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Hola! Bienvenidos! Welcome to beautiful Ixtapa! Buenos dias! Good morning Country Collectors.  If you tuned in last week you know we explored   Zihuatanejo. Well this week we are taking  you to its neighbor Ixtapa which is located   about 10 kilometers northwest. Ixtapa is completely  different and we cannot wait to show you around.  But before we get started make sure to hit that  subscribe button and ring the bell so you don't   miss out on any of our future adventures! To  get here from Zihua is very simple. We ended   up hailing a cab for 80 pesos. You can also take a  colectivo one way for 14 pesos as well. If you've   been following along you know that we love  renting Airbnbs but this week we got super   lucky when a couple of subscribers Sarah and Tony,  hey guys! They reached out to us after seeing our   Acapulco video and said if you're heading to  Ixtapa you can stay in our parent's rental   unit and let me tell you it is awesome! The bottom  room is very comfortable and is equipped with a tv,   ac as well as a nice big bathroom and an outdoor  kitchen with access to the rooftop and pool.

Up the stairs you will find the second bedroom  with great natural light, its own bathroom and a   beautiful terrace outside overlooking the  nature below. So you can either rent one   room or the entire space and they are looking for  long-term renters. So if you would like to inquire   more information about this I will put Sarah's  information in the description below. All right  

let's go exploring! From where we're saying it's  about a 20-minute walk through this neighborhood   down to La Costera and the hotel zone. While we  were doing our research we actually learned that   this land here where Ixtapa is actually used to be  a coconut plantation and mangrove estuary. But back   in the 70s the Mexican government organization  also known as Fonatur came in and developed this   into a planned resort town like Cabo, Cancun and  Huatulco. And check it out they have the camouflage   cell phone tower so it looks like a huge palm  tree. You're not fooling anybody people! And  

there are some absolutely gorgeous homes in this  area we've seen some for sale and some for rent   as well. It's very fancy and I like it! And what  we're really enjoying is the nature here. There   are so many birds. You can hear them chirping  in the background. And it's just so peaceful!   A lot of the trees you're going to see are fruit  trees so keep those peepers peeping people because   you might get a free mango! I want to go see if  I can grab one! Be careful. That one's not even ripe. And I don't have the ups for it! Ain't no MJ! And right in the center of this development is  the Palma Real Ixtapa golf course. There is another   one done by the marina as well. So if golfing  is your cup of TEE, they have options! Was that  

a golf pun? It was! Nice one babe! You're rubbing  off on me! Let's keep going! I can see the start   of the hotel zone right here and I'm getting  so excited to go and check out that beach. We   haven't actually been there yet so we're going  to be exploring it for the first time together!   Welcome to La Costera. This is the main road  through town. On one side you have the hotel   zone that runs along the beautiful playa palmar.  And then on the other side you have restaurants,   bars, nightclubs and shops. But first let's go  check out that beach! And because of the large   hotels here it can be a little difficult to  find beach access. But don't worry we've got  

you covered. Right here next to the Barcelo  hotel on the eastern end of the hotel zone   you can get down to the beach. And there's another  way a little bit farther down we're going to be   exiting from we'll show you in a little bit.  Now let's go check out that playa! Wrong way! Let's go check out that playa! And if you're driving yourself it looks like  they have some free parking here as well. They even have some public restrooms here  so don't worry about that little bladder!   Oh it looks like right before you get to the beach  they have a bunch of little vendors selling some   snacks and cold coconuts! Oh that's nice! There's  another little parking area over here. Oh they   got a little bar down here. You can get a coco  loco! I like it! And this beach is a designated  

blue flag beach which means it is just about  the best that you can get. It's clean, they have   facilities, there are no dogs or bikes allowed  on it. And I think the designation of a blue flag   also extends to like its environmental standards  as well. So you can see here they have all these  

bins so you can recycle, throw trash away, and  organics to separate them which is very cool. And they don't permit drinking or smoking of  cigarettes. Yeah there's a lot of rules but it's   to keep it this way. You know what? Rules are good  when you're keeping my playa clean! Right here   they have a little sanitation area where they're  gonna spray us down before we head on. Let's go get   clean so we can get down and start having some  fun! Let's do it! When you're dirty clean him up! There you go! There we go, I'm ready! They actually  weren't doing this to everyone, just your hands but...   they know Adam! Yeah well I may not  have taken a shower this morning!   Let's go! And here's a the traveler tip. When  they're spraying you down close your mouth.

