Meeting friendly Arabs in Aqaba Jordan

Meeting friendly Arabs in Aqaba  Jordan

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morning my friends, from somewhere in aqaba it's  been almost 10 days i am in aqaba, working and   relaxing, going to the beach every day, but today  it's time for a vlog in aqaba, probably mostly   a food vlog, first to show you hummus because  it's been a very long time i did not show you   any hummus, and it's one of the most  important things here in the levant let's go and we arrive at some tourist shops   like in the tourist markets in  amman, the jordanian sand for the tourists and all the classical copper objects you have hummus, yes... you have hummus with... camera you have hummus with meat, with meat yea with meat on top of it, yes, how much is that maybe check the menu yeah hummus shawarma, no, hummus with meat 3.50. okay can i have mm-hmm   what can i have one like this, take away, np  here, eating here, and you have   like also like uh, chips, eggplant, no no  no eggplant, i like roasted eggplant exactly okay, one like this also, one hummus, one roasted eggplant, one hummus with meat drink... water okay you are from, france okay let's go to sit and let's enjoy the hummus see, there's a nice place, beautiful  inside, or outside, let's just sit here oh wow spicy let's enjoy this hummus with meat, it looks  good, so what do we have, look at that   beautiful hummus with olive oil and a  lot of meat in the middle, very nice okay   thank you, and that's the eggplant with olive oil,  i love that, i think for me i prefer actually   the eggplant to the hummus, but the  hummus is almost holy here in the levant   and we have chili here, and  olive oil with chili and pickles let's go for it guys, let's start with the eggplant it's cold, it's fresh good olive oil very good let's try the chili good, let's try this chili,  olive oil with green chili   oh this is spicy, and let's  try the hummus with the meat it's funny actually because the  hummus really goes very well with meat he gave me this fantastic, and they always give you the spoon  as well, so you can just eat it with the spoon,   no need to use all the bread, if you don't want to  eat all the bread, you can just eat it with a spoon very good and it's sunset time, if you can  see the sun setting behind the mountains   on the other side of the gulf of aqaba,  it's sunset time and it's time to go to...   first you go to the souk, i need to find some uh  shaving foam, and then we're gonna go for dinner   we're gonna go to have some fish from aqaba,  it's been a while i didn't eat fish with the camera so you can see here i guess they sell a lot  of sponges, it's coming from the sea i guess but i guess it's not in the  cloth section that i'm gonna find shaving foam so basically if you go straight down, you arrive  to the public beach, but you've seen it already   in the previous video, so let's just see the  market, and basically the markets here are are mostly alive in the evening  and during the night because it's   uh it's too hot during the day hello hello, what's this, camera, let me see, one minute, video, video here is my friend   this my this shabullah this guzar   this is my abu muhammad, what's your name  yves, from france, france, jordan good or not good, good good how old are you, 37... 37, oh nice

this friend 33 you can speak arabic, just a bit no problem, one minute yeah, i have been to wadi rum, amman, yeah, i have been to amman aqaba good, yeah, exactly, you good on the camera, yeah, exactly, like this, together aqaba very good, the sea, swim yeah yeah yeah yeah okay and  oh do you know, i look for   shaving foam, for uh yeah yeah for  shaving, go friend come, come okay let's go this my name is... this this this, one minute, one minute, same  same, yeah yeah but... this oh but no you have   yeah but this is uh yeah i know but, don't you have like with uh uh yeah, but i film you, it's okay come, this no good... this one two three four five okay, five, oh  five shops, okay thank you, nice to meet you bye-bye so we meet a man who helped us, let's see,  oh one two three, i need to count five shops   forgot, sorry, so where was his  shop, okay one two, one two   three four, and that's the fifth one i  think, i think it's here, let's try here uh do you have like shaving  foam, shaving foam yeah do you have small one, or, no i have just  this one, just the big one okay okay   how much is it, three three and a half, okay  that's smooth shave shaving foam, okay um yeah youtube yeah, kino yves i can write it on your phone if you want good jordan jordan, very good, very  good jordan, you want dead sea,   dead sea product, you want, dead sea, no it's  okay no no, i just need this okay thank you, bye-bye so the shaving foam hunt was successful   i counted five shops and it was  five shops, now let's go to eat fish what are they cooking he's cooking corn, corn with some powder on it   it looked good, and it looked he was  friendly, maybe we'll go have dessert there you see, the water pipe is getting ready for someone here right in the street it's been a while i didn't vlog, i don't know  what to say, the market, the souk of aqaba   is not really... it's a bit widespread, there's  not like a densely populated area, so it's a   bit hard to make a video, a souk video  full of life, and full of people walking around you can see in front you have the bed things, hello oh barber, no it's okay i don't need barber   yeah, no it's okay, thank you, youtube  youtube youtube, hi how are you, good one thousand like yeah yeah  exactly, one thousand like yeah   okay bye, so what was i saying, yeah  in front, in the other side you have   the colorful shops for bed sheets  and blankets and stuff like that turkish thank you, you are welcome in front is the fish, i don't know what i'm saying, in  front it's the street for the fish restaurants   because we want to eat fish, oh and  there is something interesting this way   which is... you can see this flag, so  that's the big flag you can see in aqaba  

