Kupiłem 7 samochodów i je wam rozdam... | 4 odbiory z salonu, 3 miesiące nagrań, 1 film |

Kupiłem 7 samochodów i je wam rozdam... | 4 odbiory z salonu, 3 miesiące nagrań, 1 film |

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In today's video, I bought 7 cars. We'll modify 7 cars today, to then find them all a new owner. I'm Budda and if you're here for the first time, warm welcome! Let's start from the beginning.

1. Idea 2. Implementation 3. Shopping... First seconds of the video and you see me in panties, already. A promising start.

Hello, it’s August 28th – long, long ago, basically. It’s 6:11 AM – if we’re up with the lark, there has to be a great reason. My face remains pretty swollen. As we record this, it’s 3 days since the memorable teeth extraction. The summary’s time has come. Yet, my lisping’s undone. It even rhymed. Nice! We pack into the Sprinter and start a journey through Poland! Shall I clean the window, or not?! Maybe not.

The stop number one is Toruń. Next, we’ll stop by Gdańsk, for example. Altogether, we’re gonna do 4 such stops. That’s because today, we’re picking up 4 cars from the dealerships.

Let’s agree, that picking up a single, new car from the dealership makes good content for a separate video. We, however, are going to pick up 4 of them and moreover: We’re going to modify all 4 of them today. We’re now likely beginning the production of a video, which will take a few, next months. A week ago, for example, we ordered a few dozens of parts from the USA and Japan… Which will take at least 8-9 weeks to reach us.

And we wish to show you everything, from A to Z. Right from the delivery to when the cars are ready. Next, all of them, all of these 4 cars… Are going to you, my viewers.

The event begins next week. So through this video, I think… To speak boldly and immodestly – we likely begin making history. Like I said, we begin with Toruń, just not averagely. Call it with grandeur and gusto.

What do you say, to the newest Audi RS6 C8? Yes. We begin like that. (6 hours into the trip. 10 minutes to Toruń) In my dreams!! No, now: In my dreams!! Warsaw… Now, Seba! In my dreams!!! -It's not like... -That doesn't mean...

00, W-11? -Hold on, hold on. Are you dictating me the… -Noo, no… That wasn’t the mileage, that wasn’t it. Grażyna waited for me to tell her the car’s mileage. I picked up, saying “00 to W-11”. She thought, I began dictating. As we’re already here, I hope none of you thought we’d take delivery from the dealership, wearing frivolous shoes.

Some usual ones. I’m grabbing the proper ones. Swish, one. Swish, second one. Close the suitcase.

And here I go, like I should. -Was it you, selling us that car? -Yes. Ever had a situation, where you went to work in the morning… Not knowing, you’d sell the RS – and arrived at work to sell one? In such a fast way? You’re unique.

Alright, so it was fast? -Yes. -Great, then. Will I get some freebies? -Some mugs, pens? Got hoodies? -We got something prepared. Great, cool. We love such freebies.

-Kamil, we got a great request to you. -Yeah? There’s two sons of our employees. -They’d love an autograph and a photo. -Sure. -Let’s do it this way: An autograph and a photo for mugs and pens. -Okay… That’s fire! Not once in my videos, have I said that, I really like the C8 Audi RS6.

I really like the headlights, it’s body line – consistently from the C7. If we add all the stuff we have in plans, the stuff we actually ordered already, not just in plans… I think, it’s going to be a wet dream of each enthusiast of the brand. Do we uncover? Damn, a nice color! This is an Audi Exclusive line color. It’s called a Sonoma Green. One of the unique colors. Matches the RS perfectly. -Yeah, it looks great. -It looks great in case of each RS, but the RS6 has those blacks…

Like the black mirrors, really looks phenomenal. Cool, thanks. -Can I have the key? -Sure.

Nice, I’m going inside. Most importantly, the C8 differs from the C7, with its interior. We got the totally new interior from Audi.

The screens we have here are really big – the whole A/C control unit, the virtual cockpit… The large screen here. The RS6 is definitely one of the higher models from Audi. Now, let’s hear it talk. If it won’t – I promise to you: It’s going to, even in this video. Yo, it does! He can talk! That's right, fool! Flying, talking! For a car delivery in 2023, you’re pretty cool! Oh, damn! -You’re surprised too, right? -Yeah, yeah! It’s all right! How do I turn on the “Dynamic” in the new one? Kamil’s fumbling with the exhaust, 10 seconds after taking delivery of the car.

We can’t rev it up higher than 3000 RPM now. We still got the cold engine light. Now, the fuel suction just decreased. -Damn, shoot it from the back. -Nice, nice. -There’s potential here. -V8 is a V8, after all. Truly, these newest year models force the manufacturers to quieten down the exhausts.

But if there’s potential here, I promise: We’ll use it anyway. The slipper’s loose, the papers are signed at ease, too. The paperwork took 2 minutes and… Listen up. With the car, you’re getting such 3 sheets of paper.

The things, that interest you the most, are: The RS sport exhaust system, even stock. We’ll improve it anyway. A towing hook – a rarity in case of RS6’s. But, you can hook up a trailer and go, say: Jet skiing or ride snowmobiles. Or, if you wish to transport half a ton of wood out of town, you do that, too.

The RS+ sport suspension with the Dynamic Ride Control – the car’s much stiffer. Even if you wish to visit the track, the car’s much sportier. On the second page, key information, in my opinion: The RS Dynamic+ pack.

That’s ceramic brakes, the maximum speed of… A modest 305 km/h. Moreover, HD Matrix LED headlights, with lasers. Whoever drove with the lasers before, will know, that night driving appears like daytime. Despite just beginning the topic of RS, we’ll be closing it down now.

My loves, the license plates. But besides that, the listing price: 192 000 EUR. Besides that, I can already tell you, we ordered parts worth over 22 500 EUR! We’re approaching the worth of 225 000 EUR (1 000 000 PLN). Attention! Listen closely, now: We’re not talking about the main prize, yet. Let’s go on! Cool, cool. A powerful machine. I would’ve forgotten: They gave us freebies.

Lovely. Oh damn! A gecko. A mug for everyone, here you go. -Maybe I’ll put it here? -No, no… Thank you. It was great, we’re open to future opportunities. -I’d like another gingerbread… -Take all of them.

Thank you! Wish you all best. Dope gingerbreads. Besides the freebies, there’s a 200 EUR gift card to use on clothes, accessories, keychains, umbrellas. You can floss with Audi all the way, once you win. You may also be wondering, if I hadn’t made a mistake, when I said: We’re not talking about the main prize, yet.

