My First Day in Tunisia and I Love it Here! (Tunis)

My First Day in Tunisia and I Love it Here!   (Tunis)

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what's up bro what are you selling sure how much  thank you thank you you're how much is this one   the juice 9 N oh wow you put a lot of pomegranates  inside there wow that is beautiful how much One   Piece One D One Piece One Dam are they different  color different taste yes which one's the best one   Tunisian people love these yeah okay let me try  two what's up everybody welcome back to another   brand new video here on the channel channel in  a brand new country today I'm talking to you   guys from Tunisia I'm in the capital of Tunis  and I must say this city has really impressed   me so far I've only been here a few hours but I  decided why not let's tune on in and let's start   filming my first impressions video because man  the energy out here is quite unreal now we're   actually in the city center so that gate that you  see there the gates here in uh North Africa same   as in Morocco here in Tunisia as well they're  called Bobs I'm not sure exactly which one that   is but I'll do some research and I'll let you  guys know that information once we actually head   on into the Medina to start exploring but for now  what's up bro what are you selling how much thank   you thank you you're there you go thanks bro  are you from Tunis yeah we we okay Med thanks medu yeah a lot of people sell tissues here around  the city that that seems to be a common Trend not   only here in Tunis but also in in Morocco that  was very popular and also in Asia there's a lot   of people selling um yeah tissues everywhere it's  a way of making a living but yeah today I'm going   to walk around I'm going to show you guys my  first impressions of this beautiful city and   of course talk to you guys about some just some  real basic information that I've learned since my   arrival last night now um the whole journey from  the airport to the city center literally took a   whole I want to say 10 minutes it was super fast  and I actually got char charge 60 dehm I didn't   get charge the meter price but I was told by many  people that it actually only cost 20 Dirham to get   from the airport to the city center at maximum  I'm okay thank you see another lady just hit me   with the with the tissues it's very popular but  if you walk around buying tissues from everybody   you won't have no more money for anything else  but yeah guys this here is Tunis it's actually   a well Tunisia is actually one of the smaller  countries in uh North Africa but it is also one of   those countries that you know it might not be the  biggest but it packs a punch there's a lot to see   here a lot to do the people are amazing so in this  series that's what I'm going to be showing you   now I'm noticing there's pomegranate strawberries  absolutely everywhere hello is this for juice how   much how much is this one the juice n n okay's  let's can I just get one to go yeah relax one   moment just oh okay with ice or no ice no ice  please no ice thank you here for you is Pomo   Granite very popular in tunia yes from the desert  yeah yeah okay wow I like the machine here let me   just pay you it's cuz I'm walking I'm doing fast  there you go bro thank you you thank you bro Med see oh wow you put a lot of pomegranates inside  there how many per cup three oh strong men yeah if you guys have never had a Pomo Granite  juice you have no idea what you're missing out on thank you medicine medicine all right my first  pomeg juice I also want to buy one of these flags   too but I think I'll save that for my um my  Medina video I want to purchase one of those   but I also am running very low in cash because I  just got here I only had like $40 yesterday and   that's what I changed uh into din but yeah I'll  actually show you guys one of those bills here   in a minute as well so this was $3 let me know  if that is a a normal price it sounds good to   me I mean he literally put three or four whole  pomegranates inside of this cup which I don't   know about where you guys come from but where I  live pomegranates are ridiculously expensive now   I've been noticing that along the streets there's  also all kinds of cafes restaurants where people   just lounge around drink teas coffees I'm noticing  that um a lot of people smoke cigarettes here in   Tunisia but you know what we just came from Paris  and there everybody smokes as well so um that's   not a huge shocker to me but but um yeah just be  aware of that there's cigarette smoke absolutely   everywhere and taxis absolutely everywhere now  I'm not sure if there's any ride apps I'm not   too sure about that but one thing I do know  based off of talking to the locals is that if   you are booking a taxi make sure that when you  jump on in you tell them to turn on the meter   all right well this is actually where I'm staying  I'm staying right on this main strip here I'm not   sure exactly what this strip is called or this  prominade but it is super beautiful it actually   reminds me well it has a very huge like European  influence obviously because of the history of this   country and you'll find a lot of big beautiful  churches just like this one the real like I don't   know Spanish Colonial French Colonial architecture  literally everywhere and to my surprise guys it's   actually a um quite affordable city as well I mean  accommodation when I was looking it up was around   $40 to $60 a night for a pretty uh nice hotel so  just some little prices to keep in mind now I can   imagine you can find even cheaper accommodation as  well look how beautiful this is guys and there's   a big sign here that says I love Tunis every city  should