Kyushu touring day 5 with NT1100.October 18,2023.Miyazaki,Nobeoka,宮崎,延岡,大分

Kyushu touring day 5 with NT1100.October 18,2023.Miyazaki,Nobeoka,宮崎,延岡,大分

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Today is Wednesday, October 18th at 9:20am and the temperature is 20 degrees. It was quite late and I had slept until now. I ate breakfast at 6:30, but I couldn't get up after that and slept until 9:00. Today is the 4th day of my trip. I was so exhausted that I stayed in Nobeoka City just after 4pm last night, but I still didn't feel tired at all.

Originally, I was planning to stop by Takachiho Gorge from here , see Mt. Aso in Kumamoto, and then take the Yamanami Highway to Oita City, but it's a bit long, and the distance is about 200 km. However, since I drive all the way down the road, it takes about 5 hours or more even non-stop. Due to this, I was not feeling tired so I suddenly changed my plans. Well, I think I'll leave Aso and the Yamanami Highway for fun next time . Today I'm thinking of going directly to Oita City, where my next accommodation is.

Well, it's still 100km, so it's 1 hour and 34 minutes non-stop, which is about 11 o'clock, and I think we'll have to take a break on the way before we arrive, and it'll be past lunch. Well, it's a shame, but considering my own safety , if I overdo it here and drive in an unsteady state, something very bad could happen, so I decided to give up on Kumamoto Aso and the Yamanami Highway on this trip to Kyushu. Masu. I'm very disappointed, but I can't help it.

If you don't drive safely, there's no point in driving too hard and getting into an accident. Well, it's such a physically demanding situation, and my back is already so bad, so it's a shame, but I can go again anytime, so this time. has changed that plan. Now we are heading towards Oita again on National Route 10 . After all, the rice hasn't been harvested yet. That's the case with everything around here. Get on the expressway along Route 10 .

It's very beautiful. After all, the countryside is very beautiful. It runs along the coastline, so by the time you reach the coastline, you're on the expressway. I'm really planning on using this day as a rest day. This will be a lesson for my next tour.

If I don't take at least one rest day after three days of running, my current physical strength won't last. unfortunately. I ran almost the same distance when I was younger and in my 20s , but I completed it in about 3 days. I'm already running twice as much as GPZ, which is leaning forward at 750.

If I had the remaining stamina , I could probably go as far as I wanted, but right now, this is my limit. Well, I would like to make this a golden rule from now on, that after every 3 days of running, I take 1 rest day . Or maybe I'll run for 2 days and then take a day off! ? If I don't decide that this is just the right amount , I will almost cause an accident. I feel dizzy, and I can't even look at myself if I think I'll lose my balance . If it rotates once, it probably won't survive because it has a payload of nearly 300 kg. It's the same with motorcycles, and with my body, it's not a big deal, but I 've had a few close calls, so yesterday I thought I'd be a little more careful here. I have it. There's a roadside station right away, so I thought I'd go there for a while and have some tea or coffee, so today is a complete day of rest.

That's enough. We will soon exit the Usuki interchange again . From here, it was 23km to reach the hostel. Usuki is where the ferry departs from Kyushu to Yawatahama in Shikoku . Tomorrow, instead of taking the ferry from Usuki, I plan to take it from another direction. I'm passing by the sea.

I can't see the sea though. The weather is wonderful today as well. This is Usuki River. I have passed through Miyazaki Prefecture and come to Oita Prefecture.

Kyushu is a very beautiful place with lots of greenery everywhere you go. I would like to come again. If possible. This time, I missed the Yamanami Highway and Mt. Aso, so

I'm definitely going to cross over to Kyushu again. Next time, it would be very time consuming and tiring to go via Hiroshima, so I would take the ferry from Shikoku to Kyushu and land directly in Kyushu, which would free up time and physical strength, so I would like to do that kind of process. I'm thinking of putting together a. I have a lot of time from now on, so I don't know if it will be in a year or two, but I would like to come back when I have the strength to do it again. Daily exercise is important. I feel like I'm not getting enough exercise. This time I only toured for about 3 or 4 days, but my arms have grown considerably.

It takes a lot of arm strength, and even though it only took about 4 days to ride such a heavy motorcycle , I can definitely feel that my arm muscles are gaining strength. I just had a bad back. At the seams of the road, when you're pushed up, it hits your lower back hard, which also has a negative effect. However, the riding comfort of this NT1100 is overwhelmingly better than other motorcycles.

The seat is very comfortable with a comfortable seat, and the suspension is not too hard or too squishy or soft, so it's just right. It's just my lack of physical strength. Kyushu has a lot of solar panels. Same thing over there.

Solar panels are all the rage. Solar panels are installed and attached to the entire slope of the mountain . I don't see it much in Shikoku though. It's true that you can generate your own electricity, so if I were to move to the Philippines and live there, I would be able to use solar panels on my roof to power an air conditioner at all times, since the country is right on the equator . That way, you won't need much electricity. Well, the solar power here is on a different scale, and it covers the whole slope of the mountain.

I think they are using it for some kind of business. The goal will be reached soon. I remember a little bit.

Yesterday's traffic jam was in Kumamoto, not Kumamoto. As for the traffic jam in Kagoshima, I heard that Kako of Prince Akishino was there and was holding the closing ceremony. So it was extremely crowded. (Laughs) Road traffic regulations were in place. There must have been a lot of people, but there were road closures in place everywhere.

Well, since it's the Emperor's family, when the Emperor's family comes, they close the roads, close off traffic, and create priority roads. Well, that was the main reason for the terrible condition at the exit of the expressway yesterday . of Kagoshima. Apparently that was the cause.

There was a closing ceremony for the national polity. That's what it means. It's now 11:23am and we have 4.5km left to reach the hotel.

Well, there's no point in going to bed now, so I'm thinking of having lunch somewhere and relaxing. This is Oita city. There's Canon. It's huge. Today is really a rest day and I'm taking it easy. It's not a quick trip, so when I 'm on mass touring, I can't cancel just because I'm tired, but when I'm touring solo, I'm tired today. Well, I'll stop.

It's nice to go touring with someone you know because you can do that , but the freedom of solo touring really comes at times like this. In particular, unlike when I was younger, I can't push myself too hard, and if I push too hard, I'll have an accident, so I think it's better to be able to run at my own pace, so I think solo touring will continue to be my main activity. If it's a local area, it would be nice to ride with everyone on mass touring, but for long distances. Alas, I made a mistake. I entered in the wrong place. (Laughs) I have to find a restaurant. It's currently 12:44 p.m.,

I 've got a job, and I still have time until check-in, so I'm taking the ferry tomorrow from Beppu Port to Yawatahama. I'm on my way now, thinking I'll go to the bus stop first and reserve a ticket . I'm about 9km away. This place also has a very beautiful view of the sea . The flow is very good so far, and if it's early tomorrow, I'll probably arrive right away. Today's mileage was 152.5km. Thank you for watching.

2023-11-19 12:34

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