KTM350 EXC vs Little Chinese Bike on the BEACHES of MADAGASCAR[S7-E100]

KTM350 EXC vs Little Chinese Bike on the BEACHES of MADAGASCAR[S7-E100]

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Like we're riding through the desert, with the sand and the cacti, wow It's like a proper cacti forest right? How is this chain just fall off Oh Didier Belou, MADAGASCAR Season 7 - Eps.100 Good morning Internet, it's not morning anymore it is midday already And welcome back to the channel. I made it to Belou in Madagascar with the tuf tuf again Left really early this morning, 5 o'clock had to be there, so we left uh, in the dark still but we made it here And now I'm staying in a pretty nice place. Look I have like, a little bungalow cute right?

And I'm staying right pretty much right at the beach It's nice to uh, have a little bit of rest here and then tomorrow morning we're leaving even earlier, we're leaving at 4   in the morning continue again, to  Morombe and that's when I'm finally getting back on the bike again So I'm already looking forward to that 04:30 am the next morning We have arrived, we have arrived the boat is there. Bikes are on the beach Very smooth operation, so we're just going to pack up and find a place to stay Ah, it feels so good to be back on the motorbike again Uh, it was a super long day. I mean it is now 4:30, and we were also on the boat at 4:30 in the morning So it was like 11, it was a full 11 hours to get here And then another hour to offload the  bikes and everything But uh, we made it and I'm back on the bike The only challenge we have now  is finding a place to stay for tonight Because everything seems to be full. Um, because we're standing right next to a hotel but it's full  

So that's why we unloaded the bikes and we're just going to ride a little bit further down   Trying to find a place to stay for tonight. My googles are so filthy everything is covered in sand We are in Morombe Finally! Oh, there's a party Not sure where we're going Here Oh no! His chain! How is this chain just fall off Unbelievable! Oh Didier Uh, it's just a little bit, very loose That's all This looks empty, maybe it's open Hello - Hello Yay sounds great Nice place So this is my little bungalow for tonight Really cute. I don't think there will be running water 'cause I see some buckets But that's fine. And then I have a view straight here on the beach Okay, so where am I now? Um, this is where we got stranded the first time in Manometimay Then we went back to Morondava and then with the other boat, we had one night in Belou And then now we are in..

Morombe And for now we're going to continue to Andavadoaka which is over here which is about 50 kilometers Bye! And we are off on our way to Andavadoaka Before we really go anywhere.. we do need to check for fuel Basically we should have full tanks, because after here it's going to get difficult to get fuel probably It's kind of like this whole town is just on the beach Just all sand everywhere Now I do have a small problem, and that is that I have a hole in my camelbak So I'm losing my water And I tried to uh, to fix the hole but I can feel it didn't hold Because I can feel the water kind of going into my pants now Ah Fuel There we go See my whole seat is even wet Ah 42000 I hope this works Thank you We are ready to go Leaving Morombe Everybody is working in the rice fields All carrying wood Dog attack Yee hoo! Wow, look at all these cacti That is so cool It's like I'm back in Baja California in Mexico So these look different though They're enormous. Look at these, wow Super cool Oh yeah, riding sand with a powerful  light enduro is a completely different ball game eh It is so much easier on this bike than it is on my little Honda Fully loaded Don't really even have to stand up on the pegs Just sit down Oh Yeah, on a.. little Chinese bikes it's harder Oh I help you Oepa Yeah yeah yeah. I know This moto is uh.. not so good

Ah that's exactly the difference in bike Because Didier is a very good rider but now he's riding like a 200 cc bike with no power And no good suspension and anything It's a completely different ball game Now actually, the only thing I don't know Is if uh, Didier now also has mousses in that bike I actually doubt that 'Cause uh, with all these cacti around, this is like the perfect place to get a flat If you don't have mousses So I hope he has them Yee hoo hoo! It's like we're riding through the desert with the sand and the cacti, wow It's like a proper cacti forest right? It's incredible I did not see this coming I'm starting to realize that Madagascar kind of has it all right? It has city, it has mountains, it has beach It has kind of like, desert. It has all like, the cute villages with the rice paddies It has tons of wildlife It's pretty amazing Sand, mud, dirt, asphalt Oh see there's a small village here Just some little huts I think maybe Didier is stuck in sand or something He's not coming Where is he then? Ah here Ah! You okay? Me okay - Oh cactus Huh? The spike - Yeah yeah, I know I know. Spike is not good Ooh Yeah That's a nasty cactus, oof Yeah yeah.. it's better

You go first Just have to somehow turn around Let's do it there Yeah, I think it's better that I ride second 'Cause yeah, with this bike uh, it's so much easier And I can just help uh.. in the sand Oh I feel so sorry for Didier Having to do this on this bike 'cause with the right bike it's really a lot of fun And with the wrong bike it's just a struggle I mean I really did not want to do this on Alaska either   'Cause Alaska is also too heavy and not enough power and then it's just really difficult Oh there's a cow Oh Oi oi oi Are you okay? - I'm okay! Yeah You want to put fuel in my moto Yeah Maybe.. It helps.. .. Saves a little weight Okay I mean in a way, those little bikes  are pretty amazing Because they only cost like $1,000 new These ones and parts are really cheap and available everywhere here because everybody rides those same  little bikes So in that sense they're pretty cool, very cheap But uh, to ride deep sand with.. there are a disaster

I mean you can't compare that to this KTM 350 which costs I actually don't know $12,000 at least more than 10 times the price of   uh.. of that little bike so you just can't compare them right? Wow! They're not so big. Look how awesome! These are so cool Yeah Yeah Speed - Yeah Is low speed I know Yeah So I am all refreshed. Uh, and yeah made it to Andavadoaka It took a couple of days to be back on the bike, so I'm super happy And today there was no water, there was no mud or anything So that, that is really good. I think from now on I don't think we will encounter any of like those crazy obstacles anymore

It's just going to be a lot of sand Which yeah, on the bike that I'm riding it's no problem but um.. yeah, we'll see how everything goes Anyway I'm going to end this video now, that was it for today I really hope you liked it. If you did please give me a big thumbs up, subscribe down below and then I will see you in the next video

2024-04-19 04:17

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