Karel ei oska Virtuaal maailmas driftida !?

Karel ei oska Virtuaal maailmas driftida !?

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Well, Martin. Why such a serious face? What are you doing here? I'm doing the IT guy things The IT guy things? I'm logging into the home webpage Don't show the password Are your password safely secured? Do you use Surfshark? Yes, of course I do. I have a lot of things safely secured Do you? For example, my privacy in the internet Todays video is brought to you by Surfshark! But don't surf on our webpage just yet, let's show Surfshark to everyone They have been our good partner for a while now And a bigger campaign is coming up, where the discount percentages are even greater than before! The percentages and other info will be on the screen, so that I would not lie right now So, what is Surfshark? Mr. IT guy, tell us, what can people do with it? And what can't they do? You can make sure, that you're not being stalked on or harrased by on the internet. It encrypts your connection So it is not possible for a third-party to read and see that connection You can do all sorts of things with it. It even hides your ads online

Pop-up ads? Even the regular ads. Whenever you go to a page where there are the big advertisement boxes, for example a news page You read news but it has a lot of ads, Surfshark will remove them When you go to read some things, it won't take half an hour to remove ads anymore to reach the news? Yes What else can you do? You can place yourself into another country For example, you're in Estonia but you want to seem like you're in Germany And maybe see some local German Netflix show Yes, so it is. There are a lot of options. You will find the links in the description below. Go check them out Check out all the options. We cannot list them all, you will find different options and solutions for different things

The easiest example, is that your IP-address will be hidden People can usually find your location by your IP-address pretty well The can find out where MTShop is?! You could say so After you've installed it, definitely use the Wampiiroja discount code and then you can safely enter our webpage Where there have already been uploaded the calendars, which you're aware of And as a new product, we have puzzles! Martin and Karel have been assembling the puzzles for pictures. The childrens' puzzle is easy Well have a chart with the childrens puzzle like they have in Top Gear for the guest drivers We don't have our own track and our own rental car, but our guests can assemble our puzzle in the fastest possible time We have some sort of a time list already. We had some guests yesterday Oh, did they assemble it too? Yes, they sure did Am I the last one as of now? You're not. I think Banderas is We made it far enough to take the picture Yes, the 500-piece puzzle is quite a teaser and a challenge And the childrens' one is easy but it's still a challenge for children We managed to assemble it in 2-3 minutes Yeah. You will definitely see that list somewhere, we'll bring it up in the livestreams or somewhere When our friends and team come around, they assemble it as fast as they can and so it is So, go shopping on our page, you'll get some christmas gift ideas and now let's go see todays' episode Karel will be doing some things on the Audi and then do some sim racing Do not forget, we have a limited amount here! A limited amount! Correct! When we run out, you won't be able to get a christmas present from us Winter is coming and the Audi is once again on the lift. Hello once again, Karel here!

So, the bumper has been painted. It's sort of the same color of the car and let's see, let's put the bumper on I will not be giving up on the Audi! Maybe we can still drift it in the winter, because we have completely missed a thing Which is important grip wise and why the Audi might not have grip in the winter It might be difficult to see from here, but the coilovers have springs, and the springs are with different tension And since the car is so empty and light in the rear, looking back at my drifting video from the last time I was on track, the car was bouncing in the rear Like a bouncy ball It isn't soft, the springs are probably too stiff and that won't let the strut work correctly And then it won't find grip either I'll put the bumper on, we have the corner scales as well, I'll weigh the car for fun I'll see how the weight distribution is, I don't even remember how much the dry weight of the Audi is, we'll find that out as well We can order springs separately. Some smart guy or the internet can calculate the tension so we could find out what spring we need to order To calculate the correct weight for it so it would play correctly with the cars' weight And then see, if that will change anything or not We should still try to drive it in the winter Because I have a car, why buy a separate winterbeater when actually I have a "beater" There is not point in spending money. We actually have a different beater waiting in the garage as well, the orange Nissan Let's hope that we have enough time to get to that project this winter as well and assemble it Because we have an engine here which was on the competition Nissan, the stock one that I changed the rod and crank bearings on We have a second gearbox too. We have quite a lot of parts to assemble the car And actually in the big box that was ordered a while ago in the summer that hasn't even been opened yet There is a dashboard in there So we could get the interior pretty as well And what we're missing, is the steering rack. Martin's steering rack is right here, but that's for a 370Z I don't think that it will fit on the 350Z We need to find a steering rack as well somewhere. Then we should have most of the parts to assemble the 350Z

But well, when I finally get that far, we'll see. That kind of a job will always have some suprises and some things are always missing We have a part of the exhaust missing and some tiny stuff too. Oh, here we go. The radiator is missing as well Okay. We'll have to start assembling it to see the final truth So. The weight follower is on the scales. The Audis' dry weight is 1290kg Which is quite reasonable And looking at the weight distribution, there's a 50kg difference in the front and the rear has almost a 100kg difference comparing corners Which is quite a lot. We should actually get it balanced, I'll take a picture so I know how much the rear end roughly weighs

