Lotus Emira vs Porsche 718 Cayman GTS vs Alpine A110S | Which would you buy? (4K)

Lotus Emira vs Porsche 718 Cayman GTS vs Alpine A110S  | Which would you buy? (4K)

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The last time Lotus launched an all-new sports  car Gordon Brown was Prime Minister apple had   just launched the new Iphone and Tesla was  a startup still making cars out of Lotuses.   Well the Lotus they were launching then was  the Evora that was 14 years ago and this   is its replacement the Lotus Emira. it's got some heavy lifting to do this car as  well though because it's not just the replacement   for the avora but also the exige and the elise as  well and that's why you're gonna get a choice of   four-cylinder engines so four cylinder from  mercedes amg but also the v6 the 3.5 liter   supercharged v6 in terms of performance figures  this car's got 400 brake horsepower 310 pound foot   of torque and get from not to 60 in 4.3 seconds  and go 180 miles an hour flat out lois has been a  

little bit vague about weight and obviously weight  is very very important to lotus and they're saying   from 1405 kilos this is the v6 so clearly that's  going to be slightly different it's also got the   manual so where that ends up i'm not sure it's a  manual would be lighter than the dct transmission   that's standard with a four-cylinder um but let's  call it somewhere in the mid-1400s i would say we just accelerate you can probably hear   it's pretty loud that it shouldn't really be  this loud so it's a tooling tryout not perfectly   representative of a production car and when i was  driving around just getting ready for this video   it started to make an awful lot more noise i  don't know if a valve stuck open somewhere in   the exhaust but you can probably hear  it feels and sounds pretty raucous so from behind the wheel then you've got a nice  low down driving position i think it could go   a little bit lower still but it's still  quite low i'm quite happy here really   feels quite a wide car it's mid-engined obviously  so you've got a very low bonnet line as well so   because you've got these raised wheel arches low  bonnet nice low driving position actually i feel   like i've got a very good view over the road  feel very connected to it so yeah i would like   it to go a little bit lower but generally i'm  pretty happy here the steering wheel is clearly   a bit of an odd shape it's got some very chunky  spokes because of the multi-function controls here   so prefer those to be a bit thinner maybe a more  conventional shape but the thickness of the rim   is is nice your thumb slot into it nice and easily  and also classic lotus here look a hand span   to the gear knob there as well so that's not an  accident that's a you know very very intentionally   done and it's also inspired by the esprit here  this interiors worth noting is the way these uh   door cards raise up so that places the gear  shift quite handily for your right hand as well the steering feel in this car is absolutely  exceptional as you'd expect of a lotus but   you know i think it's better than the ebora is  better than the abort and that's really unusual   these days for a car to succeed another  car and have better steering feel big   part of that is because that's still an electro  hydraulic uh setup so the the pumps hydraulic   is controlled electronically and but you still  got that hydraulic kind of feel and that detail   that you get with that it's really really nicely  weighted and it kind of it's very busy in your   hands in terms of communicating but it's not  excessively noisy in terms of kickback and   giving you too much sort of distortion from the  surface now we said we're on the stiffer chassis   the sports chassis they are passive dampers  as well so you can't switch them between   modes there are different modes to switch between  but they don't affect the suspension at all that's   more about engine calibration and you know at  low speed in in villages and things it can be   a bit knobbly of course you've got the the  softer tour set up if that's what you're doing   more of the time and but for a typical b road  at speed you get some speed under the wheels   and it settles down and it really starts to  breathe with the road while being very very   controlled you know not a lot of body roll very  very direct and responsive and i think combined   with that steering you know it doesn't feel crazy  fast at first the steering and it isn't crazy fast   but when you turn it in quickly it really  shoots in there and feels very very responsive i didn't get on with the gearbox at first it's  a six-speed manual it's relatively light shift   in some ways but it's quite uh quite close across  the gate and also when you go to engage and punch   it home it does need quite a direct movement to  that that final slot home i felt like i was quite   likely to miss shift at first and i think just  with