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[Music] come on everyone once again here from  incredible Japan today we're in a place called   Nico we arrived here yesterday it's about an  hour and 50 minutes away from Tokyo on the   express train so we actually got this thing  called the 4-day ni pass which includes the   transport here from asakusa station in Tokyo and  the return and it also lets you get an unlimited   amount of the transport within Nico so a lot of  people do that I think they only have available   a 2-day pass or a 4-day pass and since we got here  yesterday and we've still got two full days now we   got the 4-day pass cuz it's going to be 3 days in  total and that was $35 per person and in the video   description below you can find the link for the  Nico pass and this is the amazing view from our   hotel can see everything pretty much the snow  cap mountains in the background might actually   be snowing while we're here so yeah those guys  might get even wider later on run and the hotel   is really good it's called Nico Station 2 just  $55 a night and that also includes a pretty good   breakfast so I was doing some editing work here  yesterday with the nice views and it's just a   small room but not too bad and the bathroom's here  car's getting beautiful for the day good morning   it's like a planing bathroom that's what we were  saying yesterday or a cruise bathroom look it's   all like plastic so this is the center of Nico  right next to the hotel that we're staying in   and that is the station where we arrived where the  majority of you will be arriving if you come here   got a pretty cool old train Carriage here must  be how the original ones were yeah the Tramway   was open 1910 and you also have the little bus  station here I think that's the Hop On Hop off   bus that's included in our ticket so right now  we're going to go on a bit of a walk we're here   and we're going to walk all the way up and there's  a bunch of different temples we'll go to those   first and there's also a waterfall somewhere I  think then for the waterfall we need to get a a   bus though yeah cuz uh I think it's far away from  here and since the bus is already included in the   pass just uh getting that uh and from what I read  uh the bus like a loop that's why by uh I think   majority of Tours get the pass here to just travel  around niik so one thing that's really nice about   n is how quiet it is after the Tokyo chaos yeah  it's like a big difference from Tokyo uh because   we do see tourists here uh but it's not that many  really and like last night when we walked around   the town it was like a ghost town because I think  many people just do day trips but it's very calm   and relaxing I think it's good after Tokyo cuz  we love Tokyo but sometimes it was a bit too   much overwhelm me so it's basically just this  Main Street and all the stores are on the main   road on both sides so just the usual really  souvenir shops cafes restaurants lots of nice   traditional looking buildings so when we came here  yesterday the mountains were in the clouds so we   weren't seeing it like this even though it's  cloudy today looks really awesome yeah but I   just remembered that it's not 10:00 a.m. yet so  I think uh during this time the the stores start   to open around 10 or after that so maybe that's  why it's also extremely uh empty right [Music] now [Music] [Music] so this is going to be our first attraction of  the day it's called Shinko Bridge yeah I've seen   this place in pictures when it's like Autumn  and you're getting all the colors of orange   things like that I think Autumn would actually  be the nicest time to come to Japan yes I think   so I wonder how the prices are but maybe I would  prefer to come in Autumn yeah since Spring's just   starting things are a bit dead it's also not  sunny today so yeah it looks a bit more dull   than usual still beautiful though Apparently  that is one of the most beautiful bridges in [Music] Japan so that statue right there is  of a Buddhist monk called shu and   he's apparently the first documented person  in Nico from around the 700s so I did read   that this place was founded in the 700s by  a Buddhist monk so I'm guessing it was that   monk back there and three of the temples  in this complex are UNESCO world heritage sites so this first one is the renoi temple and  this was the first one that was established here   by the monk that I just mentioned in 766 although  it wouldn't have looked like that back then it   would have just been like a simple Hut and you  got to pay 10 to so this one is 400 we'll have   to pay for each one that we go to so it turns  out that you can't film inside basically just   had these golden Butters but they were absolutely  massive a lot bigger than it looks in the picture   is this the Zen Garden yes looks lovely doesn't  it didn't we have like a little B in our garden   was a massive B A big one was about half a Meer  old think it was behind the pond wasn't it yeah   I did they put the bamboos at the back and  I love my parents tried to reconstruct this   at our our home in England but many places that  you go around the world have Japanese gardens I   remember when I lived in Houston one of the main  parks there had a Japanese garden famous [Music] worldwide [Music] that is one cool pagod yeah beautiful red with the  colors like inside yeah Green's gold so this one   is 1,300 to enter and it's considered to be the  most most important one I'll tell you why very   soon when we get to the place wow so this one is  way more impressive so many more buildings also   the red kind of style more golden though so these  are the monkeys that see here and speak no evil   oh okay oh yeah I see the monkeys now that's  what it's supposed to represent and there's   