Koh Samui Hidden Gems that NO ONE Mentions (Best Island in Thailand)

Koh Samui Hidden Gems that NO ONE Mentions  (Best Island in Thailand)

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this video is brought to you by Squarespace After being away from Koh Samui for  6 months we were desperately missing   Island life so join us today as we  show you the side of Samui we love   the most and what an ideal day  on the island looks like for us isn't it great to be back on the island yeah Samui  is the best always the best these bungalows are so   nice isn't it yeah I would stay here yeah wonder  how much they are cuz they're always rented out   but usually by foreigners so it's like how did  they find such a good location yeah and they're   building two more at the end we should ask it's a  perfect location because you have food and coffee   around here and the beach it's just right there  hello everyone is here how are you good how are you beer breakfast Samui breakfast liquid  breakfast uh you you want that you   want to start with that uh that might  be too heavy for me for breakfast   it's so much bigger it used to stop here yeah  it was just this this square here before oh 8000 that's such a good price one bedroom  one bath and kitchen there's a kitchen outside wow don't have to worry because our Crocs are  now waterproof you mean our shoes are now   waterproof because they are Crocs yeah they're  so cute I wasn't sure about getting Crocs I was   like oh I like that it's waterproof and it's  durable and it's going to be good for camping   but I couldn't accept the look of it but you  couldn't commit no and when I went to a shop   and I asked them uh what kind of outfits go  well with Crocs I asked the sales they're   like you just need confidence so it took me  some time to develop the confidence but now   I love them they're so fun I have all the  little uh what do you call those things   again Jibbitz Jibbitz that I like and it does  kind of go with anything once you don't care I'm so happy we made it here to Samui because  our initial plan Samui wasn't even on the list   no we're like oh we made so many videos here  we she didn't know film in Samui again but as   we were driving we're like okay we're going  to drive north some is like right there just   a ferry away yeah just have to turn right yeah  so we decided to oh as well spend a week here   and I think it was the best decision we ever  made cuz there's something about this island   that brings us so much joy eating all the  food that we we love and just going to all   the beaches and everything everything  this is like a true holiday yeah and   Rocket loves it here Rocket is an island car  what is this that's a very big glass White Rabbit oh oh okay you have to  clear your palettes first wow wow so fancy wow this is um different  from all our other experiences here   it's no longer very chill it's a it's a  very fun place half half okay half half it's actually really delicious it doesn't  it doesn't taste like doesn't taste strong   like what I was expecting oh it's  actually really yummy is it like   a top shelf vodka I usually don't drink  alcohol but it's impolite in Thailand if   someone offer you something and you  don't take it so I have to take it ioh it's sweet wow very nice more no no no  no oh he offered yeah he offered he offered   we have to take it okay [Laughter] thank  wow my belly is warm now now I'm ready for   this pad grapow look at that isn't that  amazing looking pad grapow that looks so   good and look at the fried egg on top it's  perfect but yours looks really really good   I don't think you've ordered this here  before no that's uh garlic Pork I'm actually really happy for the owner  of the coffee shop here and his family as well   because he has adapted his coffee shop  to him you know there's so much of his   character in the coffee shop now than when  we first came here before it's was just like   a small shop selling coffee but now he has  like a wine bar like a music section like a   proper chilling place where friends come  and gather he's doing well and I hope it   also brings like more business to family's  restaurant as well cuz it's so good yeah so   if you're in Samui make sure to drop by  at Aquabica you will not be disappointed so one thing that is in our ideal day here on  the island is definitely to go for a massage so   the place that we're going to is called Luxe  and we go there quite often I would say once   or twice a week every time we come to Samui it's  a small place it's run by a really nice lady and   her family and they have a couple masseuses  that uh work here as well but it's not a big   place not able to accommodate a huge group  of tourists or anything like that and that's   kind of the reason why we love it so much and  it's also cheaper than others in the touristy   areas yeah I say this is the price that we  usually look for when we go for a massage   and we'll show you guys what we mean because  we are here ready so let's go inside so their   normal massages are like Thai relax is only  300 Baht per hour and even a better deal if   you do 90 minutes that's pretty cheap for the  island it is cuz if you go towards like Bophut   area I think it is definitely more like 500-600  or something what are you going to go for this   one is Siam wood this is my favorite I always  get this one romance lavender I'm going to go   for romance cuz that's my mood today oh fancy  you ready [Music] okay hey huh good night good night see you in an hour only an hour yeah  just an hour today okay real quick once again thank you to Squarespace for  continuing to support our channel and for making   it super easy for anyone to build a professional  looking website they have a built-in drag and   drop editor making it very simple for you to  design your page exactly the way you want it   you can browse through hundreds of award-winning  templates to find one that suits your style and   purpose there are also many tools to help you  set up your online shop schedule appointments   even design and sell your online course using  Squarespace just head over to squarespace.com   for a free trial and when you're ready to launch  go to squarespace.com/floraandnote to save 10%   off your first purchase of a website or  domain now let's get