta, Indonesia.

A city of around 11 million people. Man, the weather is just lovely today. I've been in Jakarta, this is the sixth day. And there's been no sun. We haven't even seen the sun. And now, look at this.

The heat is intense, but I like it. I like the intense heat. Man, this is beautiful. I don't know what trees they are. If anyone knows, tell me in the comments below. Those trees are beautiful as well.

Man, this is really a nice area. And there it is. Let's get closer to the monument. Oh man, this heat is intense. I've just done... Right, I don't know what's going on. I've just done a full lap around and there's no way in.

How do you get in? I'm guessing there's some kind of underground passage. Oh man, this heat. I feel like I'm in Sahara Desert. It's intense. How do you get in? I'm right next to it.

Hold on. Oh, entrance. So the entrance. That's a little bit confusing.

The entrance is this way, so you walk away from it. Ah, it is underground. Ah, the guy's waving.

Ah, that makes sense. Underground entrance. We're heading underground now. And I believe this is where you get your ticket.

Wow. To get into the shade. Ah, you get tickets here. Ah, underground passage. Your number for the top.

One card for access. Thank you. Sorry, where are you from? England.

Thank you. Okay, I've got my ticket. It cost me... It cost me 45,000. And I've also got a number. A waiting number to go to the top.

I’m number 20. Right, so... We're going inside now.

It's kind of like walking in an underground bunker. I'm getting excited now. I wonder how you go to the top.

I wonder if they have little stairs that you can go... that you can take. Back.

Back into the intense heat. Can't see anything. Can't see. Where am I? Where am I? Oh, oh my god. I'm inside. There it is. Oh, it's beautiful.

Oh, it's huge. I see light. I see light at the end of the tunnel. I guess all these people...

are also waiting... to go to the top. Man, it must be a big queue. 1 to 35.

Ah, I guess that's me. So I'm in the next... I'm in the next batch of people... to go in.

Man, I'm so sweaty. I'm sweating. Nice views though. I bet the view at the top is great.

Thank you, thank you. How about you? You want a photo? No, no, no photo. Oh, he doesn't want a photo. Okay, okay. Okay, okay. Just some guys wanting to take a photo.

I guess they don't see many... don't see many foreign... foreign faces.

So, it seems like it says... Sesi 4. That is group 4. But my ticket... is Sesi Wack... Wack 25.

So, it looks like I'm still waiting. I've been here about... I've been here about 10 minutes. It's still pretty hot... even though you're standing in the shade. But I like the intense heat.

So, I prefer to stand in the... in the sun. Just to feel the intenseness of it. Just to try and feel something. Still waiting. Still waiting to go in. As you can see, there's still...

there's quite a lot of people who are also in... group number 5. So, I don't know how long it's going to be. I hope it's not too long.

I will continue to stand in the sun... until it's my turn. It's been about... 20 minutes now. Still waiting.

Still waiting to go in. I can't imagine... because it doesn't look that busy. I can't imagine when it's busy... how long you're going to be waiting. So, I've been waiting 20 minutes.

Let's hope it's worth it. He’s called my number. I think I have a chance of going in. Right, let's just see if I can get in.

Ah 20? Yes, yes Okay. Just one? Yeah, this way. Oh, okay.

Okay, we're heading to... the lift now. Thank you. Total waiting time... 30 minutes.

Not bad, 30 minutes. I can't imagine... when it's busy... how long you're going to be waiting... because I didn't think it's that busy. It's 132 meters tall. Still waiting to get into the lift now.

Total waiting time... 40 minutes. I almost made it in.

The weight limit. There's an 800 kilogram weight limit. Man, that is...

It's now been one hour. One hour waiting time. Man, I'm next. Surely I'm next. The lift is right there. Oh, man. So long. Oh, my God. We're in.

I’m in, i’m in. Oh, my God. We're all... We're all cramped in. Like sardines. The lift can't actually take that many people.

They need to upgrade the lift. Because the amount of people that are coming in... The lift can't handle it.

So I'm waiting like an hour. At least we've made it anyway. Freedom. Oh, my God. Freedom. Wow.

It is a pretty good view though. Man, you can see across the entire city of Jakarta. Was it worth the one hour wait? Let's take a quick look around.

Was it worth it? I would say it was not worth the one hour wait. Oh, man. A one hour wait. And then I spent like three minutes looking around. And then I also had to queue to get down again.

