LAKE TEMPE - 24 Hours Alone in Floating House (Sulawesi, Indonesia)

LAKE TEMPE - 24 Hours Alone in Floating House (Sulawesi, Indonesia)

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What's up you guys and welcome back to the  channel, my name is Kristian Hansen. In today's episode I am living on a floating house but we are free floating because we're in the middle of a storm. I don't know what to do. Before starting today's adventure from Danau Tempeh in South Sulawesi, I had first said goodbye to Mr Dony in Selayar and Blue Planet in Bira. I had then been invited to visit the Indonesian embassy in Denmark to meet the lovely Indonesian Ambassador.    I then took a bit of vacation time with my family back in Denmark and I then set the course back to Makassar..

To continue the Sabang sampai Merauke journey. Good morning guys, it is another beautiful morning here in Indonesia and this morning I'm once again leaving the city of Makassar. And we are finally heading a bit more north here in Sulawesi because today I'm driving towards a place called Danau Tempeh. Because I have heard that there are some people living out in the middle of this lake.

So I kind of want to see how they do that, maybe we can even go out and visit them. So we have around 5 and a half hours of driving today around 200 kilometers. But I'm actually taking a slightly longer route today  because you can either drive via the coastal road.

Or through the mountains in the national park. And since I love the mountains we are taking the extra long route through the mountains. So it's gonna be a good day and a hot day because it hasn't been raining here in Sulawesi in.. Wait I am a little bit afraid I just drove onto the toll road. Oh no, God! Uh oh, Uh oh! Did I just drive onto the toll road? That's not good. Well what a great start to the morning. Always remember to put your phone, your maps to avoid toll roads. Well guys now Macan has officially tried driving on a toll road.

Let's not do that again. So guys, today we've been on the road for a good 15 minutes and today we have our first proper problem with Macan. Yesterday I had a problem with the brakes, they were not breaking hard enough, the back brake.

So my friends from Automotor, they said something was broken. But they were trying to do a temporary fix until I can get the part, and now the back brake is completely blocked. I can't even push it, I had to force it just to drive it over here.

So yeah, my mechanic is on the way and hopefully we can get back on the road today. so guys I'm now back at Auto Makassar, the issue is that it's a small part inside of the brakes.. That is unlike any other similar part in any other motorcycle, because it's KTM so they can't exactly just replace it.

So now we're going to try and re-fix it and  hopefully I can get back on the road today so fingers crossed. But the guys here from Auto Makassar is trying their very best to help me out. So I'm sure we'll find a way. Alright guys it is now almost 12:00..

But the guys here from Auto Motor Makassar they fix it. Thank you so much guys, see you next time. Alright let's go. So unfortunately we still need a new part for the brake master it's called. So that means I only have 50% on my back break. So I really have to be careful, mostly if I'm going down steep roads. Then yeah it can get a little bit dangerous but you know when you ride a motorcycle mostly you use the front brake anyway. 

So yeah we should be okay. Come on I am cooking in my own sweat here. I then stopped at Indomaret to get a drink where I had an unexpected encounter with a friendly local. So guys I made a small stop here at Indomaret to get something to to drink, And I met Firman who was asking me some questions and holding up his phone.

And he is mute so he can't say anything. So for the last 20 minutes we've just been talking using our hands. And it's good. So see you. Very nice guy. Alright so now it's time to get back on the  road, I still have a long time to go. But it was actually lovely having a conversation  without actually saying anything but just..  Ah he's a masseuse, alright see you bro.

Such a nice guy, alright guys let's go. That sure warmed my heart talking with that kind guy, he was just so interested to talk and he seemed so happy that.. I was just willing to give him the time  of day to chat. What a nice guy. It ended up being one of those gloomy days  where I really missed my family. Those long days on the road can really get you thinking, so I called my brother and nieces to tell them how I felt.

And my brother always knows what to say  to get me in a good mood again. Oh guys I have a bad feeling about this way. You know for some reason you almost always know if you're driving in the wrong direction. You can also see that the locals they look at you like not necessarily like..  "Oh there's a bule, a tourist" but also like "Ah I wonder if he know that is a blind road".

Oh no, alright well look at this roads. If this is how it's going to be I can add another one and a half hour on top of those two hours. Living the dream, living the dream. Oh what a day. Oh my God the road just went from worse to terrible. once my chan and  

Luckily it didn't take long before the roads got a lot better. Once Macan and I got higher up into the mountains, we had nice curvy roads and the High Altitude made it a fresh and cool ride. The roads here are steep though so it wasn't the best day for my back break to be partially working. He reminded me about riding through the mountains in North Sumatra. Perfect turns and not a single car or bike inside. -Good afternoon -Good afternoon -How are you? -Good -You can speak Bugis language? -Still learning, I only know how to say how are you in Bugis. -Good good.

