Mai Expedition Series | Episode 3.2: Walking Around Amsterdam

Mai Expedition Series | Episode 3.2: Walking Around Amsterdam

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those buildings look very cool though you  have a lot of bikers here and there's   a train system the subway system submarine.  Maybe. do not lose it this time. all right guys   we are in Amsterdam now. we made it no more  driving for now. yay more walking now though is it made of electric? sounds like it. it sounds like it yeah. electric cars very environmentally friendly huh? like  they used bikes gear electric gear. don't let me go   to that topic, that's gonna be a whole nother video.  do you wanna take a cruise with through the  

canals? sure I want to do that can I do that can  I do that? like now? yeah. I need to eat something before.   how long does it take? I don't know. we should ask.  okay we're gonna ask the crew down there and you   can see that they have a lot of bikes over here  we are crossing the street now yeah we have 30.   seems to be very favorable to go towards people  walking and riding the bicycles. yeah not for cars.  

oh they have the lights for bicycle here you  see that the green light here? all right thank you. oh there's there's more restaurants here. does that  mean walk? it should be right. 20 seconds.   I don't know why cars keep coming up. I think  you're more likely to get hit by a bicycle here.   hello we are walking to Chinatown now and  mr Lukas is here and it's funny   though like the first thing that He suggests is  Chinatown. I said we're not looking for that but   then he said we should go there because there's a  lot of restaurants there. okay all right we'll see and you see many old buildings here and I  think that's an old church that's an old   church and you know what that is? it looks like  a city hall. one hour Canal cruise so we are  

planning on going there after we eat  something because right now it's 1pm. what are you doing Lukas?   I'm walking some random Direction. walking through  narrow alleys here. Lukas is looking   up places to go to eat because we are hungry  let me show you guys around just around the corner, we walked past it. oh okay and here's a cat right here  he's a cow the cute kitty cat yep okay let's go. we just walked past it okay let's go  back there there. we go next to a river there's a   lot of bikes as usual and Mr Lukas is busy looking  up stuff here walking around with my mom the water   of the river is black the good thing is that  I told you that. it doesn't have a strong smell. here yes the river that's what you see online here's a church and Lukas and there's someone in  there so I cannot film it oh it's a boat people.

there's a car behind you there's a car there's a car and that guy  is driving like a maniac   oh he crossed the tunnel the  British tunnel to get here? yes. to France or to Belgium. Coffe here and a clock right in front of it. right now it's 1.30 and we are waiting for  the food for Lukas in front of this store coffee and love so they have gluten-free  stuff for him and he's still chatting with   the guys right now. what do you have Lukas? I got the gluten free classic burger. yummy.

gonna see what that's like. we are still waiting  for our Food I want to film Lukas eat.   because I ordered first and then they  change their mind no Chinese restaurant. yummy. enjoy. It's good. I thought that mustard on it would be weird but it tastes well, but it's dripping out. alright here's out food. my mom has a chicken burger and this is mine, classic beef burger.

so where are we now Lukas? we're walking  through this district apparently we haven't   seen anything. I haven't seen anything I  don't think we can film anyone either  still in this district but we cannot  like film the Showcase or anything   oh that's Chinatown and we're here this is Lukas and my mom. there's a building that says it's built in 1644. yes and it's leaning on the building of Tokyo.

okay okay here look at these a lot of  bikes I guess someone right next to me There are more bikers. More bicycles than people. There's a train station right there, using electricity. you can see those wires here in the sky no I mean  in the air where are we going to Lukas? we're gonna   take a boat tour. the boat tour through the canal.  through the canals nice like those I don't want to   walk anymore. me neither this is another church. not another one it's the same one we've seen   but from a different angle. oh I see yeah this one  looks much nicer though. from this side yeah. yeah I can see the entrance. and over there you can see  the flag the Dutch flag and two other  

Which Mai confused with the Russian flag for some reason.  it looks the same colors. yeah. yeah oh nice we are now on the boat. so it's gonna be like a tour like around the city? yeah like through the city. oh that's nice. I guess   boats are the fastest way to get around because  you cannot fit through most of the streets with   cars. we'll see. it's gonna be an hour though and  then they're gonna explain to us but there's no   Vietnamese language we are moving. Captain Jack Sparrow in front. obviously he's not Captain Jack  Sparrow because he's at court   we are turning around.  I can almost touch the water.

and you can see there's a floating Chinese  temple or something or a restaurant I'm not sure   there's a statue up there no I cannot hear  anything they don't play anything Mr Lukas   is listening to the audio record but of course  he cannot see anything because nothing is playing   now. this is better than the sun, I like this. we  are going through a bridge underneath the bridge There are people living on those boats. you can live on a boat. yeah see there's like a house floating on the water. oh those are houses people are living on the water. oh that's cool I mean in Vietnam  there's people living on boats too yeah maybe we should move on boat too  maybe it's cheaper. I'm more of   a I like to live on actual soil person no offense. take a cup of it and drink it and have a great day. the  water is nice it looks fresh. it's like a kitchen.

people can look inside your kitchen. no privacy at all. yes and the boat is taking us around Amsterdam you see a lot of bikes here you know a lot of cars  and bikes are parking right next to the river.  now things go faster I like it runs faster yes.

