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this video is brought to you by squarespace good morning everyone so today is going to be our  last day here in lebanon right now we're here in   biblus where we've been staying the last few days  and it's also where we made our last video here   in bible and today we're going to be exploring  some other regions kind of around here so we're   going to be heading to a waterfall that i think  is called balubala kind of a weird name and then   we're going to be heading to another little  city up the coast called bathroom so there is   no uber here so we had to negotiate with a taxi  driver the first one that we spoke with yesterday   charged a hundred dollars and that was to the  two locations but we thought that was a bit high   and then we found another one that's gonna charge  uh eighty dollars but he's also gonna take us   back to the beirut airport for 80. so yeah that's  way more stuff included and a lot cheaper too so   yeah we're going to be doing the trip  for 80 and we're gonna head out right now so the driver stopped quickly on  the way for us to take some pictures   and film and look at this it's crazy like  some huge mountainous area loads of valleys   so the ocean is that way didn't really realize we  were coming so high yeah really cool up here yeah   it's a very cold wind and it just keeps getting  higher and higher yeah constantly going up yeah   there are a lot of mountains around here yeah  this is what surprised us about uh lebanon really   we didn't realize it was so green so we've  stopped yet again this time for a waterfall   down here so this water is coming from the  same waterfall that we're about to visit   pretty big waterfall as well isn't it yeah  and it's crazy because there's snow yeah the   snow back there it is cold here we didn't come  prepared for this we thought it was gonna be warm that's a pretty nice waterfall though right on  the side of the highway and around here it's   like more rocky so it's kind of like rocks and  trees already changed quite a bit the landscape so we've arrived now probably took about an hour  maybe overall yeah a little bit less so i think   yeah maybe and uh yeah it's still cold at this  part we started we started going down the mountain   a bit so i thought it'd warm up but it kind of  feels the same so it's actually good that we   gotta do a bit of walking maybe we'll warm up yeah  because we read the reviews and nobody mentioned   anything about the temperature right i was even  checking the like the pictures of other people   that were here and they were wearing like shorts  and t-shirts i i don't know maybe it's just today   that it's it's cold like this but we saw so many  places with uh snow and ice spots like not big   places but but i don't know it just it just  seems to be a very cold place but not sure yeah so that was super quick that's another thing  as well in the reviews people were completely   over exaggerating they were saying it was like  a tough hike and stuff like absolutely nothing   just this part here this is where the zipline  is see the wires here and yeah you go down here and there's the waterfall are we in iceland  it looks like a place in iceland doesn't it   where we went recently this could easily be  like iceland in the summer wow look at that   and that is one of the coolest waterfalls  we've ever seen it's like this bridge here   i think you can cross it water going  through the middle whoa look at that   ah so there's actually no water down here  it doesn't seem i wonder where that water   goes then maybe it goes that way i thought it was  gonna come out here it doesn't seem to be though oh that's beautiful though completely  different kind of waterfall alright so here is the close-up view of waterfall  here so i guess you can't pass there's the probably in the past people would walk all the way  behind there can't really tell how deep it goes   can't see from here i wonder where the water goes  though cause we thought it came out here didn't   yeah it doesn't at all no it goes to  underground or something yeah i mean   i can kind of see like a little  cave there maybe it goes that way that's crazy pretty cool though like  within an hour you can go from sunny   warm beaches to cold mountains with  beautiful waterfalls here in lebanon so this is the best viewpoint of the mall right at  the back so here you can see the whole thing it's   actually a hole at the bottom as well so there's  like almost like two bridges one here and one   there there's actually a path with a rope down  there you can see it but i have no idea how you   get down there i'm not gonna try going down there  i don't know if uh people used to go down here   but yeah it seems super dangerous  i'll just enjoy it from here instead   yeah we've seen a lot of waterfalls well that's  definitely one of the best yeah it's crazy i think   i've never seen anything like that and yeah i  just love all the different players it's beautiful   but way better than what i was  expecting yeah ah rain time to leave   yeah it seems like it's gonna rain pretty hard  soon the forecast does show a thunderstorm so   time to get out here man that is some ice  cold rain carol yeah i don't want to get   wet so i don't know if there's some kind of  shelter this is this is carol shelter here this is the the spot right here i convinced  chris to stay it's really cold rain though yeah   it's like ice drops and i think the the clouds  are passing by very quick so i really hope this   rain won't last too long yeah i hope  so check this guys it's now hailstone up here and that is some heavy hailstone yeah  i guess that can hurt yeah that will hurt a quick intermission to talk about  the sponsor of this video squarespace   so squarespace is an all-in-one platform  that you can use to create your own website   and two years ago we used squarespace to  create our current website   the main thing that made us choose squarespace  to build our website is 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trial and when you're ready to launch you can go  to jumpingplaces and you'll get 10   off on your purchase of your first website  or domain so we've now arrived in bathroom   nice and sunny now which we really wanted not  a cloud in the sky here i thought it was like   a quieter place than biblus but there's way more  cars and people around than biblus and the area   that we're in right now seems uh pretty modern  although that building looks historic and nice but yeah there are supposed to be some