acclimatization you get used to it and also   just encourages you to take a bit more of a  physical approach with it and when you do it's   actually quite a satisfying feeling especially  when you're blipping on the downshift like that i've totally got used to it now and it's just  it's just second nature but there's definitely   a feeling that you need that push home to really  get it working now this engine is a 3.5 liter   v6 supercharged v6 as shared with toyota i'm  familiar from the avora of course there is a   little bit of a hole in the power delivery  loadout and it's not bonkers quick because   it's 400 brake horsepower 1400 or so kilos but  what it is is more than fast enough and once you   get it out of that hole at the bottom of the rev  range it's um once you get it out of that hole at   the bottom of the rev range get it to like i think  it's about 4100 it really kind of picks up and   the noise shifts as well when it sounds like it  should do which it doesn't at the moment it sounds   a lot better i did just miss shift a little bit  there to be honest i'm still getting used to it of course the key to this car as well is the  handling and this doesn't disappoint this is   an extremely enjoyable car to thread down a road  like this which is after all what it's made for   it's made for a brilliant british b road so you  turn it in really nicely weighted steering just   a little bit of roll but it's very nicely gathered  up very prompt turning as well good brakes let's   just head up here as well you see the balance  on this car as well so if we turn it in here so it's got an awful lot of traction so we've got  more grip in terms of the cup two tires available   we're on the on the good years and you know the  good years are very very sticky basically when   you go around regular corners it's it's kind of  a steady state no understeer in terms of terrible   waiting it out to turn but there is certainly  you lean on the front and just wait a little bit it's quite fragile you know it's it's  it does the business but it's not   crazy crazy rapid but it's the corners you can  carry so much speed the chassis works so well   that you know it doesn't matter that it's  not massively powerful if you use the chassis   and the grip and the brakes it is pretty  amazing the balance is you know you feel like   you're you're pushing a little bit on  the front it's not really frustrating   understeer by any means but it's  definitely a kind of you get to the limit   and it nudges out a bit especially in kind of  something smaller like a roundabout or a corner   where you can play with the weight distribution  more and you bring that mid-engine balance   into play but it's very very short-footed a  little bit of understeering steady-state stuff   and just very very very grippy it doesn't  really want to showboat and that's that's   you know i think the avora when that  first came out it was quite a sideways car   this is it's very very tied down quite a serious  car for lap times but also very enjoyable as well so if you bring this car into a corner  very very grippy a little bit of lean on   the front there a little bit to the rear  but it's very very sticky very intuitive   it just wants to get gripping and get going again   it doesn't feel crazy crazy rapid at first but as  you go into a corner you need to put in some lock   suddenly you jab it in there and  the whole car just moves as a piece   it's very together there's no kind of slop and  waiting for it to turn it just fires into the   corner when you're going around steady-state  corners and leaning on it it's definitely a   feeling that that when you push it's gonna push a  little bit at the front and it lets you know the   limits there and and you just lean on that you can  make it pivot but but that's more in things like   you know a corner where you can play with a weight  transfer a little bit more so like a roundabout or   a tighter corner something like this now it's just  gonna hook up and power out i think one thing with   this chassis is that it just could deal with so  much more power and i don't think that's that's   a negative comment on this car i think it's  very very capable and clearly they're going to   dial it up over the years to come but what it  means is you can just lay into all this power   and really it's about carrying momentum using the  braking using the balance of this car to extract   all that performance and when you do that it all  just hangs together very very harmoniously indeed   pixar is picking up and now's the point when over  4 000 rpm that's when it really starts to work so the amir is a great car to drive  really really satisfying especially   over a b road we got a steering the ride the grip  all that kind of just fusing into one the problem   for the lotus is the competitive set because  this segment is absolutely bursting with talon now there are a few better benchmarks than the  porsche