This is a problem for me because I'm  always talking, but I got some in there   and it was not very pleasant. Sorry for you! Wow  this is so beautiful! While you're walking down   to the beach you notice they have some salvavidas  venus or lifeguards from nine until five. I'm   sure you can hear those waves crashing in  the background. It can get a little dangerous   here swimming because it's on the open Pacific so  it is prone to having some rip currents. There's   some signs up right now that say prohibito  nadar which means no swimming but a little bit   farther down it looks like it is okay to swim so  we're gonna go down and check that out right now.

Down here you can see people are in the  water having a good time. It is less turbulent.   Remember, riptides can be anywhere but they are not  everywhere so this is obviously one of the places   that it's okay for people to be in the water. Over  here on the left they have a golf course right on   the beach. I don't know if I've ever been to a golf  course in the beach, but I like it! I'm sure it's a  

part of that golf course in our development. Oh right! Right in our development. Yeah Palma Real. At the end here we've run into   a private hotel so we can't pass this way. But  I did talk to this gentleman here. They do have   tubing, banana boats and parasailing. He said the  tubing was 300 pesos per person. The banana boats   250 per person. And the parasailing was about  800 pesos per person. So if you come down here   and want to partake in that that could be a lot  of fun. All right let's keep going down the beach! Oh and I know what this is! That's right. It looks  like they're doing some turtle conservation right  

here. When the turtles come in and lay their eggs  they collect them, bring them here to keep them   safe from predators and people alike and when  they're ready they get released back into the   ocean. Maybe you can sign up and do a turtle  release here. That would be so much fun! And we   highly recommend it! All right I tried to keep my  shoes on but I'm just collecting the beach in here.  So they're coming off and the tootsies are going  in the sand! Peace ✌️ shoes! As we mentioned this is   the hotel zone. And I was just curious so I popped  into the Barcelo hotel and found out some prices. They do day passes here for 900 pesos. You can  use all the facilities, pools, bars and restaurants.

And it's all included. Everything but  the rooms. If you do want to stay here   a two-person stay which is all-inclusive is $262 US  dollars and it looked absolutely beautiful inside. So if that's your thing, this is definitely a good  option! Check it out they gotta Hyatt here. I've seen  

a Holiday Inn. So they have some of the main hotel  chains you know from home and a whole bunch of   Mexican ones as well. It's a good bury! So as we've been walking we've noticed it's mostly domestic tourism and we were like wondering why there wasn't more foreign tourists here. But have you ever heard the name Ixtapa? I know I hadn't. I couldn't even say the name until a   couple of days ago. Yeah so maybe it's just because people  don't know about this place. And I think what's so   great about it is you have this very tourist  designed area and right down the road is Zihua.

Where you can go for a much more quiet and relaxed  trip. So you get the best of both worlds here!   Yes we definitely recommend it! Oh and look  at this. Someone drew a big heart in the sand! They must have known we were coming because  we wanted to let you all know just how much   we love all of you! Yes ,that's so cute! All right  when you see Tanta Vida beach bar right next to   it is the second public beach access so we are  gonna head down here and across the street and   go show you all those restaurants, bars nightclubs,  and shops. So come along! And they have a parking  

lot down here so whether you want to come on  where we did at the beginning of the beach   or down here they got you covered. We really  enjoyed that beach. We would love to hear your   thoughts. I liked it because it was very accessible. Like going from your hotel to the water. The beach   isn't very wide so that was great. Yeah you just kind  of get out of bed and fall into the ocean! Yeah!  

