Move in เลย! ทัวร์ KHUN by YOO คอนโดเดียวในไทยที่ออกแบบโดย Philippe Starck

Move in เลย! ทัวร์ KHUN by YOO คอนโดเดียวในไทยที่ออกแบบโดย Philippe Starck

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Life is good. Didn't it sound disturbing? Yea, yea. Hello! You're with me, June June! I'm with Pridi as usual. Today, Pridi and I will be touring a condominium unit. We've not done that for several episodes now. It's the project we both know about.

Because it's located on the road leading to our cafe. We've driven past it before. This project is called Khun by YOO, inspired by Starck.

It's included in Sansiri Luxury Collection or SLC. Let's say, it's the top-tier of Sansiri. Other projects in SLC are... 98 Wireless, The Monument Thong Lo which we've been familiar with. Khun by YOO is one of them.

It's located at the center of Thonglor road! The project name is actually just "Khun." "by YOO" at the end comes from YOO Studio. Like, it's designed by YOO Studio, like this. YOO Studio is a design firm working with residences, hotels, and else all over the world. It's well-known itself. So this project is known as a branded residence of Sansiri and YOO Studio.

Also, they selected Mr.Philippe Starck to be the one designing the condo. Talking about Philippe Starck, he is THE PHILIPPE STARCK, you get it? He's the world-class designer! Literally, world-class! He's the owner of the invention named Juicy Salif or the fruit squeezer... for oranges or lemons. That looks a bit sci-fi. So for his style of work is bold, that's my word for his.

His art has boldness in it. They are bold, colorful, and formed in unusual shapes and unusual colors. But everything he puts together goes well together. And his design emphasizes boldness, fun, and confidence that belong to the people living in Thonglor area! Anyway, we're now heading to Thonglor. We've arrived at Khun by YOO! As you can see from the building, the external facade is aluminum cladding in copper. It's orangish but very outstanding!! It's at the heart of Thonglor! This building is a 27-storey building with 148 residential units.

There is an automated parking with elevators. There are two of them right here. And another two are over there! Your car will be taken care of by the security guard. Let's take a look inside! Now, we're inside the condo. Here is The Greeting Hall in which I think...

it certainly reflects its actual interior design. Here, it has the design concept "Industrial Heritage." u6i7o8lf9guhi0 So you can notice materials from two eras in a different mood & tone. Here is where all are blended together. I'm gonna give a clear example to that. Take a look at the flooring.

The flooring is made of raw concrete. Just a few steps aside, you'll see the marble tiles. You can tell that from positioning or material compositions, that two different styles are combined here. Take a look at its furniture! I can sense the classic style.

But when I turn to the curtains and walls, I see the handmade knitted metal. Like this! Let me show you the chandelier. One signature of Mr.Starck is his scale playing. l6s57ud8fi79 He plays his designed products with the scales of here and there. So the chandelier was designated to be this exact size.

It's designated to be placed at this exact height from the ceiling. This is custom-made just for The Greeting Hall of Khun by YOO. You may notice the concierge over there. Here is the concierge service.

And its service is apparently one in 6-star hotels. Normally, after a tiring day of work, we have to check our delivered parcels if they are complete. But here, the staff remembers the residents.

And they'll prepare our parcels for us. Immediately as we arrive, they will hand us the boxes right away. You can then walk to your room. That's very convenient. Or if you wanna get a ride, there is Limousine Service for you. You can get a ride to a grocery store nearby.

This pickup service is included in the common fee. They can pick you up from the airport or drop you at a BTS station. - Or even a supermarket. - That's right. It's very convenient! Just this area, I can feel its consideration. - It's so hotel. - Yes, hotel vibes. Next, I'm taking you to the room! For the room today, it's named YOO Studio.

The room is completely internally designed by YOO Studio. If you're ready, let's go! Before checking out the room inside, as the lift doors are open, you can notice the mail boxes in the residential area. The mail boxes are separated for each floor. Just a few steps out of your room, right? - You can pick your mails up. - Very close. Just right here.

