Medellin is Unsafe for Western Visitors: The Most Dangerous Place I have Ever Lived

Medellin is Unsafe for Western Visitors: The Most Dangerous Place I have Ever Lived

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In this video. I tell you why visiting Medellin, Colombia, is a bad idea. How dare I. The drugs are overhyped! Better off paying L.A.

prices for prostitutes and blow. The city is overcrowded! Too many passport rows have been visiting. And the dating scene is just downright dangerous!!! You never know with Colombian women. So pack your bags and go somewhere - anywhere - besides the City of Eternal Spring.

Hola. Welcome to Bogota, Colombia. This is my last day in Colombia. And before I go, I want to deliver a warning message about Medellin. But before I forget, please, that the like and subscribe buttons and help out the channel.

So I'm shooting this Medellin warning video here in Bogota to give you a point of reference, to show you a place that I do like visiting that I would recommend that I will return to. I will genuinely miss being here when I leave tomorrow and we can consider this video a sort of public service announcement. Announcement. I am 100% sure, absolutely sure that someone watching this video will not go to Medellin, some young man who would have otherwise been drugged and robbed or worse, and for that I will feel like a better human being. let me start by saying that Medellin is a wonderful place.

It's got great city planning and it's really nice to walk and bike the streets there. The climate is great. The temperatures range from lows in the sixties to highs in the eighties pretty much all year round and the cost of living is low. Nomad list puts the monthly price tag for living in Medellin at under 1500 dollars. It's also shedding its reputation as the cartel capital of the world, but still has that cool and edgy history that is attractive to the wanderlust set. On the surface, it's hard to say anything bad about Medellin.

After all, how dare I! But never judge a location by its cover in the two months that I lived in Medellin, three of my housemates were drugged and robbed in the house. There was a kidnaping attempt on one of my friends and five other people that I lived with had their smartphones stolen. And to top that all off, there was a very strange local religious religious group that invaded our co-living space and prayed for God's help to get rid of us gringos.

Those experiences left me asking only one question Why the fuck would any normal, healthy Western person ever go there? Now I'm not bashing on Medellin the city per se, nor am I bashing on the paisas, the majority of the population who live and work, who grew up there. Let me be clear, I'm bashing on the criminal element that has been feeding off of the Western gringos and the enormous marketplace for cheap drugs and prostitution that has sprung up to meet demand. I think the issue is that too many of us Westerners are visiting, managing. It's become too popular and the city has become overrun with drugs, prostitution and crime.

Not that I think anything's necessarily or inherently wrong with drugs and prostitution. I know it's why a lot of young men travel, but the city has so much of it that this criminal element has arisen to clean you of your money and potentially harm your life. And it's not doing the locals any good either for a nice local family or a couple imagine that wants to go and have dinner on Friday or Saturday night on Provenza a nice street in Colorado. They've got a car, if you like. A sea of about 500 prostitutes.

And the gringos are also pricing the locals out of their homes and out of their lifestyle. So I don't think this dynamic is good for either side. What I would like to see happen is for either one or two things, either for there to be an adult in the room of the people managing the city, of managing who will lay down the law. Police won't even take a report if you're drugged or robbed.

I think they just want to keep the crime rates low so it looks better for tourism. So the city is not taking responsibility for the crime on tourists. Or number two, it just gets so bad that we Western people stop going and maybe will have an opportunity to hit the reset button. Now, if you're still on the fence and or you're still committed to going to visit.

MEDINE Let me continue selling so the Tinder robbery scam, this happened, like I said, two, three guys that were in the Co-Living house that I was in over the course of four months. And I've heard countless, countless stories, including the one that I told in another video about a guy who woke up with a dead hooker outside of his window. I went to the embassy here in Bogota last week just to get a new passport, and the place was was crowded. The Express Emergency Passport service for Americans was crowded. I've never seen that before.

I've been to embassies in other countries. I've always been like the only guy in there. There was an enormous line at 830 in the morning of people waiting to get in to get a U.S. emergency passport because there's had been stolen out of the ten people who were robbed, eight of them were robbed in Metagenomes, none of them in Bogota. The others on the coast, three of them were guys that were drugged and robbed. One was still bleeding.

A guy that I made friends with woke up to find that his Robinhood account and all the positions in his Robinhood account had been closed out and the team of thieves working with the girl he met had cleared him out. Just too many stories. And the other the other factor, I think, is that a lot of white Western guys particularly think that they're going to come down here with their fair skin and blue eyes and sweep some nice Colombian girl off their feet. Hi. Hi. Like one of these girls.

Hello. Say hello to you. YouTube. No, no.

English. Oh, okay. I. Blue Espanol. Si. Practical. Si. I think I'm English. Oh, okay, cool.

Igual. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Go with you on this. Alison. It is the elder, Elder and Allison.

I mean, thank you, Chao, but I. Wow. Right on cue. So, yeah, I mean, definitely not working girls, but I don't know. You never know with Colombian women. Anyway, a lot of a lot of guys, a lot of my friends are like, Oh, you're going to kill it down there in Colombia, you know, with your blue eyes and and and fair skin.

That's not a thing. That's not a thing. So just cancel that idea. So a lot of men come down here and think they're going to meet like some nice girl in the dating apps and they end up back at the room.

The girl pours the drinks, the guy takes a sip, and then he wakes up and all the shit's gone. They leave your I.D. and like, one set of clothing, a one change of clothing, they take your passport for, like, cybercrimes and trying to get into your identity. But they typically leave your ID so you can go back to the embassy and get the fuck out of here. And the police won't take the report. Like I said, it's a mess.