especially you see it very well from the beach, and  that's actually the flag of the arab revolution   when they got independent from the british,  so that's why it has the same color as the   jordanian flag and the palestinian flag, but it's  not in the same order basically you can see here we have a  seafood restaurant, but we're   not going to this one, we're going  to abu baker i think, good evening yeah the recommended restaurant is  a little bit further down the road actually just here you have a mansaf restaurant   but you saw mansaf twice already so  that's enough, it's time to see fish abu baker, for fish look at that and the 2 turtles can i eat fish you have a menu so what will we get i think actually i will maybe... maybe i will  not go for fish, but i might go for shrimps i feel like it do you have shrimps, yes oh nice okay and this calamari, calamari okay, and this is this, mix, yeah mix shrimps and calamari, okay  okay okay i will get one like this,   one yes please, okay shrimp and calamari,  okay, perfect thank you, where can i sit oh outside, i can sit outside, okay let's go outside, let's see the if  something happens in the street the girl in the car is watching  me as if i was a an alien look at how they keep the fish, just  like in the ice, a lot of big fish look at that, i just film yeah, just...  oh oh nice,  denise dennis oh okay, this is seabass, oh  this is seabass yeah okay that's very good okay this is a parrot fish no, yeah this  is yeah okay nice okay, oh my god this is very big   yeah okay this is good no, yeah okay yeah okay very nice yes okay, how many days you can keep them  in here, one day, yeah after you... okay and this is faris yes okay yeah okay, you have so many loot loot yeah okay, all fish fantastic thank you very nice we had a tour of all the  fish they can sell, so you saw   everything you can have here, in abu baker   restaurant in aqaba, which is supposed to  be the best restaurant for fish in aqaba and you have a beautiful mercedes there cola, pepsi, no, just water small yes oh so wow, then it's easy, i thought i was gonna  have to get my hands dirty but apparently not   because, it's funny because, look at  that, everything is yellow, except the   bell peppers, but yeah the fries mixed  with the... i guess that's calamari don't remember the name in english and that's the shrimps, very nice so i don't even  have to open them myself, and we have a nice sauce also the vitamins vitamins so let's try the fries first, let's try the sauce it's good, and then let's see the calamari  which i don't... well i guess the menu was in  

english, and it was saying calamari, so  it should be calamari in english it's okay, it's good they're very thin, usually i'm  used to them being thicker that's good let's try a big shrimp, it's been so long i  didn't have any calamari or shrimps actually that's very good very very good, it was so funny, the girls in  the car behind you, they're watching   me in the mirrors of the car, and as soon  as i turn the eyes towards them, they just   hide in the car, to make that i don't see  them, it's so funny, they are little girls so as you can see, a lot of calamaris, some fries  in the middle, some shrimps, so a lot of food   all these for 8 dinars, so probably around 10 euros, good price for seafood it's from the car there, as soon  as the face appears, they just hide

2022-08-23 21:21

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