Loktak Lake | Floating Homestay of Manipur | Manipur tour in Bengali

Loktak Lake | Floating Homestay of Manipur | Manipur tour in Bengali

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In 2022, I saw the floating homestay on the internet. I liked it a lot. I googled it and tried to find out what it is. I also found a lot of pictures of floating homestays. I googled and found out that a type of grass can be found from Loktak lake in Manipur state.

This grass together creates a grassy layer called Fumdi. This homestay is on that grass. I was always thinking about staying here. Finally, in 2023, we decided to take that step. Hello, good morning. It's still dark outside.

We have reached Kolkata International Airport at 4.30 am. Now we are going to explore the Northeast Manipur. But why a train bus on a flight? We will come to that later.

Let's go inside and fill in the formalities. We entered the airport, checked the flight schedule, printed the boarding pass and dropped the luggage. Then we went for security check-in. After security check-in, we went inside. We like this place a lot.

We can see the planes parked here. A plane is still parked there. We are waiting for it to take off. Actually, the reason is not that.

We are here to see the flight instead of enjoying the overpriced food. We are going to the flight now. This guy is asking for a ride. Our flight is ready.

We are ready to fly. We are going to fly in a tiny airplane. It's going to take us only 2 hours to reach Imphal.

Oh, speaking of Imphal, there are many things to see in Imphal. We will see them. But let's go to the flight.

We are finally on the flight. But our couple is having a hard time. We can't see anything because of the fog. We are going above Bangladesh.

And we can see Meghna river below. We are going to fly. But before that, let me tell you why we went to Manipur by flight. If you want to go to Manipur by train, you have to go to Siliguri from Kolkata and go to Silchar from Guwahati. From there, you have to take a bus to Manipur. It will take about 36 hours to reach Manipur.

And it will take about 1.5 hours to reach Manipur by flight. We have reached Imphal International Airport. It is a big airport like Kolkata. We came here to see the flight. Now we will go inside the airport and take our luggage. You need an ILP to travel to Manipur.

I will tell you how to get an ILP later. We have come to Imphal International Airport and have claimed our luggage. Everything is ready. Our pre-booked cab has also arrived.

Now we will get out of the car. We will roam around Manipur for the whole day. We met the driver of this trip, Jitesh, when we reached Manipur. Jitesh's driving skills and usage for 3 days have made him a great photographer. He has captured some of our best moments.

Now let's go and roam around Manipur. We will roam around Manipur. But we left that city early in the morning. So we went to have breakfast at Blue Moon Restaurant in Imphal. We have come to Manipur. I have ordered South Indian food, Dosa.

Abhibrata has ordered North Indian food, Chole Bhature. It's a strange combination. We left for breakfast to explore Kangla Fort. What do you mean by Kangla? You said we will see Floating Homestay. Everything will happen.

I have come this far. I will explore everything. Be patient. On the first day of our Manipur journey, we have reached Kangla Fort for the first time. The ticket counter has been cut. Indian tourists can get a ticket for 20 rupees. The ticket counter opens at 9 in the morning.

And the ticket counter is open till 4.45 in the evening. Keep in mind that Kangla Fort will be closed on Monday. We will plan accordingly. Now we will enter Kangla Fort.

We have reached Kangla Fort. We have entered Kangla Fort through the first entrance. We will explore the entire area.

We can see the guide map here. We have taken a photo of it. It will help us to explore the entire area.

I have heard that this rickshaw is also available. If it is not convenient to explore the whole area, you can take this electric rickshaw. I was saying that you can take a ticket from here to explore the entire area.

If it is an ordinary ride, it will cost you 50 rupees. If you want to take a guided ride, you have to pay 150 rupees per head. The timing is also fixed. If it is an ordinary ticket, you have to explore the entire area for 15-20 minutes. If it is a guided tour, you have to explore the entire area for an hour. We have taken the ticket.

We sat in Toto to explore Kangla Fort. Toto just started to show us the museum, temple and other places. Everything was fine. But suddenly, it started raining. We had to stop at a place.

Rain means water in the waterfall. Today, we will explore a secret waterfall. It started raining heavily. Manipur is here. It started raining.

We are exploring Kangla Fort with the rain in our head. I am drenched. We stopped at Ayubdhu Pakhanba Temple. It is a beautiful and sacred temple.

