Kyushu touring final with NT1100.October 19,2023.Home from Kyusyu to Shikoku.肱川.檮原.東津野.須崎.高知市

Kyushu touring final with NT1100.October 19,2023.Home from Kyusyu to Shikoku.肱川.檮原.東津野.須崎.高知市

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good morning. Today is Thursday, October 19th . It's 6:42 am and the outside temperature is 15 degrees. I left the inn at sunrise. Yesterday

I was planning to take a ferry from Beppu to Yawatahama , but I heard from the locals that Usuki is closer and cheaper, so they recommend Usuki. I'm thinking of taking the ferry from Usuki to Yawatahama. I think it was at 8:40? The ferry departure time. I'll be there in about 30 minutes, and I'll be there by 7 o'clock, so I'll have plenty of time to change my ticket. I'm just going to go home slowly today, so I want to enjoy my last trip without feeling rushed . See you again at Usuki Port, Nobeoka City, Oita Prefecture, Kyushu-Shikoku Orange Ferry Terminal Yawatahama Port, Kyushu-Shikoku Orange Ferry Terminal Yusuhara Roadside Station Kochi City, Kochi Prefecture It's about a 2-hour boat trip from now to Yawatahama Port in Shikoku.

I think what you can see across the street is Cape Sata. It is the most western part of Shikoku . That is probably Cape Sata. There's a lot of wind power generation. I think we'll arrive at Yawatahama soon.

I think I'll be there in about 30 minutes. It's near Cape Sata. Shikoku has a lot of wind power generation.

Is it for Misaki? There were a lot of empty panels at the rest area. It's around here now. We will arrive at Yawatahama soon.

This is all a deserted island. If it's an island around here, it's just reasonable. If you buy an island, you might be able to live a self-sufficient life here , but you can catch fish, go to the sea, and buy rice. With a forest this big, there's probably plenty of water, so it feels like a place you can live in. Don't you have electricity? Well, maybe something can be done with solar panels. that's interesting.

It seems like the motorcycle is the last one. I arrived at Yawatahama. Now, I'm going to go back over the mountains via Yusuhara . Well, I guess it's fine. Isn't that good! ?

What is this? The navigation is weird. This is no good! Reset navigation. Even resetting the navigation on my mobile phone doesn't fix the problem. In the end, I turned off the engine and reset Apple CarPlay on the motorcycle. I'm cured. (Laughs) We are leaving Yawatahama.

The distance to my home is 144 km. 2 hours 50 minutes. We'll take a couple of breaks along the way , so we'll probably arrive around 3 or 4 in the afternoon . I'm thinking of going over the mountains, passing through Yusuhara, and heading back to Susaki. Since the weather is so nice, I personally imagine that it would be really nice to run in the mountains of Yusuhara . Isn't it the best? Today, the roadside station is almost here, oh, is this it? Hijikawa roadside station.

I'm thinking of taking a break here and having an early lunch, but I wonder if there's a place to park my bike. I can't find a parking lot for motorcycles, so I don't know where to park , so I guess I'll park here. Let's do it here. Okay.

It's 21 degrees. It's exactly 12 o'clock now. After all, it takes time. I've already taken two breaks.

I definitely have to take it one more time. I haven't had lunch yet, so I'm thinking of having some soba noodles, but what do you think? ! It's cold here, even in Yusuhara and Kochi , but it's warm during the day. The weather is very nice today, and the mountain scenery is beautiful. The mountains are starting to change color a little.The autumn foliage season is just around the corner, and I think it's going to get quite cold at night around here.

It's a beautiful place. Oh, it feels so good! I'll be in Susaki soon. We've already passed through Higashitsuno, about 10km to 20km, so it feels like we're going all the way down the mountain. Kyushu was very beautiful, but Shikoku is also my hometown, but I don't want to throw it away. But it's close to the mountains. That's what it feels like.

I have the impression that the mountains of Shikoku are closer than those of Kyushu . I'm not sure what the difference is though. That's what it feels like. Well, the very warm climate is similar, and the atmosphere of Miyazaki and Oita is very similar to the mountainous area of ​​Kochi . The roads are similar, but I guess Kochi's is a little more undeveloped.

Miyazaki in Kyushu, especially the road that goes from Kagoshima to the Nichinan coast, was really nice. The road itself was empty, there was a moderate winding road, and the road was pretty clean, so if you compare it to that, the road in Kochi is more bumpy and bumpy, and you jump up and down. I can go about it, but the rear part in particular is amazing.If it were a hard motorcycle or a motorcycle that wasn't flexible, it would probably push up hard. Well, I'm riding an NT1100 and a CRF250 Rally, so both suspensions have long strokes and are very good, so even on bumpy roads like this, the rear wheel doesn't jump or the thrust is too harsh, especially the CRF. It's supple. That is already outstanding.

