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All of us died After the last time’s poor performance, I was expected to die first but it was Jamali who was crushed under a rock from the landslide first Eruj tried her best but I guess people of Karachi cannot survive the cold Dr. Sahiba tried to save her but she could'nt even save herself and died of a heatstroke Yes, cold can also cause heatstroke I wore the wrong shoes and got a frost bite on my left foot’s toe it had to be cut off and thrown away Some people slept at the higher altitude and never woke up There is no cure of fear and bad dreams we are alive right now and we are going towards Gilgit Baltistan Towards a hotel in Hunza called Glacier Breeze Oh Ahsan the Gym Instructor has forbidden me from eating this Today we have eaten cake oh cock (cock voice) Ahsan please be serious now What are we doing? We were making our legs straight for the upcoming track Try not to break your legs Exactly like the balance of a cock Will we be traveling along Batura glacier? Driver: Batura? Are we going separate or something? Driver: We are going to Shimshal Bridges being built nice. The driver told us a story of a Baba Jaan On 4th January 2010 a mountain of Attabad landslide and fell into the Hunza river and stopped the water flow This is baba Jaan, he is talking about the time when the water started logging and the villages of the natives were drowned This lake is a 23 km warning towards the climate change that will destroy us even more Some of the biggest glaciers that are found in Gilgit Baltistan, Pakistan, will melt from this climate change.

which will cause flooding due to the great water flow…… God have mercy Anyways, we are in Gilgit Baltistan I remember that this region was termed “Northern areas” in our childhood geography books I memorized this sentence in my o levels, but now since I am here in person I am looking at this place from a different perspective Ohhh the bridge is broken Where have they attached this rope? Look at this Mooroo Bhai DIY solution here as well Hassan bro why have we stopped here Because we are unlucky Hahahha unlucky We have stopped here because we are waiting for the other car and we all go together, we cannot go alone One of our jeeps was stopped at the check post behind, even though we were together. Since we came ahead we are now waiting for them. Difficult place to make a road This road was made by the natives who built 60 km’s over a course of 18 years and since it connects you with the most beautiful place in Pakistan, it is used for tourism which essentially runs their economy.

So they fix these roads themselves. Live long brother Every land cruiser has at least one shovel, to face the broken roads from landslides Gilgit Baltistan gaining provincial status can be beneficial for both Gilgitis and Pakistanis. So why isn't it getting provincial status? Some Kashmiri Nationalist groups such as JKLF say that Gilgit Baltistan is a part of the upcoming Jammu and Kashmir State On the other hand, India thinks of this region as the once princely state of Jammu and Kashmir, in turn implying it is theirs. This is all history which we should perhaps forget and think about the upcoming generation Maybe we should also ask the natives of this region what it is they want. The UN has declared this as a “disputed region” and that the CPEC projects are illegal.

One second, we should understand this from above South of Gilgit is Kashmir KPK is in the west. Wakhan Corridor in the north Xinjiang Northeast Southeast is Jammu and Kashmir Ladakh touches the border Sorry for the mis-spelling on Kashmir The UN terms this region the “Pakistani administered Kashmir”, whereas in terms of geographical area, Gilgit is in-fact 6 times larger than Azad Kashmir. We are going towards Shimshal valley Sometimes it’s hard to believe that we choose to put ourselves in such risky situations This road is one of the most dangerous roads in Pakistan and a lot of people have fallen to their deaths from here.

We could easily become one of them. No no Ahsan, I don’t want to die! Life and death is all in the hands of Allah! Definitely Ahsan, that’s why they say, you should give sadqah when travelling. By the way Mooroo did you know that this is the place Shams Tabrez used to meditate? Who? Roomi’s mentor? No not him! This is someone else This is Shamsuddin Muhammad, Ismaili imam's son who, after the raid of the Mongols in Alamut had to run away and hide here.

Alamut is the place where there were assassins right? Exactly in Iran, 200 km from Tehran He is a key person because of whom the Ismaili Imamat heredity continues Rest of the history will be told to us by the elders here My name is Daulat Ameen, which means the custodian of wealth. Mentor Daulat Ameen is one of the elders here in Shimshal. He is also the first teacher here. He is telling us about how and why humans came and populated Shimshal This is a 570 year old story about Mamu Singh Who was the brother of the minister of Hunza. Mamu Singh loved hunting and so one day he went to Gojal to hunt an Ibex. We are in Shimshal village near Shimshal Valley which is in Gojal tehsil which in turn is in Hunza district The same district the minister’s brother settled in He then married a Muslim woman A Wakhi speaking beautiful woman named Khodija, you remember Wakhi right? Remember I mentioned earlier about the Wakhan corridor near the border? Married a Wakhi woman and brought her along with his livestock to Shimshal village.

