Life Inside the Village of World's Most Dangerous Neighborhood in Papua New Guinea

Life Inside the Village of World's Most Dangerous Neighborhood in Papua New Guinea

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All the doors are locked. All the houses here are wired and fenced. But I don't want to go out of the village even by mistake. She's opening the gate for me. Which country do you like the most? India.

India? Oh, which cricket player do you like? Virat Kohli. Virat Kohli, oh my God! You guys are playing very good cricket. I'm very surprised. Your owner's friend. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I'm owner's friend.

What's your name again? She's taking me. I don't know if I should go or not. She's saying if the car doesn't stop, I'll have to run. Okay, go, go, go, go.

Run, run, run, run. I'm crying with tears in my eyes. I'm going to Papua New Guinea today. After 3 hours, there's an international flight to Papua New Guinea's capital, Port Morrisby. Which is regularly ranked as one of the most dangerous cities in the world.

A city which has one of the highest crime rates in the world. Boarding has started. Finally, we have entered Papua New Guinea. Right now, we are in its capital, Port Morrisby.

My hosts will come here to receive me. They said, don't close the window. Anyone can come and attack from outside.

Anyone can do anything here. We have reached their locality. This is their village.

The whole door is closed. It's locked. It's always locked. All the houses here are fenced with wires. There are a lot of boys and gents standing there.

They are looking at me in a very strange way. I'm not coming out of the gate. It's almost 1-2 hours before nightfall.

There are a lot of neighbours and people walking on the road. Although, not a lot of people are talking. I'm not sure if it's safe to go outside the gate or fence. I'll ask them.

If they say it's safe to go outside, then let's go outside and talk to people. I asked them if it's safe to go outside and meet people. They said, let them know that I'm with them. So, they won't create a problem.

But, don't go outside the village by mistake. The gate is opening for me. They are selling betel nuts everywhere. Hello. Are you selling betel nuts? Yes. Everyone is eating and selling.

There are some houses here and people are having a barbecue. Let's see. Let's talk.

A lot of people are coming here. I hope everything is safe. There are a lot of dogs too.

Hello. How are you? I'm fine. Everyone is looking at the camera. How can I handle it? Hello.

Hello. Barbecue? Yes. This is? This is sweet... Cassava.

Cassava. Cassava and this? Sausages? Sausages. Cassava and sausages are having a barbecue here. Cassava is very popular here. Sweet potato is also very popular here. In New Guinea.

You sell here? Yes. Okay. You are selling here.

Okay. Everyone's face is red. You all eating betel nuts? Yes. One cassava, how much? Two quinoa, one quinoa.

Okay. This is for 46 rupees. This one quinoa? Yes. One sausage, one quinoa for 23 rupees.

You all one family? Yes. Where are you from? I'm from India. You're from India? Yeah.

From Kolkata? Not Kolkata. Near New Delhi, the capital. Near New Delhi. Yeah.

All right. That's good. Nice to meet you. Yeah.

Nice to meet you, sir. Okay. My name is Torvashu. Torvashu. Yeah. Okay, Torvashu.

Nice to meet you. Same here, same here. Good. Oh my God, because of this.

Cassava. Few. I'm crying because of cassava.

Because of cassava? Yeah. They're barbecuing cassava. I'm crying because of cassava. Cassava's smoke is very strong. What is your name? Marian. Marian.

She's eating chickpeas. Mustard. Mustard from that. Marian.

He's asking me about India's population. So I told him. The population of the entire Papua New Guinea country is approximately 12 million. Approximately 1,20,000,000 people.

Meaning if you compare with India. So less than 1% of Indian population. PNG's population. Less than 1% of India's.

Or maybe one Indian province. Yeah. That's true. One Indian province is Papua New Guinea.

Yeah. One small province. Yeah. In Papua New Guinea, more than 80% of the population lives in rural areas, so 20% of the population lives in urban areas.

That's why the population of Port Moresby is not that high. The population of Port Moresby is only in the range of 3-4 lakhs. Still, the crime rate here is so high. It can be called the world crime capital. 80% of the people live in the village. They have their own

village. What is the name of this village? Kira Kira. They are telling us not to go any further. The village will end and the city will start, which won't be safe.

All the shops here have sold something or the other, but they sell betel nuts everywhere. All kinds of betel nuts. Hello. Hello, Asim. How are you? Fine.

Look at this lovely lady. They are selling betel nuts here. No one is going to buy it. I feel like I am walking in India. People have eaten betel nuts and spit them on the road.

There is a red spot here. Cricket. Cricket? Here they play cricket? We play cricket. Really? Yeah. Okay, yeah.

Papua New Guinea has a national cricket team. Yes, Paramanese. Yeah.

Penji has a national cricket team too. Small countries keep playing international cricket games. But what is the most popular game here? Rugby.