-That's Makassar language. -Oh that's Makassar language? Oh okay. -Where are you from? -I'm from Denmark, I make videos on youtube about travelling around Indonesia from Sabang to Merauke. -That's cool -Yeah, cool. -Take care -Yes, thankyou -Be careful on the road -Thankyou guys Guys look at this. I love these small Mountain cities. Just wooden build houses, dogs, cats, some chickens and some people of course. But in this area, there was no longer any  signal so I was completely lost.

Luckily I met a team of Takraw players and they didn't know  the place I was going but they pointed in a direction. And that was good enough for me. Yeah this is great. My GPS has absolutely no idea where I am. Oh sh*t that was close. Control control. I so have a feeling this is not the right  way, looks like I'm just getting further into the fields.

I ended up spending quite a few hours on dirt roads, but with a bike like Macan that can be a lot of fun as well. Eventually I found a paved road, and after a long day I had finally found my stay for the night. So guys today ended up being a bit of a hectic day, roller coaster  of struggles and mixed emotions but we made it.

And it was a great day. So now I've arrived  at Hakata Lejja and uh it's not really according to my expectations.. Because it's actually a lot better than I thought but I will show you guys tomorrow, because now it is 6:30. I'm toast and I want to go to bed, so good night guys. Today's video guys, is sponsored by Fuchs Silkolene, the Silkolene Pro 4 10 w50 is the premium motorcycle oil I used.. During my trip from Sabang to Merauke.

It is a 100% synthetic ester that provides a 3% power increase and optimum engine protection. It also helps me save 11% fuel and 18% oil consumption compared to regular oil products. So if you are looking for the best way to take care of your bike.. Then try Fuchs Silkolene, I know Macan loves it. Now let's get back to the trim. Good morning guys. So it is my first morning here at Hakata Lejja in Soppeng Regency, I've slept fantastic.

Such a nice room. I did not expect to find a place  like this, this far out you know. It's just one year old. So it's pretty much brand new. I even have  a Jacuzzi just outside of my room probably not gonna use it. But still kind of cool.

But it's so nice just to walk out here on the balcony in the morning drink my coffee and enjoy the view. Papa has now started with a chainsaw next door. But that's how it is. So I'm quite tired after  yesterday's ride, so I think today's going to be a bit of relaxing. And preparing for tomorrow because tomorrow we will be going to Danau Tempe. Which is just 20 minutes from here, and there I really want to see if we can stay with a family. In one of those houses on the middle of the lake, so I'm still trying to coordinate it so I'm not even sure it's gonna be possible.

But let's see, and yeah rest and recover for tomorrow. So this morning I'm out for a bit of a morning run, because this morning when I woke up my mood wasn't exactly the best. So the best way to fix that is always getting some exercise.

Missing my family. And the last video I uploaded from Bira didn't get as many views as usual, because it took a long time for me to edit it. So that's a bit discouraging.  But that's how it is, so now I'm out trying to clear my head. And you know even when you're  a YouTuber, and your job is to travel You still have days where you wake up and you're like, what  am I doing? why I'm in such a bad mood? why am I feeling lonely? It's very normal I can tell you that.

So now I want to finish my run guys, and we'll see what we end up spending the rest of the day on. I will let you know after my run. Now let's go. So guys this afternoon I am actually going to visit the hot spring together with Alfian. Hey bro. -Hello -How long will it take to the hot spring? -10 minutes -So it's very close, let's go So with all my bags packed and ready for tomorrow, Fian and I went for a quick visit to the nearby famous attraction. So this is the ticket office and luckily Fian brought some money because I didn't bring any unfortunately. And it's Rp 10.000 per person and then we can go inside, so all good.

Thank you sir. Hello. So I think we've made it one of the  reasons why I haven't been to a hot spring yet is   One of the reasons why I haven't been to a hot spring yet is not because I haven't had the opportunity. There was plenty of places in Sumatera I could go as well.

But it's because it's already so hot in Indonesia  so previously I've thought.. Why would I go to a place with hot water when it's already 33° outside. But today we're going to try it because it's so close. And also sometimes I don't go to super tourist destinations because then I will end up taking at least 50 to 100 selfies. -Alright let's go -Let's go -Yeah So the thing with this hot spring is that it's been made into like a swimming pool, so it doesn't exactly look like a natural hot spring.