To answer the question, if playing is gonna be worth it – that wasn’t a mistake. The RS6 is not the main prize. The level’s quite high. Pretty f**ing high up here. I sit down with my love and the next stop is: Gdańsk.

Are we gonna enter the second dealership, despite being in the first minutes of the video? The answer is: Of course, yes. But, are we still discussing the side prizes? Mr. Tadeusz? Don’t know, but I could guess. If that’s basically clear – the Mk5 Toyota Supra. Let’s go inside.

She’s waiting for us inside. I went in rocking slippers, easily picked the car up. However, the acoustics of this room is really poor. So, it’s probably the best time for you to get used to what a stock Supra looks like.

Don’t get too attached, it won’t stay like this for long. Damn, I barely made it inside! -Did you record me almost breaking my bones? -Yea. Dude, the seat isn’t adjusted. Hold on, it’s a two-seater. And that’s really beautiful, how it’s a totally different car from the RS6. The thing I wish to convey to you now, however… It’s an amazing thing on the current market.

Years ago, when the first Supra was bought on the channel… I think it’s been 3 years already. (Even 4*) Listen, it cost exactly the same – 77 300 EUR, straight from the dealership. Attention, now. We’re gonna add between 22 500 and 27 000 EUR here. Yeah... 22... 27 thousand... (EUR)

Dude. I'm from the future. I can already tell you... And tell all of you, too. Those 22 - 27 thousand EUR of yours... Have changed into over 55 thousand EUR.

You put almost 55 thousand EUR into the Supra! But, you might have not known that, sitting there and talking. So, I told you now. Going back and you - keep on watching. So, the sum is really gonna be beautiful. What I mean is, these Supra’s hold their value really well… And the guys working here, say, that in case of the GR Yaris and the new Supra… 15 minutes and a single phone call, if any car’s available… The car’s gone.

Let’s see what it sounds like, because it’s gonna sounds great. But, how is it now? S**ty. -Enough, right? -Yeah. Nothing, there’s nothing. Tragic. Wojtek Szczęsny on exhaust of new Supra A letdown and lots of shame. It’s a shame, shame.

It’s a shame, but it won’t stay like that. We’re driving outside and continue! Which one of you would like to drive such a Supra? All the meetups, cars & coffee’s, trips and vacations. You bring your girl and grab her by the knee. A completely different type of car, from the RS6. This is key. The diversity. Close that door and we’re leaving.

You can’t order a new Supra anymore. This is an ultra powerful and important info for you. One could only buy the ones, which were ordered before July 2023.

The 3.0 liter from BMW – can’t lie, when we say it’s steadfast. The gearbox – also foolproof. It’s up to you to decide, whether you want to mod it up to 500 HP, by simply reprogramming… To 700 HP – a bit more work… Or above 1000 HP, headed towards rebuilding the engine. The realistic value, post mods, is gonna be around 100 000 EUR. Further down the video, you may actually find it a bit priceless.

Not gonna spoil it, keep watching. We’ll handle the stylistic and visual sides – everyone agrees on one thing. Toyota released the new Supra, hoping the new owners would mod them… Just the way they did, in case of Mk4. So: You play, win and decide.

It’s simple. I got two sets. I’d say: “Want one? Then play.” But I’ll give you both, if you win. Nah, it has to look so dope… Oh, f**ing hell! It looks beautiful, let me tell you.

-Bartek? -Fire! It’s all right! A beautiful meeting of Europe and Japan. They almost kissed. -The child they’d have… -A 3-seater.

It’d be a 3-seater, yeah! The main prize (50%) Sorry, excuse me. I’d like to ask Daniel, our editor. Daniel, Daniel! What’s the runtime of the video? Well... It's... It's 13 minutes! Yeah, right. Just as you said, it’s time to enter the 3rd dealership…

And slowly move towards the topic of main prizes. I said it in plural not without a reason. That’s because we’re here with a double semi-trailer, again.

And we’ll enter not just one, but two dealerships. Moreover, in order to get these cars, we had to take the trouble of getting to Germany… Because these configs in Poland… If in any configs, really. Are totally unavailable. Let’s go, I’ll explain.

Fire, we even got two sets of keys. (We’re calling the specialist) -Hello, what’s up? -Hi, are you at work already, or not? -I’ll be there at 11:00. -Alright, because I got a technical question. If one were to order a “Touring” in Poland, what’s the waiting time? I’d tell you… We’re talking about such with carbon and everything, right? Yeah, we’re talking nice specification, carbon bucket seats and so on. The earliest would probably be around April of next year.

-April next year?! -Yeah. Okay, so… Such with carbon is rather a scarce commodity, still. -I know, but these carbon seats are a necessity, right? -I know, I know. -So, 8 to 12 months? -Yeah, I’d say around that. -Okay, thanks a lot. -Easy, see you. Between 8 and 12 months, and you probably guessed already.

That call wasn’t an incident. My loves, I introduce the M3 Touring BMW! Not only an individual color, but also with the absolutely scarce seats... Because I respect the thing, I said during the Supra build. Without these seats, the new M feels a bit... defective? Just wanted to add that. While packing the stuff, I saw them from behind and had such a thought. Not gonna lie, because I saw it already.

Even got two sets of keys to it. Which remain mine, but not for long. Because the Touring is gonna belong to one of you, soon. Check it out! Yo, to me, that’s so absurdly absurd.

That, we’re now at the main prize to win. But this isn’t 100% of the main prize. Because, we’re soon gonna visit a Mercedes dealership and buy an A45s AMG.

However, my loves, why is it so absurd and why am I going crazy here?! Because, just as you heard, its waiting time in Poland is between 8 and 12 months. That’s absurd. What’s absurd too, is once we use the calculator – in the end, this car cost us 160 896 EUR! And we haven’t even added the stuff, that we’re going to! Moreover, we’re gonna do so in the same video, as picking it up! On top of that, we’ll add the A45s AMG! Now, I officially announce: The Supra – 3rd place! The RS6 – 2nd place! The 1st place, for the first time in history – two cars, my loves! I’m 100% serious! For the first time in history, you may both keep the car and cash-out on the car, to have lots of money.

Or, you may have even more money! Or gift the second car to your brother, sister, mother, or girlfriend! Maybe if the girlfriend wins, then to her boyfriend! I’ll tell you more about these cars, because we’re putting it all into a single video! Now, 160 km to pick up the last, A45s AMG. Let’s go, my loves!! Come on, actually. Just a second. Mr. Cameraman, please stand like so – can you see the whole car?