historic  buildings around here that we're gonna check out   as well seems really nice so far though so we're  gonna enter the market area the soup check out   this statue here statue of sponge sponge diver  this is basically like identical to bibles yeah   but like i said it's a bit more uh busy and lively  yeah it seems like more local people live here   yeah but like the buildings are all kind of the  same style the same kind of rock identical rock   uh so here we have the names of all  the different tourist attractions   so i don't think we have like roman ruins or  anything here but we do have some old church   cathedral saint at the end saint stephen cathedral  phoenician wall i wanted to check that out   phoenician fort okay so there is a fort  here well that's a fancy building isn't it   yeah maybe it's the hotel but it looks very nice  yeah still using kind of like the old style but   modern there's a church see the dome wow  look at the architecture style of that one   that's probably the coolest church we've seen in  uh lebanon so far it's really nice so you have the   beautiful old church and then it's overlooking the  the fishing port here that also looks really nice yeah this one's less of a touristy port isn't it  yeah i think but i think i like this this part   better yeah you know what these places remind me  of so in the previous video i said like greece or   um italy but they remind me a lot of malta i went  to malta without carol many years ago and it's   because malta is all this color this like sandy  color and it's a mediterranean place so really   does remind me of malta we need to go to malta i  absolutely loved it i want to see it yeah let's   go definitely malta coming soon maybe not maybe  next year so it's pretty much empty on the inside looked really cool on the inside as well  though same style as it looked on the outside   nice isn't it yeah i love the the ceiling  it's just like the other um constructions   here like the ceiling with the the square  rocks yeah rectangular rectangular square   it sounds like there's a school or  something outside where is it kicks this place has a nice uh seaside smell yeah i  didn't smell that ambient blush really maybe too   windy yeah right well that looks very inviting  doesn't it i want to jump yeah so do i there's   a sign here saying no diving yeah that really  is like a nice little restaurant right there   and this is the phoenician  wall so this is one of the   spots to see here you can actually walk  on it there's a there's a bridge here so so this wall the phoenician wall it was natural  also as you can see from what i read it's like uh   petrified sand dunes i think but the phoenicians  reinforced it so they reinforced it because this   was basically protection for the city back  there from storms yeah big waves and now   you can see there's just a more uh modern wall  behind it here but yeah this is what would have   protected them at the time huge wall nice isn't  it yeah you can see that the water goes up to   that part over there yeah all the way back there  i guess when there's some storm or something and i think you can walk all across the  wall because there's a beach just there   one of the main beaches public  beaches here so we might do that so so you almost have like a big swimming  pool here in the middle of the rocks   natural swimming pool these buildings here have  the nicest views especially that one there there's   some like chairs there i don't know if that's a  hotel i don't know what these are here like this   is something definitely man-made you can see here  maybe a pool like somebody made a pool i don't   know this as well i don't know what that is anyone  have any ideas there's loads of them around here   this too that's man-made ah carol i just  realized i think that's the man-made one i think so okay that makes sense because we're  trying to work out what was man-made yeah so   that's definitely the phoenician wall that's the  man-made one pretty impressive how they made that   all right on top of the phoenician wall really  it's crazy how they made this so look at that   like looks perfect keeping out this right here  yeah so these buildings on the front it's hard   to tell what they are i mean some of  the rocks below look like old rocks   then like reconstructed or something i don't know  if they're making hotels or something like that so we found out what one of the buildings is  it's a church yeah it's called lady of the sea   or something this old looking church  couldn't see that part on the top to   know that it was a church cool  spot to have a church like this   yeah and it's like a different architecture  because you usually the church is just like   one big building but this has like a balcony  which is really nice yeah these cool arches yeah here's what i said before was made up of  petrified sand dunes primarily at the beginning   of the fourth geological period around 1 million  years ago so the sign on the door says that   they don't know their exact date of this little  chapel and it was built on top of a pagan church really is tiny in here like a golden  chandelier some interesting paintings i wonder if i can go through  here campbell stole it it's pretty dark in here some more paintings so many of the houses down this area are  more white like the the greek houses this   is a bit of a mix actually you have the other  kind of rock here and then white blue windows   oh this one's a bit colorful too well i don't look  like there's much of a beach is there high tide maybe i think it's high tide oh this is  the beach i don't know tiny little beach   even that looks like an old  building doesn't it the arches yeah it's a rocky beach i think there are other  better beaches that we can go to outside of town   yeah maybe we'll go to that instead this  area looks nice though this way maybe we   try to find a place to eat here yeah it could  be maybe see the prices of these places here   uh what a nice place to eat so we couldn't resist  after seeing this spot here these restaurants so   we decided to eat at this one and i got  the fish and chips which is 350 000 that's   a different kind of dish there yes mac and  cheese mac and cheese macaroni and cheese yeah   also western yeah they didn't have i  don't think i had any lebanese option just   like international food and this was  235 thousand lebanese pounds pounds   yeah but what a spot beautiful spot to eat  there's actually quite a lot of foreign   tourists way more than bibles as well especially  this part we're in