It's more like a natural swimming pool. I  see a lot of people, but no people in the water. -Hello mister. -Hello mister. how are you? -Good  - I'm getting a lot of hello misters today. -Good afternoon -Hello Mister. -Hello Mister -Hello Mister -I've met my subscriber, what's your name? -Arham -Arham, I'm Kris. -Nice to meet you -Nice to meet you too. Thank you guys. -Picture? -Yes, Rp 5.000 ya.

-Where should we take picture? -Sure. If we take picture there, it'll be Rp 10.000 -Change place, Rp 10.000 -Yes. Alright let's get in the water and try it out. Okay it's a lot more hot than I expected. It's not just hot, it's like when you go to a shower and you turn it way too hot.

And you're like "aw aw aw" it's kind of like that. But we have to try and get in. Actually once you get in, it's really nice. But it's kind of like  being in a sauna, you know if someone blows Air at you. It gets even more hot. Same here in this pool, if you're moving then it gets even more hot. -Why do you like to come here? To get better sleep or? -Yes for health so that I'll get a good sleep at night. -Okay. Oh I'm sweating. After a day of missing my family a lot, it always helps meeting welcoming Indonesians that I can have a chat with.

So all in all, it had been another great day. Fian and I then enjoyed the sunset from the hotel's rooftop and I then went back to rest up for the upcoming trip. Not knowing that it wasn't exactly going to be as I had expected. Good morning guys. So this morning it is finally time to go to Lake Tempe and today is going to be a bit of an expedition.. Because normally people they go to Danau Tempe and they just stay there for the day and come back. But I really want to try and stay with them overnight..  

To see how a full day in one of these  floating houses on the lake looks like.    But it's not exactly something you can book on  Agoda or Traveloka, so it's not even fully confirmed yet. -So let's see. But now Fian is here waiting for me, good morning bro. -Morning.   And he will take me to the lake on his scooter. So if I stay there  overnight, macan can be safe here. So let's go! Okay bro, let's go! You know I have started many good trips with someone taking me on the back of their bike, so I have a good feeling about this one.

Fian and I then had around a 30-minute drive on the small scooter. Luckily on smooth tarmac roads, and the  hotel had helped to arrange for a boat to take me out on the lake. But there was one important thing that we hadn't fully discussed which I would soon be reminded of. Alright so we have made it to Lake Tempe and I see some guys waiting over here. Maybe that's our captain, I will just find out  and then we will get out on this second largest lake in Sulawesi. -You're my captain? -Yes -Fantastic! Okay.

Alright so I think I've sorted all the logistics. Firman here will  take me out into one of the houses in the lake. I will have to pay him Rp 250.000 for that and then he will pick me up there again tomorrow morning. And at the house I will pay Rp 200.000 to stay and for food.   So I think everything sorted. Okay let's go. And this is our boat for today. Alright we're ready.  Let's go and live on a lake.

As the second largest lake in Sulawesi, Lake Tempe is approximately 13,000 hectares and both part of the Wajo and Soppeng Regency. It's called Lake Tempe, As this area used to be the largest provider of soybeans which makes up the famous Indonesian dish called Tempe. And today it is famous for being one of the few lakes left in Indonesia where people still live in floating bamboo houses. Very small floating house. Let's go up and say hi. Well I can't get in, it sounds awfully quiet.

Unfortunately once the owner showed up,  It was only to tell me that no one was living here.  They had assumed I didn't want to live with  anyone else, so I had to rethink my plan. This is again traveling in Indonesia, you always need to  have patience because things rarely go according to plan. But you kind of have to wing it, so let's see.

So guys slight change of plans,  Apparently this is the most quiet month of the year at Lake Tempe there's also an event in the nearby village. So there's no people on the lake, it's also  Friday which means they're not allowed to fish.  So my whole idea of documenting the life out here, the locals, that's not gonna happen. But I thought instead of just going home, cancelling the video. Then I sent the guys home.. So I will be spending the next 24 hours all alone in this floating house and I will have to see what I can do. They will pick me up tomorrow morning and hopefully  I won't encounter any crocodiles, snakes.

And pretty sure I have enough food. So it'll be an experience. Let's get started. I now had this entire floating house to myself in total silence and in 36° heat. The only thing keeping us in place was a pair of long bamboo sticks. And in the back I had a small bathroom with a sunroof so I could get a tan there as well.

Inside I had a small kitchen with  a bit of supplies for the day and a large living room. Where I would be spending the night, and it  seemed none of my neighbors were at home. But soon, that would be the least of my worries.

I must say that out there, looks like a lot of rain. It's gonna be a different experience here if  it's pouring down like crazy. Only one way to find out. If we're a little bit lucky, that storm out there is going to pass right by us. I can even hear the rain, so it's got to be quite a lot.