It happens all too common and I do have a few role model friends, let's say American and European guys who have been in messaging for a while and have met like the nice Colombian girl. But that's so uncommon and it took them so long. And my favorite class in business school was the data science class. It was called data and decisions. And the data about you meeting a nice Colombian girl and living happily ever after do not support that decision.

second on the list. Kidnapings. I made the other video about the kidnaping attempt on my friend Jesse. And that's real, man. You know, it was kind of a partially a harebrained scheme, but he's been here too long. He's owned restaurants here.

He had a young assistant that knew he had money, at least to some degree, because he's been throwing it around for a while. And some of the assistance criminal friends lured him, lured him, the assistant, into a plot to kidnap my friend and probably try to drain his bank accounts. There is a news story about a French guy who was kidnaped in the past year and the kidnapers held him hostage, but used his electronic devices to communicate with his family so that they could slowly bleed his large bank accounts dry without tipping off the bank, while creating the perception to his family that he was still alive. And when they were done, boom, they killed the guy and got rid of them. long wait times.

This one is not criminal or dangerous. But god damn it, did the long wait times drive me insane in managing people There seem to have the people that work at retail shops, at the grocery stores. They have like no accountability. They take no initiative.

Many of them can't ad I watch them like counting change a million times. You know, just going to the store is a major frustration. And so trying to live there and take a day to, say, run five errands, it's like it's like going to the DMV five fucking times. It's insane how slow things are. There.

this bullet point. Got to be my favorite. The drugs are terrible.

Two things. Most men come to you for coke and hookers. All right? And so we've covered the hookers. But your best bet if I. If you are there, is just to rent a prepaid gato like a prepaid chick that shows up to your secure.

Well, the rent, the rent, the prepaid check that shows up for your security security guard building so she could be signed in. There's pretty much no other form of dating left in Belgium. That's that's safe anyway. So the drugs. The drugs are terrible. The coke is terrible.

I lived with a friend who was a chemist of sorts, and he was testing all the cocaine samples from a gym by washing it and acetone. It gets rid of things that are not cocaine and even stuff. There was a guy that was like a local gang member kind of do that was out in front of our building.

Who would like all day long just be rippin, keep bombs from a bag. And he insisted that that was like good stuff. We tested his stuff. We tested samples from all over metagenome different brands, and it was like 10 to 20%. That's horrendous. My friend said he did the same thing in Los Angeles, and on a rare occasion he'd just get something that wasn't Coke at all with 0%.

But most of the time it was between 70 and 80%. And so the theory is there that the the locals, the gringos and Colombian locals alike have a theory that the cocaine there is just like the coffee, that Colombia sells all the good stuff to the United States. So So sex tourism, that's it. No cocaine tourism. That's a no. You're better better off spending the money you would have blown on plane tickets in hotels and just paying L.A.

prices for prostitutes and blow no bars in between. This is a good one. You got to be thinking, what the fuck? Plenty of bars in a Jean Poblano Provenza is very hard to find a bar where you can walk into and, like, sit down at the bar where other people are sitting and standing at the bar where you can socialize. Everyone sits down at a fucking table all the time. It's got to be the most frustrating thing about the culture. So which I think is why a lot of guys end up getting snared into these Tinder and dating app scams because it's damn near impossible to like just go out and meet normal women who can afford their own drinks at a civilized bar.

I don't I don't know that that woman exists in Mataji. She's always with the group of friends or I mean, it's really annoying. It's really frustrating. So social life there kind of sucks for a white Western dude. It really sucks.

I know a guy that had it perfect. He lives in Miami. The flight short cimetidine. He would stay with us in the co-living space and then rent a separate apartment just to support fuck hookers. So he didn't shit where he was eating, you know, he didn't bring the prostitutes to the Co-Living house.

That's pretty much the only guy had it figured out, you know, for what He wanted to get out of the city. The city was able to supply him. But yeah, you're not finding love and romance. No good drugs.

The social scene is fucking horrible. Like this idea of Bogota. It's like, Oh, the flight takes. So I've always the flight to Bogota takes 35 minutes and I'm still kicking myself that I didn't get out of energy and come here, five weeks earlier than I did.

Okay. No English. This is not a big one for me. I can get by with my Spanish. I could sort of fumble.

Got it through the day with my Spanish as I did with those two girls and be okay. Although in messaging, interfacing with the general public, meaning when I wasn't in the Co-Living house, so I had to use Spanish all the time and it got mentally taxing, which was kind of fun for me. It was a challenge. My Spanish improved, but if you don't know Spanish, just just be prepared for that.

It's not a city that's set up for Western tourism where the service staff speaks English. You're going to have to use Spanish or a Spanish translator. So again, I'm shooting this video here in Bogota to give you a reference point of a place that I do like visiting in Colombia that I would recommend that I will return to and if culture and history is your thing, you cannot beat Bogota.

The museums are here. The art is here, The history is here. If food is your thing, Bogota has the culinary scene. It's the capital.

So if you want to try regional Colombian foods, all that is here, all the high end culinary stuff is here. If adventure is your thing, there are cities like Minka where you can live on top of a mountain if you're really just doing a touristy thing, hit the beach, go to Cartagena or San Andreas. I just can't make the case for anyone in their right mind to visit a is not doing you any good because it's putting you in harm's way.

It's not doing the locals any good. If you're there to stay for a while, you driving up their cost of living, driving them out of their homes and the place is just becoming polluted with hookers and criminals because too many passport rows have been visiting. I hope this information helps you.

I really hope it steers you away from visiting that matter. Jean. If you are planning to do so, that's all I got for now. Please hit the subscribe button and help the channel out and I'll see you in the next video. Unless your dumb ass ignores my advice and goes to bed Jean and gets drugged and robbed and killed by a tender a hooker and her crew, please heed my advice.

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