It is believed to be the father of administration. The first thing that will attract your attention when you enter Kangla Fort is this place. The two sacred statues you can see here are called Kangla Shah. There is a mythological story behind it.

The name of the place is Kangla Shah, Kangla Fort and Shah Jantu. It is believed to be the guardian of the fort. It is believed to protect the fort from all the bad luck. Kangla Shah means Jantu. You might be wondering what it is.

It is a dragon-shaped face and lion-shaped body. That is why it is mythological. On the right side, you can see the polo ground. It is used as a helipad. Polo was played here. It is called the inner polo ground.

Polo was played here inside Kangla Fort. But no one outside could play here. The outer polo ground is where international players play polo.

We explored Kangla Fort with the rain in our head. Now, we will explore the secret waterfall. But before that, let's explore another interesting place.

There is a viewpoint on the hill, which is far away from Imphal. You can get a panoramic view of Imphal from here. Look at the nature. When we were here, it was raining heavily. Now, it is sunny and the rain has stopped. We will go to the viewpoint after crossing the stairs.

We have reached the viewpoint after crossing the stairs. We are at the top of the watchtower. The view from here is the hill. There are houses on the hill. There is another viewpoint far away. You can get a panoramic view of Imphal from here. to go.

We went to the secret waterfall from the viewpoint. We will see a place from where the leader of the Indian National Army will be introduced. 167 0:10:19,000 --> 0:10:06,125 And in front of us is the best highway where many cars are waiting And where the leader will announce the first Indian national flag.

Then we will go to the Floating Homestay. We have now reached in front of the Shadhu Chiru Waterfall. We will go to the waterfall, but before that, the road to come was very difficult. We had to cross the mountains, the green area, the land and the road in between.

We have to enter inside and then we can go to the waterfall. We have not yet reached the Shadhu Chiru Waterfall. We have not seen the whole view yet.

But the waterfall's water flow is flowing down like this. You can hear the sound of the waterfall. And this place is 4.5 km long. And the waterfall is very beautiful. The waterfall's water flow is flowing down like this. You can

hear the sound of the waterfall. And this place is like a forest on all sides. There are no tourists in the middle. Just the two of us.

After walking for 10 minutes in the forest, we went to the Shadhu Chiru Waterfall. We have come in front of the Shadhu Chiru Waterfall. There is a lot of water in the waterfall now. It looks good.

We are on our way back. Then we went to the car and drove towards Moirang. The distance from the waterfall to Moirang is almost 45 km. It takes about an hour to reach there.

We have come to the Moirang INA Headquarters in Manipur. We will go inside with the ticket counter and ticket. We are in front of the INA, the Indian National Army Headquarters.

We were not allowed to enter. So, the freedom march of Subhash Chandra Bose has started from here Let's go inside. All the activities of the INA were carried out from here The houses were renovated. The history of the freedom fighters is still being recreated here We are proud of being a Bengali.

The INA Museum is next to it. It is closed on Saturdays and Mondays. Today is Saturday, so we could not see it. We left Moirang and went to Loktak Lake. We saw Loktak Lake from Minibdashik Bagh. We enjoyed the first sight of Loktak Lake from the hill.

We can also go boating here. We will stay in a floating homestay, so we went without boating. We have not had lunch yet, so we have to eat something. We have not had lunch yet, so we are going to have lunch at the Sindra Park and Resort.

We came here to have lunch, but we loved the view from here. The beautiful view of Loktak Lake from here. And the decorated roads in the middle. You can stay here if you want. If we are not staying here, we will stay in an interesting place.

Lunch is here. First, I said that the place is beautiful. The view is beautiful. We had fried rice for lunch and fish curry. It is a fusion type of food. Let's try it.

After lunch, we went to the floating homestay. Today we will stay at Loktak Aqua Marine Floating Homestay. Our homestay is visible from that distance. The boat is being sent from the homestay to go.

But can you see the boat? At first I did not get it. The height of the grass of Loktak Lake is so high that you cannot see it from a distance. Look there, the boat is coming. I told you that our stay at Loktak Lake will be very exciting. That's why we came to Aqua Marine Floating Homestay. We are going towards the floating homestay.

These are all parts of Loktak Lake. Our boat and bag have arrived. Can you see the boat? I can't see it because the boat is hidden in the grass. Let's go.