cayman for a decade and a half this has   been the go-to coupe sports car and with good  reason this car just does so many things so well now the 718 range kicks off below 50  000 pounds but that's with a flat 4   turbocharged engine this car is the 4 liter gts  and it's the engine that cayman really deserves   it's the 4 liter naturally aspirated flat  6 a variant of the same engine used in   the hardcore 80 000 pound cayman  gt4 and well just listen to this now that engine puts the claymore on  a more even footing with the amira   firstly in terms of performance it's got the thick  end of 400 horsepower so this is a truly quick car   and also in terms of price now the 4 liter  gts kicks off below 70 000 pounds but with   a few options and porsche knows how  to charge for options as we all know   this car's in the mid 70s so very much  on par with the first edition of era   now there's something magical about the way  the cayman handles it's got in theory less   advanced suspension it's a strut based suspension  setup whereas the other cars are double wishbones   but this car is so confidence inspiring all  those cliches about being at one with the car   feeling like the car's an extension of you all  that stuff it really applies with the cayman   i mean heading around here instant response and  you just have options all the time you need to add   a bit of lock mid corner no problem you want to  break a bit later it's always on your side always   willing you to just enjoy yourself and i mean  there are very few cars that you feel quite so   comfortable with straight away the kind of getting  to know you stage and driving a new car just isn't   there in a cayman within a couple of miles you  feel like you've been driving it all your life   this car has a manual gearbox you can have  the cayman gts with a pdk so double clutch   gearbox paddles on the wheel but this is a proper  h-pattern manual gearbox has very long gearing   which to some people is a bit of a bug bear with  the 718s but one of the upsides to that is you   get a chance to really hear the engine sing as  you ring it out i mean have a listen to this that flat 6 soundtrack is   a key part of this car's appeal although the amira  is not too shabby in the soundtrack stakes either   now there's an auto blip function you can  hear these beautiful crisp down changes   i'm ashamed to say i'm not doing them myself  that's the auto blip function doing it   but you can change with this little drive switch  control here change the settings and you can diy   heel and toe yourself if you like and it's a  beautiful pet setup on the pedals to do that   and such a user-friendly gearbox you can  change gear so smoothly so quickly and   you always feel like the car's on your  side again there's that incredible   user friendliness and usability that sense of  usability that user friendliness extends to   everyday mundane stuff as well first of all your  all-round visibility is incredibly easy to see   out of i mean not only a head into the sides  but over the shoulder as well that flat engine   means you have a lot of glass behind you and uh  it's a really easy car to reverse and to park   which isn't always the case with mid engine  sports cars if you were going to choose a car to   drive into the middle of town park on the  streets you'd be absolutely fine in a cayman   the other advantage it has is that it's actually  quite a practical car it's got two boots and   the boot in the front is absolutely huge it's  really quite cavernous and there's a decently   usable beach in the back as well plus a  luggage shelf above that flat six engine   that's actually one kind of mark in its favor  above the amira and the usability stakes   because the lotus doesn't actually have a boot  at the front that cab forward design means uh all   that space is taken up by crash structure by those  clever aero ducts sort of layered arrow design and   by cooling so you don't have the advantage of two  boots in the amira just a reasonably sized boot   at the back the cayman isn't perfect however the  driving position can be tricky to get comfortable   in this manual car with its long clutch pedal the  aircon controls are fiddly and you can't see them   if the gear lever is in first or third plus you  have to pay more for proper climate control as an   optional extra the cayman has some pretty vicious  road noise too subjectively the lotus is a little   bit quieter at a cruise perhaps the biggest  criticism you could level at the cayman however   is a double-edged sword it's such a good  all-rounder that it's almost an obvious choice   dare we say it's almost a bit boring the  lotus has more of a sense of occasion   and feels more exotic while the caiman  feels more ordinary but then that's   partly because it really does do so much so  well it's a difficult car to pick fold with tell you what this is pretty good isn't it it  is isn't it i spent a lot