Luxury And History: TOURING a Medieval CASTLE in Italy | Lionard LUXURY Real Estate

Luxury And History: TOURING a Medieval CASTLE in Italy | Lionard LUXURY Real Estate

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[Music] Buongiorno e Benvenuti, I'm Stefanie Smith from Lionard Luxury Real Estate  and I'm here today to show you this majestic  castle for sale in the region Lazio. Check it out! [Music] Today we are in the region Lazio, we  are in a strategic location because we   are at the point where three regions  touch: Toscana, Lazio, and Umbria. The castle is a perfect example of Art  and Beauty going through the most stunning   transformations until arriving at  the castle that we can see today. The castle was built on a plateau  made up of a bank of lava that dates   back to 800,000 years ago. Originally the castle was a  

watchtower and we have a first mention  of it in 756 AD during the Lombard Era. [Music] In medieval times around the 1200s,   the watchtower was flanked by another  two towers creating a medieval castle. However, the family that signed  the history of this territory were   the MONALDESCHI Family of germanic  origins based in Orvieto in 800 BC. 

They wanted to transform this medieval  castle into a Renaissance Palace.  To do that, they adopted many changes  both structural and in style. Such as   the development of the the North Wing, the  adding of two loggias, and lowering the towers. [Music] The property is surrounded by one hectare  of land and features this stunning and   perfectly kept Italian-style garden from  which we can enjoy the most amazing views   over the surrounding countryside, which  also connects us to the internal garden. [Music] In 1884 Edward Cahen d'Anvers purchased the palace  and the surrounding estate that counted hundreds   of hectares of land as well as a dozen farmsteads. He entrusted the renovation of the palace to the  

Sienese architect Giuseppe Partini, who following  the footsteps of the Sienese Purism Movement,   that was a very important movement  both for architecture and art,   completely changed the appearance of the castle.  Transforming it from the Renaissance Palace into   the new Gothic Castle that we see today. The castle wraps around this central space   where we find this perfectly kept  garden embellished by a fountain.  We also enjoy the Magnificent view  over the Italian-style garden. 

The castle is 5,000 sqm and is  developed on a number of floors.   So now if you'll follow me, let's check it out! [Music] [Music] The first thing that catches our eye are these  stunning floors. Three different types of Tuscan   marble were used, and thanks to a skillful  use of symmetry it has a three-dimensional   appearance. If we look along the walls,  we can see ancient Roman artifacts found   during an excavation of the Monaldeschi family,  except for those that show the image of a deer.  That was the coat of arms of the Monaldeschi  family and were saved during the renovation.  If we take a look at the ceilings, we have  four painted scenes. These were painted  

in 1886 by Pietro Ridolfi and they were  inspired by the myths of Glauco e Scilla,   the Triumph of Bacco and Arianna,  and the scene with Aries and Venus   inspired by the metamorphosis of Ovidio. All of these have a common theme which is love.  The Galleria has a lot of natural light  thanks to the many windows, that also give   us access onto the garden, but not just that  we can access each room present on the floor. We are now in the Sala Ludica or  entertainment room. The door to   the room boasts the coat of arms of the Cahen  family and at the top is their family motto: "Deus Mecum Nihil Timeo" That means: "If God is at my side I fear nothing" All the woodwork of the boisierie, the doors,   and the furniture are examples of  the craftsmanship of Tito Corsini.  The room boasts two spectacular pool  tables that date back to the 1930s. 

From this room, we can head  towards the first dining room. This is the first dining room that  was used for more informal meals.  Also here, we have beautiful  geometrical designs on the floors   by using different colored marbles from Tuscany. If we look up the ceiling bow stunning frescos. The Cahen family was a very rich family of bankers  and they traveled a lot both for work and for   pleasure, and each time they brought back either  objects with priceless value or new inventions. 

New inventions because I'm talking about  a very specific historical time period   that of the Second Industrial Revolution  where the world was changing very quickly.  Here we have a window that is connected to  the kitchen to ease the passing of dishes.  And now if you follow me let's head toward the   kitchen where we will see  some of these inventions.

