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Most Unique Cave Village in the World | Iran Village Life

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today I am going to show you a village which is the most unique village in the world, which is made of volcano and where people still live in these houses made of volcano, see how different it looks. So, we will start our climb from here and explore the entire village well. Let me show you how is the life of the people here. And hello, big seven-eight areas have been formed, so what they have done with the biggest one? These people made the door and all the other big ones made it the window, you are seeing the roof etc. this was not made by drilling, this is automatic it is made of volcano from the volcano, come out and look outside. what a sight, it is sunny, minus 15 - 20, the condition is not bad, what is happening here and look here the snow is falling lightly on the shoulder and here there is fire Hello everyone. Welcome back to the channel, so I

welcome all of you very much. Once again in a new video, currently I am present in Tabriz city located in the North Western part of Iran and I have reached here by taking a very short flight from Tehran. it was a flight of about 40 minutes and it was very cheap for Rs. 2000, so I said, it will take the

whole night to go by train, it is better to go by flight, so at this moment I am present in Tabriz city and I am giving you a little glimpse of Tabriz city. Let me tell you about it, the location here is very good, if you go 100 km to the North, you come to Armenia, Azerbaijan, if you go 120 km to the West, you come to Turkey, and if you go 120 km to the South, you come there. It is Iraq, after the city of Tabriz, I can tell you about it later also, but today, the village where we are going to visit is such a unique village, I am sure that some of you They will not hear about the village, that is why I have come here after traveling so long, now that village is 55 km away from Tabriz city, it is completely made of volcano, meaning you can say that it has a miracle of nature to build houses. For us, all this seems to happen in one brick, there was no need for anything, when the volcano erupted, a hole was formed inside it and a completely automatic house was formed, it means that you will get to see a very different thing of nature, so I will tell you all about the village. I am going to tell you a lot of things on the way and we are going to visit there, so I will show you very well, now let me show you my hostel which is so aesthetic and so beautiful, what can I tell you? Let me tell you, see this is the back part of the hostel, see here a tree house has also been built, a house has been built on top of the tree, which we had heard in stories, for the first time I am seeing such a tree house and see. there is a whole seating area here, there is a swimming pool in the middle but it is closed and here also there is a fish here, let me show it to you people from a little below, see this you can make your tea comfortably here and this whole place, sit comfortably here. And there is no one in the hostel here,

literally I am telling you that there will be only two to three guests, even then not many people come and if you people come to Tabiz, then there is only one hostel here, its name will be written down. If you want, then see there is some seating space here also, we have made space outside, I feel that the person who has this hostel is a very good artist, I will show you the art inside, you all will become fond of it, see this brother. It has been made very beautifully, so let me show you a little inside and then we leave. I am very excited to see a very unique wonder of nature. I am telling you the truth, I had seen a video of it about 3 years ago. I had seen such a thing on Instagram two years ago, but this is very authentic and very original, so we have to go 55 km away from here, let me show you a little, then we will leave from here, see there are some seating areas like this inside. Look here the eggs have been

colored etc. as the owner was telling you, I think he is a very good artist and look here you will get to see all the art. There is also dining inside here. Tables etc. are set up,

my room is that one, let's get out of here, this is the washroom here and look at the art here too, the whole hostel is literally full of art, see this and the most unique and most beautiful thing I have for you guys. Let me show you this, look here, just above the door, you will get to see a bird's nest which has been made by these people only. I feel that look they have made it very beautiful by tying it with some thread etc.

and this hostel. I am paying approximately, you can understand, 950 rupees in India and I have booked SNAP from here, I did not know that SNAP goes even 55 60 km away, see this it is costing me 18 lakh riyals, 18 lakhs. Riyal is approximately equal to 250 in Indian currency, it is 50 for 55 km, so it is so cheap, it is quite affordable, so just see our taxi it is coming in 3 minutes, so let's go out brother and see something like this here. This was the view of the hostel which is quite correct, let me show you a little bit of the outside view as well. Look here see the cleanliness of the road etc., it is very

correct, so our taxi will also come here, so let us wait here, so only one. Minutes are left, let's go ahead and let me tell you one thing, I have seen many places go to any village, go anywhere, these people live a better life than us, in less money, I mean the people of India. People don't even have that kind of money but still live a very good life, like if we talk about Mumbai, if you want to buy a flat in Mumbai, then you will have to spend two and a half crores, and here for Rs 40-500,000? You get big bungalows, see look at everyone's house etc. If it looks quite right, then I came out and stood there, my snap will come in a minute, here is our car, let's start the journey, we have started our journey and I forgot to tell you one thing where we are currently present. The name of the province is East Azerbaijan Province and its capital is Tabriz. This is the city where we are currently and it feels exactly the same to me.