He fixed the water channel and began doing agriculture Daulat Ameen witnessed the end of the Mir dynastical establishment in the 1960’s All the farmers here used to pay taxes to the Mir’s. Anyway, Mamu Singh’s wife was unhappy with him on shifting to Shimshal And there were no people, only the couple here, alone. It was a lonely place and there were unable to have children. All of a sudden, Khodija called Mamu called in a loving way.

“Mamu Shah! Mamu Shah! Come here quick! A white bearded elder has graced us with his presence. He said “I am here by the will of Allah and my name is Shamsuddin Muhammad” The same Shamsuddin Muhammad whose shrine we visited earlier. He told Mamu Singh that he will have a son. And upon Puberty, he should send him to Shimshal pass. Okay, that was a nice story, shall we get going? Don’t we need to go for acclimatisation? What’s this that you are drinking? Effervescent mixed berry electrolyte vitamin C energy immunity hydration and minerals. Okay we get it Let’s move on Excuse me can you guys walk a bit slower? We have an expedition photographer with us, Feroza Gulzar. She does great work, go follow her, link is in the description. Our sticks are there right? I forgot mine. I don’t need it

You are a hiker man! I am not. I am more of a desert boy So what Shamsuddin said came to fruition. Mamu Singh had a boy and he named him Sher (Lion). On becoming an adult Sher had to go 40 to 50 km away To the same place where we have to, Shimshal pass. But he was not ready just like us. He also wanted to be a hunter.

He also had to acclimatize, like us. Oh it seems that Maha is already acclimatised. Production bring the fan It could have not been easy for Mamu Singh to send his only son on such a long journey. But it was this journey that turned Sher from a boy into a man. And it came to pass that as a man he had to fight for Shimshal.

MA very nice story, let’s prepare for the trek tomorrow? What are you doing with your hair? You don’t know, long hair can be quite problematic during a trek. Sure Maha, but my hair isn’t that long. Let’s go! Come on Saad Bhai, must we always listen to a speech? Let’s go! Today I’ll be in front Whoever goes to the front, will get the stick! Dont say that barry! You can slip during your trek The modern stick cannot withstand weight, look you can see.

On this one though, you can put all your weight and still it doesn’t bend. This is why our elders call it, our younger brother. This will come in handy in slippery situations. Hassan always has to show off Yeah yeah sure sure, I have my own system bro. NOT SAFE Safe safe! I also have my own system bro, I like to careful and well equipped Everything should be ready, anything can happen anytime.

Right now I need my stick so I’ll take it out from the bag! Yes! I needed stability and now I’m ready to go Let me tell you something about the trekking gear You need three pairs of trekking shoes, two for the height and one for the summit. 4 pairs of socks and one pair of gators so that the snow does not go into your shoes. Waterproof trekking pants and bag is very necessary, Alongside this you’d require two sports shirts and two thermals as well.

Two pairs of gloves, warm cap and one travel pillow. Portable water supply, head torch and sound system too. Toiletries, power bank and some wires. Carabineer, security harness and raincoat, You need a daypack, windbreaker and a hot water bottle too. Sun hat, Banded shades, down jacket, Sun-block and lip balm, slippers too if your weight allows it. How does one do laundry in these conditions? Put the dirty clothes in a punctured plastic bag. Add detergent. Run it through running water,

and let the dirt exhaust out with the water. This is the start of the trek and my Garmin Fenix 7 Sapphire Solar is measuring everything. I don’t think everything can be measured though, I mean, how can you measure your state of being? This valley makes me feel as small as a speck of dust, but a speck with a purpose. How can you measure this purpose? Yes Mr. Jamali, we cannot measure that, but I have measured today’s trek. 10 km trek, 693 metres elevation gain which I completed in 3 hours.

Some people were late. Sure sure, Mash Allah nice. Good job Have you thought about tomorrow’s trek? It’s very dangerous Have you given it any thought? Ahsan, no pain no gain bro They are taking these rocks to fix the path. Ahsan, Batsha is saying we ccan fall and die from here. Forget about it, whatever will be, will be.