-Do you?! -Yes. Good. Now, it’s taking up the whole shot. I’m showing you the way this paint looks, under the sun. And it really looks… It’s f**ing slick! However, if we wrap it in any other color… After winning, you’ll be the one to decide – in such case, we spend a day working, on removing it.

Or keep it the way we wrapped it, if we throw such wrap in. Alright, cool. Cool, that you know what’s up to win. I’m free to f**k off, now. F**k off, we don’t need you in our team! No, what? Even stock, without a slam, exhaust or spacers – it already looks absurd on that semi-trailer. You shoot such a pic to your Insta Story… And once we’re done with it and add lots of details… If it’s the finale, then with a bang! Because with that, you’re getting a car, that’d make the prize by itself! In order to pick it up, 160 km to the south, Munich.

To get a new A45S AMG in Poland? Completely impossible. You could order it, but not until a few months from now. That’s why we’re here. Here, a new one is available to be picked up.

Moreover, it’s in a color I praised many times. Because I got the same one on my GLC AMG. Let’s go inside.

The place we’re in – our western friends with grandeur! Take a look, there’s a Miura. There’s an F40. There’s also something I really like, namely the 911.

Just not the usual one – Turbo S, GTStreet R. Also, covered in a Tech-Art kit. A 911 GTRS.

But also, my loves, your future car. Your future car, which cost us 81 650 EUR! What that means, the moment you win the main prize – the M3 and the A45s… Cars worth a total of 241 500 EUR, go into your account. Besides, some of you is going to get the RS6 or the new Toyota Supra. This isn’t the end of stuff you can win.

I think, the stuff we additionally, finally prepared with all of it... About which you’ll find out next week, when the event starts… Will be quite interesting to you, as well. I, however, pace around the A45s, which I’m gonna enter now. And show you, that it’s a sign.

Because as we record it today, it’s September 7th. Just as we open the car up – I’ll allow myself to sit in your future seat – there’s 7 km of mileage. Notice, how it’s all new in here. We got the foil here… This car, like all the other ones, that you’re to win, is straight from the dealership. Take a look, what the A class AMG is like, which you could either keep, gift to somebody, or sell.

What, then? Move on! Poof, the set just gained awesomeness. The Mercedes’ beak to beak with the BMW. This duo is powerful. Again, a question to Daniel the Editor, arises: If we brought 4 cars out of the dealerships, is it the right time to throw the intro in? It is. Since we have the permission from the very top, hold on with your decision of which one to pick… Because this is just the beginning of the video. It’ll likely be best to choose at the end.

If it’s intro time, intro then! I feel, like this event is called the final one, just check the license plates of the car parked right next to the trailer! It’s a sign. All strapped down, all packed. Time to head back to motherland. The whole trip to Germany was none other, than two quick car deliveries, each done in a matter of minutes. Yet, the route was pure drudgery.

A rig of this size, weight and value drives at the top speed of 80 km/h. You can’t deny its good looks from the drone, during the ride. To stop this epic view, one can’t decline to say, that at the 15th hour of boredom… I began ventilating my ass through an open door.

Let’s get to the point Let’s get to the point – but with us, here, today – the stuff isn’t just random. It all looks rather pretty, allow me to present you the further part of this video. Namely, we brought all of them to Cracow. We washed all of them, then put all 4 of them next to each other in a row. We’ll now bring them out to the city and record them, the way they are – that’s 100% stock. Next up, we get to modifying all of these cars, in the same video.

In the end and in the same manner: Again, we bring them out, when they’re done. The way, you may win them. But the thing we prepared for now, is just far away… It’s pretty far from YouTube. Think it much more resembles the cinema.

So, we’re getting out to show you, what I mean. Listen up, if Uncle says we’re being ambitious, then we are. Why are we, though? Because when I promised, that the money we made through this channel… Will be invested in making the channel look continuously better, for you to receive even better content. That promise has to be fulfilled. Welcome very much, gentlemen. I cooperated with these gentlemen, not once.

Right now, we’re installing a camera. A camera, which likely cost some and will help show these people, the content of highest edition. This is the newest camera from ARRI. It’s a high-end camera, currently the best one available on the market.

-Such cameras are used for cinema movie productions, right? -Yes. This is an absolute cinema-grade camera. In slow motion, how many gigabytes per second are we talking? It generates a gigabyte per second. A 2TB card fills up in 40 minutes.

One gigabyte per second, nice. We also got the crane. We’ll record dynamic shots. That’s fire to me, hope for the same from you.

A 45 000 EUR lens, 150 000 EUR head and a 120 000 EUR camera. It’s alright, it’s okay. A few, nice hours passed here.

They basically look pretty, together at the parking lot. As much as the M3 made it for the sunset, all the rest was done in a nightly vibe. Cool shots, how starting from the legs, the cars slowly appear. We move to the last one. The shot, as I stand by all of them.

Cool, really cool. Won’t deny. But, you saw me standing. It’s time to bring them out to Cracow. -Is it visible? -Yeah, it is. Let me tell you, then. It’s lit, really lit! Look at it now, look! F**k me, The Fast and the Furious! Not even that – when I was young, I watched behind the scenes and saw something similar. F**k me! Don’t understand s**t, booyah.

I just know, that the shots made with it are… beautiful. Simply beautiful. We’re basically closing in on all the stuff around these cars, when still stock. It’s worth to notice, how these cars are completely different from each other. As a fun fact: Supra, for example, will be drawn in the first minutes of the final livestream. I wish to appreciate those of you, tickets of whom make it to the drawing box during the event’s duration.

Officially, then: We’re drawing the Supra straight away, right after starting the livestream. It’s definitely gonna be a weekend car. Two seats, rear-wheel drive and the only one in the pack, with Japanese roots. Supra’s really enjoyable. At car meetups, a stock ones doesn’t break necks. However, after what we plan for it, I think it’ll make quite some turmoil during the automotive season.

Moving on, the RS6 is a giant car. If there’re children in the family, if you wish to pack plenty into the trunk… If you wish to have a car, that can both chop people at the lights, go 300 km/h on the highway and bring the whole family skiing… This is it. There’s nothing to say. To the enthusiasts of Audi, this is one of the most iconic models. A 4.0 liter V8, with over 600 HP even when stock.

It might ruin the epicness of the shots you’re seeing, but 8 months ago, during an interview on Wersow’s channel, I was asked a thing: Do you regret selling any car? Audi RS6, I love that car. I feel sorry for it. If you had to choose one single car, that you’d have to drive till the end of your life? If I were to drive that car to work, shopping and commute daily with it, I’d choose the C8 Audi RS6. The new edition of the RS6.