Like there is Bangladesh and we also have a state West Bengal which is a the language etc. is the same, here also it is exactly the same, the main language of entire Iran is Persian, but it is of the province which is of Azerbaijan. The language is Azari language and the Persian language is second language, so there is a whole system like this, finally we have reached Kandovan village, our taxi driver dropped us here, but let me tell you one thing this snow. She is not leaving me for the last three months. wherever I am going, snow fall has started there.

So snow fall has started here, which is very subtle but it is good that I knew one thing. It is going to be very windy weather here, I checked the temperature and came out, it was showing a lot of wind, so I took a cap. If I had not brought it, then I would not have been able to stay here at all. It is so windy. The view here is so beautiful, behind me you can see that Kandovan village is about 400-500 meters ahead of here, but I got down first so that I can show you everything from here, see this brother here. This is a local market here. I thought I should show you the

market from here brother. There is one thing here, almonds are available in abundance, so let's show you all the things. Let's see how different it looks brother. Yes,

it looks exactly the same as I have shown you in CapaDocia in Turkey. I will tell you further in detail about it. The entire house etc. that you are seeing is built because of the Volcano. If it seems more different then it is going to be a lot of fun and see here light snow fall has also started as shown to you guys, so come on let us start our journey as told to you guys, 400 500 meters from here. Next is the village and

look here all these things are local market, look here there is some tea etc., you will also get a lot of almonds etc., there are many such shops near Suvi, I will show it to you guys and I will move ahead, there is a sack full of such things. There is a bagful of dry fruits kept, this is apricot, this is what you are seeing, this is walnut, this is almond, here you can see there are also ground nuts, which we call peanuts, let us see all this, whatever you are seeing, one bag is kept there. Look here you will get to see so

many different types of almonds and see that is some dry fruit, I don't know, it is apricot, this is something sweet, here is the salam, see what is the matter, there is a small market like this. Before going to Kandovan Village, see here also some dry fruits etc. are available and see many other things, the cheese is kept there, it is very fresh and looks very good, see this, the apiary coat is complete, so while we were leaving, maybe while we were leaving, Will take a little, will buy a little, look here candy etc. is available, look here, it is

candy made from milk, it is different brother was giving me candy I am fasting, I am fasting, I can't try. Badar ok you are showing something, brother is vlogging in, I am standing here, you have taken my mobile, you are logging in, so this is all here this is the shop, they have things here, different types of tea are here, see brother tour. this is being given to you by the owner of the shop. Oh look these have been installed here to heat the house. You are getting heat from it. it is

very cold. I am a Hindustani Indian, Hindustan, Hindustan, Salaam Iran, Salaam Iran, Salaam Hindustan. Or are you saying something brother Salam Hindustan or Salam Iran Ismail Ismail Zamane Ismail Zamane I will go kandovan come I will buy here ok Ismail Zamana Zamana Anas so brother look how friendly he is now we have started the journey and brother took my phone I had started my vlogging, very friendly people live in Iran and especially if it is known that brother is a foreign tourist from outside, then brother behaves even better with him. See some facilities near here. As per what we are getting, you guys must have got a

little idea about what all the things will be available in the market here. Mostly dry fruits and all those other things are available here, so now let's go towards the village. No I have to tell a lot of things to the people, about the village, historical geographical and many more things, I have to tell what is the meaning of kandovan, what is the whole scene, I will tell you all, so let's go ahead and see here, the street here. It has started from a little rough place there, see it was a complete street, so let's go now it is starting from here, I feel like a village, and look here what is available in the shop, I feel it brother. This is something made of cow skin, see there are quilts etc., there are bags and almonds,

as I told you, almonds are available in abundance here and man, this village looks very different, see this. Here too, there are some houses built by the local people. Come on let us go towards the main village. I have come to the main street here but I am not able to understand in which direction should I go because there is a very beautiful view behind also. On this side too, this entire village has started from here, which means it is complete, so there is a lot of confusion as to where to go from and even in the sun, snow is falling here, you can see it very minutely, brother. It is falling thinly now in the night, it is showing that there is going to be more snow fall, we will not stay much till night, we will leave by 7-8 o'clock, it is getting dark so let's go I am thinking, let's go in this direction because This side looks more beautiful and here brother see something like this Uncle is selling popcorn in the car and here it is written 'Rural Municipality of Kandovan see brother something is written for taking photos etc.