Very convenient. Let's see the inside! Wow! Whoa! That's beautiful! This room is named YOO Studio. It got the interior design of YOO Studio. It's a two-bedroom type with two bathrooms.

As we came in, we could see the 360-degree landscape. Because the windows are made of laminated insulated glass which can protect you from UVs, light beam, sun heat, so as the noise. The height from floor to ceiling is 3 meters.

The windows fit the entire length. For the living room, TV is given as a decoration. If you're interested to get this room, you'll get all the furniture YOO Studio has provided for you. The floor material here is engineering wood. However, it's topped with the real wood pieces and those are Merbau Wood.

It's the same wood they use to make Yacht masts. It's flawless and beautiful! Another thing is... This is a special color! They tried dyeing the wood pieces for several times until they became this reddish shade. Alright, let's talk about the kitchen zone! Actually, it's my favorite zone, especially in condominiums that can put the island in the middle of the room, like this. This means the room is quite spacious. The island adds more luxurious feel to the room.

I need to talk about this kitchen counter top! Because this is the stone called... Arabescato Chiaro! It's Italian. Yes, it's the Italian name.

Chiaro means white. It's a white stone with grey veinings. It's perfect for the kitchen use. Besides the luxurious appearance, it makes the counter clean and visual friendly. The kitchenware for YOO Studio room and others are the same one. This set of kitchenware.

A special thing about this kitchen is that the faucet, the sink, and the chopping board are from Foster Brand. We can tell its design is minimal but the function isn't less fascinating! Let's begin with the faucet! They said it can be adjustable in levels. It can be turned around. We can lift it up, like this.

They said the sink was well-designed. If we turn on the faucet here, we will not hear the water-sink reflecting sound! And it won't leave any water stains that we usually have to scrub off later. This is such a delicate detail.

Let's turn it on for now. - Shhhhh! - See? It's my sound or the water? It's the sound of the water running to the drain! It's not...Slosh, slosh! Get it? This is very soft and smooth. Look at the direction of the water! They made the angle of the sink bottom... Look at the movement of it.

Let me walk you to another side of the kitchen, inside. This is an oven from SMEG so as this induction stove. It has a hood right here. And this is the fridge! Open it together in 1...2...3!

Go! - Tadaaa! - There are these, too. - Here you go. - Plentiful. So plentiful! - For the room... - For Pridi. He will definitely utilize all the space.

And here. - Yes, for who... - This is so interesting! I've just seen this.

For two-bedroom types and above, there are food composters given. It can turn your waste into fertilizer. They also care about the environment. Alright, we'll take you inside for now. This is a two-bedroom type.

But one of the bedrooms is transformed into a work station. This is what it's like. You can transform this into a baby room or any as you wish. You can turn it into your private gym, that's fine. Let's continue! Let's see the bathroom on this side! It has this as a guest bathroom, right? It's a shower bathroom.

One thing I like about this bathroom is... the basin together with the mirror. It's so rare to see wood materials in bathrooms. This frame is made of nice Mahogany wood.

It's just in the style I like. They confirm and guarantee that we don't need to worry about the moist. Because the wood was well seasoned. The guest bathroom and master bathroom have the same spec.

Supposedly, our friends come over and use the guest bathroom, - they can still experience a good one. - In some places, - they get total different specs. - Exactly. - They're different. - Right, right. But here, they make this as good as another. And it also has a shower.

I'm taking you to the master bedroom. This is the master bedroom! You can see that you get your personal view and a full-height window. And there is a closet over here, too. Ooh, look at that! See? Doesn't it look so me? Doesn't it look so--- Yea, you're like the room owner! I'm the real resident here.

