Mallorca Travel Vlog: Touring Wedding Venues, Restaurants, & things to do

Mallorca Travel Vlog: Touring Wedding Venues, Restaurants, & things to do

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In one year I'll be marrying my best friend in Myorca, Spain. Let's go view some venues. Hey, blog, what is up? We're on a plane right now because we are heading to, we're heading to toca. So we're gonna head off eight hour plane ride to Zurich and then we're heading to Palm is being we're gonna be venue shopping we're gonna do all the excursions, all the fun things. And it's going be literally so much fun.

I want bring you out along with us. Gonna be a ride. We're only staying there for like year four days so we're gonna go and hopefully find me venue new dreams there and it's just as magical as we wanted to be. Also, we see this nice like slay.

I've been playing this game 48. Actually really not good at it. Like I thought I was so clean but I'm not like I, I'm just like really bad. I've lost five times already.

We haven't even taken on yet. So that will be my game of choice throughout this entire trip. I also have my book. I'm reading a court of mis Fury right now and oh it is getting so good.

If you've read it before, you know what I'm talking about. Switzerland. All right, we made it to Myorca. Right now we're about to head over to meet my mom and Devon's sister and head to the hotel change and then go to our first venue tour at three 30.

It is now two o'clock. We got this. Okay, we're in our hotel room, we're about to leave but I want to do a quick room tour before we like destroy it and get dressed and get ready. So you first walk in, make sure that you put your key in here so you can turn out all the lights. This is the very pretty bathroom. Very nice.

Love that shower, A little shower head and the toilet obviously, and a bowl shower. Love that for us. Then you walk in here and you have eight beds I guess it's just like two double beds put together to make one bed. So you have that, you have a nice closet here and then over here you have a little table, a gigantic tv. Love that.

And I don't know what is out here, Davon, you said, oh it's a nice little balcony to the street. All right, now it's time for us to get ready. We're here, we are at our hotel. We're at the AC Marriott Hotel which is like literally like right there in the city. It's really, really pretty. So we're about to go see our first venue.

We're all dressed up. I'll do a little fit check in a second and we're about to head over there. Now we're gonna like take a taxi, go to the place and then he's gonna take us to the first venue and we're gonna see two venues today. And then take all the videos, take all the pictures and we probably won't make a decision until obviously like after we get back to the us. But we're here and it's just like so surreal because we've been like thinking about this for so long and now we're like in the places that we've like seen pictures of and it's just like, also this hotel is like much prettier in like I R L than it is in pictures.

So that's also really cool. I gonna show you guys my fit. This dress is from Free People. This cardigan is from Princess Poll bag is YSL Shoes is Steve Madden. Oh, I'm sorry.

Sorry. I'll send you your dress. All right. Devonne Fit check. Go. How the voices Where the pants from Shoes are represented. Okay. Okay.

Glasses, Ray. All right, mom, fit check. Go. I have my blazer here.

I think it's Tara or Zara maybe. I'm not sure. And I just, okay. Forget about the fit. I just wanted to zoom in on the Shoes. Zoom in.

We're zooming. We're zooming because these Are called Kangos. Okay. And they are biodegradable. The whole shoe will break down.

Okay. Zero carbon footprint. Sustainability. Queen Bag is Lululemon. This is a Lululemon bag. These are my coat glasses.

Okay. Okay. And these are pants from Zara, so Yeah, yeah, yeah. Love that. Thanks. All right.

Kaylene, go. Oh, pitch check. We'll leave the knot.

Everything is from Sheen. Oh The dress, the bags. The glasses are Gucci though. Yeah. And I love this space. Oh wow.

With the little under, like under. This One's pretty, it's really pretty though. Okay. This is for the bar. I mean, this is the bar slash just the room. So this is where could be inside the cellar. This is crazy.

Wait, this is like a game changer. It, I got video. It's a, we are at venue number two and I feel like a horse should just be like galloping through here. We have our venue, dog, venue animal. Yes. Here is the bu. This is the, you look at this view.

Wow. This Would be a ceremony area. Is This like another? Yeah. Are You joking? I was gonna say cottage court to the max. Yeah.

Okay. This Is gonna be a hard, so hard. They're so amazing. And so All right. It is literally like nine 40 and we're about to head to bed because we had to wake up really early in the morning, but dinner was good. We just had like a whole bunch of taps and kind of just like took a shower and went back and kind of updated our family, other family besides my mom and his sister who are here on the two venues that we saw.

And just like what we thought. And then just like images and photos and videos and everything like that. So that's really exciting. And then tomorrow we have to be up at like 8:00 AM so we can eat.

And then we're gonna go see three different venues tomorrow which is gonna be so cool. So we saw two venues that were on like flatland. And then the three venues we're gonna see tomorrow are on like the mountainous side of Myorca.

So that's gonna be a lot of fun. But we need to rest and just like I don't know, gather our bearings. I will see you tomorrow.

Okay. With a new fit and some more venues. I feel like this is gonna be such a hard decision but it's exciting that we get to even do this. So, ah, I know. All right, I'm gonna go to bed because I literally have not slept and we kind of missed nighttime. So I'll see you in the morning.