of time in this car   already i think it's great as well but there  is one thing that we're overlooking here   it's the alpine a110s have you driven  that before not this one no i haven't   driven the s ever at all so let me jump in  the driver's seat you get the passenger seat   and we'll go and make a verdict after  that sounds like a plan come on then all right what's this and what are we drawing it's the a110s  so what does that mean so it's basically it's the   alpine a110 with a bit more of everything a bit  more power bit more torque a bit more grip with   wider tires and a bit more downforce as well  because this particular car has an aero pack   and hasn't this car been around for a while though  already yeah they've recently updated it i mean   it's pretty subtle other than the wing on the back  they've updated the infotainment that's a bit more   slick but i've also slightly changed the range so  there's now kind of three flavors of a110 you've   got the base model yeah a whisker under 50 grams  okay and there's a lot of cheaper than the others   yeah although this one is more or less 60 000  pounds right a few options this car actually   tops 70k so he's kind of the relevant car to  having this test with amira and um i would say   so in terms in terms of suspension then what's  going on with the suspension they've really   significantly stiffened it up over the regular  a110 so the anti-roll bars are 100 stiffer wow and   the springs by 50 so okay yeah it's a significant  increase but then the the regular car always was   very very soft so it sounds like a big increase  but in some ways that's true it's such a soft car   that you've seen to make a difference it's it's  going to be dialed it's quite a lot but yeah yeah   it's still dialed up a lot so uh so the s has been  around a little bit is it the same power output in   this car as well now they've revised it it's had  a little bit of a bump so it's now up to 296 bhp   which is a big increase also over the regular car  which is around 250 or thereabouts yeah uh i mean   obviously the oldest it was 288 think right  yeah something like that so it's about a 20   horsepower increase as well yeah i mean you can  feel it i think on the road i mean this you know   it's not as rapid as the other two but it's by no  means slow it definitely gets a move off yeah yeah   we got this aero kit as well that you said and we  got the what tires are on is it he's on grippier   tires this is actually on yeah michelin cup twos  which are an option on this car you pay an extra   600 pounds or so for them but yeah i don't know if  you can hear it through the microphone but they're   checking out a fair bit of road noise in the  yes car but also a lot more grip it also sits a   bit lower than the normal cars a few minutes lower  too yeah female lower yeah foot four mil four mill   that's going to be exactly and let's be exact yeah  okay yeah the original a110 was all about being   light which this car still like they're very like  cars is this much heavier i think it's around   11 40 kilos right about so i mean it's nearly  300 kilograms lighter than the other two yeah   even though it's down on power um by about 100  horsepower it's it's way down on weight it's 300   kilos on the way so that's going to redress that  balance doesn't feel light on its feet as well   i think yeah i think the interesting thing for me  is is that you know the original one was all about   being being quite soft and letting the car roll  and kind of celebrating that almost in terms of   rather than trying to clamp it down and make it  grip letting it be quite fluid yeah and that's   what we all liked about it so in kind of dialing  it up you can only they can only really dial it up   and does that take away some of the character of  this car one day you know that's the that's the   question that i'm i'm wondering as i get behind  the wheel i think i think it's a valid one because   there's a strong case to argue is do we really  need an a110s because the regular car is about   less is more and it's about having that really  fluid ride and this one it's more anchored down yeah that's interesting although on the other  hand you could argue that the extra body control   extra pace it can compete in a more even footing  with cars like the porsche cayman yes today they   look at samira fair point yeah yeah so let's  have a look at this four cylinder them so yeah   angry sounding little thing plenty of 20 moments  and just open my left shoulder i can hear various   kind of gasps and wishes from the turbo yeah kind  of hear the engine expiring a sport button here   as well it seems like a good idea to give that a  press all the dials have done something slightly   different yeah oh we've got pipes crackles yeah  yeah if you hold that button down you get race   mode as well which one renault sports style  means everything's switched off right okay   let's do that immediately