My Dream Safari I always wanted to do S7 EP.21 | Pakistan to South Africa

My Dream Safari I always wanted to do  S7 EP.21 | Pakistan to South Africa

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So we are ready for the safari? Exactly. I have never been closer to an elephant before. Assalam Alekum Brother Wa Alekum Salam How are you? Very good. We follow you. Thank you very much. Hippos are the ones who attack fatally. Assalam Alekum and Good Morning from Arusha, Tanzania.

You can see how excited I am to be here. That's because we have finally reached Arusha after a ride that spanned many days. Because we wanted to visit Serengeti National Park.

Which is the most beautiful one in Africa. Serengeti and Masai Mara are probably the most popular national parks in East Africa. You must have heard about the Great Migration.

But that takes place from July to September. Other than that, you can come here any day to witness the wildlife like nowhere else. Today marks the start of our 4 day tour.

It's almost 6.30 in the morning. Gonna have breakfast. Our guide will arrive shortly. We'll be traveling in his car. Therefore, we'll be saying good bye to our motorcycle, Rangeeli, for the next few days.

So that we can properly enjoy and explore the wildlife here. That's why this vlog is gonna be slightly different from our previous vlogs. I'm super excited. Tried to get enough sleep last night because I slept a little late. This place is simply amazing.

If feels as if I have spent a whole night in the jungle. That's how densely green it is. And this is the restaurant here. That's fine. Thank you very much. Our breakfast is here.

It is being served in steps. They have served fruits and coffee to start with. Let me show you the fruits. They are mostly the same that we have been eating before such as mango... Pineapple... papaya...

And watermelon. That's a very healthy start to our breakfast. They will also serve omelet and bread in a bit. This is our safari ride.

And that's our tour guide...Mr. Eric. Hey. How are you? I'm good. Thank you. He will be our tour guide. James is the tour guide.

Is James the tour guide? Okay. Eric is the owner of the company. Yes. Along with a Pakistani guy, Zeeshan. So you can say that it's a Tanzanian Pakistani company. The name of this company is Msangai Adventure. They run safaris here.

And our tour guide is James. James will be our tour guide. Nice meeting you, James. Thank you very much. So... Let's go... Are you ready? Yeah. So we have parked the motorcycle here.

These guys will take care of it. We hope to find it in the same tip top condition when we come back. Since it's parked under shade, it's a good thing. Hopefully there won't be any issue here.

Mr. Eric gave me this hat. Now we are truly ready for the safari. We have a long day ahead; very long drive.

Yeah it's relatively longer because we just started from Arusha to Serengeti. It's almost like 6 hours. Right now we are going to Ngorongoro first. And then after that we just get in. Then we can stop at the view point.

We'll also see some animals today? Yeah. It's a little foggy here in Arusha right now. Hopefully it will be better in next 10 km or so. Because the weather here is continuously changing. We have been riding for about 2.5 hours.

Right now we are at a place near Manyara National Park. Not going to the park itself. Just passing by that area. Our ride so far has been really great. The weather was really nice. And the landscape is amazing.

It's a somewhat hilly area which is very green thanks to these rains. So there was a continuous variation in the landscape. And then you are passing through the areas of Masai tribes. I really enjoyed the ride. The exact place where we stopped is Masai market. They sell handicrafts here.

Let me see if I can show you some of that. We've taken a short break here. As you can see, these guys are making hand made items. They are doing wood work here. Really putting so much effort in fine details. Here you'll see some really impressive paintings.

Depicting the landscape of Africa. Wildlife... The culture and tribes... All of that and more. All here to portray the culture of Africa. As a tourist, you can get these paintings as souvenirs.

Just see how amazing these paintings are. It's not a simple souvenir shop. It's more like an art gallery. You can see artists making these master pieces here. Everything from paintings to craftsmanship on wood.

Thank you. Our route to Serengeti National Park goes through the Ngorongoro conservation area. They have crater here. Right now we are standing at the top most position here.

And the view from up here is really amazing. You see green flatlands as far as you can see. We are not exploring the wildlife here today because most of it is down there. And we'd rather stay on route to Serengeti.

But we will spend a day here on our way back. Because our tour of Tanzania will be incomplete without visiting this place. The first wildlife of the day ... Giraffes. Grazing beside the road. Look at how beautiful they look in this landscape. There has been a little incident with our safari car here.

The sidestep on this side has become loose or probably broken. They are trying to fix it now. Or they may have to remove it. The road is quite bumpy. It's all an off road. It's 2.45 pm now.

We have just reached the gate of Serengeti. The place where we are gonna stay for the night is another 80 km from here. Could be another 1.5 hours or so. They told us that we'll be there in 6.5 hours... It's more than that.

It's a considerable distance. On this side, we have the Serengeti National Park. And on this side is the Ngorongoro Conservation Camp. There is no physical separation between the two. Animals can move freely from one place to another. So these markings or boundaries are only for human reference.

We still have to do our lunch. It's already 2.45 pm. Let's see where they intend to take a break. We have seen quite a few wild animals on our way here. Especially gazelle...

The wilder beasts who migrate during June July... They are now coming back. That's why you see a lot of them along the roadside. We have stopped here for a lunch break. There is this very beautiful area after 15-20 km from the main gate. It's amazing to see...

That the government, locals and all involved in the safari business manage it really well. All the safari vehicles that come here bring their own lunch with them. There are really clean toilets here. They also have 4G internet service by Vodacom. We are gonna sit here and have a comfortable lunch.