Back then, I had no idea of this event. So, that’s the best proof for my honesty. Today, another player, I could’ve chosen, showed up – you probably guessed already, it’s exactly the one, we got onboard. The Touring edition M3 is what I believe the best thing, to be released from BMW throughout many, past years. I think the amount of orders and the length of queue’s, prove that too. The car, which I think is so great, that I decided to buy another one, just to keep my copy to myself.

An incredible connection of Touring, which – as we all know – will easily hold half a ton of potatoes. Is it spacy or what? 3.5 seconds to 100 km/h, half a ton of potatoes. Without a hitch. But also, disconnect the front-wheel drive – without even stopping, by the way – and do a burnout, like a pure M3.

The car, some of you is gonna win together with the A45s AMG! Mercedes, being a perfect daily driver, car for a young guy or even for your woman! You’ll park it everywhere, it’s got such a f**kload of camera’s, she won’t complain about not seeing stuff. Over 400 HP in a safe four-wheel drive. A drift mode, which as we established long ago, works.

I was sat down for weeks, choosing these cars – seriously. I’m honestly 100% satisfied, because each of you may choose your own favorite. Modding time We therefore finish the story of stock cars and begin the journey with the green and purple friends, at MG Motorsport. It’s high time to give them a bit of character and uniqueness. Time being 7:30 AM, September 11th, Monday – MG headquarters.

Now, to improve your watching experience, due to the fact, that we’re doing 4 cars simultaneously for the first time in history... We got a clever idea of showing such car-related logotypes appearing in the corner, just like you see now. For example, the RS6 and M3 are getting an exhaust from MG, you then see these logotypes. When we switch the car, the logotypes changes, too. We’re fighting time, as always. So, while the exhausts are being welded in Silesia… We move to Cracow – please switch the logotype – where Supra’s being disassembled to become fresh… And receive the stuff it missed, when it was stock.

The plan for Supra’s interior is rather simple, but most importantly, aimed at maximum pleasure of use. We’re agreed on all the parts, only the seats are left. Those have to improved, as they just look poor.

We’ll likely put Alcantara in the middle and cover the sides with leather. We surely have to use something strong on the sides, Alcantara would quickly use up. A quick, final question: What’s the estimated time? If we confirm the project today, then… Monday? (*5 working days) -Monday it is. -And that’s appreciated. The idea behind the graffiti behind my back, was born in May. The garage wall here, was meant to hold the logotypes of our biggest projects.

And there it was, the Nissan GTR – Godzilla, its logotype. But that was in May. Now, we begin the work on 4 cars. What that means is, it’s high time and a few months have passed. We’re gonna cover the whole wall in black and the guy who needs no introduction, comes again… Because you know him since the GTR.

We’re throwing in 4 logotypes, and each of the cars – BMW, Audi, Mercedes and Toyota – will have their own. Alright, so… Ruin that masterpiece. First one...

Let me tell you, we’re f**ing short on paint. Don’t s**t me now, my moves are professional. -There’s confidence. -There’s confidence, straight moves. Somebody will soon correct me, for doing the same spot twice. I just did that. This channel f**ing saw everything.

-Does focus appear on my face? -Yeah. A bit of f**ing work. (We’ll dry it out soon. Gonna be pico bello!) I already said you need no introduction. -We covered your masterpieces. -Good.

However, listen. Here goes. The M3, such a logotype. Very neat, by the way. Nicely refers to it. The Mercedes in a set with the M3, very nice too – the A45s.

Next, the RS6 referring to its color. -Very nice, however, my favorite – you’re amazing. -Japan! The Japanese style, look at that! Supra, such a Japanese vibe with cherry blossom and so on. How long will it take you? How long per one, 30 minutes? We’ll see, two hours should be fine.

-Two hours for all of them? -For one… -Two hours for one? -We’ll see. -Alright. -I’ll try to do it fast. Basically, the plan for today is really simple. Please bring me the BMW and Mercedes logotypes. Today, we got plenty of carbon for the M3. We’ll be assembling it all.

Speaking of the A45, we got a complete exhaust for it. Speaking of the exhaust, I got a tool, that might be familiar to you. (Recorder audio, the Mk5 build video) This is the best possible way to show you, what something sounds like. I got the RS6 keys here and there, the RS6 itself, which arrived straight from MG.

I therefore hand it over to the cameraman, and you… Check out, what the eight cylinders of a V8 sound like, with 4.0 liters. Basically, we’ll have a cold start here. Not sure, if the exhaust valves won’t automatically close, watch it. This is the sound.

Yes, the valves closed immediately. But it screamed amazingly, before. We’ll now try… There has to be a way to open them. Alright, we got them open. Attention! Keep in mind, the engine is a cold, so we’re only revving up to 3000 RPM. Yet, we already hear the V8 punching. Under pressure, think it’ll be a punch.

What’s important to mention, I invite you down here. We don’t have the final diffuser yet, so don’t even look. But, we got the giant exhaust tip from MG, made of carbon fiber. It’s intentionally pushed out, once the exhaust warms up, it’ll push out even further, by about a centimeter. Let’s see the M3 now, it’s got a twin solution to one from my Touring.

Marginally louder, by around 10-15%. Attention, cold start. Identical to mine, 1:1. Not even close to stock, though. It was very quiet. Now, it’s alright.

Let it decrease the suction, we’ll then check how it sounds. To keep it fair, there’s also a limit of 3000 RPM. Tests after delivery from MG Indeed, it’s marginally louder than mine. Speaking of the RS6 and M3, we don’t have the V8 sound here, but a bit of pops instead… Which in case of RS6, only happen under pressure. Here, even stationary. Here, there’s visual changes, despite still lacking plenty of parts.

Thanks to these deficiencies, we can at least show said changes. The rear diffuser is removed. The tips are way bigger than stock, also in carbon fiber covers – twin to the ones in RS6. Tell you honestly, once we connect that with the Eventuri intake system – the same as in my Touring… You’ll see the sound effects both in the front and the back of the car. Because that intake really changes things, a lot.

Of course, I forgot to say, that each car has a valve system in their exhausts. You can close them, they get quiet. You can open them, they scream. Let me state that again: Each mod without voiding the warranty! I mentioned about having lots of carbon parts for the M3. For example, a completely different front grille. However, what’s interesting, we don’t have the front diffuser yet – the front lip.

That’s because it’s gonna be the first such front lip, it’s being made to order. It’s a completely new front lip, from the Reventon Design company. That’s the same company, that did the kit for the M3cs. Tell you honestly, that car was really well fitted, the carbon was beautifully made. What that means, I decided to use their services once again.