I'm taking you to the bathroom zone. Wow, that's beautiful! Hmmm! For the master bathroom, it has a bathtub, like this. It sits next to the window. Looks amazing! For the bathroom brands, - this is Duravit. - Also, Axor. They are real global brands.

Those are the brands foreign residents would choose. Like, when we look at AD... - Yes. - Those names ring the bell. Right.

Plus, this is designed by Philippe Starck. He applied his designed products here. Ah, I was going to talk about this mirror! The detail I found so incredible is... Beside the design, it's so good in terms of functionality. You might be curious where you could keep your stuff.

Just open, here you go, the cabinet! You can see a plug socket inside here. Supposedly, we want to dry our hair, as women, we want to blow dry it while seeing ourselves in the mirror! They made a void for us so that we can plug in our hair dryer and leave the wire out. Like this.

The wire will get down here. And we can now blow dry our hair! - I like this one so much. - That's cool!! They use what it's called "Ball catch." It's a magnet. Ball catch? Yes.

When we walk like this, it's smooth out. Umm! It doesn't hurt our toes or feet. - It's smooth to the floor. - Exactly. But when we open the door, it will pull the ball up and hold to stop. I've never seen this such a thing in condos. - Yes. - And it's a soft-close door.

Ummm! It has a shiplap. Shiplap is the thing coming off the edge when you close the door. Yea. When we close the door... here they're so delicate! All the doors here are soft-close! - Oh! - Ah! Like this. No matter how furious our fights are, that's the hardest the doors can be slammed! Alright, here we go.

This room is The Reading Lounge. So beautiful, right? This room can be used for multipurpose. For the floor...

Actually, I like its wood floor so much. It's a bright Oak wood! And all the furniture pieces around here are designer pieces. This wingback armchair is from Tom Dixon. Stuff like this.

Come in this room! - This looks like an apartment in New York. - I know right! And it's next to the city view, you know. This is from Knoll? Right! They said the stone was coated with what? Polymer.

It won't make our hands cold. And that's true. Even though we're in here with the AC on. This can fit 8 seatings.

And this chandelier is... Yes! It's the same with one in The Greeting Hall. That's from Barovier & Toso! HAHA! I remember the name so well. Can you see that? That's the glass blowing technique...

It's so delicate! This piece is also custom-made for this room in specific. Let me talk about this lamp! This lamp is from Flos but is also designed by Philippe Starck. It looks just like ordinary lamps, right? But here are overhanging plates extended from the body. We can place the books here! And there is a plug socket! - It looks like a rain drop. - They made it... In my opinion, - it's like the surface when the rain drops on. - Yes. That's the bounce back! You can charge here.

And there is this zone Pridi likes a lot. That is.... Coffee station! Here is a station for nitro cold brew! This zone is open for 24 hours. The residents can come here whenever they want! Here we go. Cheers! Let's take a look at the gym here! This is called The Gymnasium. Tadaaaa! Grand and stunning! If you like exercises, as you open the door and see...

- the exercise machines. - Technogym. Yes, every machine is from Technogym! This is.... What do you think? Awesome! And those are not standard models. - Yes. - They are from the personal line. Here is also the colored oak wood floor, just like The Reading Lounge. Of course, this standard of gym comes with a mini bar for the residents who come working out here! We might not carry water bottles here.

Just come here and... It's like I'm in a hotel, I'm being serious. And in this gym, there is another extended room! I'll show you around! This is a studio, right? It's decorated in an outstanding orange! That gives urban vibes as well as energetic feeling. That's made for the fitness room. We can work out in this room.

You can also hire a personal trainer here. Hire a P.T. then reserve the room for a private session. You can close this up for your people. I'm taking you to the pool of Khun by YOO!!! There it is! I have to say that I can't miss showing you the pool! They said Khun by YOO is the first project in Thonglor that puts a swimming pool on the top floor! And it's opened up for the 18-degree landscape. I like the mirror tiles they put above here.