Batsha, why are you scaring us? I'm not scaring you I'm just telling you what the chances are like I've studied mathematics What? I've studied mathematics Worst possible forecast You must know about the stress scenario Go brother go, if you fall, you die, and go to God This can be our last moment Come on, relax! Recite the Kalma Batsha, I don’t think we have the right to be scared. Look they have taken all the risk See he even got hurt. Look, while making the path he got hurt, a rock fell on him. Watch out guys, Oh damn, Qindeel was done for there. Grab her! Oh Sir Hassan! It was scary after lunch, I starting reciting the Kalma! I even said the kalma! (Laughs) We went up and down the same river, crossing it multiple times.

Couldn’t we have crossed the river just once? (laughs) splashing my face with water because of the heatstroke Then Mooroo said that this trek is even harder than the K2 trek you edited earlier. Are these names of dead people? No they could be alive. If someone was to fall from here they’d just break their legs right? No I’m sure they could die. Ahsan, if something happens to me, please upload the VLOG If I make it alive I will boss. We’re currently trekking the toughest part of the track Today we trekked an ascent of 2,230 ft. and a descent of 2,560 ft. This 6 hour trek has gotten us close to 5000m Peaks.

One of which I will summit. But first, we must rest. I must get some deep sleep. For recovery. Some REM to keep the dreams alive. The feet need some cold water as well Cold water constricts the blood vessels, eases muscle soreness and swelling.

And yes! You get to clean yourself too. There’s some things missing from my bag With such a low oxygen supply, it gets harder to remember things and things even get lost. I have a gift for you. I know, it’s something that I lost earlier.

In my village, before you slaughter a goat, you give it some water, do they do that at yours? Yes Ahsan it happens, but those goats are not like us, they don’t know they are about to be slaughtered. Look! These two butchers are going to slaughter this goat. Then they might slaughter this one as well. Why are you saying such morbid things in a feel good place like this? What about you Mooroo? I am eating what could have been someone’s child. need the nutrition Yum, really good, beautiful view, thank God. If you are done with your Vitamins should we head out? No one will take my bag or my camera I am full hiker man bro! Let’s race! Yes Ahsan, no problem at all. We will overcome this as well

And enter the pastures of our past where we will rekindle our connection with animals A relationship that goes back 11,000 years when we domesticated the first goat This place is welcoming me into a primal state. As if time is spreading, its more like a pilgrimage don’t you think? Haan you are right, Mamu Singh’s son must have had a pilgrimage coming here Good Job Saadia! She’s carrying such a heavy bag. These boys have a never ending energy They leave before us and then even arrive before us They carry double the weight we do and then even set up camp They also know goat herding One shouldn’t say about God’s creation but I find goats to be quite stupid. We’ve just given them food and taken everything from them in return.

I once even fed a lit cigarette to a goat. It ate it Yaks seem comparatively smarter Unfortunately, owing to social and climate changes Yak herding is becoming sparse Within some areas, owing to rising temperatures, there’s a leech that has started killing their off springs. We make cheese and butter with their milk and this helps us to earn a living There are 3000 Yaks in Shimshal pasture. They exist in regions like Broghil, Chitral, Nepal and China.

Now we’re trying to increase their population It’s because of these Yaks that the herders are able to afford their children’s education, This yak is also slaughtered and eaten during several occasions like weddings Yaks are typically sold for around 1.5 Lakhs each Yaks are not only more susceptible to illness now, but are also evolving into a smaller size What’s going on here Ahsan? Mooroo, this is the traditional way of churning butter. In our village they do it a little different… [rhyme] Welcome to Shuwert Village On the way from Pakistan to China, this is the last village, Shuwert Village, Surprisingly, there are a lot of houses here but very few people We decided to approach one of the elders of the village to ask what’s really going around here Where is everyone? Our children are more focused on their education and would not prefer this line of profession Due to education the coming generation doesn’t want to come back to this life The new generation is more focused on education They have gotten educated I can understand your general dislike to education now but, what’s your educational level? Zero, unfortunately have no education. Where do your children reside now My 2 eldest are in the Army and 3 of my daughters are studying in Islamabad I also have a son in Karachi Mehrbaan Shah is quite a legendary mountain climber He’s done four Eight-Thousander climbs including, K2, Nanga Parbat, G-1 and G-2. He’s the 3rd Pakistani to have summited K-2 back in 1995. Me and my teacher, Rajab Shah, summited K2 Praise be to Allah, nowadays, most mountaineers come from Shimshal.

