KARSOG TO SUNDERNAGAR HRTC bus journey on snow covered roads | करसोग से सुंदरनगर | Himbus

KARSOG TO SUNDERNAGAR HRTC bus journey on snow covered roads | करसोग से सुंदरनगर | Himbus

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♪ MUSIC ♪ Hello friends, our loving greetings to all of you. You all are very welcome to our YouTube channel 'Himbus'. In today's video we have brought for you the last part of our Karsog tour. As we had told you in the previous parts that nowadays there is a period of rain and snowfall in Himachal Pradesh.

So it was a bit difficult to cover all the regions of Karsog Valley. So today we will go from Karsog to Sundernagar via Churag, Pangna, Chowki, Pandar and Rohanda. If we get a chance, we will visit other places of Karsog again. Let's start our journey today. Today is my fourth day in Karsog and I am staying here at my friend's house in Seri Bunglow, 20 KMs away from Karsog.

It has been raining since I came here but today the weather seems fine. Peacocks are dancing among the apple orchards here in the morning. Nowadays, harvesting and towel making work is going on in the apple orchards here. So by 11 in the morning I left from here for Karsog. Let's go there now and see which bus we have to take next.

We were going from Seri to Karsog when on the way, stones from the hill had fallen on the road due to which the vehicle was not able to move ahead. But everyone gathered together and cleared the way. These days it is raining in the state, so here a lot of stones fell down from the hill above. Karsog is visible in front and we are going from Seri via Sursi and Mamel to Karsog. Main road is via Kelodhar. Soon I reached Karsog bus stand.

The time is around 11:30 and now I have to take a bus from here to Sundernagar. This Mandi-Rekhongpo bus of Sundernagar depot has arrived here, which has confirmed that the Mandi road is open. By the way, this bus reached here 2 hours late from its scheduled time. The distance from Karsog to Shimla is about 100-110 kms and Mandi district headquarters is also about the same distance. A large population lives in this area and about 10 years ago, a bus depot of HRTC was also opened here.

Before this, buses were run on regional routes from Shimla Rural Depot only. There is still a slight connectivity issue for Karsog. All the three main roads leading here are single lane and it takes 5-6 hours to reach here from Shimla. And as we told you, it takes the same amount of time from the Mandi also. So the government and its elected representatives should raise their voice to make Mandi-Karsog and Shimla-Karsog roads as national highways and the condition of roads should improve. Then by around 12 noon this Rampur-Rewalsar bus arrived here which will go further till Rewalsar via Sundernagar-Mandi.

And I also get a seat in this bus, I will go to Sundernagar in this bus. This bus starts from Rampur at 8:15 am and will leave from Karsog at 12:30 pm. It will reach Rewalsar by 7:30 pm via Sundernagar and Mandi passing around 5:30 pm. Now many passengers have boarded the bus and it is time for the bus to leave.

So exactly at 12:30 pm our bus left from Karsog for Sundernagar. And as I am saying again and again, it is good that the weather is clear today, Because between Karsog and Sundernagar, Pander, Chowki and Rohanda are high altitude places from where we have to move ahead. If snow is falling there then there is a fear of road closure. The opposite bus of this route i.e. Rewalsar-Rampur is also found here,

so the driver is taking information about the road conditions ahead. After going a little further, the brother in the car applied the brakes very late and suddenly the car collided with the bus. Although no one suffered much harm, our driver definitely scolded him.

Then we reached Bakhrot. From here the road on the right also goes towards Pandar via Bithri. But the route of our bus is via Churag, so we will go through further.

After this comes Chindi, here there is also a grand temple of Chindi Mata, about which we had told you in the previous part. Hopefully you must have seen that video. Up here, there is also 'The Mamleshwar Hotel' of Himachal Tourism. Here the road on the right below Charkufri goes towards Sundernagar but now our bus will go further till Churag.

After some time the bus reached Churag. Churag is also a big town on this Shimla-Karsog line and there is a good market here too. To cover Churag, our bus has come 3 km ahead of Charkufri and from here it will take the passengers and turn back on its road in 3 km. Our bus stopped here for about 5 minutes and then started on its further journey. Here in Churag Market, some work is going on on the roadside, that is why the entire portion is uprooted. Within some time we reached back here in Charkufri.

Earlier we had come from the upper road on the right and further the bus went till Churag, now it is going back down towards Pangna. The name of this place is Thandapani. You must have heard of Tattapani, in the first part of this series we came to Karsog from Shimla after passing through Tattapani.

There are hot water springs there, hence the name of the place is Tattapani, the water here would probably be much colder, hence its name is Thandapani. Moving ahead from Thandapani village one soon comes to Pangna. Pangana is also a big town of this region. Pangna is a historical city and used to be the first capital of Suket princely state. The old tall building in front is the fort here which is considered to be about 1300 years old. Due to lack of protection, the rest of the fort has fallen into disrepair and only this building is left.

