Most Dangerous Road in Pakistan to an Incredible Valley EP.12 | North Pakistan Motorcycle Tour

Most Dangerous Road in Pakistan to an Incredible Valley  EP.12 | North Pakistan Motorcycle Tour

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Just see how the mountains have been cut to pave this road. Look at the slanting angle the rocks make with the road. This road did not let us get bored. That's how beautifully constructed it is. The views that we can see from up here are marvelous. Check out this section.

There are steep falls on both sides. Look at that... Assalam Alekum. Good morning. Namaste. Sat Sri Akal to everyone. From Skardu.

We got here yesterday, although it was not in our initial plan. But Ali's motorcycle developed some problem on our way back from Basho. So we took care of the repair work of the motorcycle. However, now Ali is ready and so is his bike. I'm ready as well and so is Yasir.

We have decided to go for Khaltaro valley. The track from our current location to Sasi will take almost 2 to 2.5 hours. And from there, it will be an off road track to Khaltaro.

I have heard a lot of praise about the valley. The track is also known to be amazing. I have watched some videos of the valley that got viral a couple of years back. So we made this plan to give it a visit. So today, we are gonna go to Khaltaro and show it to all of you.

At this point in time, we don't have any idea of ​​when we will get there and where we'll spend the night. All that info will be shared with you as we go. Okay guys. See you again. In Sha Allah... Okay Mustafa... Allah Hafiz

Bismillah... In the name of Allah... *Prayer for the journey* May Allah make this a problem free and memorable day for us. You can say that we stayed at one of the best hotels in Skardu. In terms of services as well as sitting arrangement. The location is also pretty good as it is slightly off the main city.

I mean it's away from the main bazaar. However, all the tourist spots are either to the left or to the right of this location. We thoroughly enjoyed our stay here.

The charges are pretty reasonable as well; almost PKR 15000/- And you can make an online booking before arrival. So, we are on the road now. Either me or Ali will be leading the way. But we need to get the motorcycles refueled. Ali, should we get the petrol from here? Let's take care of this here.

Please fill the tank. Everyone was all praise for this road. But every time I was here, I always found a wretched road. It was no fun. However, now I realize why people admire this place so much. Because the road has been constructed now.

Riding here is actually a great experience. However, there will be sections broken due to landslide and will have loose rocks on them. Just a few days back, this road was blocked due to a landslide.

A really awesome section coming up. Just see how the mountains have been cut to pave this road. Look at the slanting angle the rocks make with the road. Looks like there has been a landslide here. Man, I'm a fan of this road now.

We have quite a sunny day today... These are difficult conditions to ride due to heat. But despite everything, this road has not let us get bored. That's how amazing it is.

You see areas like these after every few kilometers. There are pathways to many other valleys from here. Many unexplored valleys are located on both sides of this road. Need to get a little slow as there's an incoming vehicle. Some construction work is also underway in this section.

We are now passing through the landslide area. Look at that rock up there; stuck midway. God forbid, if these rocks fall down to this road... They come down at really great speed. When we were here in 2020, there was an accident when a rock fell on a coaster. This section is a little dangerous for that reason.

One should cross it without stopping in the way. Traffic blockage in this section is not uncommon. There's just been a landslide here. The incoming village in the front is called Shahtoot.

Check out the peak in the background. With dry peaks all around, this one is covered with snow. This actually gives us some hope... That we can expect to see some really wonderful areas.

I mean, you can even start to feel that from this section of the road. Sasi is 3 km from here. So, this in fact lies along our route.

Thank you very much. What's your name? Tell him your name. Abdullah Thank you We have finally reached the point where the track to Haramosh and Khaltaro starts. It has been a difficult day so far. We didn't experience this kind of heat on any track here, before. I mean after the Middle East tour.

Quite tough. Look how wretched he looks. I feel really wonderful.

Our meal has been served. As it has already been 4 to 5 hours since the breakfast... We have ordered roti with chickpeas. There are some tomatoes and onions for salad.

Please go ahead. You may start. I'd like to start with tomatoes. It's hot.

We are headed to Khaltaro valley now. We have been told about landslides at many different points along our route. However, the exact location is not confirmed yet. We are not even aware if the road is still open or not.

