Magic of Chongqing, A Mind-blowing Walking Tour Video of the Craziest China's City

Magic of Chongqing, A Mind-blowing Walking Tour Video of the Craziest China's City

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This is my second time coming to this magical city, and I feel the breathtaking beauty and magic again. A Charming City of Antiquity and Modernity Chongqing, A.K.A Yu for short, is located along the upper reaches of the Yangtze River in Southwest China. As China’s fourth municipality directly under the administration of the Central Government and the only one in Western China, it is newly established as one of five central cities in China. Chongqing is one of China's four direct-controlled municipalities (the others are Beijing, Shanghai, and Tianjin). It is the largest of the municipalities by area and it is the only one that is located far away from the coast.

Chongqing is located in southwestern China within Sichuan Province and shares borders with Shaanxi, Hunan, and Guizhou provinces. The city is known as being an important economic center along the Yangtze River as well as a historical and cultural center for the country of China. Chongqing covers 82,400 square kilometers and governs 38 districts and counties (including autonomous counties), and has a total population of 33,434,400 with 29,450,000 permanent residents. Chongqing is a great city to explore with its winding walkways, stairways and banyan besieged older neighbourhoods.

Its locals are frank and honest and delightfully playful. Chongqing is a humid city. Summer and autumn are the rainy seasons. The annual rainfall is 1,000-1,100mm. Chongqing is a logistics hub combining water, road and air transportations, a modern manufacturing base, an important business center and the pivot for integrated transportation and communications along the upper reaches of the Yangtze River and in southwest China.

It has established business and trade relations with more than 180 countries and regions. Modern farming is now growing with strong momentum, as are a wide range of fast developing industries, including automobile, motorcycle, equipment, gas/petroleum chemical engineering and materials. Chongqing is a well-known tourism city for its fantastic mountain-river scenery and abundant historic and cultural sites.

Chongqing is famous for its delicious Sichuan style cuisine and hotpot. Due to a classification technicality, Chongqing municipality can claim to be the largest city proper in the world—though it does not have the world's largest urban area. Chongqing is the only city in China with a permanent population of over 30 million, however this number includes a large rural population. Among them, the total permanent population of Chongqing, Shanghai, Beijing and Chengdu is above 20 million.

Shanghai is China's most populous urban area while Chongqing is its largest city proper, the only city in China with the largest permanent population of over 30 million. Most of travelers come to Chongqing are mainly for the relaxing 4 / 5 days Yangtze River cruise, but, the city itself, has many things to see and explore. If you like, you can spend another half day to two days visiting the mountain city and around. The most important city in western China and the economic engine of the upper Yangzi, Chongqing City is a massive and enthralling urban sprawl. Chongqing makes up for a lack of top-notch sights with fantastic food and charismatic geography: its combination of steep hills at the confluence of the Yangzi and Jialing Rivers is a prelude to the even more dramatic scenery of the Three Gorges downstream.

On March 14, 1997, however, the city was merged with the neighboring districts of Fuling, Wanxian, and Qianjiang and it was separated from Sichuan to form Chongqing Municipality, one of China's four direct-controlled municipalities. Today Chongqing is one of the most important economic centers in western China. It also has a diversified economy with major industries in processed food, automobile manufacturing, chemicals, textiles, machinery, and electronics. The city is also the largest area for the manufacture of motorcycles in China. Part of Chongqing's early development as an economic center of China is due to its geographic location on large rivers.

The city is intersected by the Jialing River as well as the Yangtze River. This location allowed the city to develop into easily accessible manufacturing and trading center. Most of the city's precipitation falls during the summer and since it is located Sichuan Basin along the Yangtze River cloudy or foggy conditions are not uncommon.

The city is nicknamed the "Fog Capital" of China.

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