Rugby, like Australia? Yeah. Australia and New Zealand. Yeah, rugby is the national sport. Rugby is the national sport of this country. Hello. How are you? Fine. Oh, selling betel nuts? Yeah.

Also chewing? We are selling and chewing. He is eating and selling. How many times do I have to tell you that this is the condition of everyone here.

Oh, Indian flag? How come? Yeah, maybe. I am 90% sure that there is an Indian flag on the gate. I can't see it clearly. Oh, look at this, an Indian flag. How come? Maybe, everyone is Indian living. Maybe.

Look at this. There is an Indian flag on the gate. How come? I don't know whose house it is. I can't go there.

So, it's okay. There is a village tour going on. Almost everyone is surprised to see me. What am I doing here alone? They are saying it's a bad place.

It could be for tourists. It's a local thing. It's their life. Hello. Hello.

What? What's on their mouth? What's on their red faces? Lipstick? Kool-Aid. Huh? Kool-Aid. What is Kool-Aid? Kool-Aid is a drink.

Drink? It's a drink, Kool-Aid. They have drunk it. It's on their face. Reddish color.

Kool-Aid. So, this is a shop of this village. You can call it a general store.

Or a mini supermarket of this village. Look, it's all fenced. Anyway, there are many places like this. Not only here.

You will find similar places in India too. Here, you will get all the necessities. Rugby ball? Look, this is their rugby ball. They are playing something like this. For fun. A lot of kids are playing here.

It's a basketball type. They are calling it a net ball. Kushi. Kushi.

Hello. Hello. Hello. Hello. Hello.

Hurry up. Hurry up. Hurry up. This is the ground at the end of their village.

People are playing cricket here. Look, they are playing rugby there. It's their national sport.

They are playing cricket here. Oh man, they are batting and bowling. People are practicing cricket here.

He is saying that there is a cricket tournament here on the weekend. Hello. He is a very good swim bowler.

Spinner? Yes. He is a spinner. He is a very good spinner. Oh, a very good spinner.

Okay. His name is Rahul. He is a national player. PNG Brahmanish. National player? PNG? Yeah, you can interview him.

He is saying that he is a national cricket player of PNG. He plays international matches? Yeah. He is saying that he plays international matches. Hello. Hello. Hello, sir.

How are you? I am good. What is your name? My name is Heery Heery. Heery Heery? Yeah. You play for PNG cricket team? International matches? Yeah, he has been to Dubai, Netherlands, Scotland. Oh. Ask him.

You played against which international team? Nepal. Nepal. UAE. Scotland? Scotland.

He is an international cricket player. He is from Papua New Guinea. I didn't know that I would meet such people here.

Nice to meet you. Nice to meet you. I am happy to meet you.

Yeah. Thank you very much. Today is very windy. Everyday like this? Everyday. Everyday? Yeah. They are playing rugby here.

I have only seen rugby on TV till now. Today I am seeing it live for the first time. Almost everyone looks friendly. That's the thing.

There must be 1-2% people in the city. Because of which the whole city, the whole country is defamed. Now see, we are coming on the ground.

Children are playing different cricket here. I think rugby and cricket are being played equally. All the people playing cricket are playing rugby. Children are here. Hello. Hello.

Are you playing cricket? Yes. Do you like cricket? Yes. Okay.

Do you watch international cricket matches? Yes. Which country do you like the most? India. India? Oh.

Which cricket player do you like? Virat Kohli. Virat Kohli. Oh my God.

I didn't expect this at all. People here must be watching India cricket team. They must like Virat Kohli. Do you like Virat Kohli? Yes. Oh. Do you want to play like Virat Kohli? Yes.

Yes. Oh. Your favorite best friend is Virat Kohli? Yes. And who is your favorite bowler? Bumrah. Huh? Bumrah? Bumrah.

Bumrah. Bumrah. Bumrah. Bumrah. Bumrah. Bumrah. Bumrah. Bumrah. Bumrah. Bumrah.