And then we can take look at the springs and see how much do they cost Because it is stiff. It is on the softest setting right now. It does not "spring" at all like it should We know that now as well. I'll go take it for a spin, try out if the bypass valve replacement was of any help at all or not I got those changed We haven't had a dry day to get that power down in rear wheel drive mode The paint choice was too good. I missed the tone a bit, it's too light I'm sure it'll fade, the car is spotty and fady anyway Atleast it looks heaps better from a distance When it'll get dirty, it'll be just fine So. The moment of truth is coming up. Has anything changed or not

There's no one to film today, so I don't think you'll see the testing part Or maybe I'll put a GoPro in the car. Let's try Let's see Then we'll see exactly what it does Well, the car is parked into it's good old spot again. Result of the repair - absolute zero Exactly the same thing I just don't understand what it is When you do it in first gear, it doesn't grip enough to load up the car so it doesn't sputter in first I mean the boost doesn't get high enough There's no load It needs load So I don't know what will happen to it. Let's start searching from square one again Start checking everything again so there wouldn't be anything we might have missed Or diagnosed a bit incorrectly The mistake may be here somewhere, but where? In some things. We don't know, it would probably be the easiest to do it on the dyno. Let's see, I'll talk to Viljar So yes, such are the things with the Audi as of now We did not get that much smarter But the thing with this mistake is, is that you can't drive it in the summer in the dry, but on the wet surface it's probably fine And in the winter, it won't have that much load and grip to reenact that mistake It will not be interfering with driving in the winter. But in the summer, you just can't use the full potential

It burbles. I'm done with this Audi for today. We'll come back to it when the motivation comes back and there's some new ideas where to search for the mistake The sim racing season has started! When we can't drift outside with our cars. Well, theoretically we can but who wants to go smash them up in the mud For that, we have cheap winterbeaters. Karel has his Audi and Martin has his BMW which is a bit broken at the moment We will talk about that some time later But! We can keep our hands warm in the sim rigs! We have 2 sim rigs here, one of them is ours and one of them is lent from EVAL Estonian Virtual Car Sport Union We had a bit of a party with fans, patreons, friends and family yesterday. It is feeling a bit heavy right now, I don't know how it'll affect the competition I don't think it'll be good for it Talking about that, I don't actually know how to drive in it at all, but things have gotten a bit better We had a competition with the two sim rigs. In that competition, I got both zeros in the qualification, I didn't get past that

But the winner was Hans-Kristjan. His prize was a fancy rim, I'll insert a picture as well Everyone here tried it out, we drove in CarX Drift. With help modes on. It was easier that way We tried out all types of systems Everyone got to try it out But! Now, I'll have to play Assetto Corsa. I booted up my laptop too. It's screen is dead too I wanted to read some rules from here at the same time, but turns out I can't But here in this Discord, things are rumbling around. Karel is like an old person, who doesn't understand everything. I accidentally jumped into the server And started to do practice meanwhile the qualification was actually already on Sorry everyone there! I didn't know that the competition was already on, I thought they would start at 5.30pm but they had started earlier

The Discord is lit up. We already saw some results. There are a lot of competitors 72 competitors Guests! I wonder who we could be waiting for? I don't know if we're waiting for anyone. Let's go see who it is On a sunday evening, I don't even know what the time is, after 8pm, people come to MTShop to buy things They wanted a car battery. Sorry, but we don't have any 100aH car batteries here at the moment sadly Where did I get to? Over 70 people registered into the competition. They've been divided into groups. Right now we already need 52 points just to get into the top-32

Oh well. I think that I won't make it. I'll just fool around a bit and play along, there's nothing else to it We have several groups. I'm in the last group, "I". And even here I'm third from last. Things are already on, the Livestream should start as well But I think they're only showing the top-32 in the live It is supposed to start at 8pm, but the time schedule is tweaked so my qualifying time is at 8.30pm. But that has been tweaked as well So right now the "G" group is on. Then the "H" group and then me And I'm actually logged in with Martin's user. But let's see, how well can Karel drive I'll put my headphones on. You sadly won't be hearing the sound

But let's see. The drifting is quite difficult. You're missing a sence. You have the wheel feel and the visual, but you're missing the butt feeling I have practiced so much, that I can almost... I screwed that one up... Actually I didn't, that was a backwards entry I can almost finish the track correctly, it isn't pretty but atleast the car stays in drift and I can even talk at the same time. Oh, I screwed up already The track goes on here. The sun is shining into my eyes. And you finish through here

The wheel runs through your hand almost like in a real car. But some moment are iffy, and that's what I can't do I don't think you can see a replay here, I don't think so. When I go over the crest into the first corner, on the transition, the car needs to be slowed down I can't handle that I tried with the foot brake and with low angle with the E-brake, but that is still the most difficult part To slow down the car, lose some speed so it wouldn't carry me off track I've been practicing for quite some time now. I don't know how many hours I've played this in the last two weeks