And also, there were very few vendors. That's true  and I think that sometimes people really enjoy   vendors getting little snacks and stuff. But  here you're only going to find them down at   the beginning where we got on the beach. But there  is an artisan market in town if you are looking   for some souvenirs. Oh good tip! Check it out  there's a huge iguana right here on the walkway. And right behind me here you can see this bike  path. It runs from Zihua all the way through  

Ixhtapa I believe about 25 kilometers so stay  tuned because we are gonna get on this in just   a little bit. And this path right here isn't just  for bicycles. You can also walk on it among this   nature. It's really nice. And we are here in  June which is the summer so it is very muggy   and you do get some rain. December through April I believe is the high season here. That's when you're   going to get more cooler weather and it's going to  be a lot more dry, but also the prices are going to   be higher as well. And something we've noticed is  it is pretty handicap accessible and so so clean.   I mean it really, I don't think I've seen one  piece of trash since we've been here. I know they  

really take care of it. We've made it back to the  main shopping area of town here. Let's go take a   stroll and see what we can find. And throughout  here they have some plazas you can see like this   with boutiques. I know when people go on vacation  they like to go shopping. I mean who doesn't like   to know they can get whatever they want? And I feel  like this place has been set up, I mean it has been   set up for tourism. So you go to your hotel, you go  to the beach, you need anything... a new bathing suit or   some souvenirs. You walk right across the street  and it's all set up right here. You don't even need  

to take a cab. You just walk your little tootsies  right over here and grab whatever you need! We   definitely recommend stopping by one of these  tourist booths. They do speak english here so if   you don't speak spanish they can definitely help  you out. They have these great maps right here that   tell you all the best places to go around here.  They even have information about Zihua if you need   it. It's a must-do stop so you know all the best  things to do! Right next to the tourist information  

booth you will find a small supermarket  called Merza, and then there are pathways   that kind of extend beyond it. And it's this  huge compound/complex that you can just kind of   get lost in. Maybe you'll even trip into an afternoon  of margaritas by chance... We're not gonna do that   today but maybe tomorrow! Come with us! So as you  can see here's the shops and the restaurants.   And these this path kind of just continues along  and around. Oh yeah and they even have a little   zocalo or a little kiosk right here. The center  plaza. And like Adam said earlier there are fruit   trees everywhere. Even here at this little plaza.  Does anybody know what this fruit is right here?

It's kind of got an acquired taste. If you said  papaya I think you're right. Honestly I didn't   like this fruit at all when I first tried it  and then somebody taught me to put some lime   on it and it changed its entire flavor profile. So  if you're the same as me we recommend doing that!   This cracks me up! Husband Daycare Center at the  General's Sports Bar! You need to go shopping? You   want to go to the beach, and you don't want to have  that pesky husband around. Drop him off here. He'll   be happy, you'll be happy. It'll be a great vacation!  And it says down here It'll only cost you for  

his drinks! That's fair enough. As you can see this  area has a lot to offer so we definitely recommend   coming over here from your hotel and just walking  around and grabbing yourself a snack or maybe some   souvenirs. But my belly is rumbling right now so  we're gonna go find something to eat come with us.   We have found ourselves here at Restaurant Chili  Beans! We walked by earlier and it was packed so   we made sure to remember it so we could come back.  I got the fish tacos! Look at that. There's three   fish tacos and it's grilled fish with grilled  pineapple which I love for 130 pesos. And then I   also got this fresh mango juice. And Adam got... The  pastor burrito with some fresh guacamole on the   back here and man it looks delicious! Let's jump in!  I don't know if it's legal but I'm putting some of   that fresh guacamole right on the front of there.  I think it would be illegal. That's a good point. Oh  

and some spice! Oh man let's do this thing! Mmm wow! The pastor has such great flavor. The pork is so tender. And there is some cheese in there as well. I'm  digging it! And just a tip here in Mexico. A lot   of the time the tacos will come con todo, and that  means with onion and cilantro.So just keep that   in mind if they ask you that. Here they put it all  on the side which is great. Let's give it a taste. And i was just talking to Adam about these  fish tacos and I used a lot of expletives.   These are so bleepin' good! We definitely  recommend popping down here when you're here and   say hi to Alberto our waiter. He is so sweet. And he  gave us a bunch of tips for the best things to do  

around town, so we appreciate you Alberto. Yeah we  actually heard that you have to rent a bike and go...   Look at that car! You have to rent one  of those. I wish we were, but we are actually gonna   go run a bike and take it to the marina and then  through Parque Aztlan I believe. It's an ecological   reserve here. And then it takes you out to another  beach called Playa Linda. Linda we're coming for  

you girl! Let's go get... Linda means beautiful! I know, I know, it was a joke! Linda, Linda, Linda! Well let's go get some bikes!    We have found ourselves at Bi-Zihuanas. It is in Plaza  Ixpamar the interior dieciocho, it's 18. And we met   Lucy here. She is absolutely wonderful. They have a  ton of really nice bikes that go for 100 pesos per   hour or 500 pesos for the day and they also offer  e-bikes. I think this is a wonderful shop so when   you are here in Ixtapa definitely come down, say hi  chat with them a bit, and rent your bike from them!   It also comes with a helmet included and a bag to  put your lock in to keep your bike nice and secure.  