supposed to be another one of an elephant that  the artist I think he drew it without ever seeing   an elephant oh really how how is that possible I  don't know maybe he saw another drawing I imagine [Music] yeah [Music] man I think this this might  be one of the most impressive temples we've ever   seen yeah like a complex it really is stunning  and impressive so big so much to see look at   this gate well not of those dragons yeah I like  their the golden ice really beautiful really is beautiful [Music] Masterpiece so we're now going to the main  part of the complex which is the main reason   why it's so busy with so many people and it's  a shrine where to gawa Leu is buried and he's   the founder of the too gawa period the Edo period  that I mentioned in the other videos so that was   a time where Japan was unified under just one  rule one Kingdom and yeah the founder of it is   buried here important person for the history of  Japan so the new series Shogun which we haven't   watched yet apparently the main character is based  on this guy but he has a different name in the series quite the workout to get here yeah I  think it was maybe 400 around 400 steps and   there's more so it was his son that ordered  this to be built for him pretty much right   around the time he died I think he died in 1616  and that's when construction began so this is   his grave rain really starting to pick up yeah  so he was the one that ordered the Edo Castle   to be built where we went in Tokyo where the  Imperial Palace is now it was the man the mighty   leader there's another queue here maybe people  paying their respects to [Music] him [Music] right [Music] so this will be the last Temple so  the third and final UNESCO heritage site   called futarasan this one will be a lot more  emptier than that last one this dude looks   cool it yeah happy choppy very happy I wish we  could have seen it here when it was covered in   snow I'm guessing it was just like a week ago  or something this Tory gate was made of bronze   in 1799 in Shinto belief and architecture T  Gates Mark the boundary between worldly and   sacred spaces so I guess that's why we always  see them at the entrances of the temples and shrines man it's really pouring it down now  the forecast is so bad for the rest of the   day and tomorrow though so I think think  we're just going to have to go for it and   hopefully it doesn't get heavier shows  like 90% chance of rain over the next hours the golden bunny so it seems like I'm allowed to film  from here at this one at the tooa grave there   was also a really awesome main Shrine there  but I couldn't fil inside have to come and   see yourself so this one is 300 per person  and I think it has like a garden too a big   area not just the temples wow check that out  the bronze lantern from 1292 super [Music] old [Music] [Music] you [Music] [Music] [Music] so back in the center now we just missed  the bus to go to the waterfall and it's   only going to pass in like 40 minutes  time so I think we're just going to eat   here we're going to eat near the waterfall  instead I think these are all restaurants we   have no problem for finding food around  here I know this one's a bakery since 1873 so got some pretty interesting  options here seems like there's a lot   of sets I don't know if they  have a specific name for this   kind of thing Bento Box bento box  that's the one yeah where's the guoa okay I think we'll get that for starters  440 I might get this Tori sober 930 noodles   with chicken so noodle soup has been my goto in  this colder weather this one looks amazing just   like the others that I've had dad got something  different sausage sausage is what is that little   thing that's the shrimp in it shrimp temp on yours  is like mine just with shrimp yes and then I don't   know what that is no I think it's potato cat with  the Yuba I don't know if they say Yuba or I don't   know how they say it but it's a thing that's  traditional from this region of niik and it's   basically a tofu like um crisp not not crispy  but like a layered tofu it's different but it's   good I like it so that's tofu on the outside on  the inside oh on the inside and then potato on   the outside okay from the picture I thought  it was going to be the chunky noodles Bento her sorry sorry okay sorry oh pay downstairs pay  downstairs okay thank you yeah boxes always look   cool that the Miso yeah miso sou rice maybe rice  and wow looks sool all sorts of different things   yeah tofu uh based uh food I think it's like  the specialty of this restaurant and it's all   like tofu stuff oh so this is tofu yeah and  this so that's a tofu skin yeah looks weird   yeah it's different I've never seen it like this  before I think I need some soce so sauce maybe   you want some of this this this sauce is good I  think oh that one yeah it's uh salty very salty   yeah so the Bento Box all that was 2,000 right  too salty just got to dip it a little bit then mhm [Music] [Music] [Music] so we're at the entrance of the waterfall  that we wanted to come to kegon we actually got   on the wrong bus don't get on the world heritage  bus it does not come here does go to the shrines   though and now we're in the snowy mountains that  we saw before I had no idea we'd even be coming   places with snow in Ni yeah it's definitely been  snowing heavy here all the mountains completely   covered looks pretty similar to the center of Nico  similar kind of layout Main Street with all the stores more like ice actually you're next mom and that over  there the mountain is uh Act volcano   called NTI really yeah you can hike it not  now probably another season funny thing is   it actually doesn't seem that cold here  in Nico I think it felt colder in Tokyo   yeah surprisingly because the temperature  here is