We got more and more of these parts here, take a look at the door sill connectors here, for example. Not only will the car get wider, we’ll lower it down, visually. Speaking of the M3, take a look at this, too. Another piece nicely made of carbon fiber. Come, I’ll show you where it goes.

Poof – look, even the shark fin on the roof is millimeter perfect. It’ll nicely decorate the roof with carbon fiber. Like I said, there’s lots of these parts. It’s not all of them, but we got the mirror, for example. A typical for the M line. It’ll sit here and fit the whole kit nicely. However, let’s move here.

Generally, considering the amount of the parts laying here. This is literally... To tell the truth, we could fill the whole garage with boxes, trinkets, add-ons, rims, suspensions, exhausts and so on, and so on. There’s lots of it. Speaking of the A45, there’s the whole system here. Besides, the tips matching both the M3 and RS6.

Way bigger than stock, made by MG. Now look at the way, these bigger barrels look like, with additional carbon… Which will help craft out some additional notes from the car. Which, considering to be a 2.0 liter – I think the A45s AMG is the best sounding car of its segment.

Alright, let’s not prolong then. Cruze is painting and we begin the assembly. I wish to convey: We’re likely making history. Because of 4 cars in a single video. The graphic arises, first the Supra. We focus on Mercedes. On the lift and up it goes. The stock exhaust has to be removed.

It just so happened, Han’s removing it with Bartek, while I’m behind the wall. If someone listened to their conversation, not knowing about their work on the car… I’m leaving you with these peculiar confessions… alone. Lift it up a bit.

Oh s**t, I won’t fit in here. Hold on, try it now. F**k, my hands are about to fall off.

Hang him up, Bartek. Let him hang there. Do we have some WD-40 here? I could use some, to easy it up a bit. I’ll bring it in a moment. There it f**ing is. We basically did, it took an hour and as you probably heard, sounded suspiciously.

It wasn’t that easy. Damian will confirm. If I fall down, this f**ing muffler’s gonna break my f**ing teeth. The exhaust – we’re not gonna discuss it. It’s stock, almost new. Just way too quiet, we’re giving it a new one, way louder.

While the boys already won the uneven fight with the exhaust... We’ll check what it sounds like in a moment, besides showing its looks. The other team already lifted up the M3.

We removed the wheels and so: Considering the rims, this is the exact same model, as in my private Touring. In my opinion, it’s one of the most beautiful rims currently leaving the factories, all brands included. However, in the specification, I chose an additional titanium bar here, which makes the wheel stand out from the tire. I’m awaiting reply, if it’s gonna be possible to do the same here.

Simply because it just looks better, then. The guys are removing the sill from this side, on the other side, however… It’s completely removed and that’s a perfect moment to show you the difference. Take a look, the whole side sill is removed. The whole lower part is piano black. We, however, change it to a carbon add-on.

Moreover, we’ll additionally put it like this. Like I said, due to that, the car’s gonna get optically wider and lower. It’s gonna match all the parts, like the diffuser, mirrors, front grille and so on. Speaking of the front, I wish to address the brakes. Look at the stock brake pad of the M3. Deliberately, we didn’t add ceramics here.

That’s because of the general opinion of very high maintenance costs of using the ceramics. However, these plates are replaced really rarely, if ever. The pads are also replaced rarely, so it’s a bit of a myth. But, I’m aware of you worrying of the high maintenance costs, when winning the M3.

So, we’re keeping the standard, steel brakes here, which practically don’t differ in maintenance from the usual brakes. The only car of these, to have the ceramics, is the RS6. The car’s definitely too heavy, not to have said ceramics.

But like I said, a bit of myths and legends. We’re bringing down the front bumper in a moment, and continue. To remove the front bumper, the hood has to be opened. Being by the open hood, I’ll tell you honestly, the stock view here is extremely poor.

In the end though, when it’s exactly the same as in my Touring… The way you see now… It’s likely impossible to add more. The Eventuri intake, engine cover – also Eventuri… And straight from Germany! We got the strut bars! No, that was highlander voice. Strut bars would be: Then, it looks the way it should. Especially when we connect this here… Whoosh, swish, woof and poof… And kick the stock grille the f**k out, which truly doesn’t match here.

And add such a beautiful one. Which matches perfectly. Look at the perfect match here, millimeter perfect. You could pour water here and it wouldn’t flow through.

And that’s two parts, cool. If we take turns, we truly do. The boys are fiddling with the sills, we however, having the ready exhaust… We’ll hear what the A45 sounds like. This is what it sounded like, before the mods.

Let’s see how it does now. We got no suction, so it’s quiet. This is the comfort mode. But, once we switch to Sport+, Race… You begin to hear pops. Remember, we only got 4 cylinders and 2.0 liters here. It's been a while since I had a 4 cylinder, 2.0-liter engine in an A45 AMG. Roaring exhausts are no longer trendy.

But, it’s still pretty nice… It still sounds great, just keep in mind, that if you mean to drive it to University, school... Work or to pick up your children from kindergarten… Or maybe your woman is meant to drive it, or something. She then switches it to comfort and long distance driving gets bearable. The car closes down completely. The moment you wish to do something naughty… It really sounds great! To justify my action, the engine’s already nicely warm. Nice.

I consider the mod a success. Let’s keep on going. At times, this is a really meticulous and precise work. Those little things make the best impression after.

Thanks to them, these cars gain that… something in them. We’re working on multiple grounds, simultaneously. Not only are the walls being painted, the front bumper’s being done, too. By the way, check this out.

Swish! The coolest things, besides the beautifully replaced grille, of course… Look, glued on magnets. One here and there, too. The same’s gonna be on the other side, on the license plate frame. One can attach and detach the license plate to their liking. Nothing’s drilled through, glued on.

You can remove it for the photos. When you enter the road and see the blue gentlemen, you put it back on and it works. Removing the mirrors is such a meticulous and time-consuming activity. Fiddling with all the sensors and general nitpicking… One thing is certain – you’re getting a wide arrange of topics in this video and the final result’s gonna shock you! We generally threw in a lot of stuff into these cars. All of them carbon fiber, so the whole project is a fight against time. You wait for the original stuff from USA or Japan, so whatever we got, gets installed.

We begin with the suspensions. There’s no half-measures here. The classic, yellow and purple KW for the RS6, comes in. Each of the cars gets lowered by a few centimeters. Naturally, we’re not going to hide the wheels into the frame. These cars are meant to drive, besides just looking good.