have a um yeah like a city sign where you   can go and take pictures I think it makes for  great memories and they are beautiful so yeah   I love Tunis and yeah look at the bank I mean  how beautiful was the bank that building must   have been built in like the yeah I don't know  1600s 1700s probably 17s 1800s yeah my history   is pretty messed up but it is beautiful and yeah  this beautiful church as well it says right there   that this is the place the independence oh so this  might be like the Independence Square wow that is beautiful I wish I could describe what  I'm seeing but I don't really know too   much about um any religious figures all I  know is I can admire some true beauty and   that is that is beautiful wow now I also did  purchase a SIM card you actually get a free   SIM card at the airports uh by this company  called orange as soon as you arrive you make   it through security and once you make or  immigration and once you make it by the   baggage claim they actually have um a little  stand that's called orange and there you can   find sim cards for literally 30 or 30 oh  no they're free but to load them up for   10 GB it's 10 Dr for 20 20 and so on so I of  course got myself a big Hefty SIM card for 30 deham but yeah last night we arrived and the  city was completely different I mean there was   a lot of movement out on the streets but it was  definitely a lot slower right now you see these   big tour groups walking around they're all doing  tours of the Medina and all the um old city of   Tunis but this here is is the main Boardwalk where  I'm staying and honestly it's quite entertaining   there's a lot to do um a lot of little places to  grab some food things to uh things to drink it's   nice so yeah this is what the prominade looks  like but I'm not sure I really want to walk the   prominade cuz it's a bit yeah it's a bit boring  there's not a whole lot going on on the prominade   itself at night I noticed that there was a lot of  people like sitting down on the benches along the   sides but right now during the day yeah there's  not a whole lot going on so you know what let's   take one of the side streets and you know what  I think I'm going to take the side street behind   me because I'm actually staying on this street  and I don't really want anybody to see me with   the camera right away because then um people  start knowing who you are and then interactions   change and I'm going to be here for a few days  so I don't want anything to change anybody to   act different towards me I want to be treated  exactly the same you know um nowadays since the   Channel's been growing um when people ask you  oh what are you filming for what's your channel   what's your YouTube and then you show them all of  a sudden um all the interactions seem to change   and people start acting a little bit different  cuz they think you know you're a famous YouTuber   and whatnot which you guys know me that is not  the case I just want to be treated fairly just   like I treat everybody else so um that's why I  don't want to walk on that street and anybody   that creates content will tell you the same  thing now look at these beautiful trees that   line literally the whole boardwalk and there is  tour buses as well so so I'm guessing you can do   day trips from other cities to Tunis if you don't  end up staying here however I always like to tell   people that when you're flying into a brand new  country the best way to get to know a place is to   obviously spend time in the capital city because  the capital city is where you're going to see how   uh people are really living every single day um  what the energy of the country is really like and   it's a nice way to ease your way on um into things  and it feels very safe here as well there's a very   strong police presence and you can see they're  shaking the gentleman's hand they're all super friendly it's a great place and honestly I  wasn't expecting to see too many tourists   I thought I was heading to a place that uh wasn't  too touristic but that turned out to be completely   false turns out that Europeans especially love  Tunis because it's incredibly close we literally   flew here in like an hour hour and a half from  Paris and yeah you'll see so many Europeans oh   I'm losing track of my um my grip you'll see a  lot of Europeans walking the streets wow this is beautiful that is impressive huh wonder what's  uh the name of this thing is I like it though   oh man I hope the wind isn't bothering you guys  too much I wasn't expecting it to be this windy   or else I would have put on my wind protector  but hopefully uh my big head in front of the   camera is protecting that wind from from hitting  all of you guys that way you guys can hear me um   pretty well but yeah I have some big plans for  this country I want to film so much I want to   go on some crazy street food um challenges for  you guys some crazy shopping spree there's so   much of of all of that here especially in the  Medina now I'm actually posting these videos in   real time so right now you're watching this video  I'm in Tunis please drop all your recommendations   down below of places that I need to visit sites  that I need to see because I definitely want to   make my way out to all of those areas oh wow look  they got a nail Academy nice nice appreciate you   bro and yeah this is actually my hotel up here  the hotel Carlton the hotel Carlton um turns   out is one of the most iconic hotels here in the  city it's been around for uh many years and they   have so many different room options available  I'm actually staying in one of their rooms with   several Beds which I'll actually show you here  in this video and man they got some incredible   uh rooms