back to the video so if you have been following us for a while  then you would know that we used to have a   house here in Koh Samui that we rent long  term but because we've been away for almost   half a year mhm we gave that house back to the  landlord so coming here this time we actually   rented this place which is called CocoSea Bang  Po Bungalows and we got this beach front unit   here and we paid only 1900 Baht per night which  is like $54 USD a night but it's beach front as   you can hear the waves coming in and it's really  cute it's a family run place yeah uh very kind   lady there's a funny story how we met her the  first time off yeah so we've been driving past   this resort many times but never had the chance  to stop by and see how beautiful this is until   one day Rocket broke down right in front of  the resort and the lady was so kind and she   let us borrow her bike to get help that's when  we got to see how beautiful this place is so   when we were coming back here we right away  thought of this place and yeah there's only   like six is it like six units or I think six  units and they live in one of them and we've   actually been walking just on the beach to go  to restaurants and coffee shops well when the   tide is of course not high so hopefully when the  tide goes down a little bit then we can walk to   one of our favorite seafood restaurants just  down here and we'll take you with us so Bang   Po area is not well known among tourists but it  is one of the most beautiful area on the island   it has a long stretch of white sand beach it's  getting more developed now you see many different   kind of restaurants opening up and there's a  711 just 5 minutes walk from here but it's not   developed in the sense where there's like huge  hotel chains or anything but there are some nice   Villas around this area so if you were looking  for kind of a more relaxed laidback untouched   part of the beach for your vacation here in uh  Koh Samui and I think Bang Po is a really really   good choice and it's kind of where we always  like to stay around this area or around Maenam yeah she just finished cleaning our room so it is  the perfect time to give you a room tour as you   can see it's not a very big room but it's very  comfortable we have a beautiful queen size or   king-sized bed yeah um and also a working table  here a TV um AC as well even though you get the   breeze coming in but you probably would want to  close the door so they have AC our favorite spot   is right here almost every night we just sit here  and we enjoy the view inside there is the washroom   so a shower a toilet um very spacious really  clean there's hot water it's a really really   nice place I'm glad we stayed here we might stay  here again next time we're in town hi what's your   name you like that don't you wow are you ready  for a seafood feast I am I hope they have crab   today that would be very yummy let's try the  to walk along the beach see if we can uh get   there from here the water seem high though babe  I think we can go from here we have Crocs yeah okay I wish we were sponsored  by Crocs cuz we mentioned them   a few times already today [Music] oh refreshing I'm regretting this now we should have taken  the road oh my goodness we got to be quick we   got to be quick does this feel like a vacation  to you it does like I mean we travel a lot but   a lot of the time we travel and we work at the  same time and some places where we travel to is   not very comfortable you know what I mean it's  like we travel to get new experiences but it's   not like a relaxed chill kind of environment  this does feel like a vacation oh completely   naked completely naked okay we keep [Laughter]  walking was he on camera no I didn't get him   right no I just saw a lot of ass we're here  just on your left usually you are able to sit   on the beach they would set bunch of tables here  but not today we are now at our favorite seafood   restaurant here in Bang Por it is called Bang Por  Seafood very straightforward this is one of the   most affordable seafood restaurants on the island  and our favorite dish is crab blue swimmer crabs okay four grilled squid [Music] how about tom yum is that  too much no it's not too much wow wow I have been waiting all day for this this is a   good size crab she said it's four of  them a kilo oh yeah yeah these are Big I'll take this one okay I will take  this one oh that one is even bigger oh   my goodness yeah wow look at the claws  bigger damn it even without the sauce mhm oh but their sauce is so yummy  though wow look at this this piece is   all meat oh my goodness this is the very  spicy seafood sauce but it's so delicious Mmm that's so good that is so delicious  I can't eat seafood without seafood sauce   Thai seafood sauce anymore it just makes  everything so good and the best part about   the place is it's so chill like I can sit  like this I can sit like this my feet is   in the sand and nobody cares that's what  the island life is like you know [Music] yeah now the moment of truth the  bill yeah what do you think it's   going to be 2,000 Baht I think it's  going to be less than 2,000 really mhm way off why how much 1270 Baht no way that's  incredibly cheap a kilo of crab full crab 700 Baht   and the rest are like 150 150 170 and coconut is  50 each you go elsewhere it would be at least 80   or 90 wow that's a even better deal than Malaysia  and Vietnam yeah yeah this is yeah and they're   all fresh straight off the ocean one of the best  meals we had here in Thailand so this just proves   that there is a lot of affordable food options on  Samui and if you're looking for more inspiration   for affordable places to eat on the island  I did put together a food guide it is FREE   it is on a website called Thatch so we will put  the link in our description and we have I think   over 10 to 15 local restaurants with meals under  a 100 Baht that we really enjoy on this island as   always thank you so much for spending the day  with us here on Koh Samui and next week we'll   be taking Rocket back on the road back to the  mainland and start heading north and exploring   more places in Thailand have a wonderflo  day and we will see you in the next one bye

2023-12-27 11:53

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