Good morning. It is day two. We are going to see three venues today. And we're about to go get breakfast real fast before we actually go to the venues.

This lighting is like really amazing but also at the same time, it's like creating so many shadows that I don't even know what this looks like. It's going to be a really hard decision because honestly these, he has hit at home runs left and right with these venues. Basically just some unseen sunscreen.

This I already put the concealer on which I use the NAS concealer if I can really find it. I use this NAS concealer in the color hazelnut and it's just like, it matches like my actual skin tone. And then not gonna put on this I was gonna put on like a folding of foundation but I just feel like it's like not necessary. And then on my cheeks, I have the rare beauty reflect on my cheekbones and then the tart amber glow on way tos. That's the life I'm living.

That is the way of the world. And now I'm just going to make my hair straight and not whatever curly mess occurred yesterday the shower as I was detoxing. And then I'll show you guys my dress outside because you guys can't really see it but it's from Samuel Luk, like it's a slight little slut. You know what I mean? And this is such a pretty great color.

Mitchell with the rest. So Ttu LX, O X. Good morning. Beautiful Morning. Yes, when we were the boys got some big toys.

Daddy got it. Also, I hope you're happy. I hope you are happy you told me. Succeed your eyes. Your Father's goodbye is I hope you're happy. I hope you're happy.

I hope you're happy. I hope you're happy. You look From where I sat.

Where the word your first line won't forget. So true. No ones taking you yang.

I remember people staring as we stepped side. They had only one mind. Good. You can do much.

You gave them. Cause I No, we Real can be Although we still We You still amazing. All right, we just got back into the house and we saw all of the venues. We toured five venues in the past two days and we're about to go head to the restaurant. Boy, when I tell you guys, it's going to be so hard to literally pick one because they're all so amazing.

And they all are basically like very unique experiences. We've been just like talking about it for the past like 20 minutes. And I don't know which one we're gonna choose because we need to like look at the breakdown of like prices and just like, which kind of acidic we actually want. I feel like we're on house hunters. That's what it feels like.

And we're gonna pick it after we think about all of the stuff. And then it's going to be wonderful and amazing. And our wedding planner is just great. It also feels really real.

Like I feel like we saw all the pictures and I would highly recommend you go and visit your venues, like in person especially if you're doing destination, because the pictures just didn't do any of the venues justice. Like we saw them, like we saw the pictures and we were like wow, we love this one, this one, this one. And then one of them, we just kind of like threw onto our venue tour just because, and it blew our minds.

Like it is like at the top of our list. And we're just like, what the heck? Because at first the pictures didn't feel like anything. We have a hard, we have some hard choices to make, you know but they're like fun, hard choices. Like they're all great.

It's gonna be so good though. Also, I switched cameras to the Sony because my little pocket died on me. I was also turning it on and off the whole time. So I think maybe that's why, but silly little thing Here. Let me look at the and we're hoping that it's like two 50 right now so we're hoping we can still get like paella not then like regular food. But we are by the water.

And it's April. So like, you know, it's a little, it's breezy but people are wearing like either shorts and t-shirts or you have like a jean jacket, like nothing crazy. Like it's nice weather, actually. Like nice to have like a little like chairs out there.

Read, sit by the water. Enjoy it. That's the vibe. You didn't like that? Yo We need reservations For all these Places and they have Siesta at work. So ahead of time. I You were serious.

Oh my god When you said it was big, everything all day. Gimme 90 seconds. This one We're about to head to a cave, like called the track caves.

I mess that out totally. But it has a whole bunch of like stab lights down there. And we take a boat, we're gonna go underneath the water or underneath the cave on a boat and I think it's like music. And then we're gonna go to a pearl factory.

So we're heading there now. And we're like on this little tour bus. My mom got us tickets on a website which I can like link down below so that you can check it out too if you're in Myorca.

But they pick us up in different cities that you're standing in. And my york is not that big, so it's relatively close. Are you excited? Yeah We're Good. What does that mean? Hit it out of the cave hand photos. When we took photos.

Papa Dallas. Now I'm kidding. All right, we have room seven minutes. Oh, Devon, I told you was hot dogs. Look. Oscar Meyer, they said don't bring 'em down.

They said do not bring down the hot dogs. Now we see beer, honestly. Oh, they have cold coffee guys for the first time. This is the first time that I've seen cold coffee. So I'm gonna go grab some with actually a frozen coffee. Not an iced coffee, but tastes really good.

I think I have a go. I have no idea where anyone is. I'm just gonna walk over to the bus. Oh, they're actually over there.

Wow. I was about to like walk away. Meanwhile, they're all the way over there. Pizza some over there.

Cold pocket coffee. Yeah, it's a, it's a frozen machine. Do you have coffee? Do they have like juice? Coffee I used here? It's frozen iced coffee. I need your face or your, oh, I'll just go with you. We got our frozen coffee. Here's Doug.

That's kind of cool.

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