Kyushu touring day 4 with NT1100.October 17, 2023.Sakurajima,Nichinan Coast.桜島,日南海岸

Kyushu touring day 4 with NT1100.October 17, 2023.Sakurajima,Nichinan Coast.桜島,日南海岸

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I was staying in Kagoshima prefecture. Today is Tuesday, October 17th. Temperature 18 degrees. Today, I'm thinking of driving through Kirishima's road to Miyazaki and then to Nobeoka , with Sakurajima on my right .

About 250km. This is probably the easiest part of the process as it involves the least distance . The navigation says it will take about 3 hours and 40 minutes. I think it will take about 5 hours , as there will be two or three breaks along the way . See you soon. Kagoshima City, Kagoshima Prefecture, Nichinan Coast, Miyazaki Prefecture , Nichinan Coast, Roadside Station, Nobeoka City , Miyazaki Prefecture The traffic jam on the left lane is Interhigh.It seems like the National Athletic Meet is being held in Kagoshima this year, so today, the 17th, is there an opening ceremony? (Actually, it was the closing ceremony) There 's a huge traffic jam.

You can't go into Kagoshima city anymore. The Kagoshima interchange is coming soon, but it's already in this condition, so it's a big deal. When it comes to the national polity, students come from all over the country. By the way, the national polity was held in Kochi Prefecture last year, and it was amazing, including everyone involved.This is how it is.It's so pitiful that it's in this condition.I

think we'll soon see Sakurajimajima.You can see it on the right . That's right, it's only 2km away from the Sakurajima service area. I'm thinking of taking a little break there. The weather is very nice. This time in Kyushu, we were really lucky with the weather, and it was a beautiful autumn day.

It 's neither cold nor hot, making for a very pleasant touring experience. After all, it's cold at night. It's now 20 degrees in the morning and evening . Just. At night, the temperature drops to 16 or 17 degrees, so it's too cold for this jacket. That 's great . I was so tired that I almost fainted several times . I'm exhausted, especially in the evening. You should definitely stop running after dark. There are also age-related factors, and I am determined to avoid this at all costs. I can't see anymore, I can't see at night, and to make matters worse, it's cold and I'm getting so tired that I feel like I'm going to collapse.

Shall we park here? I can see Sakurajima. Smoke is dancing in the sky. According to the people in the service area here, Sakurajima has been emitting a lot of smoke recently. The volcanic smoke is still rising just as vigorously as it was 40 years ago.

Right now, it looks like smoke is engulfing the area. I can't get close to it because it's part of the national polity. It's causing a huge traffic jam.

Sakurajima is still actively erupting today. The weather has been really nice. it's the best.

I just left the Sakurajima service area, so it's 9:47am.The next stop is Kirishima National Park. I'm thinking of taking another break there, but Mt. Kirishima also has a very beautiful landscape, so since it's the beginning of autumn, I might even see some autumn leaves. I will run with high expectations.

The weather is perfect. See you later. You can clearly see Sakurajima. Good location from here. It's still emitting smoke. Sakurajima is amazing.

I can see the batch shit. Smoke is coming out. The weather is wonderful.

This is so strange. Since we have rice, it's probably the second crop even though it's only mid-October . I think this is probably the second harvest since it would be impossible to harvest at this time in Kagoshima's warm climate . Of rice. Otherwise, I would have already harvested the crops before August and planted them a second time, but I would have harvested them by now. That's how I interpret it.

It's warm after all. In Kochi Prefecture, in the Nangoku City area, we used to do double cropping, but now we don't do it because the land becomes thinner . Beautiful. The best. The longer one from here is the best. We will soon say goodbye to Kagoshima and head towards Mt. Kirishima. See you later. I went to the Nichinan coast in Miyazaki prefecture . It's now 11:39 and the temperature is 24 degrees. hot.

I was thinking of going directly to the inn, but since I had time, I decided to get off the highway a little south and drive along the Nichinan coast. This is a very beautiful place with palm trees and is a tropical country.The climate is very similar to Kochi. The atmosphere is also similar. Well, in terms of distance, it's Shikoku and Kyushu, but the closest one is very close, so just across the sea is Kochi.

The weather is very nice, 25 degrees. The sea is so beautiful. After all, it was the right decision to come to the Nichinan Coast . This took about 2 hours, but it was worth the trip. It's very beautiful. It's

almost 11:40 am and I'm tired so I keep running. I ran all the way from Kirishima to Miyazaki over the mountains, without taking a break along the way, so I thought I'd take a break somewhere as it's almost noon . see you. It's now 1:40pm and I took a lunch break for about an hour . After driving 118 km from now , you will reach the inn. I'm planning to arrive after 3pm, which will take about an hour and a half, so I think I'll probably just take the train through . I might take a break at a high-speed service area on the way . That was a bit of a detour. After all, the Nichinan coast is quite tough. But it was worth coming. Actually, I should have just used a drone to take pictures of the coastline , but I'm a little tired and it's hard to open my luggage, so I decided to continue on to the expressway interchange . Tomorrow I will be driving the “Yamanami Highway” I'm really looking forward to that. Well, it's 14km to the Miyazaki interchange . From there, the train continues to drive at high speed, so it's only a straight road.

I will go to Nobeoka City. It's beautiful. This palm tree gives off a tropical atmosphere. Miyazaki is a great place.

It's warm and you can see the ocean. Sounds good. It's spacious.

The mountains are far away, so it's bigger than Kochi. Kochi is already a mountain if you drive a few kilometers within the city, so you'll run into it , and you'll have to cross mountains to get to the sea, so in that sense, Miyazaki feels more spacious. it is a good feeling.

This road is. After Shimohinata City is Nobeoka City. Nobeoka will probably be today's goal. I plan to arrive after 4 o'clock. After all, I rode today while taking some breaks, so I ended up arriving at noon at No Stop.

It's past 4 o'clock and this is what happened. When I was younger, I would have ridden a lot, but now my lower back hurts so much that after an hour of riding, I have to rest for 2 to 30 minutes before I can move. So the 500km trip from Iwakuni to Amakusa was really tough. the 2nd day.

Compared to then, today is still easy. I'll be driving quite a distance tomorrow, but it'll be a winding road, so I don't think I'll get bored. Aso in Kumamoto We are planning to go around the outer rim of Mt. Aso and stay overnight in Oita Prefecture as we head towards the "Yamanami Highway." With that in mind, I don't have to push myself too hard tomorrow . It is like this. Today's mileage was 310km. Thank you for watching.

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