so come on brother I am here I am going to the side, I have decided, I will climb up from here, then after going around the whole village like this, we will come out from that side, then I will show you all the things, so while we are leaving, let me tell you a little about Kandovan. kandovan means home by its own, a house which is built by itself, it was built here and it is right, there was no need to build it, as you all know that volcanic eruption happened here for thousands of years. a hole started forming in the mountain here. they started living there by installing only windows and doors. And this is a Continuous Habitat Village, which means people have been living here for about 800 years and some people say that the history of this place is thousands of years old. It is a year old and you will get to see the same village in three other places in the world.

I have already visited one place, that is Cappadocia or Turkey and the second place is Dakota, it is also in the United States of America, and the third place is this. The next village is Kandovan village which is in Iran but the biggest difference among those three villages is that there is only one village in the world where there is a village where people live, you can see behind me Kandovan. The village which I am going to show you today is here, as you know, people have been living there continuously for 800 years and people have also started living in Cappadocia, but there are more tourist attractions there, yes but there are more hotels etc.

But here you people will also get to see a lot of local houses, so we will start our climb from here and will explore the whole village thoroughly. Let me show you how the life of the people here is and how much more the design house is here than here. Unique and it looks so good, I have never seen such a big dog. I am telling you the truth, I have never seen such a big street dock. Let's

start exploring this beautiful village which is very unique. Look at the air, how is it. It is going along see the snow is coming along with the wind there is snow and along with it there is sunshine in the village, what can I say, I mean, let's just start with you guys, the streets here, the land here is enough. You

will get to see more different things, after looking at this it seems as if this has not changed for 100 years. The thing that does not change remains authentic, it is more fun to explore it. See, a shop near souvenir etc has also been built here. We have kept it because here a lot of tourists come from Iran also and it is very different, see, here some goat skins etc. are being sold, so see we are starting from there, we have to explore and everything behind are sow coverred mountains. Today

I am not going to show all that, see this, it starts from here, the house made of volcano, this is a big mountain, it is a big mountain, drilling holes in the mountain, making holes etc. in the mountain, you must know how difficult it is, but brother. All these holes that you are seeing, all these roads are made like this, they are made on their own by volcanoes, they were not made by digging, look this is a big rock and the whole village is like this, brother. Will get to see the house but first of all when I saw this shop, I thought I should show it to you all, see all this, you are seeing the roof etc. you are seeing all this, the roof etc. it was not made by drilling. This automatic brother is

made of volcano and inside it brother has made a small shop here, what's the matter friend and let me tell you one thing, it is very effective in summer it feels cool inside. And in cold weather it remains warm inside, so this is a very different system of nature. I have shown you a shop, you must have got a little idea of how the houses etc. built here are like that. And look it has become a bit old, hence it has been repaired, look at it and look at the houses above, look how much better they are, so the entire road from here to go up to the village is built. So we will go all the way and see here at some places you will see shops of dry fruits etc.

Come on let us start climbing up in the village but let me tell you one thing, it is very cold. It looks like literally the hand has completely frozen and on top of it the wind is very strong, then on top of it snow has also started, it is very strong, look at the hand, literally it has become red, it is good I don't know how it was in my mind to take the cap. I kept the cap, otherwise there would have been a lot of problems. So let's go we will explore the whole place properly. See this is a local's house here, right now it is kept locked. See

this is how houses are made from volcanoes. There is a big stone with a hole in it, we put a door here, did a little repair and started living here, we started living here, let me show you this miracle of nature, look at this shop look at this shop what kind of things have been built inside the mountain, Hindustan Hindustan So look at this, look at this shop, what's the matter, and look at the clothes, how different types are available here, look, it looks like it is a wrestler's clothes, not even this one. This is going to be so big that it has been set up like a shop and has a roof on the top, see how it looks, I am telling you right, it is a complete wonder of nature and I will also tell you the story, how all these houses, all these villages have come to be built. This is a more interesting story, I will tell you further, but man, this shop is looking very nice, see here is some locally made souvenir near here, see this is the bag here which is made of very thick wool.