I can’t help but be inspired by the fact that 32 international climbers have come from here Yes but, if you grow up practicing on such peaks... Then your chances of becoming an international level climber surely increase. And through their mountaineering school they are teaching amateurs like us as well. Shimshal mountaineering school is headed by several senior mountaineers who educate people on mountaineering There’s several 5000, 6000m peaks here and even glaciers.

You can do ice climbing, rock climbing and even skiing Since the beginning we have been managing our own system, and that concept still exists. The roads and paths we’ve trekked on were laid down and funded by members of our own community Some have donated under their parent’s names. There is something special about this valley. I mean, some of the best climbers walked this path Maybe if we walk these paths someday one of us will also become a legendary climber But do you know that this is the same path that Sher took? Sher, alone crossed two mountains and reached Shimshal pass Sher encountered 6 Chinese horsemen, who laid claim over the territory. They started bickering over the ownership of the land. They said it’s theirs, and he said its mine. They decided to settle the dispute over a Polo match, and Sher beat them at that.

And ever since that match this area has been a part of Shimshal Sure Sure, again nice story, lets sleep, we have a summit tomorrow. What are you doing? Everyday morning routine. Packing, equipping. Have you seen the shoes we are wearing today? It weighs a ton! Seems like you are ready to go Yes I’m in a serious mood now. I ain’t got time for jokes and games,

Or for kids who are talking all the time, staying up all night playing cards I just ain’t got time. These are La Sportiva Mountain Series, they are completely waterproof. They feel like they are made out of wood, your foot and ankle can’t move in them. You’re shoes are new right? Mine are new too! They have used ones.

I bought them for $270 You had knee pain? It still hurts but the knee support that you gave will really help. Once we’ve worn the harness, it goes right in to the carabineer which is in between our legs. Woops! Careful there.

So we attached the harness to the carabiner so that if we fall, we can be saved We’ll be divided into 2 teams When the person in front of you is creating tension in the rope, you should leave some slack. If they stop, you have to look behind you Okay Maha, you tell us how it’s done? Maha why are you bouncing like that? This is not a joke! Guys don’t joke around! But I’m making the video! Maha, what’s your mountain climbing experience? 25 years. But in climbing, let your passion drive you. There will be hardships We will not be responsible for that We will pave the path for you and that’s our job Helping you in our job as well Let’s pray! Thank God, the time has finally come for us to face our biggest challenge And God willing, we will summit this mountain Oh man, if it’s like this in the beginning, what’s it going to be like later? God will help, we will do it bro.

Ahsan, how you doing? It’s very difficult, I can’t explain. Are we at camp one or camp two? We’re nearly at camp 2 after which we’ll reach camp 1 and then the summit No, after that camp three and then summit push Majeed Bhai champion <i>Hello climbing group</i> Batsha we can see them but they are not answering Look over there, that thin line. Can you see them? They will contact once they get to the deep snow.

Whos idea was it to keep me in second position, I should be last in position I’m right here with you kiddo, don’t you worry Maha, is Ahsan bothering you? I guess not You gotta die little to live a little Saad Bhai, can we take a break? Keep moving! We don’t have time! Can we get a short two minutes break? Mooroo Bhai? If you are done, should we make a move? Give me one or two seconds more Majeed Bhai, your prayers. Majeed Bhai, easy easy! The air is thinning out I hope it doesn’t blows us away with it Just a little more to go bro InshAllah we will complete this! Ahsan! I’d like to thank Saad Munawer who motivated and convinced us that we could achieve this. 5,461 peak summited in 2 hours 44 minutes Our journey ended here But others from the team continued to summit Minglik sar They spent one day camping and pushed for the summit at night 6050m peak You gotta die a little to live a little Did you know that MRI Scans now show that climbers climbing at high altitudes are actually losing brain tissue! Even knowing this, thousands of people come to summit these dangerous peaks Maybe that’s why we on this dangerous journey as well To gain some courage from these people Through this expedition That we have embarked on together. In video games, they call it achievement unlocked I am calling this a level up. This trek is almost 90kms long

[Azaan] I hope that you enjoyed this documentary From the expedition, Mr. Farhad Jamali and Ahsan Ahmad have also made Vlogs Go check them out!

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