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usually very deep very sad. Noh? So if we can establish the songs today or of dilipagit today, please lang sad if there is ugmakaya lang sa atong deadline, please submit of costume. If lahit nasad nakanta. Man this is from the kuan ng said ang na na report ng sad nikov ang iya lang sang what she's what she has a very keen eye mangood. So she's she's really interested ng good ng entertain naton aton mga guest. Anything else? Yes, for the four ang first na to ang atong first leg is consolation. That's the only

part na we will do the national anthem and the Sugbo hymn. The rest of that, wala ana, straight to the program nagita. My cue to start your person in charge, is as soon as I see cub sit, then mayo na ko sa inyong, let's say host. Okay, let's

start the program. So then ilang tagu nayo na to ang ah, whatever your, your proposed program will be, then that's how it will go. Um, to the program na. But I have to really stick on the time. So

no need for the national anthem. Um from each from each LGU. Nothing langyud. Except for consolation. And Gov will talk. Normally from consolation and Liloan. Those are the beginning and the end. And the

rest of the LGUs in in in between. Uh she will not speak. This is from her instructions from the Southern Heritage. I don't know if it's going to change here. Dipindi lang good niya. So we have to be quicken

our feet for changes lang seven. Okay. Any other questions, please? In terms of, in terms of, program lang usat. Okay, nata LGOs for the program. Okay. Actually, what we received on our group chat, there's 15 LGUs. So, this is the what's submitted from the LGU ha, Compostela, the Advantayan, Midilian, Santa Fe, Made J Husband, the Arbantayan, Bantayan, Borbon, Kathmun, and Iluan. So nine out of 15. Ang

wala pa naka submit in our, what we have here, is consolation, Carmen, Tabugon, San Rem, Abugu, and Sogud. Samita mo Okay. Okay. Okay, thank you. Thank you. Okay, so that's as far as the program is concerned, noh? Okay. accommodation establishments because last time LGUs will be on that day. So we

can always create lang an individual group chat. For those days aron dit lang kaayo taas ang malubong na ang atong mga program kay tagahan na kayaton na chat. Maybe today ah I can create a group chat for day one and then day two and then day and then six ka LGU, 4 K LGU, and then six anak LGU on the next day. Arun makibaw lang

ta. On that specific day, kinsa ang atong tumagsabo talanta on that day. For that, for that songs. Okay, Rana siya? Thank you Okay, rakayo mabuhi kasuanon. Okay Rao. Um sa LGU side.

other concern I mean. Okay. Um kinsa ganit mga first day compose tala Carmen Tabukon. Ayuya Consolation,

Copostela, Carmen, Tabugon, Dian Bantayan, Ogmedilian. Yes But sure if ang I love Cebu if kaniing kwan. Ayona kayo. I love Cebu. Ayo lang ayo lang

kay. Um Sir, nagasi ma'am if ang gugmani mo is balak or canta. Sir. Okay. Um I think might be a little too long. So if

and Thank you Sir Sid nakakuharakata sir. LGUs na mo adjust. Concert na.

also. There are four proprietations. I'm sorry. Three or four?

Presentations? A buffet buffet stations three. Three. Three. Three lang? Three na kwan siya. Surrounding the ano? Makaya ka ano? For all 600? We will try to call us upright lang gahapo natin. Separate lang pali. Add

more? Huh? Approximately, ang ka ng nine or ten. Pila ng mga buses? Nine buses in Uta fourteen, 4five. 4five. Pilama na? ah station. Um plus several lechon stations. And separate drink stations as well. Hindut ng ang fresh seafood? Noh? Medyo That's our target. Nahuma

na batong padong natus dagat. Enhancement oh. Anong Naguba sa anaguba sa two months bagu ko. The the bag yo and then lately when we had the katong end of December, the canceling planks ng atang asa ibutang Chef, prepare our menu As much as possible ang tanan Okay. 2 weeks Add volume please. Special

kayong gi pa described in town ng atog yung sweaty. And then na asadmi beverage station. But ang katum sa church included tung museum But it was true Bantayan na ang pari church ground And we have 14 boats. So for the 14 boats included na rinha, Antonan nga mga snacks. Number one namong

gi emphasize kov is ang among snacks ng native product yun. Pilakot sa. Coconut candy. So we're making Specific welcome said when they entered the room. Para They're special. We know. Anyway, naman

one most preference against Madugay observed. Yeah, so they can choose. They can choose. Whether continental Raila. Yeah. Yes. Or Katugu yung full spread. Yes. Northern Island Hospital, High School of Hospital School of Nursing class of nineteen seventy-3. 63 sila kabuk. And

then we have the Pampanga and Mandaluyong Group. from USA. Um we have four ah three Participants. Grabi sa kaayo. Ang mgapil.

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