now I'm staying in one that's not the  most beautiful because I was actually planning   on coming out here with um originally um Andrew  and another friend so we had three beds but the   other friend canceled so now it's just Andrew  and I in a room with three beds however um the   breakfast was amazing fully stock breakfast bar  it was a great option great choice especially if   you're here in Tunis I definitely recommend  checking out the hotel Carlton actually you   know what I think yeah by the time I edited this  video you probably would have seen the hotel uh   laid out over the clip that you just heard  me talking on but yeah there's hotels that   line up literally the entire streets I saw one  yesterday that looks super impressive as well   it was called Hotel Africa which is over on this  side so keep that in mind guys there's a lot of   options for accommodation I also noticed that  the streets are very clean there there's people   cleaning and sweeping um even last night there  was people out there doing that so yeah Tunis   I have a feeling I'm going to love this city and  I have a feeling that I'm going to love Tunisia   man everybody I've met here so far in the country  has been incredibly friendly so the two languages   that are primarily Spoken Here in Tunisia are  actually French believe it or not and actually   that's the same for most North Africa if you got  to Morocco they speak French as well and they also   speak Arabic but don't let that throw you off if  you don't speak any of those two most people here   speak English as well and yeah they got a strat of  Varys right next to my hotel underneath there's a berska so many different restaurants and yeah  all of these little Alleyways and side streets   hold like so much so many small little stores and  places where you can just pop your head into you   know all right let's try and let's let's try and  make it alive uh to the end of this video without   getting hit by a car but I did exactly what I  said I wasn't going to do now I crossed over onto   my street so yeah the hotel Carlton where is the  hotel Carlton right there directly in front of us   so we'll actually walk that way now but you know  what you know what I think I'm actually going to   take the side streak because I don't want um all  the little shop I got some videos in mind that I   really want to make so you know what let's just  hit these little side streets and I'll show you   guys a little bit more but like look how beautiful  all of these um lamp posts are I love how they've   maintained them over the years instead of just  knocking them down and putting like some you   know some cement ugly light pole like we do in  the US you might also notice the floors as well   you can tell that they're all laid out Brick by  Brick these are things that I really appreciate   when I come to European countries or um countries  with strong European influence as you guys know   in the US I mean we just just pour concrete over  everything we're not going to pay somebody to go   lay bricks brick per brick on or Co or uh how  do you say it not repave but you get what I'm   saying Rec Cobblestone a road no way we're going  to bring up a truck get that concrete mixer uh   spinning and then pour that concrete all over  the all over the boulevard you know what I mean   and just get it done quick but yeah I'm impressed  so far I don't know what I was expecting out of   Tunisia or out of Tunis but I don't think I was  expecting um this I don't think I was expecting   it to be so so European like so just some little  insight for you guys but yeah this pomegranate juice I probably should have as for ice all right looks like we got some people selling some  some things hello what are these theuts deuts oh   deuts I think we call them Tunas in our country  how much One Piece One Dam One Piece One Dam are   they different color different taste yes which  one's the best one Tunisian people love these   okay let me try two yeah two different which one's  the best one can I I just grab yes okay I think   I'm going to go with red oh yellow okay I Tred  this one first so this is Tika name NS NSS catss   cats cats okay cats we call them Tunas tun tunia  thank you people are nice in Tunisia wow it's very good is this from Desert Sahara yes oh okay  so this comes from the Sahara desert region I'm not sure if you eat the seeds or not you eat seed everything okay they're hard all right this one good yes let's go yellow now so three to give you guys  a um an idea dude I can't those   last two seeds were very hard for me  so forgive me but um three deer is $1 roughly red is nice I mean  yellow's nice but the red one's better I wonder how many of  these you're supposed to eat   I think these get you constipated if I'm not mistaken all right you know what I'm put  the other half right there I can't eat   the whole thing Med SE thank you because to  be honest with you the seeds hurt those are hard but very nice and refreshing as well just had to spit out two more seeds another  one but yeah let me know if you guys are from t   yeah and you guys eat those fruits how many  of those would you typically eat in a city I   remember I was in Morocco and I think they were  very similar to those a little bit smaller and   more like purplish but everybody told me Chris  what are you doing I ate like two or three in   that video I'm not sure um people are like dude  what are you doing you're going to get constipated   you won't be able to use the bathroom and I  was like oh that explains why that is exactly   what happened when I finish eating them all  right I don't know where we're veering off to   from now looks like there's a department  store here this might be like a shopping