I think the storm is coming right at us. My house is moving. I don't think the line it held the house, uh-oh look at  this we are now free floating. Look. Okay this is a serious problem, we  are floating but what will we be floating into. What is going on? My house was apparently not waterproof and water was now coming in everywhere, so I quickly tried to cover up my bags.

And then did the only thing I could, I made an Instagram live. I'm not sure today was the best day to stay alone on a  floating house because look at this storm. I think the owner of this floating house is gonna have quite the surprise when she picks me up tomorrow..

And I'm not in the same location as they dropped me off. Oh my God I did not expect this. So guys good news is that the storm has passed and it is now a quarter past 12. So it is time for a bit of lunch. The kind staff from Hakata Lejja, they gave me some pancakes kind of things called, they called it Loti. It's like this small kind of pancake. Salty.

That was a hectic storm. I really don't hope it's gonna come back again in the evening when it's time to sleep. Because then I won't be able to stay dry during the night. Good afternoon guys, it is now almost 4:00  here at Lake Tempe and I just woke up from a glorious nap. With the wind, and just the sound  of the water. Fantastic. Interesting fact here about Lake Tempe, in 2010 there were still 110  houses here on the lake. People living there, working there every day. In 2015, there are only about 30 left and now in 2023 there are only 12 of these floating houses left.

So that is also why it's a good thing that I'm coming out here today.. To see it for myself because in a couple of  years, there might not be any of these houses left. Because people they don't want to live on  the lake anymore, they want to live in the village.

So it's easier to work there. It's a shame because  it's quite a cheap living. You know I was told that if you want to build one yourself you can build one for around 100 million. My neighbor for example, he's selling his used one for 25 million  and this one I'm staying in here around 50 million   Because it's also being used to rent out to tourist, so it has some income. I'm not really sure what to do the rest of the day but I kind of think that's the point of this day.

Not doing a whole lot, just enjoying the view. Enjoying that there's not ton of sounds from bike, cars, machines whatever. But just be here and enjoy my own company. I then had a surprise visit from the owners of the house. Because after seeing the storm, they got worried about me so they stopped by to cook me a bit of dinner before sunset. So I thought I would be staying here tonight all by myself but it's actually quite nice that Ibu and Bapak here they have come by.

And Ibu has made some fried banana, very nice. And some tea. And I think my dinner is almost ready and it's time to go in for the night. I'm telling you this is delicious. It's actually been a really really good day on the water.

Alright guys, Ibu and Bapak have now left and Ibu have made all of this amazing food for me. We have some fish, we have Tempe, we have some fritters.   Some vegetables and it has been a long day so I am seriously hungry. So, happy eating guys. It's been a good day. It's almost dark now and I feel like it's bedtime but it's 10 minutes to 6. Ibu and Bapak had told me that because we were on a lake there wouldn't be any mosquitoes during the night.

But luckily, they had brought me a mosquito cover anyway, because once the sun set.. Every living insect besides mosquitoes  tried to enter my sleeping bag. Good morning guys. it is 6:00 here on Lake Tempe, and it is absolutely breathtaking the view you wake up to here. The water is completely calm. I didn't sleep fantastic though, because I went to bed at 7:00 after the sun had set. The owner had told me that there would be no mosquitoes so I didn't have to worry.

Luckily though, she had given me a mosquito net I could set up. Because at 7:30 there were a mass massive bugs everywhere jumping around trying to jump onto the mosquito net. And the lizards and birds on the roof, so I tried to fall asleep for like 3 and 1/2 hours.

Plus it was so hot. I was sweating  non-stop, there was no wind so didn't sleep fantastic. But waking up to this view in the morning it's definitely worth it. So now I'm just having my morning coffee and then it's time to go back to Hakata Lejja. it's been a good trip though. But if you guys want to try and stay on this floating house as well, you can find it on Instagram. And if you come here, you can also see that I've been here from this. Let's go. -Thank you Sir. Success upon you, be healthy and be careful, hopefully your house didn't free floating again.

So I actually wouldn't have minded staying another day but we have to get back to Hakata Lejja because tomorrow guys.. I'm going to the highest mountain in Sulawesi, Mount Latimojong. So Let's go.  -Don't forget to watch my video on youtube. -Yes. It wasn't the trip I had originally planned but the point of this story is..

Sometimes even though a trip doesn't  go according to the plan, you can still have a great experience. As long as you keep an open mind and you're not afraid of a bit of bad weather. Stay tuned for the next episode while  continue my journey deep into the mountains of the south.  With an ambition to climb the highest mountain in Sulawesi, one of the longest and toughest hikes I have ever done.

Hiking more than 30 km through heavy rain, freezing colds, and storms.

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