Let's see what's in lunch for us. Eric has soup. What kind of soup is this? Vegetable soup. Eric and James have set up the table for us.

This here is the vegetable soup. We have some bread here. It's butter chicken or something like that. There are some vegetables. Some drinks. So you always ask people about their food preferences.

The chicken is halal. Right? Yeah. I had already told them that I only eat halal meat. You can simply tell what your food preference is. If you are a vegetarian, you can get vegetarian food. It's very important to know the kind of food.

Because sometimes we have clients who are vegetarian or vegan. Some ask for gluten free food. It's a must know thing so that we can arrange accordingly. Can you also provide gluten free food? Yes, we do. We must know how to satisfy our clients.

I have never been closer to an elephant before. As we are getting close to the center of the park, we are seeing more and more wildlife. There's a lot to see by the roadside. We are seeing an elephant for the first time.

It's comfortably standing in front of us. It's very interesting. It's all a big plain. So you can spot wildlife from a distance. Anyways... nothing can beat this.

Assalam Alekum, brother. Wa Alekum Salam How are you? Good. We follow you. It's actually a surprise to meet you here. Thank you so much.

What's your name? Nandita, Rakesh and Adi. Really pleased to meet you guys. Thank you so much. Is this your company, Rakesh? It's my friend's. Okay.

We come here everyday. But we only visit when we get a chance. Thank you so much. Really nice to see you all.

Enjoy your trip. Thank you. See you. We have just seen some hippos here. Hippos are semi-aquatic animals. They live both in water and on land. Their skin is very soft.

They prefer to remain in water during the day time when the sun is out. They only come out of water early mornings or late evenings. We did see some, getting out of water.

But most of them are still in water. I've been told that most of the serious attacks on people are done by hippos. These are the baboons of Serengeti. They are having a good time in the middle of the road. It's a group of impalas.

Our tour guide has shared a very interesting info. Each group has a leader. And that's the one with horns. And the remaining are females and children. If the leader of the group is defeated in a battle... then he can never join the group again.

This whole group is being led by that guy over there with horns. A little while ago I showed you a group of impalas with all females and only one male leader. But here the situation is totally opposite of that. All of these are bachelors and males.

If one of these challenges the leader of that other group, And manages to win the challenge... Then it will be the new leader of that group. It's more like these are still practicing here.

We have reached our lodge. Beautiful location. It's like a party in the wilderness. Very nice Lets see what our room is like.

Nevertheless, I'm in love with this location. That's our hero of the day ... Mr. James. How was your day Mr. James?

After driving around all day... All good for you? Yes. For me it was really good. Thank you very much. You are welcome.

I hope tomorrow will be even better than today. Insha Allah. Hello how are you? He has given me a towel. Hi. How are you? Which juice is this? Baobab.

Never had it before. O it's from the big tree. The baobab tree. Okay. Thank you very much.

Getting rid of all the dirt from the road... I hope the towel has not turned greasy. That's our tent. Normally, whenever I reach a hotel or camping site, after traveling for whole day... I give you a room tour and share a few things about the place.

And the rent that I paid for that place. So that you guys get an idea about the country and that place. Sometimes, the room is just a normal one but I still give you the tour.

However... This one actually deserves a room tour. You can see it for yourself. Getting such a luxurious and tidy accommodation at such a remote location and landscape... Amazing!!

Look at that... That's our tent. The first thing that you notice is that it's really spacious. And that it's really neat and clean. Look at that bed.. how meticulously it has been set. The sheets are very clean.

A couple of chairs and a table. For a comfortable sitting. Some space to keep your luggage. And over there, we have a rather beautiful toilet.

Here are some towels. It's very adorable how everything is placed where it's placed. Looks as if we are at a luxury hotel instead. This here is the shower area. We have hot water facility as well. And here is the WC.

Other than that, you can also charge your mobile phones. Or laptop or any other device. The charging pods are powered by solar energy. We also have WiFi. We have all these facilities here at a rather remote location.

You don't need all these facilities here though. Because when you are visiting such a remote location, you don't really expect all of this. Despite that, they offer all the facilities here. So that the tourists have a comfortable night stay after enjoying their safari. On top of that, a very good Wi-Fi connection to stay in touch with your family back home. The food was really great.

It's an 'all you can eat buffet'. Overall, I really liked the food as well as the lodging. And this is not the luxury class. Because I asked my tour guide.

He told me that they offer these tours with way more luxury. These are tented camps. But they also have proper lodges with even more facilities. I'm here on a 4 day tour. The first day comprised of getting to Serengeti.

Tomorrow we'll be exploring Serengeti. On third day, we'll go to Ngorongoro. On the fourth day, we'll get back to Arusha after visiting some tribes. So... for four days and three nights with luxury... It will cost about 8 thousand dollars for two people. But I'm staying in the tented camp.

And I don't think you need any more luxury than this. I mean after spending the whole day out, you just came back here to sleep. For me, this is enough luxury to have these facilities at this location. So, for this level, the tour will cost 4 thousand dollars for two people. For those who want to come here, the company I opted is called Msangai Adventure.

I had a great experience with them so far. James and Eric both were really helpful. I was able to stop anywhere I wanted to make a video. We had a rather pleasant day. More details to come in the coming days. That's all for the day.

Remember me in your prayers. Don't forget to Like, Subscribe and Share. See you in the next one. Allah Hafiz

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