The event got pushed a week forward for some techical reasons. I've been practicing for about 3 weeks I don't even know, almost every day. Atleast 30 min to an hour each time at evenings And well, I'm getting better, but it's still not it. You can set up the car and do all sorts of things

But still, I don't know, it's difficult. It's very difficult So, hats off to all the sim rig racers I could say, that since I came from a real car to here, it's more difficult for me Because I know how you have to drive a real car. But If you take a simulator drifter and put them into a real car, it will be easier for them do drive the real car You can get a baseline from this. But doing it the other way, it's difficult Although, again, Pro drivers like James Deane and Piotr Więcek and other guys, they play the same game and practice and set up final drive setups In the game for certain tracks. As the Mondello track is the Drift Masters' first event, where Oliver Randalu got a second place, the entry is tricky already

And this spot here, I don't know how to take it... Oh, oh, oh! I'm getting it! I managed to get the speed down This end part here is weird as well. Got to get to the wall, as it is a clipping point. But as you can see, I can sort of get the track down while talking For this time, I won't be talking. Let's see how I do Maybe I have to be talking. It'll be easier then Oh boy! This is one of my best runs so far! If I don't mess this ending up now. Still too shallow

I don't know if I would get any points from this run I would say that this was one of my best runs with this final corner So, I don't know. I have some time till my qualification. Let's wait and I'll start the camera. We've been waiting for several hours now I won't go home, I'll do the qualification. Maybe a miracle will happen with my practice and maybe I'll manage to get some points "...Karel in a BMW"

"When was the last time you saw that?" "He drove one event in the Street class in a BMW but he is not a BMW guy" "And the fact that it's a Touring as well. He has chosen a very difficult task for himself. Learning the game physics is quite a rocket science" "Let's say so" "And he's initiating. Almost straightens but manages to keep it together. No! He flew off, a zero point run!" "Ai ai ai! He still has his second run, but now he has some tension on himself." "It ended before it even had started" "Exactly. It seems like he has potential, but he unfortunately made a mistake" "We could say, that me as a drive telling you, the servers' track is quite a bit more slippy that driving offline" "The drivers have to account for that. The grip is not as good as in the offline practice."

"They definitely have to account for that. The second corner has been quite a source of trouble for most, since they enter too fast and then slide off" "Let's see if Karel is able to correct himself in his second run. I think he can" "He should definitely have the skill. He has the talent, he has the experience. But that's everywhere else other than this platform on which everyone else is participating too." "As I've understood, Assetto Corsa is a stranger for him."

Let's take a second zero too "As I know, he plays more of the fun chill drifting games, Assetto Corsa needs a bit of getting used to." "When you're used to something easier, it may take some time to get used to" "Let's see what happens in the second run" "He completely misses both of those" "Both of them, not even close. Oh, he spun! A complete zero!" "And so it went. The BMW in not a proper car. Can't drive like that" "He'll have to have a Nissan" "So, Karel is still a Nissan guy. There is not advantage to the japanese here."

I am no sim drifter material. I'll have to take the car to the box. But the beginning was promising! I actually made it futher than my difficult corner. So, seat time! I need some more seat time It was a setup fault! Surely it was the cars' fault! I think that's why it went like that! I would have done it , but that's the motorsport! But look how good, the cars don't get damaged in the game. Where am I supposed to go now? Where do I put the car?

So, that's how my competition went. There's nothing else to do. I'll rewatch the livestream and see how what went wrong There are 3 more events to go. It's difficult. I don't know if I'll manage. Maybe the other tracks are easier. Where there are no flicks and turnbacks You can flow through the track. I'll see if I have any more appetite to try and practice or not But such was the EVAL event. I don't know, maybe you'll be able to join as well at the next events. So, check it out, I'll rewatch my run and see the comments Greetings to all the fans! I don't know, if it is better We've walked into a movie set. What movie are you filming here guys?

I don't know This is the Wampiiroja movie! We have our director/cameraman right here. And who are you? What tasks do you have? I run around and roll up the cables Quite recently was an Estonian movie in the cinemas, "Twin-turbo" You even took a part in it! It hasn't been in the cinemas yet! It hasn't? It was on PÖFF, they premiered it there. I was there as well. How many seconds was I there? Didn't you see? I was running around the cinema, I start the movie and then run to the next one Alright. I was in the "Twin-turbo" movie which is on PÖFF right now, but as it turns out, we are having a after-season movie on our hands They're making a movie of me? Or of the Wampiiroja team? I don't even exactly know what movie is being recorded But all the team members are put infront of the camera to speak and actually during this season, Marko has been filming with a second camera So we're expecting a movie. When is it coming out? I have no idea. It will probably be premiered in a cinema and the rest will be sold online The 2022 season, how did those 2 titles come. And they have been filmed with a completely separate camera, those shots have not been on my Youtube channel

Only looking at the history It'll be from a different angle. I don't know what will eventually come out, because I don't know how much right of word I have in it We'll see that But today, Tanel and Magnus are giving interviews Martin and myself will be giving interview as well, all of the team members are giving an interview. Let's see what will come out of it And whether or not you will see it or it will just be archived Yes, straight into archive

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