The kitchen is divided into three distinct spaces.  In this central space we have this large table   and this is where the staff would enjoy their  meals. It also has a wood burning fireplace.  To my left is a second room that features  a large closet, and that was the first   prototype of a fridge, in fact, each section  of the closet was lined with marble and on   the bottom part inserted ice to maintain food. Over here instead is the heart of the kitchen. The kitchen has a dumbwaiter connected to  the dining room on the piano nobile. One   of the many innovations that are in this  kitchen is the wood-burning stove this   was one of a kind and could be considered  as the predecessor of a kitchen island.  The fact that it was detached from the wall  was exceptional because by moving around   it made preparing meals much more efficient  another interesting fact of the kitchen was   that it always had hot running water thanks to  the presence of a boiler and at that time it was   actually one of a kind. So if we consider  these details in that historical period,  

this was actually quite Innovative. But now  if you'll follow me let's continue the tour. To reach the piano nobile we are going  to head up this prestigious staircase   imbrecciato di Carrara that wraps around the  space. If we take a look at the ceiling in   the center is the coat of arms of the Cahen  family and rounded is their family motto.

"Deus Mecum Nihil Timeo" [Music] [Music] The Galleria on the piano nobile  is 55 meters long. This space is   impressive and embellished  by frescoes from Ridolfi. On the one side of the Galleria we have four  scenes that represent each season and each   season has a dedicated marble bust representing  a deity. On the opposite side are four images of   the castle and its surroundings. If we take a look at the ceiling   in the center we have four scenes of the  four moments of the day and also for bass   reliefs of the elements in nature. The Galleria is filled with natural   light thanks to the many windows and  also here we have beautiful marble   floors with geometric designs. Just  like downstairs, the Galleria gives  

us access to each room on the floor which  are internally connected one to the other. We are in the heart of the floor this spacious  living area has lovely wooden floors and if we   look up the ceilings are decorated with floral  themes that frame two bucolic scenes Central   to the room is a sitting area that looks onto  this Majestic stone fireplace with on top the   crest of the fora family this room is connected  on the one side to the master bedroom which has   the most amazing Murano Glass Chandelier and  stone fireplace it is connected to the master bathroom while on the other side is a [Music]  study the study features a boue area the room   is embellished by stunning wall Fabric and we can  notice the details on the bueri and doors these   are examples of Tito corini craftsmanship  the study is perfectly connected to the   dining [Music] room this spacious dining room  still has all the original wooden finishes   such as the bu and floors here we have the dumb  waiter that connects to the kitchen centers of   the space is a large table that can host a number  of guests or a large family gathering the room is   embellished by lovely wall fabric not to speak  of the Fresco on the ceilings and to tie the   whole Space together is This Magnificent marble  fireplace with the Ken crest of arms this room   is connected to the guest [Music] bedroom the  guest bedroom has lovely wooden floors a stone   fireplace and onsuite bathroom however this room  differs in respect to the others if we look up   at the ceiling here we find the floral designs  typical of the Liberty style this GI bedroom is   where the famous Italian writer Gabriel duno would  stay during his visit to Rudolfo cahan [Music]   from the guest bedroom we are back in La Galleria  here we have a beautiful painting that was born   from the collaboration between roli and dunio  in fact the painter shows a scene of one of   Dano's Productions we are now heading towards the  South wing of the castle which was dedicated toor   thanks to his contribution to embellish  and make the castle the elegant property   that it is today right now we are in a common  area that enjoys a magnificent view over the countryside the South wing of the castle  features three rooms the first that we   encounter is the bedroom where RI stayed while  creating his masterpieces each of these rooms   has beautiful wood wood and covered ceilings  and cut the floors adjacent to the bedroom   is a room dedicated to his sketches while at  the end of the wing is a lovely living area   with marble fireplace Double Exposure  that let in a lot of natural light and   this room is dedicated to the portraits  of both rulf's wife and himself [Music] the castle features an upper floor  however it is not accessible at   the moment since it is in need a  renovation in total the property   can offer 35 bedrooms and 15 bathrooms  we are now heading towards the north Wing the north Wing is like traveling back in  time this part of the castle has remained intact   since it was built the cot floors and Chestnut  covered ceilings date back to the 16th century   the Frasco surrounding the ceiling and framing  it show scenes of five centuries ago here we   have Rome with Castel santangelo and San Petro  still without the kopa while over there is the   city ofto with its towers still intact and not  demolished by time Center to the space is a table   with above lovely cast iron chandeliers and the  table looks onto this Majestic stone fireplace [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] That's all for today, I hope you  enjoyed yourself as much as I did.  Don't forget to subscribe, like and comment! I can't wait to see what you thought of this   Majestic castle for sale in the region Lazio. On that note ciao! [Music]

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