However, it does get a little squishy when cornering . That can't be helped.If you really want to fly over mountainous areas like this, the NT1100 is excellent. If you think about it, it's a strange motorcycle because it's perfectly stable when you go on the highway . If you give priority to one or the other, the other will be spoiled, but if you give priority to straightness, you will inevitably lose the fluttering feeling in corners, and it will become a little difficult to turn or cut into corners, but this is truly neutral steering. Of course, when you're accelerating into a corner, it's quite difficult to push the car down, but if you apply the brakes a little before the corner or brake the engine, it'll fall over, so it's very easy to drive on mountain passes, and on highways like that.

The straightness is also perfect. I don't feel dizzy and have nothing to say. I highly recommend NT. What would you think if you tried it for a test drive? When I drive on the mountain roads in Europe or Japan, or on the highways, I feel like I'm on the right track. I don't have a GoPro. This is the third time today. fall. Whether it's the CPU running out of control or a crash, the buttons won't respond at all unless I pull out that mount adapter, pull out the battery, and reset .

I do this multiple times a day. When I went to Felipin the other day, the power turned on automatically and the battery went flat, so I don't know why! To be clear, this GoPro is no good. Maybe it's just me, but it always falls off. Therefore, the switch cannot be operated. I haven't turned it on. I turned it on, and after talking for a few minutes, it suddenly shuts off. It will break.

Then when I turn on the power, it no longer responds. I'm already starting to hate it. Is it just me? I don't hear much about that on the internet. Is useless. That's the limit of your patience. Honestly , I can record it all the time even if I'm talking like this , but I don't understand. I'll buy a new one now.

Insta360 has never crashed. There is no need to say that the switch does not respond. Today marks the end of our 6-day touring trip to Kyushu . I'm glad I went. For the first time in about 40 years, I went back to Kagoshima, Miyazaki, Kumamoto, Aso, and Yamanami in my early 20's and took almost the same route . Hanase Mohihi Park in particular is very memorable , and in a way, I happened to be passing by there, which led to me becoming interested in the Philippines and wanting to know more about it, and as a result of that, I met my wife, got married , and had a child with her , which is why I am here today . There was something deeply moving about it. I'm glad I went.

It's important to go all out on a trip like this, and if you're thinking too much, you won't be able to carry it out, so this time I didn't have to make a lunch box during my son's midterm exam . I had mid-term exams throughout this week , so I thought it would be the least stressful for my son if I did it during that time, so I decided to do it. The timing was also very good.It was neither hot nor cold, and we were blessed with good weather. It was very good.

I left my dog ​​at a pet hotel for a week. As I mentioned earlier, you can understand this motorcycle once you ride it. I can see how good it is. The fuel consumption is regular gasoline, so you can always run more than 20km per liter, no matter how fast you drive it. There's a decent sense of heartbeat, especially when you set it to toura mode , and it goes from around 4,000 rpm all the way to the red zone of 7,500 in top gear. It's nice to be honest. From there, you'll probably be playing around with injection mapping.

Since it doesn't go any higher than that, I think the power is probably suppressed. Really, it's perfect for Japan's roads, from expressways to winding roads , and you can't ride on dirt, but if you want to swing this motorcycle around on dirt , you won't be able to. No matter what kind of suspension you put on it or what kind of tires you put on it, there's so much power that it won't do anything.

Well, in that sense, the NT-1100, which is in the category of new tourer, has become a good companion for me when traveling. This time, I went on a tour and drove about 1,600 km. One lap around Kyushu. It only takes 4 to 5 days.

I hurt my back a bit, but other than that, the engine is running well, the windshield is extremely effective, and I don't have to worry about driving anywhere. I think it's a great motorcycle. So, it has a dual clutch transmission and Apple CarPlay, so there's nothing to say about it as a tourer. This is not Honda's own opinion. This is my experience after riding it for a year and a half.

There are no obvious drawbacks. If I had to be greedy, I would like the front screen to be able to move up and down easily, or to be electric. If so, would I want to replace it? Also, I would like to make the fuel tank a little bigger. I think it would be even better if it could hold 4 to 5 liters more . It's a little tough to increase the weight of the car though.

In that way, we ended up having a very fulfilling trip. I sincerely hope that you all have a really good trip and a good life together, and I sincerely hope that tomorrow we will return to our normal lives . I wish you peace and health. Please excuse me then. thank you very much. Today's mileage was 181.7m.The

total mileage was 1775.3km.Thank you for watching.

2023-11-24 05:39

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