The same way as my private Touring – slammed, but burns rubber bringing a smile to your face. Just the way you see it. Next up: One of the bigger topics, the stitched out interior of the Supra. Alcantara, together with the black leather, white stitching matching the paintjob… Plenty of changes remain ahead of us, on the inside – so keep on watching.

I got to say, as long as stock seats of Supra don’t fall into my liking… Being stitched out this way, with the classic logo on the headrest, I find them pretty. Moving on and skipping through topics, the whole A45 is ready for the PPF protection. The thing with the PPF is more deeply thought out, call it a hidden meaning. Because, homie – you win the M3 with the A45 and decide to gift the Mercedes to your woman.

But, we all know the way things are. Such PPF protection means, she doesn’t have to hand-wash it… She just enters the automatic car wash by the gas station. She’s got it clean and no reasons to complain! Beautifully done! Now, to finish this fruitful day – starting from the left – the Audi RS6.

Behind me, Toyota Supra. The Japanese says: Toyota. The BMW M3 and the A45s AMG. I invite you for the last thing, listen closely, because I’m serious.

WWW.7AUT.PL Seven cars, you know about four. Watch the video till the end.

Just next week, we’re beginning something from another planet. Remember this site: 7AUT.PL Thinking of the 7’s, it should be easy. The Mk5’s Eventuri intake has arrived. The matching engine cover is coming and all the plastics from the front will be out, too.

Supra also got an exhaust from MG, by the way. The one of you, who wins the car with 3.0 liter B58, enjoying mods… That’ll be heaven. You likely remember my Supra’s ass. There’s a Streethunter wing there, which I loved since the very beginning.

Yours is gonna have one, too. It just needs to be fitted, drilled through… And that wing, just as you see, is gonna fit absolutely perfect. The front bumper is removed, to install the aggressive, carbon lip. The door sills are from the same set, to keep the tone the same. While all the things you saw took place, we did recordings in England, which… Will likely go down in history.

However, the videos have to come out regularly – the guys worked here continuously, also with the M3. We got the front grille completely fitted, way different from the stock one. Check out the radiator air guides, too.

They’re also carbon and will nicely fit the last element of the bumper, which is the front skirt. Which will soon be installed here, to further lower the car, visually. Making it even more aggressive. Quite a lot changed at the Touring’s backside. We got the door sills installed on the sides. At the back, we got the diffuser, which differs from the one I have in my private Touring.

Now, look. I got this bar finished in piano black. You got the newest edition of that diffuser, fully made out of carbon fiber. Now, the huge exhaust tips match perfectly. The car screams of being the true M3, from the back. Moreover, a nice, tiny detail referring to track solutions, present in motorsport. There’s a backlight, built into the rear diffuser.

Which may be used as a stop light, or as the fog light. We got a few details left to install. Next, let’s release the car onto the ground, to show you the way it’s gonna look like.

One last, important thing about the wheels. The thing I told you about, the titanium finish here. I think it’s a cool thing, namely, I’ll take the wheels from my own M3… Because they’re untouched, free of scratches and have only a few thousand kilometers of mileage on them… I’ll install them here and take these black ones to my car.

That’s because the waiting time for such finish is a few weeks, we simply wouldn’t make it. So, you win the M3 with the wheels from my Touring. That’s exactly what I saw, when we first lowered the Touring, which I daily drive. Now, having the front skirt, the car being slammed... Of course, the car’s gonna further lower down, as it spent some time in the air. It’s gonna be the same as mine, think it’ll go down by another centimeter, easily.

But we also added spacers. Look at the way, the rear wheel matches the fender, millimeter tight. The way it’s done by the engineers of BMW, just absurd.

The car’s beautiful with this look. We’re left with the last one. Hold on, two last ones, actually. The first thing being this.

To have the perfect set. The other, is your individual preference. You win the car, and I won’t install it, because – I don’t know – doesn’t seem to match, to me.

Because the front skirt is narrower than these custom canards. Let’s fit it, the way it should be for mounting. We’re not installing it, but you’re getting these canards together in a set. Once you win the car, you decide. If you like them, they’re on in a matter of 15 minutes. If not, you throw them into the box and, I don’t know.

Maybe they’ll come into fashion one day, or something. You can always have them installed. Alright, let’s waste no time, because we gotta bring you the best content today.

Time’s running, so let’s go! A few weeks later
7 cars means 7. The E4 friend A few weeks have passed and there's a slight change: I said "7 cars"! You know four of them already… And now, you’re getting to know the other 3! Winter’s coming! That means, my loves – the Japanese exhaust brand: “None-o-cat’o” What a f**ing nonsense! I’m absolutely serious, my loves. The E46 BMW – the winter warriors. But, it’s not like the E46 goes for 1000, 1500 or 2000 EUR now.

My loves, they’re over 5500 EUR now! Moreover, we’ll add to that! I’m absolutely serious, now, despite laughing… That’s f**ing absurd! I had an idea of having four, great machines and also three side prizes. Instead of iPhones, gaming consoles, plenty of which will be there anyway… To have these 3 winter beaters for you! So you can go to Zakopane and mistreat it! Or to enjoy it during winter parking lot sessions! Or maybe you’d like to daily drive an E46! That’s the way it’ll be! We hunted down the best copies available in our country! Never beaten E46, the German cried when he sold it! My loves, he called two weeks after, just to listen to the engine. The differential filled with love! All three of them are filled with love, this way. All three.

If that isn’t enough: Hydro brake, sports steering wheel, sport seats, steering adapters! Check out its interior! The car’s free of rust, everywhere! The M-line gauges – it’s all here! Look here: Hydro brake, short shifter. Not enough? Look here, friend. Harman Kardon. See? That’s to prove these aren’t some lemons, but eternal cars! Look at the condition of trunk’s flooring. Look!

Moreover, a Harman Kardon subwoofer. That’s in the VIN, on specification list. There’ll be three such ones for you, three twin copies. Of course, wide steel in the back. Insignia… Insignia isn’t a rim, it’s a lifestyle.

Likely prefers the Supra. So, rememb… Oh s**t. I’m ill, on antibiotics.

Remember: 7AUT.PL You already know four machines, you’re getting to know the other three. For the first time in history, cars will be the side prizes, which you can use to: Now, let’s move onto the topic of new Supra. Because… I got something special.

Really special. We’ll surely get back to the topic of the E4 friend, the E46. For now though, Supra mostly changed at the back. The bumper’s been expanded, the Seibon diffuser straight from the sunny California. Fun fact: That’s the company, which made the hood for the orange Supra from the Fast and Furious. The topic of wheels – the one that just rolled to me, is perhaps one of the most legendary.