Is it worth it? Well, I guess if you really want to see that view, then it's worth it. But with such a long waiting time... People taking a picture.

With such a long waiting time... Maybe if it was a ten minute waiting time, then it's not so bad. (back to the previous day) There's another building over there. It looks like some kind of palace.

But you can't even get close to it. You can't even cross the road. I'm guessing that might be the... Is that the president's house? Is that the Indonesian White House? Actually, I don't know. Do they have a royal family in Indonesia? I'm pretty sure they have a president.

But do they also have a royal family? If anyone knows, then tell me in the comments below. I'm also not sure what this building is. So if anyone knows, then tell me in the comments below.

You can see the Indonesian flag there, flying high. It's got a lot of security on the building as well. Oh my god, there's a huge kind of cannon there. Oh my god, look at that. Where are they planning on firing to? Oh, you can see them there.

Wow. Am I heading in the right direction? Where am I going? I'm trying to find the mosque. Is it this way? I just realised something. I'm wearing shorts. So even if there is a kind of tour, a little tour you can do of the mosque, I don't think I'll be able to get in. Because I'm wearing shorts. But anyway, we'll just try and get a glimpse of the mosque.

Bus station there. Some kind of little street stalls. Street food. I've not had any food yet. I'm really hungry. Wow, what is this? Ah, some kind of souvenirs. I see a lot of cars with the little blue light on. They look like they're some kind of government car or something.

Oh, you can get a tuk-tuk. Ah, that's the mosque. And it doesn't look like you can even go inside.

Okay, so that is place number two. And we couldn't get inside, we could just stand at a gate. At the mosque, maybe this is the exit. Wait, hold on. Hold on. We're not giving up just yet.

Maybe that's the exit. I mean, I don't know if I can even get in anyway. If you fail to prepare, then prepare to fail. The journey continues. Ah, so you can go in.

Hello. Can look at the mosque? Sorry, it's closed for visit. Closed for visit? Yes Tomorrow is open? Yes, and 10 o'clock until 3. 10 until 3? Yes Ah, okay. Just take picture, no problem.

Ah, okay. 10 until 3, okay. And can I wear shorts or no? It's no problem. Because have... You have something to wear? Yes.

Ah, okay. So tomorrow? Tomorrow. Okay, thank you. Okay, you’re welcome. Okay, that lovely young man just told me tomorrow.

So we're going to come back tomorrow for the mosque and for the monument. Oh, I just acquired a new quest. There's a cathedral nearby. Let's go check it out.

Surely the cathedral won't let us down. The journey continues. On to the cathedral. Let's go. And there she is.

Right, let's try and cross this road without getting run over. And see if we can get inside. Man, okay, okay, okay. Oh, oh, oh, hold on. Oh, oh, oh, oh.

Oh, oh, oh, okay. Okay, we made it. I made it. I'm alive. I'm safe and well. Can we go inside? It looks like we can go inside.

Wow. She is a real beauty. You wouldn't really expect to see a kind of cathedral like this in Asia. Let's find out what kind of cathedral is it.

I'm not too sure if you can go in or not. I'm just kind of following these people. It does look pretty nice.

This is amazing. I'm starting to feel quite religious now. I feel blessed now. I still don't know what kind of cathedral is it. I mean, I know it's Christianity, but what kind? Now, how do I get out? Is that Jesus just chilling out there? Ah, yeah, it must be because it's got a hole in the foot from the old crucifixion.

Right, anyway, back on the streets. Back out to the streets of Jakarta. Jakarta. And the rain has still held off. I cannot believe it. These grey clouds have been looming the entire video.

It's pretty nice. It's pretty... It's pretty... What's the word I'm looking for? It's pretty breathtaking. Spiritual.

When you go inside, you get that feeling. The spiritual feeling. Now, it's suddenly gotten really dark. So now is a good time to leave. I've ordered a trusty little grab bike. And we're going back to my hotel now.

The Fairmont Jakarta. So we'll give you a little tour of the hotel. It's a pretty nice hotel. Just waiting on the bike now. Let's go. Hello, yeah, it's me.

Okay, let's get on the bike. Oh, helmet. Okay.

Helmet on first, safety first. Oh, sorry. Okay I’m ready to go. They're actually really good getting these grab bikes.

Because you get this kind of free tour around the city. There's the... bye-bye to the cathedral there. And they're really good at just weaving in and out through all the traffic. The young man is very skilled on his bike. There's the mosque on that side.