The boat is also different. The journey is going to be exciting. We are going to the floating homestay. Lots of water lilies are here.

This is the floating homestay where we will spend the night. We will stay in Loktak Lake tonight. This is our homestay. You cannot get all the modern facilities here. But the experience of staying here can be a lifetime experience. If you stay in such a place.

Because you never know if you will get such an option anywhere else. We booked in the same way as we booked. There are basic arrangements here. But we came to experience staying at Loktak Lake's Bhasoman Homestay. There is a small house with two beds. Two people can stay here and two people can stay there.

If we are two people, we will be in one room. There is a mosquito net. There is a water supply. There are many charging points. There is a toilet in this room.

There is no attached toilet here. You can understand that it is not possible to have an attached toilet in such a basic place. The toilet is nearby. I am feeling so excited. I don't know what to say. We got green tea.

We got green tea in this cool weather. It was necessary. But I don't want to say anything about the taste of green tea. We don't have the capacity of a tour planner. So we tried to decorate our room. We left the hotel in the evening.

We are going to the lake now. We enjoyed ourselves for no reason. We had a good time in the evening.

We enjoyed it. But it was dark. So we could not take a good photo. We took a photo with water lilies. We will go again tomorrow morning.

But we saw clouds in the sky. We are thinking about that. The rest of the evening was very enjoyable. The place at night is very Exciting. But we are worried about the snakes in the bushes.

We are worried about that. We are going to the kitchen. Lot of fish. She is cooking fish. We can get this fish from Loktak lake. This is the fish from the lake.

We can get fresh water fish from Loktak lake. There are many fishes available here. We have no work in the evening. We went inside the mosquito net. We have been traveling all day.

We will sleep now. We will go to the dinner place during dinner. We took a rest and went to the dinner place. They served dinner in the room. There is no one here in the evening. There is no work.

So they served dinner very quickly. Dinner is served at 8 o'clock. There are many facilities in the dinner. They served dinner in the room. It is time to sleep. it or not.

Dal, fish curry, fried fish and salad. I have mixed hot rice with dal. The rice is a little sticky. And the rice we eat in the mountains is like same here There is a nice smell in the rice. And the vegetables are also

very good. I'm eating fish. It's a traditional fish curry. But the problem is that we generally fry the fish and cook it. Here they don't fry and cook. So there is a smell of bone.

So I think everyone can't eat this fish well. I am not liking the taste of this fish. But the fish fry is very good. We went to sleep after dinner. We went to sleep But 75% of our viewers, who have not yet subscribed to our channel, Click here to subscribe. And don't go anywhere.

Tomorrow morning's view is going to be mesmerizing. Stay tuned for more. Good morning. It's a beautiful day today. It's sunny outside.

But the view is beautiful. We got ready quickly and went to Boat Ride. We went to Boat Ride in the morning. It was beautiful in the morning. It was different in the evening. It was dark.

And now the weather is beautiful. It's cloudy and the reflection of the sun is on the water. The water is very clean. Different people are doing different jobs. Our boat is going through Lotus field It's not time for Lotus Bloom But the water is over the leaves.

And the sun is shining on it. It would be amazing if the leaves were blooming together. It's not time for Lotus Bloom We are back at the homestay. We saw the breakfast being prepared in the kitchen. There are three categories of rooms here. We were in this room.

There is a common area for two rooms The view from the top is also beautiful. There is another room below. If you are a big group, you can stay here. The washroom is common. There is a place to take a bath nearby. Breakfast is here.

We are having our breakfast Oh its a great experience We will have breakfast and go out. We have to explore more places today. We are late. We are late to take photos and videos. We have bread omelette, banana, green tea for breakfast.

And the black rice is served with it. I ate it quickly. But this is a new dish. I am attracted to this dish.

I will eat this first. We are already used to with other dishes. It has a strange smell. I am not liking it. It tastes different. We are ready.

We stayed here for one night. It was a beautiful experience. We got a new experience. We stayed in a floating homestay.

Now it's time to say goodbye. The thing I am holding is floating grass. This is called Fumdi in local language. Bye. We are going back to the car.

When I was out in the morning, the water was not boiling. It was boiling. The water was boiling. The water was boiling. Now my brother has given me a beautiful water bottle. We are near the car.

We are going back to the car. We are going back to the car.

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