see a lot of bikes over there? do you know  the name of this River Lukas? do you know the   name of this River? no I don't know they  probably mentioned it but I don't know.   Amsterdam River? I have no idea. I have  to look it up I mean this is basically   the ocean it's not a river oh this is the  ocean? yeah. oh this is the port here see

so we are actually no longer in the  river we're on the ocean right now   as a container ship that says Jamaica oh so  that ship is from Jamaica? that's its name or   where it's from I'm not sure from Jamaica  all the way here it's a bit far isn't it? this one is from Switzerland one from Hamburg, Germany. Viking from Switzerland, they're not Vikings though. now how cool how do you get from here how do you get here from a ship from Switzerland  that's not connected to the ocean? I have no clue   Rhein river must be right? otherwise you  can't. we are back to that flow loading   Chinese boat again. if you have  paid any attention to the audio   it said it's a restaurant. oh it's  a restaurant? okay. Asian restaurant.

a closer look at the Chinese restaurant. it's pretty big though and there's people  actually eating inside it's like three floors.   three floors. it looks like a palace yeah

and then Chinatown is pretty close  in the area so it's pretty nearby hello guys we done with our day one in Amsterdam  we are on our way home to the hotel again and   um Lukas is finding a way to go back and  I noticed that there are not many cars   here but a lot of bicycles so I think  that most people here they use bikes   and you can see that there's a lot of  trains here as well this is the second train i have seen. hi I'm focussing on the way to get to the highway. The way our GPS sent us there is a blocked road.

we have to find a different way to get  along there. it's struggling right now. well the worst scenario we're  gonna stay in Amsterdam one day. not happening. I don't want to stay here. what does it mean  Lukas, the upside down triangle?  

please give way but as you can see there's a  traffic light here so the sign is there in case   the traffic light is not working then you're  supposed to use the signs so it's not create an entire mess. it means that who like first  come first serves? no give way means I give way to the people who are in front of me like they have the  right to go. oh okay. in the US you're going to   see it literally says give way or yield.  it would say yield or a stop sign yeah.   then the sign right there I mean that that's the  bicycle lane right and here's of course more River   for anyone who loves Rivers. cows  oh my gosh they are so cute they are having a happy life   right Lukas? they're living the life yup.  my phone is dying only three percent  

we are on the highway and we see a lot of german cars like BMW and Mercedes. but Lukas told me that he noticing  there's more and more Tesla here   too right Lukas? people start switching to  electronic cars probably because of the gas prices. yeah and environment too right? which is funny  though because you're using gas too to make electricity so what's the point of it? night guys. night guys see you in  a bit hello how are you doing it's Nestea Peach flavor. hi so today we  just went to Amsterdam, spent the whole day   there and we had lunch there Burger, it was  pretty good. and then we just got back a few  

hours ago I just had light dinner bread with  canned tuna and then right now I just want   to do a quick snack review for you guys  so we just went to a German supermarket Edeka. oh hold on wait a second let me see here  yes I just brought like um some strawberries, yep Edeka. so we got um Raffaelo what flavor is it? it looks like white  chocolate flavored ice cream we got Kinder Max King, looks pretty good the next one  I just grabbed a bunch like a whole pack of uh   Kinder again Paradiso it sounds like paradise to  me and um you have to keep those in the fridge   so I just took them out of the fridge  because there's a small fridge in our hotel room   um let me see here Mochi mango so mango flavor   and this is the last one this is the  cake a pie actually not a cake a pie   um Mohnstreuselkuchen and Lukas  told me that it's made of poppy seeds this is my   first time trying it so I want to see I want to  taste how it is he said it's very good so we'll   see I want to share it with you guys let's go so  um first I'm not sure which one I'll try first   so because this was kind of big and probably it's  gonna be rich so we'll save it for later. so I'll  

try something light first so um let's see I would  go with Mochi I'll go with Mochi first easy to eat oh no. oops, oopsie. all right this one is actually made in Germany um it tastes  pretty good it's pretty chewy and soft outside and   um the paste sweet and sour mango  flavor. I want to move on to the next one Max King so looks yummy pretty close to the picture  outside right? so there's probably caramel   and cream inside and chocolate with peanuts  outside looks like a small fish or a shark okay you can see here caramel in the middle, cream  then chocolate with peanut pretty rich and sweet   but yeah I cannot eat this every  day I'm gonna get fat or diabetes yeah they can replace the  cream with actual ice cream inside too well sweet I'm gonna try some peach tea and move on to this one the inside looks interesting let's go, looks a little bit like the Baumkuchen. I can save this one for breakfast tomorrow  so we don't have to buy anything.

the Max King is pretty good too  for breakfast it looks pretty cute   though. so in one box so total there's  four of them four of the ice creams oh the ice cream looks very cute it's pretty good though it's coconut  ice cream with white chocolate outside very rich and sweet I'm kind of full  right now from all of the sugary stuff   I just ate. all right I'm done so  I need some tea I need some water and the last one Mohnstreuselkuchen it's too long  for me so I just call it poppy seed Kuchen. according to Lukas he said it's made of poppy seed  so we'll see I think probably I'm gonna take like   um a small bite today which is so big and  right now it is 10.30 at night and I'm   super full right now from all the snacks I just  tried so I'm just gonna try one bite geez it's hard to open.

try this this part they're very good.   sweet but not too sweet compared to the other  snack you can eat this for breakfast too   it's definitely going to keep you full for a long  time very good. sorry but um I'm super full right   now so I cannot finish the whole thing. I think  is it the end of the video I'm gonna go brush   my teeth and go to sleep and get ready for a New  Journey tomorrow good night and see you guys. bye.

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