Jasprit Bumrah. Oh, Jasprit Bumrah's fans must be Indian lovers. Do you not like any other country? Any other country except India? Which country do you watch? Sri Lanka Australia also? Zimbabwe Zimbabwe? Good, good, good I am very surprised and happy They follow the Indian cricket team They like Indian cricketers I have seen PNG playing cricket a few times But I have changed my mind They told me that they also play country cricket Because Britain colonized this country This can also be a rule Australia also colonized this country In 1975, this country got independence 48 years ago Not even 50 years My name is Torvashu Torvashu Torvashu, yes Play, play, play They have gathered here Because of me Don't stop because of me They have a plastic bat This is a wicket Cotton wicket Amazing, amazing They are bowling and batting I will show you Look at the bowler Amazing He hit the ball out of bounding The ball must be lost I am afraid that the ball will come here Everyone is playing good cricket I am very surprised I don't think the ball has reached any other village Do they have unlimited balls? They must have lost so many balls Balls are made of rubber But the plastic is bad What is your name? Charlie Yours? Julio Yours? Philip Yours? Ronnie Patrick This is a rubber ball Look at this This is a cricket bat This is a plastic bat That's why you can hear the sound It's almost 6 in the evening I think it will be dark soon It will be night Everyone is saying good afternoon It's almost night They are saying good afternoon I don't know when they will say good evening When will they say good night I don't know Hello Hi How are you? What will they do here? Church When? Tonight? They play something? They play some music? Church Church song Catholic song Ok In Papua New Guinea 50% of the population follows Christianity The remaining 5% Follow other religion Almost everyone is Christian Hello Good afternoon Good evening It was good evening Everyone was saying good afternoon Jessica Your owner's friend Yeah What's your name again? My name is Thor Vashu What is your name? You want to take me somewhere? You want to take videos of everyone right? Is it ok there? No problem I met her She is my friend I want to take her somewhere It's almost night Hello Everyone is super friendly Everyone is finishing from work Oh now you are coming back from work Yeah What do you do? Study or work? Study and work at the same time What do you study? I am still on Upgrading my science And math So it's kind of really hard And what do you work? I work in a shop It's my day off Ok So we are on the road The village is closed Everyone told me not to go out of the village It's not safe I don't know if I should go You can see a lot of buses here Taxi, public transport This is public transport? Yes Bus Hello You don't have to worry We are going to run across It's safe? Be prepared to run across No problem She is saying it's safe Run She is saying if a car stops we will have to run Run Scorpio Mahindra Scorpio Hello Mahindra Scorpio 4X4 It's not a Scorpio It's Mahindra's car Mahindra's car Mahindra's car Hello One village is closed Now we are in a different village? No, same village, different area Ok Where are you taking me? I am taking you to my big sister's house Ok They have a pig there You can go in If you go now You can plan out where you want to go Ok, I don't mind You don't mind? Your sister's house? Yes It's dark now Lights are on Camera is not clear My big sister's house Hello How are you? I am Martin Are you from India? Near New Delhi Oh, New Delhi I just got to know Who brought me here She is Ono's younger sister Ono has two sisters Younger sister Go Ok She is saying We have come out of the village You are safe here Don't follow me If anything happens I am here to protect you But if you are alone There is no guarantee We have come to the city With them This is a supermarket Yes This is a supermarket It's written here Supermarket way back trading Taxis are parked here All these are taxis? Yes Hello Hello How are you? Good Very nice cap Very good cap I like it She is all dressed up And ready This is a supermarket It's a different type of supermarket Hello It's a different type of supermarket I can't imagine Coming here alone Hello Who are you? He looked like a Chinese He didn't answer Is this supermarket owned by Chinese? Yes Where to find a snake? The snake is over there Supermarket? Yes Snacks? Snacks I had a snake Ok then you come and look for it So here You will get all the necessities For eating and drinking Hello Your friend? All your friends? Yes She is who? Hello How are you? What is your name? My name is Melissa Nice to meet you My name is Thor Vashu He is my client Good afternoon Good evening It's almost night Hello How are you? I am from India Nice When you come to a supermarket They don't give you water You will get sick They don't give you water Big water Big water There is no big water There Finished Big water is over Small water I don't know when I will get big water You have to get a small one Yes Get 2 for yourself I take 4 2 for today and 2 for tomorrow That's a good idea It's 600 ml 1.5 Kina

It's 70 rupees per liter I have taken 2 liters of water I will get milk Where do you drink milk? I drink in the night Stay fit Do you want anything? Take any snack or drink I will just get one drink Coke? No, Coca-Cola is on the table Anything else? Snacks for family Do you want a big bread? Okay And basket You also chewing betel nut? Yeah, everyone chews betel nut It's a tradition It's a tradition It's a tradition, definitely She is also eating betel nut You see People have come to the supermarket to buy small things What are you buying? Soap, sugar, salt So you just remove them here We cannot take that one How much? 25 She makes a lot of things and imports them That's why everything is expensive here Just see what they are doing I don't know what they are doing It looks like wood dust Hello What are you doing? That's sawdust Sawdust From wood? Wood dust What will you do with this? Make fire For cooking Okay So you will make food with this Yes So the whole family is taking the wood dust inside the house To make food Small kids are working Just cooking the food Yeah, just cooking the food Boiling the hot water Okay, thank you You are welcome Bye So we are back home Okay So this is their kitchen You can see Kitchen And this is the room where I am going to stay See, this is their room I won't say this room But this bed is given to me Where I will sleep There is a fridge down there A small fridge I have brought milk, I will put it in the fridge Thank you for watching! Please subscribe!

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