Also make sure not to forget your id because they  need to see that in order to give you the bike.   All right let's get on the road already! Here he comes! Ride or die baby! Let's do this! And I know sometimes helmets can make people  look dorky, not that that matters because safety is the   most important thing here. But they actually made  this one look even cuter! Oh my gosh how did I not   know you were gonna say that? We gotta protect this  cute little cabeza! Yes we do. Right now we are  

actually gonna head to the marina which is at  the farthest end of the hotel zone. So come along! Oh this is nice! This bike path right here is  really smooth. We got this beautiful weather   today. It's a little hot but I'm not complaining.  We are so glad that you're here with us today   experiencing everything Ixtapa has to offer. Wow  and down here on my left we are seeing a lot  

more hotels. I believe this one is called Monarch.  It's humongous! And right before you arrive at the   marina you will see the other golf course in town  here. So like Heidi said earlier, if golf is your   thing this is a great place for you to come on  vacation! All right let's get down to the marina.   Wow so beautiful! But you want to be careful here  because it says that there are crocodiles so   there is no swimming, diving or getting into the  water here. And it looks like there's a couple   restaurants down here right along the water as  well as some really nice boats. I like just sitting  

and picking out which one I would like. I'll  take them all! And we were just checking this out   because it looks so cool but we had no idea  what it is. Adam just went and asked. I got   the scoop. It used to be a very posh restaurant  but unfortunately it has gone out of business   forever. Oh no hopefully someone can come in and  you know remake it into something really nice.   I mean it's got a 360 view up there, how cool  is that? Very cool! And it looks like over here   I'm not sure if that's a hotel or some condos and  then they run up into the hill area there. But my   golly these boats are gorgeous! Adam look at  this one right here. I'll take it! All right so  

we are gonna head along the marina here and over  this bridge through the ecological park which is   right over here. Come along. I love this! It feels  like we're going on a grand adventure with you.   And along the way make sure to stop and just take  it all in. Feel the breeze on your face. Breathe this   fresh sea air and enjoy your time because that's  really all we have is time. Exactly it is the most   precious thing that we do have. Once you leave the  marina area there is a hill that starts to go up  

at the end. That's where we're heading, we'll see  you up there! Alright babe you got a shift, remember? I'm a shiftin'! Woo it was a little bit of a climb there. Look  at those beautiful mountains behind you!   Those are beautiful. And then there's a couple of  turns. You're going to come to a T you're going to  

want to stay to the right and then the next one a  little roundabout stay to the right there as well.  That was like no joke. That was no joke. I mean it  was hard for us because we haven't been on a bike   in a while, but it looks like we have made it to  the bike path. And we are going to cross the road   over here and that's going to take us to the park.  So this is the ciclopista and we are right here.   t=This path is going to take us all the way out to  Playa Linda which is at kilometer 9.7 (actually at km 8). So it looks   like we have about six kilometers to go! And right  here are the hours of the ciclopista so we better   get going! This is so nice. I can see butterflies  and dragonflies. There's birds flying around  

everywhere. You are gonna hear the leaves rustle  on the side. Don't be scared those are just some   little lizards. Ah this breeze. It's just perfect!  This board right here has all the mammals, birds   and reptiles that you can find here. We do have  a tip though. Make sure to bring bug repellent   because we didn't and right now as the sun is  starting to go down all the mosquitoes are coming   out. I think it's all day long. Oh maybe it's all  day long here it is a little humid so they must   love it here! Yeah. We better get back on the road  before we get eaten up. Yeah let's go! I see an OXXO   right there. Looks like we made it to the other  side. I see a sign right there for Playa Linda.  