I think the same but uh maybe it's   the wind in Tokyo maybe the wind come from the  ocean I don't know there's something different   yeah there was a icy cold wind and here  there's no wind yeah maybe that's [Music] why a sweet so even the waterfall is covered  in snow definitely didn't expect that either   don't know if you can see it back there we're  going to like a proper paid Viewpoint so it'll   be even better nice yeah it's funny cuz uh a  few days ago I searched for this place and the   pictures were showing snow and I said to you  oh I wish it would be like that and that's how   it is today so I'm happy yeah cuz we thought  that picture was probably from like January   not not spring it's it's really beautiful with  the white snow that makes up for the dead tree   appearance at least how much was it uh five  70 per person okay thank you good job yeah   much better from down here yeah we couldn't see  all this part before it's like we are in Iceland   yeah I think that's the only other time we've  seen a waterfall with snow yeah it was kind   of similar to this some of them yeah we got  water coming down here from somewhere [Music] you going to get some of these finger socks  they're fun yeah I wonder if they're more comfortable 500 mL yeah what the hell is that  put liquid in there so if you come to the back   there's actually another massive waterfall loads  and loads of water had no idea this one was there [Music] either [Music] so we come back to where we  got dropped off by the bus and everything   everything is completely closed now I don't  know what time it is it must be around 400   p.m. everything shuts so we're just making  our way to a lake which is just right here   it's right next to the waterfall I think  this is basically what's flowing into that   waterfall that we just visited so even here  you get one of those amazing massive Gates   not only at the entrances to Temples then and  there's the beautiful Lake in the background so we're going to try and find a cafe I think  Carol saw on Google Maps that there's a nice   cafe with the lake view yeah this has been a  awesome surprise it all looking like this it's   almost like a a pebbly beach that we're on now  you can see that the water level would usually be   higher there's a pier and actually the waterfall  the main part of it it was quite weak the water   that was coming out of it if you see which as at  other times of the year it's like a really thick   waterfall and this is beautiful the calm snowy  Lake I think these are accommodations aren't   they yeah this is a fancy hotel the RIT but there  are other options down here yeah I think it would   be cool to stay here maybe in summer it will  be cool too do some kaying many things to do   and also hikes around here I saw there are many  hikes beautiful hikes oh yeah you can hike to   the volcano so this lake is a th200 m above sea  level so that's why it's like snowy and icy here   Tokyo I guess is just the same elevation as the  sea [Music] almost so in the 4-day ni pass that   we have it actually includes a cruise on this  Lake that I thought we were going to be doing   in this video but then I found out that it only  starts mid April so just in a couple of week's   time you'll be able to do a cruise around here I  guess they don't really have it during the winter   so we were just saying that probably be nicer to  stay around here than where we are even where we   are is very nice but obviously having a big late  like this is a lot nicer and then we could have   done the opposite got on the bus from here to  the shrines and temples and then stayed around   here not sure if this Cafe is going to be open  though on Google it says it closes at 5:00 but   yeah judging by how closed everything is I'm  thinking it's going to be closed I think we're   in luck looks like the cafe is the only thing  that's open in this entire place right now the   lights are on so it was that place back there we  saw the lights on and people inside but then when   we going to open the door the owner said that  it's closed so no coffee for us around this   Lake I think where we're staying you can get a  coffee and if worse comes worse you can um go to   Food Mark 24/7 or a 7-Eleven get some dodgy  coffee sometimes pretty good [Music] though so this happens quite a bit on our travels  sometimes we'll go to the place where it's   popular for day trips but we actually go there  and stay there two nights and it's usually kind   of like this so very busy during the day and  then a complete ghost town at night and early   in the morning it's kind of funny to see the  difference but we like staying in places like   that [Music] too so that's going to be it here  from Nico we actually spent all of yesterday   here too but it was absolutely pouring it down  all day so we didn't even go out we were just   doing work so from the window you can see it's way  more covered in snow now so probably if you go to   that Lake Area it'll be even nicer the snowy  scenery and in the next video we're heading   to a place called kusatsu We're actually about to  head there right now we're getting on the return   train back to Tokyo and yeah then we'll head to  kusatsu and that place is an on town like a hot   spring town which are very famous here in Japan  so really looking forward to that they also have   the onson towns near here you can get like a bus  there in the center and it'll take you it's not   that far we just didn't go cuz we're going to co  atle right now so yeah we'll leave it for there   so that'll be where the next video is coming from  so if you like this one just drop a like on the   video as usual subscribe see you more videos like  this and we'll see you in the next one [Music]

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