Kyushu touring started.with NT1100 October 14, 2023.しまなみ海道.瀬戸内海国立公園.厳島神社大鳥居️!

Kyushu touring started.with NT1100  October 14, 2023.しまなみ海道.瀬戸内海国立公園.厳島神社大鳥居️!

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Kochi City Shimanami Kaido Itsukushima Shrine Iwakuni City, Yamaguchi Prefecture Today is October 14th, Saturday, 5:40 am. Outside temperature is 18℃ . I'm planning to go to Kyushu for 5 nights and 6 days . It's been a while, about 40 years. I wanted to go to Ibusuki and Kirishima for the first time in my life , so the weather is still a little hot during the day and cold at night, but it's midnight right now, so I'm running in a lot of clothes.On

the first day , I went to Itsukushima Shrine in Hiroshima Prefecture. There's a torii gate built in the middle of the sea here, and it's very beautiful, so first of all, it's about 330km away, and that's where today's itinerary will end.Then , it 's dawn again . I took some time to set up the navigation and lost about 10 minutes.Today 's route was to take the Kochi Expressway, then take the Matsuyama Expressway from Kawanoe and head towards Onomichi, Seto Inland Sea National Park . There is a big bridge that you can cross, so we will cross Onomichi and Innoshima Ohashi Bridge to Onomichi, and then take the Sanyo Expressway to Hiroshima.We will be

going on a day off, so we will aim for Itsukushima Shrine first, hoping to arrive before noon . We'll soon be back on the Matsuyama Expressway. After that, we'll be heading towards the "Shimanami" Highway towards Seto Inland Sea National Park. It's going to be a bit cloudy, but I don't think it'll rain. In the Umatate parking area, it's a bit drizzly as it's on top of a mountain. It was raining, but I guess it's going to be like this today, with some cloudy and some sunny days.It's neither hot nor cold, so

it's just the right amount of weather.In any case, I'll try to drive safely.See you soon. We finally entered the "Shimanami" highway.

From here, there is a very long bridge in the Seto Inland Sea National Park. It started to rain a little, but the windshield was working well, so it was okay. We crossed this bridge. It's my first time. Beautiful! I think it would be better if it was sunny.

If you cross this Shimanami Kaido bridge, you will enter Onomichi City. This is a bridge that crosses from Shikoku to Honshu. The wind is very strong, but the weather is nice, and although it's cloudy, it hasn't rained that much, so it's not bad to look at the weekly weather forecast for the past week . It's amazing. A long time ago, this area was like Murakami Kaizoku .

There was a pirate called this.It dates back to the Sengoku period.There was actually a time when ships had to pay a toll tax when crossing the Seto Inland Sea, or rather, because they were pirates, they had to pay money to let them cross the strait.

That was a long time ago. So there must be quite a few descendants of the Murakami pirates living in Setouchi.Somehow this cat 's navigation connects to Apple CarPlay and sometimes it doesn't.I don't know if it's a bad connection or something wrong with my cell phone (Iphone). But I'm not feeling well today either . It's been like this for a while.

Hakata Island is visible right in front of me. The salt here is sold all over the country. It 's a very famous place. There's also a shipyard there. Hakata Island. Over there .

It's a shipyard. I don't think there's much going on these days. The next thing you'll see is Omishima. It's bigger than Hakata Island. There are a lot of shipyards.

I'm going to take a short break at Tatara Ohashi Setoda parking area. It's right across from here. The island is called Ikuchijima.There are many islands in the Setouchi Inland Sea, so they were connected by connecting bridges.In the past, places where there were no bridges were accessed by ferry to Hiroshima.This

area was the home of pirates. I heard that they also served as guides because there were many ships that ran aground.Especially at night, they would stop by the parking area.From Ikuchijima Island. Hiroshima City

I entered Hiroshima Prefecture . It's Onomichi City. It's the prefectural border. It's only 9:12 am. It's early, but I'm tired. I

'm pretty tired . There are a lot of motorcycles. There's no place to stop. Where should I stop ? On Innoshima. It's the largest island we're crossing , and if you pass Innoshima in this area, you should be able to see Onomichi.There was a movie about Onomichi over 40 years ago, like ``Lonesome Boy'' and ` `The Girl Who Leapt Through Time.'' I guess it was

the setting for that movie, and it's a very memorable place for me.I thought about having some ramen in Onomichi, but I had time, so this is Innoshima.The one you can see ahead is Innoshima, the largest in this area. The island becomes Innoshima.What you can see on the other side is Mukojima.It's very beautiful.It 's the last bridge.Onomichi Bridge.What

you can see over here is the cityscape of Onomichi.It 's very nostalgic.There are a lot of shipyards. Yes,

it's been about 40 years since I came here. It's still very nostalgic. Memories of my youth! I have a lot of bittersweet memories.Back then, we didn't have any money, so we went camping.Nowadays , camping is a trend , so we don't call it camping , so it's a little different, but back in our day, we used to bring tents and sleeping bags and call it camping. It was a great time.

Nowadays, things have become trendy and fashionable. My sense of things is a little different from mine. We arrived at Miyajima, and it was far away! I took a break about 3 times along the way. Four times? I also ate Onomichi ramen once. It's now 12:38. It took longer than I expected, so if it was non-stop , I would have arrived around 10:30, but that doesn't work and I'm tired, so I guess it'll be like this soon . I wonder

if there's a bridge facing Miyajima.I think it's almost there.It's 1.8km in front of Miyajimaguchi Station.The temperature is exactly 22 degrees right now.It 's not hot or cold.I

took off one inner layer of the jacket I came in that morning.Then I wore summer mesh gloves. I 'm thinking of taking off the inner layer of my pants if it looks like it's going to get any hotter, but it's cloudy at this time of the day, so I don't think the temperature will rise any further.In

the end, I don't think there's enough time. I skipped Onomichi because I felt like it.You can go to Onomichi anytime, so next time I 'll just aim for Onomichi and go there slowly.Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa , I was planning to go by the land route which was a big deal. It's Bikkuri

Ferry. Now we'll take the ferry to Itsukushima. We arrived at Itsukushima, and it took about 15 minutes. From here, we walk to Itsukushima Otorii. We walk

for about 15 minutes. The Otorii gate comes into view. We take a commemorative photo with the Otorii gate of Itsukushima Shrine in the background. We return home. Today's mileage was 353.6km

Thank you for watching.

2023-10-28 11:29

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