The Volk Racing TE37 was a very popular wheel on Mk4 Supra’s, my loves. It looks really great on Mk5 Supra, as well. It’s a forged wheel, of course.

A six-spoke, which you may have seen on many Japanese cars. It’s a legendary and definitely old-school rim. We got a fun idea. We ordered a definitely much more futuristic wheel from the USA. You’re seeing it now.

You win the new Supra and decide: Do you wish to leave on TE37’s… Or to leave on AL13’s from the USA. You win, you decide. Let’s mount them on the car, lower it and see what it looks like… Because it seems to me, it’s really gonna be beautiful. Nah, these look like they were carved just for this car! No s**t, these wheels weren’t made to order, considering the fit. Neither the ET nor its width were calculated here. This is just the wheel made some years ago and fits it millimeter perfect here.

Not only does it fit, millimeter perfect – the way it looks visually, damn! Let me tell you, the new Supra referring to the old one, through its rims, spoiler and a few more details… It’s a real street beast. Just lit. I like it. But we can’t slow down. Time is running out. The real Han Straight from Tokyo Drift Step 1. Start the Supra up and leave the lift. Step 2. Get it onto the semi-trailer and strap it down, because it better doesn’t fall off. Step 3. Bring it to the Classic Auto Cup, where we were invited by Patryk Mikiciuk of TVN…

Due to our special guest being there. Step 4. Success. The R34 GTR is signed. But, the most important thing of this video – the car for you is signed.

The car for you was signed. The thing this new Supra just got, I think is priceless. Moreover, in the best possible spot, I think. Keep in mind, sun isn’t gonna shine here, so it won’t fade away. Also, rain and dust won’t reach it here. Despite all that, we’ll cover it with a PPF, so the signature is basically eternal.

I think it’s the best spot, also, not sure if it’s not the only Mk5… I mean, surely in Poland, it’s the only Mk5 signed by Han from Tokyo Drift. It’s cool, how he drove the new Supra in newer parts of the film. I’m generally stoked about us having such a Japanese car and he got to sign it! You probably understand it, but to face the guy from Tokyo Drift directly… I grew up with that movie, watched it a dozen times. I took a Polaroid pic with him, he signed the car for one of you. He also added “Good luck, 2023” – which is also an amazing part of the car. It’s just generally fantastic.

So for many of you, right now, the Supra likely became the favorite car to win. However, the decision is up to all of you. All I can say is: It’s so awesome, that even the LBWK Huracan bows down to it. Look at it. We barely made it inside and it’s already on the ground. He’s like: Damn, it’s Han from Tokyo Drift. He signed it. It’ll be your car.

No time to slow down, quite the opposite – we’re gaining momentum. We’re aimed at the finale, speaking of the main prize. The finale takes place under the hood. The Eventuri carbon fiber engine cover, Wiechers carbon strut bars and carbon fiber intake from Eventuri. Altogether, just under the hood, we’re putting 6300 EUR! In a moment, you’ll see what the M3’s gonna look like, under the hood. Considering the sound – thanks to the intake system, it makes a very satisfying sound… While sucking in big amount of air, especially at low RPM’s – hope to show it to you.

But, just as I promised, I kept my word and brought in the titanium-decorated rims from my M3. It looks way better now. I installed the black ones on my M3 and will try to get it done in the nearest future. I gave you the original ones from M Performance. Speaking of the steering wheel, we’ll move into the not so distant future… We don’t even see it yet, but you do right now. The wheel trimmed with Alcantara, with the M stitching. I’m telling you that now, not to have to do it in the future, not to move back and save us confusion.

Meanwhile, let’s mount it under the hood. It creates a great effect! It’s also a cool tidbit, because as you visit some car meetup or cars & coffee, then open up the hood… And there’s such a carbon fiber Basilica of Licheń there – it speaks for the workmanship level of the car. In this video, I will also include the total cost of building each car. Each part is gonna be listed, all summed up nicely. No more interruptions, then. It’s starting to look good. Strut bar sticker, like a cheery on a cake! Bring the pool, sister! Can I have some light?! Thanks a lot, sister! We got such a construction halogen light, it’ll elegantly show you how clean and tidy it is here.

Almost like you could eat from this engine bay. Each carbon part matches the rest. That’s really important.

It looks amazing and I hope, you’ll get to hear the sound of this intake system. However, if the M3’s almost ready, it’s time for no other, than the topic of RS6. Let me tell you, we got some good, f**ing pace today. To many of you, the RS6 might seem like the topic of main prize. Because I’m aware, many of you are team Audi, not team BMW.

Let’s agree on having quite good pace today, so just to remind you: The Audi has gotten a complete suspension system re-do. We also got a complete exhaust system from MG. But, that’s not all, of course! The rims that have already arrived, have been chosen for this car in a typically German style. Behind them, 12 carbon fiber parts, which altogether make a set, that we’ll mount onto the RS6. In the very end, we’ll have a cherry on top, under the hood. Keep on watching to see it. Meanwhile, I’ll show you the rims.

22 inch shoes, the premiere takes place now, watch… Check them out. Looking really good. What’s interesting, the 22 inch rims aren’t black, which makes me very happy. It’s not gonna disappear with the tire, while fitting the RS perfectly. Speaking of the cost, the wheels and carbon parts were 15 989 EUR.

Almost 16 thousand EUR, see the rear diffuser, for example. Let’s agree – this one’s aggressive, that’s one. Second, much bigger and third: Made of carbon fiber. The stock one… Just as you see now… One could say: Not much. 16 thousand EUR for these, while there’s still lots of other things for the RS and the other side prizes to buy. I promised you, that the last event will be with a bang.

I feel like we’re keeping our words, now. We’re keeping our words, not half-heartedly, too. We did plenty of such events, but during the one with GTR, many of you said: Instead of a single car worth over 225 000 EUR, it’d be better to have few of them, cheaper. So, we’re stepping up again – there’s a few of them, more expensive ones. The amount of money put into this final event… Fasten your seatbelts: Over 560 000 EUR! That’s how much we spent on main and side prizes! We’re making such an army together, that we can operate on such level. I thank you for being so engaged and regularly deliver you enjoyment and videos.

You, thank me through taking part in the events, which we prepare for you. We make a good team, ladies and gentlemen. The so-called mutual respect. The guys work in the garage, while we packed the wheels and new rims into the bus. We’re headed to the tire service, to have them swapped.

Tell you honestly, can’t wait to have the new rims installed. Because it seems… Oh s**t, I forgot it’s winter season and there’ll be a f**ing queue. And I f**ing stalled… The queue turned out to be 2 hours long, so we left them to come back later.