The streets on this side. The hustling and bustling streets of Jakarta. And we’re away! It's like a mad race with all these grab bikes and go-jek bikes.

I’ve now joined and become one with Jakarta’s traffic. Another nice building there. It looks very presidential. I may have picked one of the worst times to get a bike back.

I think it's rush hour, it's like 5 or 6pm. (driver shakes head in disbelief) Wow, you can see across the entire city there, there’s a thick layer of smog in the air. I think I’m most likely breathing some of that in right now. But it’s all part of the experience.

(the Jakarta traffic has me now) Okay, thank you. Thank you. Okay, we have arrived back at the Fairmont Jakarta. Hello. They have quite tight security everywhere that you go.

Oh yeah, phone. Yes sir. I'm inside. Quite tight on the security. This is the lobby.

Oh man. Oh man, that was such a long journey. I wasn't expecting it to be that long. Anyway, let's rate our driver guy and let's give him a little tip. Give him a tip more than the price of the entire ride. You know, he deserves it.

Working hard, especially on a distance that long. Anyway, right, up to the room. These are the corridors. It is quite a pricey hotel. The room that we are in, 1624 there. Here's the card, let's swipe to get in.

This room costs about 300 US dollars per night. You've got a little toilet by the door. An extra toilet.

Nice little dining table. Huge living room. It's 100 square meters, this room. Around 300 US dollars per night with breakfast. And that is super pricey. You've got a nice view of a golf course and the sunset there.

And then the traffic down below. We actually booked a sky suite, which is cheaper than this room. And that has a kind of little kitchen area. So this room, although it's bigger and more expensive, it doesn't have a kitchen thing.

It only just has a fridge. Let's check inside the fridge here. You've got all that kind of stuff that was all filled in the fridge.

I had to take it out and put it on the side here to put our stuff in the fridge. Because obviously we don't want to be paying for a Sprite when it costs 40,000. How much is 40,000? How many in US dollar? No idea. 40,000. Lost in the digits. 40,000, that's like $7, is it? If anyone knows, tell me in the comments below.

And then you come over into the bedroom. Quite a huge bed. Good size.

I think it's about 2 meters width. Let's do a bed test. Hold on.

Bed test. Quite comfortable. Oh, quite comfortable. Really soft. I think they've added some kind of extra padding on here.

You've got like a walk-in wardrobe place. Iron. You can just iron things.

Yeah, that's good. Wait, how do I put it back? Nice big wardrobe with a safe to put all your gold bars in. And all your money in. I don't think I've ever used a hotel safe. I see some of the vloggers, they put their laptop inside the hotel safe. I mean, who do you think is going to steal their laptop? I mean, especially in a hotel like this.

I don't think you have to worry about your valuables, to be honest with you. Room housekeeping is not going to steal your stuff, I don't think. Then over here we've got a lovely, massive, quite a massive bathroom. Two sinks, his and her sinks.

And a little makeup mirror. Listen. I don't know if you can hear that, that's the call to prayer. You better get used to that in Indonesia, you'll always hear it. And then we've got another toilet. So I showed you before, we've got two toilets. This is the first hotel room that I've been in.

It has two toilets, that's crazy. And then over here we have a shower. With a rain kind of shower there and the other shower head. And then quite a big bath. Oh, it's very echoey inside. Okay, it's very echoey.

It's got good acoustics in there. Right, head on out, let's head on out. I hate, they used to, in hotels, they used to give you loads of little things.

And now, now they've kind of transferred it. They just put it in these little tubs stuck on the wall. Got another view there. Across Jakarta, you can see there's a stadium there, football stadium.

Some other kind of stadium. More traffic. Lincoln, what are you doing? Lincoln! Another view of the golf course. And then the lovely Jakarta traffic below there. Got a nice little desk area. Pretty comfy.

Usually you don't get a good desk chair to sit at your computer. But this one is pretty good. Good leg to desk height ratio quite comfortable for editing all the videos. Another TV there. Wait, how many TV?

Oh, we've got two TVs. Big TV there. Mirror here, so you can check yourself out. Okay.

Did I show everything in this room? Couch. Oh, the TV's there. Another TV there. This couch is actually really comfy as well. You could also just sleep here if you wanted to. Okay, I'm going to sleep now.