then uh okay right so  second gear oh is that louder or not i don't know i really like that the sound of it i like the dct   gearbox i think you know people might think  it should have been a manual or whatever but   i i like the kind of the promptness  yeah of these shifts as well um yeah the brake feel as well and just as  we're coming into this junction i   think the brake feels really nice as well  nice downshifts um yeah it's definitely   it's in terms of the engine i think that's  that's just a win-win isn't it really so just like in terms of ride obviously it's  a lot stiffer isn't it i think you can feel   it's yeah it's definitely more composed it's  definitely more planted but there's a bit more   agitation going on you mentioned the road  noise before yeah um and just chugging it   through some corners and and stuff as well i  think you still have that kind of malleable   handling balance to it which i really like and i i  think it's definitely under control and it's got a   lot of traction when you when you just accelerate  out of a turn when you toss it in it's got i think   it's still got with the cup twos as well it's got  a really kind of gentle rotation and playfulness yeah and it's very consistent it kind of  does the same thing every time yeah which   is always a good a good thing but is it you know  is it is it a case or less is more and you know   with that you're losing that sort  of fluidity to some of the handling   gaining that composure but you've got this  ride that isn't it's definitely not as polished   yeah and you know what's the point of  that you know so there's definitely some   some pros and cons right so i've had a good driver  this car now um but i'm intrigued to see what you   think of it as well so i'm itching to have a  go so let's swap seats compare notes and then   we've got to make our verdict don't we yeah i'm  a bit worried about that three very good cars okay oh this is unfamiliar for me   to scare you too yes all right let's  drop this down in gear let's see   i think the throttle response is really impressive  actually maybe even a shade more responsive than   the porsche although that's pretty high benchmark  to start with and i do feel like there's an   instant response just off the uh the dead center  on the wheel yeah it's a very responsive little   car and the same on the brake field you mentioned  the brakes yeah i think we're feeling that 300   kilogram short falling weights when we're hitting  the brakes just that extra layer of responsiveness   and for me the the low is is the best steering in  terms of feel and just everything what what do you   think that's the steering i think lotus is still  the gold standard for for steering feel i mean one   thing i would say for this car is the steering  doesn't pull about much over bumps so if you if   you throw this car down a bumpy road it tracks  exactly true whereas in the mirror you sometimes   find yourself having to tighten your grip a little  bit to get the thing on a trajectory but i think   that's a price worth paying for that extra feel  and extra kind of granular detail of the lotus   i really like the lowest in terms of how supple it  was as well on the road you know it was a little   bit niggly um at lower speed but um but once  it gets some speed under its wheels i think it   settles down and it is nice i mean one nice thing  about the a110s is the torque is spread a little   bit more broadly across the whole rev range  yeah it is in the normal car and it is nice   to have that kind of always-on feel you can  always dip into the tall pressure yeah yeah   i think because in a lot of ways you know we've  seen porsche get it wrong with a cylinder with the   718 which is where the gts kind of comes to the  rescue and people still say you know manuals are   better and the thing is a great advert for having  a kind of energetic four-cylinder with a dct   i mean if you offered me the engine in  this car or the flat 4 from the base   718 i would go for this engine every time yeah i  would yeah absolutely so we thought and we thought   contemplating the light lotus the precision  porsche and the feisty little french car until   after much prevarication we were ready  to prevaricate just a little bit more   so a day driving three pretty stellar cars  incredible cars yeah i don't really want to   put one of them in third place but we have to  yeah we're looking that way and i think we're   both agreed that the alpene does is our third  place car it is very very good and i think the   gains on the s in terms of performance especially  the engine and the gearbox working together like   that i found that really satisfying but maybe the  chassis may be a bit more of a mixed blessing yeah   i think it's made the handling much more together  and definitely on a circuit i think yeah it works   really well but on the road it's maybe lost  some of that kind of lovely languid feel of   