Look, if it gets so cold here, then all this will definitely come in handy. I feel like this is made of goat skin, which is very thick, brother. And look, there are bags here and there, pouches etc. are kept here and there. Small bags, tolls etc. are also available here, it is quite good and food items are also available here. Look, milk is

kept here, roast tea is kept here, people here have different types of tea. If we eat and drink different types of things then we remain so healthy. See the traditional Caucasian cap which is prevalent in Azerbaijan, Armenia, Georgia and other parts of and this part is also very close to it, that is why here too people are like this. Wear type of cap etc. See if there are toys etc. too. Hello, the shop is very good.

Now let's go outside. Thank you. So we come out and look outside what a sight. It is sunny. Now there is nothing to buy from here brother. Now where will we travel with it? And we have to go to Tabriz from here and then if we have to travel then it will be a problem, so if we did not take any luggage, we will continue our journey upwards, very I was telling you about this rock, some locals have come, so see this rock you will see. Neither will you people get a very good idea that how the people here used to build houses from these rocks, so look at this big rock that you are seeing, when a volcano entered it and a lot of space was created, then what did they do brother? If a big seven-inch hole has been made then what to do with it, these people have made the biggest one a door and the rest of the big ones have been made windows and the unwanted one which is on the bottom side is filled by filling it. if we complete one wall then the whole system of the house works like this. let us go further.

Local people are very friendly. But I am not able to talk much because of the language barrier. here too it is very strong. Come on we have reached the first floor here. There are two floors, this is the first floor and above that there is another floor. Look, the house here too is built inside a big this house is like a local one, it is built like a Vulcan, what's the matter, come on let's go to this street which is looking very nice, come on wind is blowing so much, the people here are The situation has become worse here it is very difficult to make the video because there is so much wind and the reason for it is cold, which means I can't explain it to you, right now I am getting Na brother-15 in Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Afghanistan but the condition is getting worse here at 0 degree, my hands are completely frozen and the main thing is that when the wind is blowing, because of that, the whole voice quality is getting spoiled, the wind is blowing with such force. I am

not able to explain it to you, so I was sitting here for a while, I said, let me warm my hands a little, otherwise my hands will freeze, see this I was sitting in the middle of some mountains, these are the houses of some local people, see. There is a house here too, let me show you, see here in the middle of the mountain, in the middle of the rocks, there is a door made of it, the rest of the house, has been given by nature and see there is someone there. This is the house, the wind is blowing very much, let's go, let's go a little in this direction, now this is the house you see, let's go here, look here, look at this, the goat has been kept locked here. I have understood one thing that all these shops belong to the local people here. Look above this is their house and next to that is their shop. Look, as if this is their house

and below that is their shop. There is a house and below that there is a shop. Look this is also a shop. Aunty has been calling me since long. Ya Salaam.

Yes, see here also there are some similar things which I have shown you guys. This is tea, this is rose tea, just like that shop, see that. this is the original honey here, the honey is real, look real, this is the real honey, it is with the hive, yes, yes it is completely attached with the hive, so here in the mountains, all these things are there in abundance. Like this is a shop, this is their house, there is a scene like this nearby and it is not that the house made from Volcano is 100% proper, a little change has to be made in it, like see this from Volcano. All the holes have been made, but I had to make a door here, so I repaired it a bit and made it by adding stones, so this is the whole scene, look at the window above, how nice it looks, it is now 5 in the evening. For 20 minutes, I had stopped for a bit, I sat down because I am fasting, I was feeling a little tired, so I sat down and the charging in the phone is getting finished very fast because when the temperature goes below zero. Or the

temperature becomes very cold, the charging that happens is getting finished very fast, so see I turned around and came to the area just above the sun, came to the very top, but it is not allowed to go above here, see. here they have been kept barricaded, here are the houses of some local people, look, the peak is there, I wanted to go there, but I feel it is not possible to go there, see, keep everything closed. But I worked hard and came up, let's see if there is a way from somewhere else, then we will definitely go. For the past so long, I am not able to get even a chance to make a video because the wind is blowing so much, even a little bit. The wind is stopping, in the same way