I don't know if you can see that. Wait, let's turn all the lights off. That's a pretty nice sunset. There's one thing that you would expect to be better. If you press master, all the lights go off, but it doesn't.

So anyway, wait, can we see? Okay. Wow, look at this. Oh, that is such a good view. That is just a beautiful sunset of Jakarta The maid left a little note, which is quite sweet.

It says, dear Mr. Jason Pie. Don't know why she wrote Pie. Jason Pie. Why did she write Pie? Oh, it's Ric. Oh, that's my middle name, Richard. But why she wrote Jason Ric? Anyway, thank you for stay at Fairmont Jakarta.

We hope you are happy staying with us. We make this arrival towel for you and we give extra something, capsule and mineral water. We hope you're always happy with us. And your days are also fun. Happy good day, Mr. Jason.

Room Attendant Sonia. Okay, very sweet, kind letter from Sonia. I thank you for that. She made like a little towel dinosaur, but it's already been destroyed now, unfortunately. They also have bottles of water, which is free.

Free water, kind of similar to in Bangkok, in Thailand hotels. They also put the water. Wait. They also put the water in glass bottles and refill them. I guess that's some kind of environmental thing. Okay, there's some leftovers that I had earlier.

I mean, this is probably one of the best things in Indonesia. Silver Queen. Ever since I've had this, I've been dreaming about getting another one. This is better than Cadbury's, better than Mars, better than Galaxy, better than Dove, better than Oreo. Silver Queen.

Should be Silver King. Is there a Silver King? Maybe someone should make that. Really good. 10 out of 10, chocolate bar. What's in here? Empty wardrobe. Let's just check inside of here.

Okay, just make sure that everything is safe. Okay. Oh, the light's gone off.

Okay. Yeah, everything's okay inside of here. What's that? there’s a box there? What is that? There's a mysterious white box in the corner. It says Panasonic. Oh, is that the modem? Maybe that's the internet modem. Anyway, the second toilet.

It's also one of those kind of electric toilets, I believe, that can shoot water directly up your bottom. If you're into that kind of thing. Anyway, so that's the room tour. And instead of pressing the button like do not disturb or please make up my room, they've gone for the old-fashioned way of hanging this on the door. Mohon tidak digan aku.

So yeah. Just ordered some nice Indonesian food. I don't know if you've heard of this dish.

It's called pizza. A nice Indonesian pizza there. This one's Hawaiian. This one's some Milano. And then also got some.

Look at this one. Some garlic bread. Let's try this. Let's try this Indonesian pizza. That's pretty good.

8.4 out of 10. That was a nice little snack. Now it's time for dessert.

Just a little snack. Just a few doughnuts here. Not too many, you know. Don't want to have too many. Just 12 there. And then.

Wait, how many is here? Okay. Don't want to have too many. Let's not forget the milk as well. Okay. Wow, look at this. Nice little Indonesian snack here.

Okay, cheers. Wait, can you see me? Cheers. Oh, hello there. Just laying on my bed in my room. Oh wait, no. I'm at the poolside area.

Let me give you a little tour around here. It's a little bit dark, so I'll probably have to do another full hotel tour later. That's the outside of the hotel there.

Got a lovely pool here. Some lounges that you can come and sunbathe on. But obviously, it's night time now, so there's no sun. And actually, there is a thunderstorm. I just saw some lightning flash earlier.

Let's see if we can catch any on camera. I don't know. Should you go swimming when it's lightning? I don't know. I guess the hotel staff would have told us to go back inside. If they thought we were in danger.

It is, oh, it's slightly a little bit chilly. Okay. Oh, it's nice though, once you're in. It's really peaceful and relaxing, especially when it's empty.

So yes, I'm not too sure what's the rules when there's lightning. Because we're on the fourth floor, so we're not that high up. So I'm guessing the lightning wouldn't strike the water first. It would strike the top of the building. If anyone knows, then let me know.

Should I be getting out of the pool? Maybe that's why there's no one in the pool. I just saw a flash. Hello. Hello. Here we have a nice little jacuzzi.

I don't know if you can see anything because it's so dark. Let's just get in. Hold on.

Let me just come to the middle of the jacuzzi because there's a bit of a light here. Okay. Okay, I've got a bit of a light. Okay, you can see me. Oh, one of the jets is shooting right up there.

Anyway, that is not the end of the journey. It continues right here. Yes, I'm waiting until you click.

2024-01-09 23:55

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