So we thought to at least give it a try. We'll go as far as the road will take us. And if the road is open, we might as well reach our destination.

Otherwise, if it's closed at some point, we will return from there. The peaks that you can see in front of us look really wonderful. Let's hope that these views will get even better as the sun starts to go down. We can have some really amazing drone shots then.

There will be a bridge after Sasi. There's a small house here. Not exactly a house... but a hotel... or some under construction building. That's where the track starts. The track to Kotwal leads from here; it's written over there. The one to Khaltaro is in this direction.

Going to Khaltaro now. We might visit Kotwal tomorrow. Using that other track.

A motorcyclist is standing there. Where? Oh he is there. They are saying that the track is closed.

Now, what is that exact location? We'll find that out soon. Ali is saying that this track seemed easier from a distance. Everything seems easier from a distance. And do you know what's the easiest thing to do? Sitting at home, watching videos on YouTube and then commenting...

'Abrar why did you fall there?' 'Why does he keep on falling all the time?' 'He doesn't know any better.' But, just to let you know.... It's okay to fall down on these tracks. It's not a big deal. As soon as we got up here, the views down there have become really wonderful. I think if we can do only half of this track, it will be worth the effort.

Yasir is gradually catching up with us. Actually his motorcycle is not very comfortable for off road sections. So he has to be careful that no rock should hit the motorcycle form underneath. And it's a relatively heavier motorcycle.

I really admire him for the fact that he is doing such tracks on his motorcycle. For me, it would have been really difficult on his motorcycle. Look at the Jaglot - Skardu road and the adjacent valley from up here. The green looking area is Shahtoot where we intend to stay tonight. Look at how steep these ditches are. A slight mistake or slip here will be enough to silence you forever.

Scary... ain't it?? There are two tracks here. There's no information on either of the two. We can either wait here. There's a jeep coming here. Or we can go uphill. There's no point in taking the track that goes downhill.

We have to go uphill. For Khaltaro, we'll have to go uphill. I can see some villages down there. I think that the track is alright till those villages. Where's the landslide then? Check out this section.

There are really steep falls on both sides. Look at that... We have reached a village here. Just saw a couple of people here.

I feel like taking a short water break here. How are you son? Does this track go to Khaltaro? Do you know how far it is from here? Is it open or closed? It's closed at that point. O yes. I think I can see that.

Thanks very much. Can you get us some water to drink? Do you see over there? It's closed there. It's closed at that location. I can see a crane working. Yep.

Okay, let's take a break here. Park the motorcycles here and we can sit over there. Just a moment. Go ahead Ali. Drink.

You don't want it? What's your name? Sunail Abbas. Here's the resort. I can see many other people here. What's the name of this place? I can't see any name. Let's find out. Assalam Alekum We are in a restaurant, just next to this hotel, on the highway, for a meal.

Ali... Yasir... And with him is Mukarram.

He is sharing information about the Haramosh valley that we plan to visit tomorrow. There are couple of other fellows here as well. You can see that it's sort of a truck hotel. It's not too crowded at this hour in the evening. It's much more crowded during the day. The weather has also become more pleasant now.

Our meal includes lentils and spinach. We have been told that this is local spinach. I don't know what's it gonna taste like. We also have roti.

This is going to be our dinner tonight. As there are not too many options available in this area... This is probably the only hotel where one can stay decently.

But if you are looking for a better place with more facilities, you can find such a place in either Jaglot... Or a few places along the way to Skardu from here. However, there are no places like that here. We have paid PKR 4000/- for this room. Because there is hot water as well.

Otherwise, there were even cheaper options but they didn't have hot water. Other than that, they also have huts but they are without attached washrooms. And that would cost something around PKR 2000 - 2500/- We chose this place because of the hot water facility. At least we can take a shower comfortably in the morning before we leave for our next destination. You are gonna see that in the next vlog. That's all for today.

Hopefully you must have enjoyed it. It has been a hot and tiring day for us. Anyways... remember us in your prayers. Don't forget to Like, Subscribe and Share.

Allah Hafiz

2023-08-30 17:06

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