right now we've seen loads so we've now come to a beach here i think it  was probably about five minutes away we got a   tuk-tuk i think they call them tuxes here like  a tuk-tuk taxi and that was uh forty thousand   and this beach is called white beach  mainly because of the big white rocks   i i don't even think you call these pebbles  right they're huge but the entire beach is   like that so these big white stones and  this cost like 50 per person right 50 000. it's not so hot right now and also towels  and they have a bar and shower as well   better than the other beach in uh town though  way bigger she looked pretty rough though not sure we'll be doing much  swimming in there probably just   lie down here for the rest of the day so so this is the menu right here probably gonna  get some alcoholic drinks glass of wine is like   sixty thousand or seventy thousand not bad  at all and i think i'm gonna go for um a beer   a local beer i'll mazza beer 30 000 yeah because  usually these kind of beach places just charge   like way way more yeah yeah it's really good  here not bad at all so this is a lebanese beer   say it's proudly lebanese since 1933. really nice  beer i've been drinking this quite a lot here   since uh we met up with the other  youtuber and his friends life of george   we ended up going out with him the other night for  the european semi-final lots of people drinking   lots of people seem to be into football  here so yeah i had a bit too many almazers   and what was that other drink  that we had the local one yeah i think that that's how it's called  it's a very strong drink it has like a   licorice taste i didn't like it that much but  i think it's just like the brazilian cachaca   very strong alcohol and yeah just dip it down  so that's another thing that differentiates   lebanon from the other middle eastern places that  we've been to that you can openly drink alcohol   here i think even dubai is way more strict  than here and that's supposed to be pretty   liberal right so yeah anyway you go here  you can get alcohol in the supermarkets and   uh be bluffs and bathroom people off where were in  the previous video they're very popular for like   partying and stuff i think bathrooms even more i  think there's lots of like clubs and stuff there so we're back at our apartment now here in biblus  we ended up getting a minivan here so there's   some minivans that pass on the main highway and  that cost 20 000 per person and then we decided   to walk around the old historic center of biblus  and we got to enjoy a really nice sunset there so   really nice way to end our trip and i haven't  shown you the place that we're staying yet so i'll   give you a quick tour this was around 67 a night  so right now i'm in the kitchen area got a really   big kitchen here and then through here also a huge  living room it's really a big apartment it's like   for a family pretty much so huge living room area  here and then through here there's a small toilet   and then over here is the main bathroom area  and it's two bedrooms so this is one bedroom   that we haven't used and this is the other one  carol's ready to get on the flight right now i'm   ready to sleep yeah so i didn't mention but we  have a four a.m flight and it's around what 12   right now yeah we need to go to the airport  with no sleep and i'm like like a zombie   carol is very very ready for the airport yeah so  we're heading to athens in greece next and that's   where all the next videos will be coming from  we don't usually fly this late but it's the only   flight time that they have right now so it's  going to be crazy because it's a 4am flight   we arrive there at 6am and we can only check in at  2pm so we're basically going to not sleep at all   during the night then we're going to arrive  there and we're not going to be able to sleep   which doesn't happen very often so yeah that's  not going to be fun at all and that's it for this   trip then so we've had a really amazing time it's  really surprised us and as i mentioned earlier we   just wish we had more time here since we've loved  it so much and it's just been interesting because   obviously we knew that there was a lot of problems  in lebanon but we had met people that spoke well   about it even traveling during this big crisis  and you honestly don't notice it that much like   these days in biblus and bathroom it just seems  normal like everywhere is busy there's a lot of   lebanese people traveling so some people do still  have money it's not like everyone's completely   broke because pretty much everyone that we see  is lebanese there is the issue with the money   that i've mentioned in previous vlogs where the  currency exchange is a bit crazy the official one   if you use your card so you can't use your card  here you only use dollars or euros but that's   not really a big issue you just bring the cash  into the country and then exchange it and you're   fine for example the lunch today if we used our  card that would have been like 450 dollars so   yeah there's no way you can use your card here i  think for us the only thing that affected us was   probably the electricity the government's not able  to give everyone electricity for the entire day   i think it's only a few hours so the majority  of people here have to pay some like private   companies or something to generate electricity  for them but still not the entire day but   it's not been a huge deal i think here from around  1 pm until 12 at night we have power the whole way   and then it cuts out during the night but it's  cool during the night we don't really need it and   then in the morning it like comes for an hour and  then goes comes and goes so it's a bit like that   so that would be the only like major turn off  i think for a lot of tourists but besides that   it's just like traveling to a normal country i'd  say you really don't notice the problems i think   only if you lived here you could really understand  it and know what's going on as a tourist you won't   really see or feel the issues that much so  definitely recommend coming here because it's   just super underrated from what we've seen and  we've already been discussing if we should come   back soon and kind of visit the other areas that  we didn't get to see so yeah we might do i have to   just see so if you like this video and the series  from this country just drop a like to support us   subscribe like see more videos like this  one follow us on instagram and we'll see you

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