We made it back to the headquarters and there, the Licensed Roundabout Killer, knocked on the door. Does he have a license? We’ll find out. That’s not f**ing funny.

You look like f**ing Stevie Wonder, show me. Oh f**k, so red! Tell you what, Jacob enjoys nightlife… When he gets drunk, an animal inside him awakens. An animal was awakened and someone didn’t like it, Jacob. -You know what worries me? -What? That you lost your license now.

Because you’re the Licensed Roundabout Killer, but with one eye, you could lose some f**ing balance! Wait, wait, wait. Slowly, my jaw hurts here. A nice makeup artist. You’re all swollen up, dude! It’s all good, now. -How many of them were there? -Like, f**ing three. I mean, one of them had a really strong blow.

They had to really f**ing dislike you, my friend. Tell you honestly, it’s not as bad today. Because he sent me this, the day after! -How do you like it? -Amazing as f**k. Even with one eye, I can tell it’s an absolute beast, you know? Not sure if that’s not the best car. Generally, I just wanted to tell you: If you drink alcohol, which I do not support… No, I’m stopping too.

For a long time. Don’t let your invulnerability activate, or you’ll end up like Jacob. Headbutt. F**k, it’s so huge! Let me tell you, the level’s high, really high! How much it sticks out, compared to stock! Will it slide in, a bit more? Will these tips move out a bit? The tips are regulared, so we’ll do that. Okay. It’s really well built.

Turn off the phone on the movie set, now! What are you saying, he speaks German?! What? You speak German? Didn’t you know I spoke German? “Two minutes and backings” Yeah, two minutes and backings! Nah, it was meant to be an elegant fitting of the diffuser, presented in an epic way… But it’s impossible with this squad, at least now. But it looks great, I like it. It’s developed a lot. It fits it. What else could I say? It’s not too cheap, it’s elegant and sporty.

It’ll both fit the midnight mass and the car meetup. It’ll suit any occasion. “Eine” is one? Eins, zwei, drei. Yeah. Time’s running out, then. The bumper had to go back to the table, as complications arose. The diffuser’s equipped with a sensor for opening the trunk with your foot, when your hands are busy.

Common knowledge states, though, our Han is fluent with such stuff. It works. Meanwhile, they swapped the tires and we’ll mount them soon. It’s just, Han noticed a certain similarity. Remove your glasses and sit down here.

Bring your hand here… Here, yes. Now lean on your elbow here, hold the cig. RWB, you’re f**ing RWB. I think the Audi just became the favorite to many of you, even those who didn’t favor it previously.

The way it sat down, the way it fits. The way such a big, green colored car looks, with so many carbon fiber parts! The face has gotten way more aggressive. Speaking of the stuff to correct, we got such a part here… It’s standard with these kits, that they pour too much clear coat. That’s the case here, too. There’s too much varnish and has to be grinded down, to fit this part millimeter perfect. Right now, it’s not mounted the way it should be.

But, you can’t say the same about the wheels, which are millimeter perfect here. Moreover, the shade, that matches it perfectly. Come to the back. When we assume such an attitude: These DTM-styled add-ons by the wheels, pushed out exhaust tips – that’s the stuff! Hold on though, there’s one more important part coming.

Namely, the rear wing. A wing styled a bit like the ones from Sportsback RS3’s. Now, when we fit it like this, my loves… Of course, I’m just fitting it for show now. We’ll actually mount it in a moment. Look at the way it additionally elongates the back.

It creates a more aerodynamic feeling here. The RS6 is a truly, f**ing dangerous machine, of the whole finale event. To finish up, the RS has gotten a nice gadget. A passenger’s display – interestingly, made by the same company, that made the whole ECU. No place for some Chinese s**t.

Under the hood, just as I promised. That’s the before: A few minor wrench moves, a few minor changes… And we got it like so. You’ll both bring your children to school and stand next to it, during a car meetup. You’ll also outperform lots of sports car. An absolute wonder of a car. Next, we move from the German to the Japanese side of the garage. Not to prolong, allow me to do something, that’d make a separate video.

We’ll do it in 8 bullet points. We ordered a few American and Japanese parts for it… We also got catalogues, in a true style of Tokyo Drift. Two, zero, two, one lineup! Open it, sir! Buy the exhaust, sir! Buy the damper, sir! So-so brand! How's 93 decibels in Japanese?! One by one, then: 1: The cheap plastic cover’s out and one matching both the RS and M3 is coming in. It perfectly matches the intake, from the bottom left corner of the engine bay. 2: Strut bar, a classic. No matter which generation of Supra.

3: A V-belt guard from APR – the same company, which made the famous wing for the Fame GTR. 4: Details nicely referring to the legendary Mk4 – all the plastic car caps under the hood, were changed to aluminum. 5: The rear seat brace. I’m super stoked about getting it.

To get an original one from Cusco, means a few months waiting time. It’s often unavailable, completely. White one, matches the white stitching inside.

6: Plastic on the hood changes into carbon. The same on the rear bumper. The detail does a great job in the photos. The interior door handles, a nice pattern of carbon – the same as the door sills, to match.

We had the center tunnel trimmed with Alcantara, because the stock fabric was tragic. Now, even the stock piano black, changes into carbon substitutes. 7: Newly trimmed steering wheel. The plastics left the room. The car’s interior is basically ready. And the 8: The wing. We talked about it already, so I won’t prolong.

But, it perfectly underlines Toyota’s ass. Now, it’s done on the outside, too. A protective foil, to keep Han’s signature eternal.

It’s the real player. Admit it, how many of you want the Supra the most? I’ll just remind you, to summarize. It’ll be drawn at the very beginning of the final livestream.

“We begin. Hello, I’m Kamil. This is the finale. Let’s draw the Supra.” A crazy idea, just like adding a second car to the main prize. Please change the top logotype, then. The A45 AMG enters the room, to become a different car in a few minutes.

10 hours spent at the garage takes its toll on one’s psyche. I won't fit it! Golkowicki the Napoleon. We’re setting new trends. Gotta admit, not counting the M3, the carbon fiber here was the highest quality. Everything beautifully laid out, straight, smooth and well varnished. Not that I didn’t expect it, but I’m positively surprised, that they’re this good.

Now, something I hope you’ll like. Namely the rims – gold merging into white, at the right angle of light incidence. The shape’s one thing – it’s nice. But the color, really unique. We reset the Supra’s list and start over. 1: The rear bumper comes off and loses its diffuser. We mount a new one. The bumper gets back in place, the tips are adjusted and it’s elegant.

2: The front of A class is really nice, by itself. The Panamericana grille, a

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