the regular a110 yeah and although it's a bit  more on par with these two it still feels like   it's just in a slightly different lead yeah the  ride as well as when it's sort of steady-state   driving sometimes it just feels like it's not  doing the job as well as the lotus yes um and   that just pushes up into that price point as it's  a little bit more that one with options is over   70k which is a lot of money for an a1cm isn't it  so a great car but decision is final third place   which gives a little great yeah which gives it  more of a dilemma between these two i know yeah   lotus porsche both brilliant cars so um i've  been kind of yo-yoing back and forth all day   i'm finding this one a really difficult one  difficult one to call so yeah i was thinking   maybe we count to three and we both say which  one's our winner go for it so one two three definitely on the porch i think you know you've  maybe been you know slightly more between the   lotus and the porsche than i have i've been you  know as soon as i drove it i i lent towards it   straight away um but then i i sort of got absorbed  in the lotus more and and and sort of tapped into   its strengths and it is a brilliant brilliant car  but i think for me the porsche is just almost like   the kind of world champion that doesn't always  finish first but he's just consistent across   sometimes it's in second place but it's not far  behind the rest of the time it's just hitting   its marks first place yeah and it's just there's  those areas that i think particularly powertrain   gearbox yeah and which is the heart of the driving  experience it really is as well you know and the   handling too is pretty incredible yeah i mean i  don't know about you but i just find this more   kind of malleable more yeah kind of extrovert  mid-engine slightly i don't know if it's a flat   six it just feels like in the faster corners  it's more playful not that it's sliding but you   just feel it pivoting more in a way and you feel  like you can sort of do anything with it you're   not yeah it's always on your side isn't it yeah  but this is brilliant i mean clearly you've had   a hard time deciding with this and i love it as  well so what are the standouts for you then on   on the left yeah i think in the pros column i  mean it really has the presence of a supercar i   think it feels like a 70 000 pound exotic car yes  we're in the middle of nowhere here and yet three   people have come together three people have bought  them they've bought one yeah yeah so shows they've   they've kind of they've hit the marks with this  car they've really struck on something that   appeals to people it's good to see and i think  driving it backs it up if i bought one of these   it's a fantastic car isn't it i think it's the  most exciting car of the three in terms of just   just the sort of rawness and the involvement yeah  the feel of the steering yeah the steering feels   amazing it's definitely above the avora yeah and  better than anything here love the way the chassis   breeze with the road yeah but it's still a lotus  yeah it's got that lovely blend something that the   alpine doesn't quite do of sort of breathing  but also when you turn it in it's so sort of   uh hunkered down and it just zooms into the  corners there's no slack just like a racing   car gets in there yeah yeah yeah it's a difficult  call isn't it but i mean the other things for me   on on the cayman were you know the practicality  side of it isn't it so usable which i know the   lotus has attempted to do more than that it's it's  it but it came and just has it licked slightly in   every area in there isn't it interior quality yeah  massive boot at the front yeah the packaging means   they couldn't put a front luggage space in there  yes yeah and i think seating position for me as   well driving position is just a little bit lower  down yeah i prefer that i prefer the interior on   it and and the amazing thing is that this car is  pretty old now really it's been around a long time   it's been around a long time it's still doing the  business and and for me it still edges it here and   it's the car that i feel quite comfortable  saying is the winner yeah i mean i've i've   tortured myself all day about this decision but i  do agree with you i think the porsche does win on   points i mean let's not forget there's going to  be another version of the emira on the way with   a four-cylinder the four-cylinder one yeah  yeah we've seen how well that can work in in   the alpine with the four-cylinder and the dct so  yeah yeah maybe it may be around two perhaps later   in the year but today i think just on points  porsche's just edged it is our winner indeed   well let us know what you think as well please  let us know in the comments which of these would   be your winner and if you enjoyed this  video please subscribe to car for more you

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