I guess we're gonna go over this bridge and go  find it. And if you're not interested in riding   a bike down here, and you might not be. They do  have colectivos that come here from town and   will also bring you back. I believe they're around  14 pesos each and you just wave one down hop in.   It'll say Playa Linda on the windshield. Yeah  it's pretty easy! Wow this is a busy place. I   wasn't really expecting that. I know and you can  hear all those birds! And then across the street  

is supposed to be a cocodrialrio I believe. Like  where the crocodiles are. Let's go check that out.   Yeah! So right to the left side of Playa Linda  there is this cocodrilario which is just this   free little area on this viewing platform where  you can come and view the crocodiles below and you   can see a lot of birds nesting as well. And there  are so many crocodiles here. This one is humongous!   I see one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine,  ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen... seventeen I think! Oh my  

gosh that crocodile ate a bird. You can see the  wing coming out of the side of its mouth. And look   at all of these iguanas down here just soaking  up that sun! And right down there there's babies!   It's definitely awesome coming down here and just  looking in the trees at all these birds. You can   see pelicans flying overhead. There's a little noisy  blackbird right down here. So yeah really cool. Come   check this out. But we are gonna go head over to  Playa Linda and see what it's all about so come   with us. And right out here it looks like this is  where you can get the buses back to Ixtapa. Those  

colectivos. And on the way in here there's a ton  of shops selling souvenirs and beach stuff. If you forgot   your bathing suit they got you covered! Looks like  the beach is just right ahead of us. Oh wow this   is super cool right here. They've got a lot of  little restaurants set up here selling mariscos.   I like this vibe. This is like you know that  traditional Mexico. Very cool. And then in front   over here is the pier where you can get boats out  to the famous Isla de Ixtapa which we are not going   to go to today but we're hopefully going to take  you there next week. We're only in the parking lot   and I am really enjoying it already. The beach  runs all the way down here. There's a pier that  

goes out into the water here. And I believe that  the main Playa Linda is over here on the left so   we should go over there and check it out. And  I really appreciate that this parking lot is   filled with cars and boats. Yeah I know! It's like  a car parked, then a boat parked then a truck parked. It's funny. This beach looks so nice right  here these gentle rolling waves coming in.   A lot of people swimming in the water and then  a bunch of restaurants going all the way down.   And while we're down here listening to  this music and enjoying the atmosphere   we have to give a heartfelt shout out to  our new patrons: David, Jose, Ken and Jeannie!   Thank you so so much for your contributions. We  appreciate you immensely. Honestly without you  

this wouldn't be possible. You're with us every day  in every way when we're out here. And we appreciate   you from the bottom of our hearts. Yes if you  would like to join our Patreon community we will   put the link in the description below. I was just  looking in our bag for something and look what I   found! Those were surprise cookies in case we got  low. Oh he always does that like I'll find little   snacks like up in the cupboard and I'm like,  are you hiding these from me? But these when   you come to Mexico you need to try these they're  called príncipe, I believe. It is a delicious cookie.  

It has chocolate in the middle. You can see  right there. But the chocolate consistency   is like nutella. It's so good. Hey save some for me!  No you weren't gonna save any for me! Delicious!   Those are my emergency in case Heidi gets grumpy  cookies! He's smart, he's learned over the years! All right we are gonna hop on our bikes and  head back into town we'll see you there! And how does every great bicycle ride  end? With ice cream! Or in this case   gelato. Yeah we are here at Fragolino. It's gelato italiano. From Fragolino. Fragolino! And it looks so good. Mine is melting. I got the  coconut. And I got the menta and ferrero rocher!   They also have a stevia option so if you don't  eat sugar come down to this place because they'll   make you very happy. Yeah and also something else  since we started our bike ride at the marina we   kind of took a shortcut through like that back way.  If you want to do that, just stick to the right and  

then you'll end up finding the bike path. But if  you want to go all the way from kilometers zero   up to 9.7 you start at the marina and kind of head  back towards the hotels and it'll take you around   the marina golf course there. At I think kilometer  eight is where we ended at Playa Linda but it does   continue so you could always do that. You also  don't have to do that if you you can just go to   Linda and enjoy your day. Yes, but thank you so  so much for coming along with us today. We had  

a wonderful time and a heck of a workout. Man it  was a great day and the weather really turned up   for us. Yeah it was amazing. So thank you so so  much for joining us today if you enjoyed this   video give us a big thumbs up, subscribe and don't  forget to... DLING, DLING, DLING, DLING the bell! We'll see you, next time! Adios!

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