There is a continuous climb ahead from Pangana and we have to go further uphill till Jachh. Further ahead, at this intersection we join the road which comes from Bakharot to here via Bithri. Although this is the short route to come from Karsog, but to cover Churag and Pangna, the route of our bus is via below. Pangna remained below and we are continuously moving forward. And while listening to these songs from the film Mohra in the bus, the fun of the journey is becoming double.

And after continous climbing, we have now reached Jachh. Further ahead here is the check post of Himachal Pradesh Forest Department. This barrier has been installed here to protect the natural resources.

It turned out to be a bus from Rampur depot which was going on Kullu to Rampur route. Although the route of that bus is via Banjar but nowadays Jalori Pass is closed due to snow, so this bus is going to Rampur via this route. Beyond Jhungi, snow started appearing on the roadside. The entire road up to Rohanda via Jachh, Jhungi, Pandar and Chowki is built on a high mountain and is covered with dense deodar forest There is more problem in snow on this stretch from Mandi Sundernagar to Karsog-Rampur There is less sunlight here so the snow does not melt quickly. The weather is worsening and snow has also started falling along with light rain. This road opened for vehicles only yesterday otherwise this stretch remained closed due to snowfall for the last 2-3 days.

After this we reached Pandar. Here the road goes from Pander to Tattapani via Nihri on the left. Which is a short route to Tattapani or Shimla from this side. As we talked about in the beginning of the video that Karsog does not have good connectivity.

All the roads coming here are single lane and that too there are such hilly turns. Traveling on single lane roads takes a lot of time. You can estimate that the bus takes 5-6 hours to cover a distance of about 100-110 km. Due to lack of good road connectivity, not many tourists come here, otherwise naturally this region is very beautiful. The government should now work towards making Mandi-Karsog and Shimla-Karsog roads double lane.

Then our bus stopped here at Chowki for tea and breakfast. The time is around 3:30 PM and it will take us another 1.5 to 2 hours to reach Sundernagar. There are these small dhabas in the villages where you can eat delicious food. There won't be much options here but the food will be absolutely fresh and tasty.

I am not hungry otherwise I would definitely eat here. Our bus stopped here at Chowki for about 15-20 minutes. Meanwhile, I also got a chance to stretch my legs a bit. After this the bus is ready to move ahead, the driver of the bus also changed here.

The weather has become quite cold here, rain and snow can fall at any time. Now we have crossed most of the high altitude stretch and beyond Rohanda we will descend and reach the down region. Although many HRTC and private buses run on this line throughout the day, but recently the road was closed, hence the private buses have not resumed yet. HRTC buses have also started running from here during day time. But night time buses will probably be started from tomorrow or the day after tomorrow. From further, this Sundernagar-Tattapani bus of Sundernagar depot is coming which will go from Pander via Nihri to Tattapani.

Then soon we reached Rohanda. Along with the rain, hail has also started falling here. You must have heard about Dev Kamrunag. Rohanda is the same place from where the trek for Kamrunag start. The temple and lake of Dev Kamrunag is on the right side of the mountain and can be reached by following a trek of about 6 km. Nowadays there will be a lot of snow on top but during summer time the trek to Dev Kamrunag can be done easily.

From here on the right this road goes to Chail Chowk, you can reach Mandi through that route also. We have to go straight ahead for Sundernagar. After Rohanda, we have now started descending towards Sundernagar. Now there is no snow here at all but it is raining continuously.

This is a slightly landslide prone area and there can be problems during heavy rainfall. We have come from the upper road on that hill in front and are now going towards Jaidevi via the lower road. Above Rohanda, there was a very cold feeling, but here now I am feeling right. Soon we reached Jaidevi. Sundernagar is now only a short distance away from here, now even the high mountains here are gone. After this then around 5 o'clock we reached Dhanotu.

Here we came to NH-154, on the right side there is Mandi and Manali while on the left side we have to go towards Sundernagar. This bus will now return from Sundernagar bus stand and go Mandi and further to Rewalsar. On the right side here is the Beas Sutlej Link Canal. This road has been made a fourlane before and after Sundernagar, but here the work of Sundernagar Bypass has not been completed yet. That is why all the traffic goes through the city, and traffic jams have become a common thing here.

This is Sundernagar-Chamba bus which is going via BMBM Colony towards Mandi and then towards Chamba. After this, we reached Sundernagar bus stand at around 5.15 pm. I got down from the bus here and the bus moved further towards Mandi and Rewalsar. It is raining outside so everyone is sitting inside here waiting for their buses. Many people are going to Karsog side but right now no night bus will go to Karsog. So friends, with this we end today's video here.

Hope you liked this vlog of Sundernagar from Karsog. However, due to bad weather and snow, we could not visit all the places in Karsog and had to return early. If you liked this video then please like and share. If you are new to the channel, please subscribe to it. Will meet soon, on some new journey.


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