I have been starting the video but look, it has started again slowly but now it is a little slow, the wind is blowing so strongly, Theena, what should I tell you, let me tell you, brother. I have told you twice that I will tell you how the village came to be established here and how people came and started living here but brother the wind starts blowing and I stop, I tried to tell in a lot of detail but you people should know a little from above. Let me tell you, whatever you are seeing, this volcanic eruption has been happening for thousands of years, this house may have been built like this as I told you, but it happened here about 700-750 years ago. There is a distant tribe, I don't remember its name very well. You people will see on the screen that they are the Mongols who came here after escaping from the Mongols.

You will know that they were the people who escaped from Genghis Khan's army. When people come this way, see there is such a path in the mountains, there is a place to live, then people think that this is a very good area to escape, but if they will not be able to find it here, then those people who belong to the tribe will start living here. People had come here to escape from the Mongols. They had come here for a temporary period, but they liked this place so much that they decided to stay permanently because like that. If I told you that this place remains warm in winter and cool in summer, then people would think that this is a very good place to live permanently. Since then, people have been living here continuously for about 700-800 years and who are living here today. these are the descendants of the same clan, that

is, the same people still live there on their grandchildren, so it is almost evening now, that is why I have stayed here, I have roamed the entire village thoroughly, so I left from here. I would have gone but that's why I am staying here. it is a very beautiful sight at night. All the lights are lit.

what you are seeing is that the lights are lit from the window etc., which looks very nice, that is why I stayed here. I am here and probably you will not get a taxi at night and now you can check the time there are 10 minutes left for 6 o'clock and here sunset will be around 6:30 pm, at that time I will also break my fast, go to some restaurant here a little. If you are travelling, you will have to adjust a little, then after that, I will show you the view etc., how is it here, what is the scene like at night, then we will catch a taxi from here, if we don't get a taxi. So if

we try to check, then there is a program like this, now go somewhere and I will sit in a warm place, otherwise my hand will definitely freeze, so here too, some man of Allah had left with this burning. I just sat here like this, the condition is getting very bad, in -15 or -20, which is happening here and look here the snow is falling on the shoulder lightly and here. But there is fire, I am getting some relief, otherwise look at my hand, it has become very fat, don't know who has lit the fire, and there is no one around, look, there is Here I am telling you right, only I know how I spent my time here because right now I could not sit in the restaurant because now I am fasting, so I could not even eat anything, so there are markets etc. I turned around, I was feeling very cold, so somehow I managed it, but now you can see the time is 6:4 7 and now it's time to break the fast, about 2 minutes are left, so I came here to a restaurant. But I have ordered it,

look, this is going to be our iftaar which is very good, look at this, there are two types of kebabs, here is rice, that is tomato, and these two are water bottles and now there is tea. We are bringing and there is such a beautiful restaurant which is right in front of the village that I showed you guys. I will eat it for you guys now, I will have iftar and then after that I will show you all the things so friend you can see that I am done eating and drinking. I have brought 30 lakh riyals, which is Indian currency, 350-400 can you understand, there was so much food, there was rice, after that there was tea and then there were two-three types of kebabs, there was roti and then after that. After that, there were two bottles of water, so according to that, it is okay, in such a good restaurant, you can get a good meal for Rs 350-400, so now I have eaten, and many people also comment that do you offer Namaz or not? So when I am on a journey, mostly I try to offer proper Namaz, but when I am on a journey, it is difficult to find a mosque and where to offer Namaz, so I collect the Namaz and offer it as if now. I have left after reading Asar,

now I will go to the hostel and read Isha and Maghrib, the whole scene is like this, so now let's go out and see what a view it is, the lights etc. have started burning, let's see let's go let's go out. Now it's cold here. Look, people had kept the entire top in such a way that the cold air could come inside and there was some restaurant like this. Now as we come out, it is getting very cold. Come on we have gone out but here we are. The