- Yes! - We can still enjoy.... - the view while swimming. - Exactly! They said if the residents swim at night... The ceiling above is made of mirror, right? Under the water, the pool floor has lightening, too.

They are optical fibers. We can see them as dots like stars. So if we swim at night and look up to the ceiling, we will feel like swimming under the starry sky! So detail! It is their intentional design! Talking about the pool, it has the saltwater system. And it's in a C-shape, right? 5ry7tulfyi7guo It's a semi-circle that has a curve over there. Over there, that is the kid's swimming pool! I'll show you. Also, there is the Jacuzzi zone.

Now, we're on the 27th floor. It's the top-floor facility, right? - There is another art work here for us to guess. - Yes. Yea, this floor. We don't need to guess, it says "Theatre."

And this one! We might not figure this out. But I think this facility can't be found elsewhere. This room is The Eightball! - Wow! - The Eightball.

It's a pool room with a custom-made pool table! Looking great! Do you like this, sir? Yes, I do! You can clearly see that it has obviously shown the industrial heritage style, that's in my opinion. The floor is raw concrete. And up here, it's this wall! I thought this was a cushion or something.

It's an actual cowhide leather. And they made it into the wall for the entire room. And for me, the furniture is so classic. This is blended in. Another room I'm taking you to is.... The Screening Room! As you can see, it's a mini-theater for movies.

Let's see the inside. Wow! Here you go! It gives off cozy and comfy feels. It looks... That's definitely comfy to watch movies in here! As we come in, we can see a huge screen here. This screen is a smart TV. And the audio system here is B&O, Bang & Olufsen.

And you can see, the wall has this design! This wall is called Acoustic Laminated Wall. It's to prevent the echo. There will be no noise disturbance while watching movies. That gives the best feeling while watching! That's the best, it's all thought-out. But I can't skip this part! The sofa is beautiful! I like the color so much, to be honest.

The sofa Pridi and I are sitting on is called Wow Sofa. W-O-W! Philippe Starck designs this sofa for Driade. It's also another Italian brand. His idea for this sofa came after he was taking a nap, you know, nap time. And he dreamed! He dreamed of himself sleeping on sofa. "Ooh, it's very comfy."

And he flinched and said... Wow! Wow!! WOW Sofa comes with this design. This is WOW-side table. This can charge your phones or tablets. We're ending this video right here. The rooftop view slaps here!! Here is called The Sky Lawn.

It's an open space where the residents can come and use the facility. You can hang out with your friends, have a talk, and...there is also a game! There is a zone where... We can play with.

It has a greenery area together with copper aluminum cladding that we saw earlier. See? This is like a game zone! - We can play with it. - This is cool! Ah! Here is a private corner! We can chill out here. This is really cute! It has this one, too! Let's take a look there! It has a bar and another movie showing zone. We can move the sunroof here and make our private dining or party, right? The Screening Yard! The chairs look adorable. They are designed to be in sofa shape.

But the material is... - Plastic. - Yea, a plastic-like material. This is outdoor furniture. This is the screen I mentioned. We can turn this one and watch the movie. We can enjoy series together with our friends! - Or even a football match, right? - Yes! So perfect! It's nice to watch a sport program together.

There are a bar and snacks prepped. - We can enjoy the snack in the meantime. - What a good life. Alright, we've given you an entire tour at Khun by YOO. We went to YOO studio, right? We went to that room. We also gave you a tour to the common facility. I gotta say everything looks amazing! Very incredible! I want you to come here to experience to see the designs, and get the service by yourself.

I wanna say there are just a few units remaining! From 148 units, right? That's not a large number by the way. - Yes, it is! - Right. That's very exclusive. If you wanna see this by yourself and check how comes it is one of the kind or so special, make an appointment! I'll leave the info under the video for you.

See you in the next episode! We're going now. Don't forget to like, share, comment, and subscribe! Ring the bell, too! Bye-bye!! Bye!

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