center oh yeah this was definitely a great  decision yeah this is definitely like a   like a shopping center of some sort  I see all kinds of advertisements on   the sides okay this side of the street  is not the cleanest but it's all right I think I'm definitely veering off into like the  wrong direction though so you know what on the   next street we'll Veer off to the right again  let me know what are your first impressions of   uh Tunis so far and have you guys ever heard  of Tunisia before I know there's a lot of you   guys who you know don't know your geography all  too well so there's always you know a handful   of people that tell me in every video I had never  heard of that place before so um yeah let me know   what are your guys' first impressions so far all  right well this is actually uh the hotel Carlton   right in front of us where I'm staying it's been  around since 1926 and it's only a three star now   I'm not sure why it's only a three star though  because it is beautiful you know obviously I   wouldn't give it a five I'd probably give it one  more though I'd give it a four a five obviously   that's you know five stars you're talking like  Ritz Carlton um Four Seasons places like that   now there's also cats everywhere as well here too  hello are you from Tunis are you from Tunis yeah   that's a Tunisian cat he's on the hunt right now  he don't want he don't want to be on video right   now but yeah guys this is Tunisia now I actually  want to walk all the way down to this fountain at   the end of the road and I think that's where we'll  bring this video to an end there's a um fountain   that looks extremely beautiful I drove bu it  yesterday but it's literally just a few feet   from where I'm staying so or a few more like 50 50  ft or 100t from where I'm staying but still very close now here in here in Tunisia the steering  wheel I just feel like when first impressions   video man I analyze everything cuz I travel  so much but um still had one of them seeds   in my mouth but here in Tunisia the steering  wheel is actually on the same side as it is in   America which is really nice to see because I  might be running a car this week to be honest   with you guys all right so this here is like  the street where we ate dinner last night my   hotel is this beautiful white building  not the first one you see the second one in and we ate dinner around here last night  right by this fountain that I want to show   you guys now the ATMs I must I must um  admit they're absolutely everywhere but   I'm not sure exactly how much the fees  are to use them so for some of you guys   that are coming on a short trip it might  just be a little bit more convenient to um yeah pull out or change money but if  you're coming out here for a longer stay   obviously it's not ideal uh traveling around  with hundreds of dollars in your in your bank   to make sure to last the entire trip all right  we're approaching the fountain now it's that   clock tower that you can see right behind  the umbrellas and there's actually a lot   of people standing around there right now taking  pictures it makes for a really great place for a photo and um one thing I've been realizing too as  well hold on I'll tell you right now as we make it   onto the streets one thing that I've also been  noticing as well here about uh Tunisia is that   well as you can see it's a primarily um well  Muslim dominant country however in compared to   other Arab and Muslim nations Tunisia um Tunisia  standards here it's very relaxed um I actually   don't see a lot of people walking around or a lot  of women walking around in hijabs or burkas you do   see them um but not to the same extent as like  you know when I was in a Jordan or when I was   in Qatar nowhere near that level now I'm not sure  who who this is here that's the only thing I must   say that I I I've noticed on my first um hours  walking around is that a lot of The Monuments and   statues actually don't have English translations  they only have Arabic and French which is fine   because it's not English isn't an official  language but it would help as a tourist wow   this is beautiful so yeah this here is the big  fountain that I was looking at I wonder if the   clock is right as well yeah it is it's actually  like 3 minutes slow but it's beautiful wow that   building also looks pretty impressive as well  Tunisian Flags everywhere man this is awesome   all right let's cross on over and I think that's  where we're going to be finishing up today's video not sure if this how you cross  I just see a bunch of people crossing   all right so yeah this here is the  fountain now you know what let me   actually search Google Maps real quick let  make sure that this isn't something like   very very important and I'm missing that out  missing information out but yeah look at this um Tower okay it says it's Avenue Habib  borika Clock Tower doesn't say anything   else though on the map but if this signifies  anything else please let let us know down in   the comments that would we all know what this  why this beautiful Fountain is here well you   know what guys I think with this view of of Tunis  I'm going to be leaving you guys for now I'll see   you guys again soon in a few days for another  adventure I'm going to be filming so much more   here in this beautiful country look at all the  flags people are very patriotic and I can't wait   to start interacting with a whole lot more locals  thank you guys so much for watching and if you're   from Tunisia you better subscribe and leave a  comment and if you're not and you still made   it to this point do the same later guys you  always smarted I was the one to take a love

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