lights are on but not so much as I had seen in Turkey, how was it there in, used to keep so many lights on that it seemed like it was day and here there were shops etc. You can see that everything is closed and the lights are not so high, still I go towards that side a little bit, let's see if I get a good view from there, otherwise will it be a waste to stay till the whole evening? maybe brother you will not even get a taxi even if you have to ask for a lift from someone, it will be an experience, it will be fun we will reach Tabriz somehow Inshallah and Tabriz is about 60 km from here, we can get a lift. Must go but the problem is that it seems that all the tourists have also gone. Look, there were a lot of tourists, now even tourists are not visible, so let's see whatever happens, you people have become the main ones, so see again we are the main ones. We have come to the street, see the lights are on but nothing seems special. the design of the mountains etc. is not visible at all, only the

flight lights are visible a little and the mountains that were here are visible. I am no more and the tourists too have completely disappeared from here. Look what's the matter, I had started the journey from the front, we had climbed up there, we had come from there after traveling like this, we had shown it to you all during the day too. How was it visible, right now I can't even see it, just a little bit of light is visible, so let me try to show it to you a little further, then after that we will see what will be the solution to go from here Hey man, there is complete silence on the road, there is no one left earlier one or two tourists were visible, I roamed around for 15-20 minutes and the wind has become so strong, now the temperature has gone to minus F-5 but the wind has gone. because of this - it will be above 20, it is feeling so cold, so I got worried I am booking a snap, even a snap is not being booked, I was not able to understand anything, so this shop owner. I came to him and said, can I get a taxi from here or can I get a car or some arrangement can be made for me to go to Tabriz? He said, I live in Tabriz only, you sit here first. What are you doing outside? You are feeling

so cold that you will get sick. Brother pulled me here and made me sit. Look it is like a heater. He said, sit here, I am closing the shop now. I will close the shop in 15-20 minutes. If I am there, then come with me,

I will leave you, so as I told you, arrangements are made, people get along very well, see they are closing the shop in front, if they close the shop, then they are with them. We will go to Tabriz, this is an adventure, this is some experience, it is a lot of fun to have such an experience and now I will show you the view of the road, when I leave from here, he will not let me go out and said, sit here do not go out. The wind is blowing very strong, now you see the shop is being closed, if I go out on the road, I will show you, there is no one there, the entire car is empty on the road, okay, it is a good arrangement, look at the shop, it is being closed. Stop and

look at the view here, there is complete silence from here to there, I have also bought something like a sweet from my brother's place, let me tell you one thing, as soon as we were leaving, we were dropping the last pot. the car stopped and he bought so much of it, you can understand from brother's shop, maybe not as much was sold in the whole day as was sold now, hence brother got late by 15-20 minutes and brother means all the dry fruits and tea. Some things were bought and taken away after that they are buying vinegar, they are buying things, understand the meaning of buying three bags full of things, then you can say your brother is lucky for so now let's go to brother's car. Let's

start the journey again, Mercy Mercy's Nasir, this is Nasir, I am Nasir Haider, Mercy, see, this is Nasir Haider, so see this is brother's car in which we are going to go. My hands are trembling, there is a lot of wind inside, ok, we will take it out now, what's the matter, it is a very good car, come on, please come, almost half of our journey is done and he is a very good man, when will we While talking to translation I came to know one thing that this brother does bee farming in kandovan, where he grows honey. So brother was telling me that there are many types of honey and how is the original. What is a duplicate, what is it, what is it,

so we are telling you, there are two types in the original, one is what it is like, people take bees to a room and this sugar syrup that comes is not the same. If you feed us then perhaps you can make a banana out of it, so it remains original, but it is made of sugar and it is completely pure, it is completely original, which is kept in the mountains, that is, the hive that remains, the box that remains. They go to the mountains and keep them and leave the honey corn, leave the honeybee, go then the sweetness of the flower remains, it comes from the flower, so the most original honey is the one from the flower. So he was saying that if you want it then I am absolutely pure, that is, purest of all, purest of all, I will give you honey so that if you feed me in India, people will go crazy, if something like this is happening, then I have taken my brother's main number. I will call and tell you how much is needed because it is too heavy to travel from here right now, so if he posts all the posts etc. then some such conversations have taken place, now approx. It's been an hour since we left, it's a

little slow compared to the rest of the car but it's quite fine, it will still take me about half an hour and a quarter to reach my hostel.

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